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					                                        The Eagle Beakon
                                            “An insight into your school community”
                                                               February, 2009

Chance, Dance and                   At Our Next Council                          This system is provided through
                                                                                 an outside party, which provides
Romance                             Meeting, February 23                         a similar service to other US and
We‘re excited about our casino/        Listen to staff member Steve             Canadian school boards.
dinner/dance tomorrow night,            Moran and parent and
February 6! The committee has           council member Dmitri                    The vendor has responded to the
been working very hard                  Prokopiev discuss a new pilot            two main concerns of HDSB:
to organize a night of…                 project for communications.              a) the lateness of telephone
                                       Summary of our major                     calls or that many did not receive
Fun – Take a chance at
                                        fundraiser, the                          one, and
the casino games, play
                                        casino/dinner/dance.                     b) the late delivery of e-mail.
the Heads or Tails game or try
                                                                                 The vendor admits they were
your luck at Joker‘s Wild.
                                    Everyone is welcome to attend.               over-subscribed; in other words,
Entertainment – Groove with                                                      too many messages and not
       your valentine to the                                                     enough capacity within their
       music of our DJ, Robert.                                                  system to send out the required
         He has every type of                                                    telephone messages to
         music to dance to, or…                                                  subscribers in a timely fashion.
    make a request!
                                                                                 Only 44% of telephone calls were
Community – Gather round with       Changed Your Contact                         made to subscribers and many of
friends to enjoy a great            Information?                                 them were too late to be of value
three course meal,                  If you have changed your e-mail              to parents, far less then the
celebrate the quality,              address and would like to keep               94.8% made regarding a
fellowship and                      up-to-date with parent council               transportation message on
uniqueness of our                   information, please send your                December 19.
school and support                  e-mail address to
this night at our live and silent                                                While the vendor cites significant
auctions by bidding on some                                                      number of messages being sent
items.                                              ***                          by other boards in Canada and
                                                                                 the US contributing to the
Proceeds will go to replace some    Challenges with Home                         overload, they recognize the
equipment we brought with us
from Queen Elizabeth Park that
                                    Notification System                          wide geographic area storms can
has now worn out its usefulness.    During Snow Day                              affect and have provided
                                                                                 solutions to prevent this in the
We will also be adding spirit to                                                 future. The timing of e-mail
the school with some graphics       The new HDSB home notification
                                    system, a supplement to the                  delivery may not be as easily
and artwork.                                                                     solved, however the vendor is
                                    HDSB website and designated
Our thanks to Rina DiRisio, Sales   media outlets, failed to notify              working towards a solution to
Representative and Royal            many of its subscribed                       address this.
LePage Real Estate Services         households, either by e-mail or                              ***
Ltd., Brokerage for their           phone on January 28, or, in time
sponsorship. Stay tuned for a       for parents to be aware of the
recap of the evening in our next    snow day decision.
Advancing Cultural                      For Your Information                   needed to be given to the office
                                                                               for an admit slip to his/her next
Diversity in Volunteer                   The Christmas assembly had
                                          to be cancelled due to bad
Management                                weather but parts of it will be
The January issue of Advancing                                                 If students will be absent for an
                                          included in the grade                extended amount of time, a form
Cultural Diversity in Volunteer           assemblies, February 5. Skits
Management is now posted at                                                    must be completed and handed
                                          and acts will be performed           into the office. After 4 or 5
Click on ‗news‘ to find this and          along with messages on key           absences, there will be
                                          items regarding second term.         intervention from guidance.
other back issues. This issue
focuses on building a framework          Abbey Park will be hosting the
for understanding how to                  Regional Improv Competition          Parents have the option to call
advance cultural diversity in             for four nights this month. This     the attendance line before
volunteer management as well              is a great honour and a              8:30am at (905) 827-4101 ext
as citing five specific literary          wonderful learning experience        4000.
resources.                                for our students.
                                         This year‘s athletic banquet will    The issue of students arriving
                 ***                                                           late to class will be tackled later!
                                          be held at St. Volodymyr‘s
                                          Banquet Hall in June.                                ***
Save Your Milk Bags!                     The economy is affecting
At our November parent council
                                          activities at APHS with the          The Ins and Outs of
meeting, an environmental
                                          New York arts trip and the
              recycling project
                                          outdoor trip to Kandelore
              was presented
                                          cancelled due to a lack of
              and it was also                                                  Nelson High School, 4181 New
                                          students signing up.
              highlighted in our                                               Street (at Belvenia Road), in
              December 2008              Exam time went well and the
                                                                               Burlington is hosting a free
              edition of the              new start time of 9:00am was
                                                                               workshop about Facebook on
              Eagle Beakon.               a big success.
