Consumer Services and Economic Development by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Consumer Services and Economic Development
Author: Colin C. Williams

Edition: 1
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Part I: Motors of Local Economic Development: A Global Perspective 2. Does Manufacturing Matter?
Deindustrialization and Tertiarization in the Global Economy 3. Producer Services and Economic
Regeneration 4. Consumer Services: A Motor for Local Economic Development?
Part II: The Role of Specific Consumer Service Industries In Regenerating British Localities 5. Tourism
and Economic Regeneration 6. Sport and the Rejuvenation of Local Economies 7. Universities and Local
Economic Development 8. Retailing and Economic Development 9. Cultural Industries and Local
Part III: Locality Case Studies 10. Glasgow: A City of Culture? 11. Beyond Steel City: Consumer
Services and Economic Development in Sheffield 12. Corporate City: The Role of Consumer Services in
the Rejuvenation of Leeds 13. Consumer Services and Rural Regeneration: A Case Study of the Fens 14.
London: The Role and Character of Consumer Services in a Global City 15. Conclusion: Rethinking
Consumer Services and Local Economic Development

Consumer Services and Economic Development evaluates the contributions that consumer services can
make to local economic development and revitalisation. A broad range of consumer service industries are
examined in turn: tourism, sports, universities, retailing and cultural industries. Detailed local case
studies illustrate the role, impact and effectiveness of consumer services in economic regeneration in a
number of different contexts: a global city, contrasting urban areas and rural localities.
With many localities in the advanced economies suffering from severe deindustrialization and weak
producer service growth, this book highlights the need for a fundamental rethink of both the function of
services and of economic development theory and practice in general.

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