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					      Hiawatha Valley Sail and Power Squadron
                         Membership Meeting
                            22 April 2009

A. Call to Order
     At 1935 a Membership Meeting of the HVSPS was called to order by Cdr
     Tom Johnson, P at the KC Hall in Bloomington, MN. After the Pledge of
     Allegiance a prayer was given by Corky McClure.

B. Program
     Tom Johnson introduced our Speaker, Sgt Steve Johnson from the Golden
     Valley Police Department who talked to the group about personal safety and
     identity theft. He gave us many excellent guidelines to keep ourselves and
     loved ones safe.

C. Announcement of Quorum and Approval of Agenda Items
     A quorum was established. Agenda packets were distributed to all

D. Reading and Approval of Previous Minutes
     The minutes from the 17 January 2009 Annual Meeting were approved as
     submitted. J. Wise/O. Galili

E. Commander’s Report – Cdr. Tom Johnson, P
     Tom reported that the Executive Committee met just before this Membership
     meeting and reminded the Squadron that everyone is invited to attend these
     meetings that are held once a month.

     Tom reported on the Spring Conference. He enjoyed the conference and
     noted that Oded and Hanni Galili, John Lawrence and Kris and Al Harmon
     attended the conference.

     Tom’s motto is Stay the Course and a copy of his report to the conference was
     attached to the agenda packet.

     During the conference, awards were given to P/C Judy McMillin, P for being
     District Liaison Officer, to P/R/C Neil McMillin, SN for being District Vessel
     Safety Check Chairman, to Lt. Dave Flynn, P for the Website award and to
     HVSPS for our participation in the Education Fund.

     HVSPS received 2 of 4 stars in Star Squadron program for 2008– in
     Education and Member Involvement. There is a great potential to earn all
     four stars in 2009. It will be a challenge but doable and will require as much
     participation from as many members as possible. The Squadron-selected
     Member Involvement goal is to support boating safety through active
     promotion of boating safety to youth and the encouragement of youth to
     participate in the Safe Boating Poster Contest.
      Tom had P/D/C Al Harmon, JN report on the Summer Rendezvous that will
      be at Winneconne, WI on 19-21 June 2009 (Father’s day weekend). The
      registration fee is only $50 (some of which may be refunded when you
      actually sign in at the conference.) Al encouraged HVSPS Participation.
      There will be a shared event Friday evening (a movie-in-the-park) and Friday
      evening’s food will be a Tailgate competition. Each squadron will provide
      food to share with all attendees. On Saturday there will be a Dinghy Rodeo.
      Families with children and grandchildren are encouraged to attend and there
      will be activities for the youth.

      We have 4 new members. It was suggested that we give our new members
      the New Membership handbook which is on the website.

      Tom had Lt. Dave Flynn, P report on the survey that was sent out by email to
      the membership, the D10 Bridge and associate members regarding preference
      on method of communication from the squadron. Out of 73 sent out, 48 folks
      opened the email. 41 clicked into the survey and 35 actually responded
      which is a 50% return rate – considered excellent in the survey industry.
      Only the raw data has been gathered, but so far 90% of those responding
      prefer email correspondence. By the next meeting, action will be taken on
      this issue.

F. Executive – Lt/C Oded Galili, P
      VSC Chair, Al Harmon encouraged members of the squadron to walk their
      docks and get boaters to sign up for a VSC. A new brochure has been written
      with “5 Reasons You Should Get a VSC”.

G. Education – Lt/C Ben Coons, AP
      Tom gave Ben’s report from an email Ben had sent him. The plan is to
      hold three USPS University seminars, one on the water course and will hold
      ABC courses in the fall. He also plans on holding one or two advanced
      elective courses in the fall. He is working with St. Paul and Minnetonka
      squadrons on the possibility of combining courses. Ben also plans on
      publishing an educational newsletter every month. The Education Calendar
      is available on the website.

H. Triangle Day
      Jean Peterson announced that Triangle Day is May 16 and the membership
      can sign up online for the USPS University class (VHF & VHF/DSC Marine
      Radio Seminar). The class is being held from 1000 – 1200 in the Red Wing
      Library. If a couple is planning on attending and wants only one set of
      materials, the cost is less. Information and signup will also be in the Ole
      Miss newsletter if possible. We will be doing VSC Canvassing with a
      handout on Friday night to get people to schedule a VSC on Saturday. One
      does not need to be a VSC examiner to canvas the docks. There will be a
      Splash Party on Saturday evening. Dave Flynn is in charge and information
      about the party will be in Jean’s flyer for the day.

I. Treasurer’s Report – Lt/C Scott McClure.
      There is about $3500 in our savings account and about $4500 in our checking
      account. The 2008-2009 P & L will be ready for the audit committee.
      The budget was submitted for approval. Wise moved/O. Galili seconded it be
      approved. Passed.

J. Administrative – Lt/C John Lawrence, SN
      Lt. Jim Wise, AP reported the activities for the coming year and noted that
      hosts are needed for 1st Fridays. A suggestion to hold one at Stewie’s on

K. Other
      Neil McMillin is looking at our by-laws for changes for next year so they are
      in sync with national and the change in the budget year.

      An updated roster is available tonight. They will be mailed to those who are
      not here – one per household.

      Gene Jurrin’s book has been purchased by the squadron and will be donated
      to the Red Wing Library so all members will have a chance to check it out
      and read it.

L. Adjournment
      Clare Cox moved to adjourn.
      Meeting was adjourned at 2100.

Respectfully submitted,

Lt/C Linnea Stromberg-Wise, P

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