                                                                               Monday, February 9, at 7:15pm
                                                        ***                    in their auditorium. Chris Vollum,
We want to thank everyone who                                                  an Oakville resident with two
have already begun to save their        New Attendance                         children attending school in
opaque outside milk bags (not
the three bags inside) and
                                        Policy Now In Effect                   Halton will be talking about the
                                        Thank you to Helen Pociurko for        potential pitfalls for students and
dropping them off in the                                                       adults who use this popular
                                        attending our January council
collection box set up in the main                                              computer social networking site.
                                        meeting. She explained that
office at Abbey Park.
                                        attendance was being reported
                                                                               In March, 2007, Vollum said his
Tell your friends about this way        accurately but more information
                                                                               grade 8 daughter wanted to join
to reduce, reuse and recycle!           was needed. With the help of
                                                                               Facebook because, in her words,
                ***                     surveys completed by staff and
                                                                               ―Everyone else was on it.‖ After
                                        parents, a new student
                                                                               researching Facebook‘s
                                        attendance policy was written
People for Education                    which will result in more accurate
                                                                               philosophy on user privacy and
‗People for Education‘ is a             attendance record keeping and
                                                                               the handling of postings, he
parent-led organization working                                                discovered security and privacy
                                        an improvement in attendance.
to support public education in                                                 flaws that the site exhibited and
                                        This takes effect February 2.
Ontario‘s English, French and                                                  so he established Facebook 101
Catholic schools. Check out their       If a student has been absent,          to educate people on how to
website at                              they must give a signed note           establish settings and defend for          from their parent/guardian to their    against cyber bullying.
their January newsletter.               first period teacher upon their
                                                                               His hands-on workshop explores
                                        return. If a student needs to
Information for parents is also                                                details of how to maximize
                                        leave the building during class for
available in Arabic, Chinese,                                                  settings with an emphasis on
                                        an appointment, they need to
Farsi, Filipino, French, Japanese,                                             safety, security and privacy.
                                        show a signed note from a
Korean, Portuguese, Punjabi,            parent/guardian to the office
Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tamil,                                               Anyone wishing to attend should
                                        before permission can be given         call the school at (905) 637-3825.
Tigrinya and Urdu.                      to leave. If a student arrives after   Nicholle Russell, School Nurse
                 ***                    period 1, a signed note is also                        ***
Library Sources                      The committee has begun its            Ideally, HDSB would like to
At our January council meeting,      work on the 2009-2010 school            align their calendar with
Bob Hepburn arranged a display       year calendar. The committee            neighbouring boards. They
of books purchased with the          includes representation from            consider the needs of their
monies generated from the            school councils, employee               employees in making this
Chapters Arts Night and the          groups, trustees, superintendents       decision because many live
second hand book sale. It was        and J. W. Singleton Centre              outside Halton and their
great to see all the many titles     departments.                            children attend schools in other
added to the shelves. Input for                                              districts
                                     Governing the committee‘s
the purchases come from student      discussion is the provincial          Parents with questions or
and staff requests, book lists       legislation related to school year    concerns should direct them to
from the Ontario Library             calendars. A calendar must be         one of the following school
Association, the American            created that includes a minimum       council representatives below:
Library Association and Globe        of 194 school days of which 6         Line Labonne Maison (OTHS)
and Mail book picks.                 must be designated as       
                                     professional development/activity     Eloise Hardy (Munn‘s PS)
Mr. Hepburn also demonstrated        days. The school year must take
EBSCO Host, a method which           place between September 1 and         Jenn Poirier (Emily Carr PS)
moves past the use of Google         June 30.                    
and provides a searchable data
                                                                           Elizabeth Fabrizio (Maplegrove
base with reliable information       The 2009-2010 school year is          PS)
and citations from sources that      unique because there are not
can be cut and pasted verbatim.      sufficient days between Labour        Melanie Ritchie (Nelson HS)
Any Halton student can log into      Day and June 30 to meet the 
EBSCO and create folders that        criteria. Typically school starts
are perfect for retrieving                                                                 ***
                                     the Tuesday after Labour Day.
information for larger projects      Currently, the following is being
and summatives. EBSCO will           discussed:                            Shop and Support
also run searches on a selected       The first week of school would
topic and alert the student to new     have four instructional days
articles                               (September 1, 2, 3, 4) to fit the
                                       required number of                  Just because Christmas is over,
Thanks to Mr. Hepburn, we were         instructional days into the         don‘t think Shop & Support gift
also introduced to RSS feeds via       calendar. School would begin        cards can‘t be used. Use gift
a short You Tube video called          on Tuesday, September 1, the        cards purchased through Shop &
RSS Plain English. With RSS            week before the Labour Day          Support for your everyday
feeds, you can subscribe to your       holiday.                            purchases and you can raise a
favourite sites and they send you     December holidays would             lot for the school. You get full
new articles, etc. as they appear.     begin Monday December 21 to         value for your shopping dollar
                ***                    Friday January 1. Students          and the school earns a
                                       would return Monday, January        percentage.
