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Search Engine Optimization For Dummies.

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Learn how you can get an unimaginable amount of targeted traffic to your
website for no cost. Use the tactics that you will learn and use them
throughout our internet marketing carrier.

If you pay for advertising stop and read this. It can save you lots of
money on watever your paying.

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If you have a website of your own you should know that you don’t get
traffic by letting your website just sit where it is. You need to point
visitors to your website somehow. There are a myriad of different methods
internet marketers use to get people to come to a website. These include
and are not limited to, paying to get an ad on another website, pay-per-
click advertising, and advertising on an ezine, or an online newsletter
with many subscribers. These are all very effective ways to get traffic
to your site. The strategies you need to use to make these work well have
been discussed over and over again. They are also very expensive in most
cases. What I want to discuss is a free way to get tons of targeted

What I am referring to is search engine optimization (SEO). This is when
you change some things about your site to get them as high as you can on
a search engine. Have you ever used a search engine? That’s a foolish
question because these are used by everyone. When you do use Google or
yahoo to find information or products what do you click on? You probably
click on the first one on the list. This is because most likely this is
the best site of the certain keyword you are searching for. One way to
get your site rated highly on a search engine page is to have a content
rich site with your own high quality content.

If you search some key words and scroll down to some of the bottom sites
on the page you can see when you click on some that there content is not
really that good, but they are still ranked 9 or 10 out of thousands of
websites for that topic. This is because some people take advantage of
the “search engine system”. This is the system followed that chooses
where you site will rank on a search engine. The goal of every search
engine is to try and catalog every single site on the World Wide Web.
Unfortunately this cant be done so they can only get some websites added
to there "catalog". They usually focus on the content rich sites.
There is a way to manipulate search engines to help raise your page rank.
These methods are not easy to administer and they are amazingly time
consuming. Some include changing the hltm or css coding of your website
and your Meta tags. Search engines categorize your website in a key word.
One way to help your page rank is by repeating a key word over and over
again in a certain content page. If you “overstuff” a page with a certain
word you will be penalized so I would advise against that. If you’re not
a coder or a professional page designer you will not be able to use the
Meta tag changing. If you do know how to manipulate code then you
probably already know about using the key word in them.

In internet marketing there is a way to automating everything. Of course
someone had to come along and create software to automate search engine
optimization. I use software for everything; it’s a way to be more
efficient and free up your time for more important things, or other
aspects of your website. If you automate search engine optimization then
you can worry about your content, format, product quality, or many other
aspects of internet marketing. Automation is a way to get your work done
with less work. It can be looked as like a sort of an exchange. You trade
the work you have to do for a small dollar price. Of course it also does
the work better, in some cases, then you could. In these cases it
actually creates income.

SEO is a way of getting free targeted traffic to your site. If you want
your site ranked high ona search engine page, all you need is a website
with a lot of good content to keep people coming back and haing each page
packed with key words, but not too much. The recommended amount is 7% or
7 per100 words. This may seem like it is easy enough but it is actually
hard to make a quality article with repeated words. To make it easy for
yourself I recommend you invest in automation of the process. SEO can be
done manually and is the best free choice for getting targeted traffic to
your site.

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