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					                Welcome to Moodle!
Moodle is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This is a place on the internet that
students can go to receive their schooling in both the classroom and at home!

What do I do?
Log onto the website:
Fill in your username and password and press login!

Some examples of what you can access:
•The learning objectives and activities for all lessons
•Downloadable resources
•On-line learning games
•On-line forums
•Messaging to the class teacher
•Immediate feedback to quizzes
•Ways to send completed work back

Tips on Moodle
•Make sure your child has a routine at home that reflects the normal school day
•Allow time for each subject as if they are doing the lessons in school. Don’t try to
complete it all at once!
•Ask your child to share their work with you
•Build in a break time and a lunchtime
•Make sure your child does the work. They will be asked about it in school and we
will hold them accountable for their own studies
•After ensuring your child is on task, try and let them work independently

Please note that we will monitor a child’s use of the Moodle. We will know when they
logged on, when they logged off, what they worked on and what they didn’t work on.
We also expect feedback on their work either electronically or in hard copy form
delivered to the school. We expect to see results and progress and we will be in
touch if work is not being complete.

 Education from CES… whatever your location!
                Moodle Login Details:
                           Mrs. Wood
Mr. Parkin – Seahorses                            Foundation Stage
                           Username: 5W
Username: seahorses                               Username: FS1
                           Password: moodle5
Password: moodle1                                 Password: moodleFS1

                           Ms. Harrison
 Ms. Dean – Snappers
                           Username: 4R           Foundation Stage
Username: snappers
                           Password: moodle4      Username: FS2
Password: moodle1
                                                  Password: moodleFS2
                           Ms. Hughes
Ms. Whitehouse – Octopus
                           Username: 4H
Username: octopus
                           Password: moodle4
Password: moodle2

Ms. Astle – Shrimps
                           Mr. Wood
Username: shrimps
                           Username: 3W
Password: moodle2
                           Password: moodle3

Ms. Phillips
                           Mrs. Dry
Username: 6P
                           Username: 3D
Password: moodle6
                           Password: moodle3

Mr. Gosling
                           Ms. Banton
Username: 6G
                           Username: cuttlefish
Password: moodle6
                           Password: moodle1

Ms. Ryan
                           Ms. Cathie
Username: 5R
                           Username: Angelfish
Password: moodle5
                           Password: moodle2