Important Information                  4, 2010.                            Visit to
Regarding the 2009-                   March Break would be March          see the list of over 225
                                       15 to 19.
2010 School Year                      The last day of instruction
                                                                           participating retailers. ―Join‖
                                                                           using our group number
Calendar                               would be June 25, 2010.             0100328627. Then ―Login‖ and
In January each                        Professional development days       order often—this fundraiser
year, HDSB                             would be October 9, November        continues year round. Deliveries
establishes a                          13, December 4, February 1,         are every Thursday. Arrange
committee to                           April 23, and June 28.              pickup from Sandra at your
develop the next                                                           convenience. If you have ANY
year‘s school                        What other factors must the
                                                                           questions about Shop and
calendar. This involves              committee consider?
                                                                           Support please contact Sandra at
determining dates for PA days         The HDSB transportation             (905) 827-3139 or
and Ministry/Board designated          system is fully integrated with
                                       the Halton Catholic Board
holidays.                                                                                 ***
                                       (HCDSB) and it is critical to
                                       align both calendars.
                                                                         Important Dates
                                                                          Feb 5, Grade assemblies
  Attention Parents of Teens!!!                                           Feb 5, Holiday talent show
                                                                          Feb 5, Parent Information
         Ever wonder why teens can feel so angry?                          Session, Course selection
             What is it that stresses them out?                           Feb 6, Parent Council
         What can you do to help teens through this?                       Casino/Dinner dance
                                                                          Feb 8, Nirvana day

      Teen Anger                                                          Feb 9-12, Improv competition
                                                                          Feb 9, Lantern festival
                                                                          Feb 12, Senior pot luck dinner
                                                                          Feb 14, Valentines day
                                                                          Feb 16, Family Day, no school

      Join Abbey Park’s Parent Council for a presentation and
                                                                          Feb 17-20, Athletic Palooza
                                                                          Feb 19, Parent Information
                                                                           Session, ―How to get along
                                                                           with my Teenager‖
       discussion by Shawn Kelsey from LIFE (Life In Focus                Feb 20, Regional debate
                           Education)                                      tournament
                Date: Thursday February 19, 2009                          Feb 23, Mahashivartri
                    Time: 7:00pm until 8:30pm                             Feb 23, Parent Council
             Location: Abbey Park High School, Library                     Meeting, 7pm
                                                                          Feb 25, Ash Wednesday, Lent
                                                                          Feb 26, Culturefest
                                                                          Mar 2, Month of Ala fasting
                                                                          Mar 9, Miladun Nabi (Sunni)
                                                                          Mar 9, Arts week
                                                                          Mar 10, Purim
            Refreshments will be provided                                 Mar 11, Hinduism, Holi
                                                                          Mar 11, 15 week reports
HDSB 2008 Financials                                                      Mar 14, Nanakshahi
As in previous years, HDSB            Tuesday, February 10 at
                                                                          Mar 14, Miladun Nabi
publishes its financial statements     Corpus Christi Catholic School,
                                       5150 Upper Middle Road,            Mar 16-20, March break
on its website. The financial                                             Mar 16-21, Zoro.., Gambar,
statements for the fiscal year         Burlington
                                      Wednesday, February 11 at           Harmaspathmaedem
ending August 31, 2008 can be                                             Mar 17, St. Patrick‘s Day
obtained at (click         T.A. Blakelock, 1160 Rebecca
                                       Street, Oakville; and              Mar 20, Wicca, Ostara
on About HDSB, Depts at Board
                                      Thursday, February 12 at           Mar 20, Buddhism, Spring
Office, Business Services
                                       Acton District High School, 21      Ohigon Mahayana
Department, Business Services
Website, Budget and Financial          Cedar Road, Acton                  Mar 21, NawRuz
Information).                                                             Mar 26, Recognition Assembly
                                     These sessions can help              Mar 26, Parent Information
                 ***                 students better prepare               Session, ―Teens and
                                     themselves for a rapidly              Substance Use‖
Pathways Evenings                    changing world and include           Mar 26, Buddhism, Kwan Yin
HDSB encourages parents and          information on the new Specialist    Mar 26, Zoro…Khordad Sal
students to attend one of the        High Skills Major programs,          Mar 27, Hinduism New Year
three information evenings to        Ontario Youth Apprenticeship
learn how students can explore                                            Mar 30, Parent Council
                                     Programs, Specialty School to         Meeting
or try out a career path in high     Career programs, expanded
school before heading to                                                  Apr 1, Gr 10 practice OSSLT
                                     Cooperative Education programs
apprenticeship, college,                                                  Apr 2, OSSLT literary test
                                     and Dual Credit college
university or the workplace.                                              Apr 2, Pasta Night
                                                                          Apr 3, Hinduism, Shri Rama
Presentations will be held at                       ***                    Navami
6:30pm on:                                                                Apr 3, Inside Ride

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