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									                                                     Abilene Roundup
                                           An Electronic Newsletter                                                        Volume 2, Issue 7
                                           for Abilene Residents                                                                March 2010

City News Briefs                                                                                            City University in session 

Update on budget situation
During the February 25 City Council meeting, City Manager Larry Gilley detailed
the City of Abilene’s challenging budget situation. To date, sales tax revenue is
down 10% this fiscal year. If the downward trend continues or worsens, it’s not
unreasonable to anticipate having to trim over $4 million from the General Fund
budget before September 30. Due to other recent efforts like holding vacancies
open, the City will save nearly $2.4 million. But, depending on what the next sales
tax rebate report shows on March 10, cuts to programs remain a strong possibil­
ity. See the budget presentation here.
First furlough day is Friday, March 19                                                                       2009­2010 City University
                                                                                                          participants spent the February
For the first time, the City is having a mandatory furlough day to help reduce
                                                                                                          class with the Abilene Police and
costs. A furlough is a temporary hiatus without pay. There are three furlough
                                                                                                                 Fire Departments.
days scheduled: March 19, April 23 and July 2. For citizens, it will be similar to a
                                                                                                            Here they are in the Abilene
holiday in which City offices and community centers are closed with the exception
                                                                                                           Police & Fire Communications
of those providing life safety services such as fire and police protection.

                                                  Importance of 2010 Census to Abilene
                                               Where you reside on         “Our goal this year is to             provide key demographic
                                           April 1, 2010 will deter­       have the highest response             information regarding size,
                                           mine whether or not you         rate of all cities our size in        ethnicity, gender and
                                           will play a role in the com­    the state of Texas.”                  names of every person in
    Mark your calendar                     plete count of Abilene.            Only 68% of Taylor                 each household.
                                           More than $300 billion in       County residents responded                The Census is confiden­
*    8:30 a.m., March 4                    federal and state funding       to the Census in 2000. A              tial and safe because by
     City Council Workshop                 is at stake along with the      higher response rate means            law, the Census Bureau
                                           boundaries for state and        a more accurate count of              cannot share the answers
     ( Abilene Civic Ctr., Conf. Room 2)
                                           local legislative and con­
                                                                           Abilene’s population.                 of those who respond to the
*    8:30 a.m., March 11                   gressional districts. In ad­
                                                                             The Census form will                Census with anyone includ­
     City Council Meeting                  dition, Census data guides                                            ing other federal agencies
                                           decisions that could im­        arrive in the mail during
*    8:30 a.m., March 25                                                   the week of March 15, 2010.           and law enforcement enti­
                                           prove and enhance ser­
                                                                           The questionnaire only has            ties.
     City Council Meeting                  vices in our community.
                                                                           10 questions and takes                  For more information
       City Council Chambers                  “The Census will allow
                                                                           about 10 minutes to com­              about the 2010 Census and
          2nd floor, City Hall             for better jobs, roads,         plete, making it the shortest         job openings, visit: http://
                                           schools and healthcare,”        census form in U.S. history.          census.abilenetx.com/
          555 Walnut Street
                                           said Melissa Boisvert,          Households are asked to               index.html.
            See agendas                    2010 Census Coordinator.

    www.abilenetx.com                                  A City of Abilene Publication                                         325­676­6200
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