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VTT Project Document – jrjestelm


									VTT Project Documents
Quick Guide for the customers and VTT Extranet users

Login to the solution                                       Technical requirements for the solution

1. Enter your browser’s address field (URL-field) the       The solution is browser based on Windows workstations
   following:                     ( Linux and MacOS limited support ), which have either
                                                            Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape browser or Firefox .
2. Read carefully the instructions "How to Start" and       Please check your configuration and "supported browser
   make necessary installations and settings before         versions" from Documentum release notes -document
   first login.

3. Your project manager in VTT has send You one             Using the solution requires SSL-encryption feature in the
   user ID and two passwords. Return to                     browser (i.e. https://) which is normally default in the and Sign-in.                   browser. You must enable cookies in your browser. For
   The initial screen will open up with a login and         Windows XP SP2, you must either disable its built-in
   identification to the VTT’s extranet, enter your user    popup-blocker, or you must add as a trusted site
   ID (extranet ID) and your password (extranet –
   password) and click login –button                        "Java Virtual Machine" has to be installed in the work-
                                                            station. Sun jre 1.6.x or later version is recommended and
4. The next screen is the Project Document –solution's      can be installed directly from main
   login screen.                                            page.
    select docbase – from the dropdown, select
       1VTT_Docs as the field value                         User must accecpt sertificate from VTT Project Document
    enter your username (same as your extranet ID)         server.
       - enter your password (solution password)
       - click login                                        If your workstation runs on Windows XP operating system,
    the Start-up screen will open                          in order to successfully create temporary folders on Your
                                                            computers C disk and install the applets on your
Further information of technical requirements,              workstation, you need to have either "power-user" or
installations and technical settings for both browsers:     "local administrator" rights. If the installation fails, please
 -                contact your company’s workstation IT Support.

                                                            Are you using Windows Vista? If so, you you must add
                                                              the "" as a trusted site. Also in the security settings
                                                            it should be stated that for trusted sites "protected
                                                             mode" is not used. That means that "Enable Protected
                                                            Mode" should not be checked.

The start-up screen opens your personal
working space, Cabinets – 04 Projektit-
Projects folder and list of projects consisting
all the projects, which you have access rights

VTT Project Documents –navigational choices are:
 Go (Search) - search actions
 Inbox – the tasks and notifications sent
  to You
 Saved searches – saved searches
 Subscriptios – Your favorite projects
 My Files – files You have recently
  imported, edited or checked out
 My Rooms – All projects
 My Home Cabinet- store Your personal
  folders and documents
 Cabinets – projects, folders and
   Logout – logout

   04 Projektit – Projects folder – Your projects        You can view the project documents and workspace by clicking
    and teams                                             the name of the project. The navigation in the solutions is
   05 Muut työalueet – Other projects                    based on folders and actions
   ? - Documentum Online User Guide
                                                                                      Project - folders, documents,
   Go - free text search
                                                                                      discussion areas, bulleting board
   Advanced – metadata search
   Tools - Preferences – Your own user interface
                                                                                      Whats’ New shows the updated
                                                                                      documents after a specific date

                                                                                      Choose a folder and click
                                                                                      ”contents”. You will see all
                                                                                      documents from this folder and its

    The most important actions related to the documents

                           All actions related to the documents and directories/folders can be found from the File–Edit–
                           View–Tools menubar or You can right-click to display a pop-up menu with relevant actions.
                           To run the actions, select/activate the document or directory/folder and choose the required
                           actions from the menubar.

    View (File - Open)     Select from the 04 Projektit-Projects folder Your List of
                           projects, tab the right project and opens the project work space.
                           Select the document by clicking mouse the document name and
                           the document opens in the browser for viewing. A document can
                           not be modified/edited in the view- mode. Printing can be done
                           through the print icon. Or You can right-click to display a pop-up
                           menu with Open (Read only) action

    Modifying/edit         To begin modifying a document, the document has to be
    document               ”checked out” from the solution for editing by File-Edit –action
    (Edit / Check Out –    (or You can right-click to display a pop-up menu with Edit action)
    Check In)
                            Edit –action opens the document in the appropriate program.
                               The edits to the document are saved by the program’s SAVE-
                               action. (”Save As” should NOT be used!). Edit locks the
                               document, so that others can not modify/edit the document.
                            Note! When Edit -operation is used for the first time,
                               Poject document system automatically generates
                               C:\VTTDocs\Documentum\Checkout -folder where all
                               Edit or Check Out documents will be downloaded later
                            You can change checkout folder by Tools - Preferences
                            Document is returned to the solution through File-Check In -
                               action (or You can right-click to display a pop-up menu with
                               Check In action) incorporates the changes from the
                               workstation to the solution.

