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									Minute                                                                                      NHS Tayside

Tayside NHS Board


Minute of the above meeting held at 0930 hours on Wednesday, 11th February 2004 in Kinnoull, Room
Kings Cross, Dundee.

Carrie Brown, Midwife, Ninewells, TUHT
Mary Colvin, SHPS, Kings Cross, TNHSB
Janet Dalzell, Breastfeeding Co-ordinator, SHPS, Kings Cross, TNHSB
Stewart Forsyth, Consultant Paediatrician, Ninewells, TUHT
Ray Glen, Health Visitor, Forfar, TPCT
Zelda Mathewson, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Kings Cross, TNHSB
Audrey Miller, Antenatal Education Co-ordinator, PRI, TUHT
Carol Picken, Health Visitor, Monifieth Health Centre, TPCT
Rhona Pollock, HIO, Perth & Kinross Council
Janice Ramsay, CPD Midwife, TUHT
Carol Sutherland, Midwife, PRI, TUHT

Margaret Hogg, Yvonne Dewar, Wilma Coleman, Frances Shaw, Morag Martindale, Fiona Carle, Sandra
Murray, Christine Crocker, Morag Martindale

In Attendance

Mrs Lisa Pope, Personal Assistant, Specialist Health Promotion Service, Kings Cross, TNHSB

Dr S Forsyth in the Chair



        Approved subject to the changing of sentence in item 12 Breastfeeding Leaflets to read,        LP
        “… Freezing and Thawing of breast milk and Sterilisation”.


        a)       Training – Progress Report (Carol Picken)

                 This is on hold until all trainers have attended the Unicef Training in March being
                 held at Kings Cross, funding for 25 places had been secured. Once completed this
                 would be followed by looking at the training pack to make it more suitable.

        b)       Evaluation and Audit (Zelda Mathewson)

                 Protocol was now complete. Janet was liaising with Margaret Hogg (full approval
                 given) and Lorna Brown would be conducting the interviews. Currently seeking
                 approval to use documentation in medical notes.

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23 March 2004
Minute                                                                                         NHS Tayside
        c)       GP Training (Janet Dalzell for Morag Martindale)

                 Janet circulated document from Morag regarding activities. She had written to
                 Bryan Smythe of her concerns regarding the Community Breastfeeding Pilot and
                 the new GMS contract. It was noted that there was a need to contact the local
                 LHCC. Dr Reid (GP from Perth) was impressed with the survey regarding
                 training needs. PGEA was moving to protected learning in March.

                 Discussion followed and the situation with the Perth pilot practice was raised.
                 Zelda suggested a meeting to trouble shoot the scenario in Perth and if no further
                 progress then another option should be followed. Janet said she had raised the
                 issue with Dundee LHCC and had been advised that the timing was not right, due
                 to the GMS contract not taking on anything new – this was similar across Scotland
                 as a whole.

                 Janet gave a briefing of her presentation to Mill Practice which had been
                 enthusiastically received by all GPs in the Practice. They were keen to have
                 further information and looking at trainees receiving this training. A letter had
                 gone out to all GP practices in Tayside inviting them to take part in this training.


        A problem with the statistics had been identified at ISD. A discrepancy had been noted in
        data on ISD compared to the figures collected and forwarded to ISD by Sandra Murray.
        Elaine Strange from ISD had responded to say the problem had been noted and was being
        investigated. It was pointed out that there were two different methods of reporting being
        used which could account for the discrepancy.

        The Guthrie data was now available and would be circulated with the minutes. Janet
        explained the figures to the meeting. There was further discussion regarding
        results/comparisons, etc and the data collected, including comments.

        It was agreed that Stewart Forsyth would write as Chair for the fields to be mandatory.

        a)       LHCC Pilot – discussed earlier in the meeting.

        b)       Child and Family Centre Workshops (Janet Dalzell)

                 Janet advised this was progressing throughout Tayside. Evaluation was being
                 done on the data collected to find changes in attitudes. A written report on
                 training and outcomes would be produced. This was now linked with Surestart
                 Health Visitors and possibly extending to Nurseries and Primary Schools.

        c)       Peer Support (Janet Dalzell)

                 The Big Trial had been approved by CSO – Tayside would not be participating.
                 Currently working to develop a proposal for a telephone peer support model to be
                 piloted. A recent article in the BMJ suggested that in a London study telephone
                 support was found to make no difference to breastfeeding rates.

