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                         High quality Apple A1045 battery
 PowerBook G4 Series
 (Titanium) battery                                                             Brand new & high quality replacement Apple A1045 battery for your Apple
                                                                                A1045 laptop. Our A1045 battery is made from A-Grade battery cells, warranty full
 A1185 battery
                                                                                one year at wholesale prices.
 A1057 battery
 A1106 battery                                                                   Type : Li-ion                             Color : Silver
 M2453 IBook battery                                                             Volts : 10.8V                             Cells : 6 Cell
 M4685 battery                                                                   Capacity : 4400mAh                        Dimensions : 120.50x83.60x19.30mm
 PowerBook G4 battery
 MB772 battery
                                                                                List Price :   $77.79
                                                                                Our Price :    $54.45 ( Save $23.34 )
 M9337GA battery
 A1060 battery                                                                  Quantity : 1

   Best Sellers                                                                 Availability : In Stock Now
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 A1060 battery
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 IBook G3 14-inch
 Series battery
 M9572G/A battery
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 M8511 battery
 M7385G/A battery
 A1175 battery
                            Description       Fit Models         Shipping         Payment            Warranty
 A1181(Black) battery
 661-2822 battery          Power your Apple A1045 laptop with this excellent replacement Apple A1045 battery can ensure your work easy and convenient,
 PowerBook G3 battery      have a extra battery help improve your productivity when you in travel. Each Apple A1045 battery is made from A-Grade
 A1062 battery             (Sony,LG,Samsung etc.) battery cells and high-quality Eco-friendly materials. Selling Apple A1045 laptop battery packs are fine
                           workmanship and excellent performance, all our A1045 batteries have passed international certification( CE, UL, ROHS,
                           ISO9001/9002 ). We sure ensure every piece(s) Apple A1045 battery will be best replacement for the original A1045 laptop
                           battery and meet the original battery performance.

                           Apple A1045 battery Features

                           1. Brand New, High Quality, No Memory Effect, Chargeable even if it has not been used up yet.
                           2. 100% OEM compatible with the original Apple A1045 battery, guaranteed to meet or exceed original specifications.
                           3. Long life, this 6 Cell Apple A1045 battery can be charged/discharged 500-800 cycles. Average running time: 3-5 hours or longer
                           ( depending on different operation system, the screen brightness and Wireless devices).
                           4. This Apple A1045 battery has integrated microchip that prevents overcharging & lengthens battery life.

                           Apple A1045 battery Fits Parts No.

                            661-2927                         A1045                               A1078                           A1148
                            E68043                           M9325                               M9325G/A                        M9325J/A
                            M9756                            M9756G/A                            M9756J/A

                           Apple A1045 battery Fits Laptop Models

                            15 inch PowerBook G4             15" PowerBook G4                    15-inch Aluminum PowerBook G415-inch PowerBook G4
                                                                                                 Series                          A1106
                            M8980J/A                         M8980LL/A                           M8981J/A                        M8981LL/A
                            M9421                            M9421LL/A                           M9422                           M9422LL/A
                            M9676*/A                         M9676B/A                            M9676CH/A                       M9676F/A
                            M9676HK/A                        M9676J/A                            M9676KH/A                       M9676LL/A
                            M9676TA/A                        M9676X/A                            M9676Z/A                        M9677*/A
                            M9677B/A                         M9677CH/A                           M9677F/A                        M9677HK/A
                            M9677J/A                         M9677KH/A                           M9677LL/A                       M9677TA/A
                            M9677X/A                         M9677Z/A                            M9969*/A                        M9969B/A
                            M9969CH/A                        M9969F/A                            M9969J/A                        M9969KH/A
                            M9969LL/A                        M9969TA/A                           M9969X/A                        MacBook Pro
                            PowerBook G4 15"                 Powerbook G4 15-inch                PowerBook G4 15-inch Combo      Powerbook G4 15 inch

                           Some tips for Apple A1045 battery

                           1. The Apple A1045 battery life not by the length of the total use of time, but by the charge and discharge times to decide.
                           2. If you don't use your Apple A1045 battery for a long time, please note to take care of it: (1) Pay attention to environmental
                           temperature and humidity, please placed your Apple A1045 battery in ventilated and dry place. (2) Must maintain an electric for it
                           and recharge it every month, maintained 50 percent power at least.
                           3. Don't charge and discharge for this Apple A1045 battery directly after removed it from your Apple laptop.
                           4. In order to maximum use of the Apple A1045 battery you can close some ports and equipment which not used frequently(such as
parallel port LPT, Modem) , and when your Apple A1045 laptop is idle, you can turn off the LCD brightness (shortcut key FN + F3).

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