    Exporting project,     File-Deep Export ; possibility to export project or folder and all
    folder or              subfolders and documents to your workstation as zip-file. Deep
    document (File –       export moves project/folder first into your Home cabinet folder.
    Deep Export / File -   After that You can export zip-file from your Home cabinet to
    export)                your workstation by File-Export action and extract zip-file there

                           File-Export -action moves the selected folders directly to Your
                           computers File system
Adding new            The easiest way to add a new document to the solution is
document              through the File-Import -action:
(File - Import)        choose the directory/folder where the document is going to
                         be imported into
                       select the File–Import - action in the directory
                       double click Add Files or Add Folders action. Find the right
                         document (add files) or folder (Add folders) from your
                         workstations folder

                         choose the documents or folders You want to import from
                          Your computers file system

                         Click OK
                         click Next or Finish actions. Fill in the required attributes
                         if Your choice is Finish and you have several files click

Commenting a          Documents can be commented by View–Properties-Info action  ”subject” field.
                      You can make a comment folder by File-New-Note action and edit it by Edit -action

Bulletin board and    Every project has a bulletin board and discussion area where You can type your message
discussion areas      or opinion

                      You can find Bulletin board from Members – Info action

Sending an email      You can send a document link by File-email as Extranet Link action
from the project      Notice! The link opens only to extranet users. VTT users must change to link their own
                      server: --->

                      You can send an attachment by File-email with Attachment File action

Review document       Documents can be sent to a user for commenting and reviewing by Tools-QuickFlow -
(Tools - Quickflow)   action.
                      This creates the document as a task into the user’s Inbox folder. In the Inbox, the document
                      can be edited with normal operations. The task is removed from the task list by using the
                      Finish task- operation, once the task has been finished

                      For further information, please use the VTT Project Documents- system On Line Help.
                      If you have questions about the project structure or the document management – please
                      contact your VTT project manager
Customer / extranet user registration and How to start
VTT Document Management System ("DOHA")

    1. Registration process starts when Your project manager in VTT asks VTT IT support to create a
       New Extranet User
    2. When a New Extranet User is created Doha e-mails ” VTT Document Management System Terms
       of Use” to New Extranet User
    3. Customer / extranet user accepts Terms of Use by e-mailing "I agree" mail to Your project
       manager in VTT
    4. When a customer / extranet user sends "I agree" mail he accepts that his name, company etc.
       can be seen by any other user in VTT Doha system or by any other user in his projects in Doha
    5. Your project manager in VTT e-mails to extranet user one user id and two passwords (extranet
       login password and doha login password) and www link to Doha
    6. Extranet User logs in through VTT firewall with extranet password and in Doha system with
       Documentum password
    7. Read carefully the instructions "How to Start" and make necessary installations and settings before
       first login.

Example mail:

You have been added to VTT Project Document project ( VTT-TESTI,seppo.sorsa,KT-
admin,24012008 )

 Browse yourself to and read the help pages.
 Your first user id and password for extranet login is:
 user id: exttesttepp, password: VX56qrs5
 Your Documentum login id is:
 user id: exttesttepp, password: nhN445iW

When Extranet-user logs in Doha for the first time the
systen shows to him Warning – Security window.

Choose ”Always trust content from this publisher” and
then Run. If You choose ”Cancel”, You can still check
in the system but not all actions are in use.

When You make edit, export- import or check-out
actions for the first time. Choose ”Yes”. After that You
can use the system normally

If You Choose ”No” then You can’t use import, edit, export, check-out or checkin actions

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