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									Saudi Arabia
Praeger Security International

Author: Anthony H. Cordesman

Saudi Arabia: National Security in a Troubled Region provides a comprehensive, up-to-date analysis of
Saudi Arabia's strategic security efforts, both within the country and as a stabilizing regional presence. In
this meticulously researched book, acclaimed geopolitical scholar Anthony Cordesman, well-known for
his role as ABC News's national security analyst, takes readers inside the Saudi security structure for an
unprecedented look at its internal and external forces, policymaking, and careful balancing of regional and
East/West relationships.In Saudi Arabia, Anthony Cordesman shows how the Kingdom is responding to
an unstable Iraq, a potentially nuclear Iran, the needs of its fellow Southern Gulf states, and the ongoing
threat of terrorism inside its borders. Cordesman also considers a number of socioeconomic and
demographic factors that could bring dramatic changes within the Kingdom in the near future.
Nonpartisan, unbiased, and based on the author's unparalleled access to high profile Saudi officials, the
book offers a level of expertise and insight no other consideration of the subject can match.

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