                 There was further discussion regarding the telephone trial and the use of resources
                 for Health Visitors or drop in Breastfeeding Groups. It was agreed that there was
                 a need for continuity in support to stop drop-off in breastfeeding rates. The role of

G:\Breastfeeding\Meetings\TJBI\Minutes\2004\11 Feb.doc
23 March 2004
Minute                                                                                      NHS Tayside
                 the Health Visitor and Midwife should be protected. The possibility of joint
                 funded posts and the employment of SureStart Midwives was raised and these
                 issue were to be raised at a meeting with Drew Walker.

5       BREASTFEEDING AWARENESS WEEK 9-15 MAY 2004 (Janet Dalzell)

        The Breastfeeding Promotion Group had invited school nurse co-ordinators and were
        keen to work in integrated community schools. In Angus Catrina Boal was to establish
        activity in schools. Perth representative to be invited to the next meeting. It was agreed
        that the aim in the long term was to include breastfeeding in the health education
        curriculum. It was also discussed whether a drama tour of schools incorporating a
        breastfeeding skit could be done next year.

        At national level, a new advertisement of Breastfeeding Awareness Week would be done.

        (Mary Colvin left meeting at 10.35 am).

        Posters and Stickers were to be circulated to all GP Practices in Tayside. Out and About
        was to be updated. A recent review of previous premises who were not in the current
        addition had been undertaken and 50% of these premises had replied wishing to be
        included in the next issue of Out and About.


        An extension had been granted of the Baby Friendly Award due to changes in the service
        provision at PRI – a Community Maternity Unit.

7       BED SHARING POLICY (Janet Dalzell)

        Janet updated group on the Unicef bed sharing policy. The NHS leaflet would be changed
        to reduce the risk of cot death. New information regarding sharing a bed and
        contraindications to include smoking/alcohol and infants less than 8 weeks old (this not
        recommended). All women were to be informed.


        Stewart Forsyth would be talking (Scottish Breastfeeding Group).

        Janet asked for help with presentation of the video and it was suggested to contact Pauline
        to help with this. The presentation would last for one hour and would include what is
        happening in Tayside. Describing the use of drama and the arts in changing attitudes. It
        was agreed that places should be offered to planning officers/children’s services from
        local authorities, Evelyn Allerdice (Angus, Peter McAvoy (P&K) Mary Ward and Fiona


        Janet updated the group on Abertay University which were now actively implementing
        breastfeeding into the coursework for public health students.

10      HOSPITAL POST (Janet Dalzell/Stewart Forsyth)

        A meeting had taken place with Drew Walker regarding this post and a further meeting to
        take place in March.. Janet presented a paper to the SMT of TNHSB and received
        unanimous support for her paper on the proposal. This was to go to the Prioritisation
        Panel in April.

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23 March 2004
Minute                                                                                       NHS Tayside

        Hospital policy and Community Policy was due for renewal. Community policy needed
        to be made more robust. It was agreed that one policy would cover hospital and
        community and would require ratification by relevant Policy Groups


        This letter was circulated with Agenda prior to the meeting. It was agreed that the TJBI
        did not require to be consulted regarding this issue. Janice was to take this back to
        Margaret Hogg.

13      AOCB

        a)       Breast from Birth Charts (Janet Dalzell)

                 This was a new chart to be available to insert into red book for babies who had
                 been breastfed. It was for use up to one year of age. More information was
                 requested and this would be reviewed at the next meeting.

        b)       Protos Maternity System

                 It was noted that Feeding Intention at booking was being asked which was in
                 contradiction to Unicef guidelines. It was believed that ISD required this as a data
                 collection field. However, on clarification from ISD it had been confirmed that
                 this was not a requirement for collection. This response to be forwarded to Janice
                 who would then forward to Danka to be changed.


        Next meeting to take place on Wednesday 26th May 2004 at 9.30 am in the Seminar
        Room, Kings Cross.


G:\Breastfeeding\Meetings\TJBI\Minutes\2004\11 Feb.doc
23 March 2004

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