Introduction                            We encourage you to use this             and external processes will occur
                                        information to assist you to apply for   simultaneously.
This document will assist you to        a position(s).
apply for a position within the                                                  An applicant for a permanent
Department for Transport, Energy        You have found this document on          position must be an Australian
and Infrastructure (DTEI) by            the website on                           citizen or have permanent
providing you with information about You        residency status. An applicant for a
the recruitment process.                can find out more about the work         contract position must have a visa,
                                        program in South Australia by            which allows them to work in
DTEI has responsibility for the         exploring this site.                     Australia for the period of the
design and construction and                                                      contract. Further information about
maintenance of transport                Information is available on              eligibility to work in Australia and
infrastructure (rail, road and tram)      • remuneration                         related matters may be found on
which supports the community and          • flexible workplace and               the Department of Immigration and
the economic life of the State. The       • learning and development.            Citizenship website at
Transport Services Division (TSD)                                      
and Office of Major Projects and        After you have read the position
Infrastructure (OPMI) are being         description, feel free to speak to the   The selection process
supported by this recruitment.          relevant contact person identified
                                        about the requirements and context       Selection and appointment
The Department is committed to          of the position; ask questions or        procedures in DTEI are guided by
becoming an “employer of                request further relevant information     the Public Sector Management Act
choice” and is actively pursuing        about the process.                       1995 and guidelines of the South
workplace strategies to improve its                                              Australian Office for Public
human resource practices and to         Note that all enquiries should be        Employment. The Government of
enhance the productivity, job           conducted during office hours.           South Australia is an equal
satisfaction and skill development of                                            opportunity employer.
                                        Who can apply?
its employees.
                                                                                 All selection decisions and
                                        Where positions are advertised
The approach                                                                     appointments are free from
                                        externally throughout Australia they
                                                                                 discrimination and favouritism.
A timely and contemporary               will also be advertised internally
                                                                                 They are based on an assessment
approach to recruitment is critical.    within the South Australian Public
                                                                                 of the merit of the applicants’
This approach streamlines the
                                        Where there is an acknowledged           qualifications, personal
recruitment and selection process
                                        skills shortage or DTEI has              abilities/aptitudes/skills, knowledge
and encourages people to apply for
                                        experienced difficulties in attracting   and experience. Potential for
the positions offered.
                                        suitable candidates, these internal      development will also be

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TSD advertises for specific current     The Position Description provides         Therefore, to maximise your
vacancies and for recruitment           information about the position’s          chances of being considered
pools. The Department is always         functions and the outcomes, duties        further, you must demonstrate in
interested in receiving applications    and responsibilities expected to be       your application that:
from suitably skilled and qualified     achieved by the person performing
                                                                                      •   you meet the essential
people for a range of roles,            the role. It also provides the
                                                                                          requirements and
particularly those with a technical     essential attributes a person needs           •   you are capable of carrying
and civil engineering focus where       to effectively undertake the                      out the duties of the
skills shortages apply.                 responsibilities and duties of the                position concerned.
                                        role, incorporating qualifications,
Recruiting to a recruitment pool        abilities, aptitudes and skills,          Your application should be no
enables the Division to assess          experience and knowledge. Both            more than two (2) pages in
candidates for current and future       the skills and behaviours required        length with the accompanying
positions by recommending               may be described as well as the           Curriculum Vitae to be no
candidates to a register from which     level or extent to which the person       more than four (4) pages in
they may be appointed as                needs that skill to perform well in       length.
vacancies arise. You will be asked      the role.
to indicate your interest in being on                                             Your application must demonstrate
such a register, if there are no        In addition, there is some                your suitability within the constraints
current vacancies.                      information about working in the          of space specified. You must be
                                        different work units across the           direct and succinct.
If you are in a recruitment pool, you   Transport Services Division.
will be contacted every three                                                     Use the Position Description as a
months to confirm your continued        The application                           guide in selecting the most
interest.                                                                         appropriate examples to
                                        It is the responsibility of a selection   demonstrate your ability to perform
For further information please refer    panel to recommend the applicant          in the role while addressing the
to the Guide to Recruitment Pools       who best meets the requirements of        essential criteria in the position
in Transport Service Division on the    the position in terms of the definition   description in your written
website.                                of merit contained in the Public          application.
                                        Sector Management Act 1995.
The position                                                                      If you wish to apply for more than
                                        Based on all the written applications     one position with different selection
The position is described in the        received, the selection panel makes       criteria (for example an ASO7 and a
Position Description document.          an initial assessment of all              PO3 position) you should provide
This is brief but very important.       applicants’ merit in relation to the      applications for each, clearly
Your letter of application must         essential requirements of the job         indicating the name of the
respond to the requirements of the      and decides whether the applicants        position and vacancy number. If
position.                               warrant further consideration.            you are applying for a position
                                                                                  advertised across a range of levels

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for example a PO3/PO4/PO5 you          If you are not currently employed in      DTEI currently has office locations
do not have to submit different        the South Australian Public Service,      in the city centre of Adelaide and in
applications for each level.           you will be asked to sign an              suburbs immediately adjacent to the
                                       Employment Declaration. You will          city. These are easily accessible by
Your application should be             also need to verify your                  public transport.
submitted electronically to the        qualifications prior to an
following email address:               employment offer.                         Planning has commenced for the
                                                                                 relocation of Walkerville based staff
dtei.projectsrecruitment@saugov        The Employment Declaration is             in the Department to the CBD (77                             available on the website and you          Grenfell Street) commencing mid
                                       should download and read it, as it        2009 after some refitting of the
Your Curriculum Vitae should
                                       should be submitted electronically        accommodation.
                                       with your application. In addition,
      • name, address and              you will be required to produce a         Work locations for some positions
        telephone contact              signed copy of the document prior         may also be at Gawler, North of
        numbers (work, home and        to an interview, if you are shortlisted   Adelaide or in Regional Centres.
        mobile)                                                                  You may indicate your willingness
      • current position title (and    for a position.
                                                                                 to take up employment in a
        increment level if currently
        a Public Sector employee)      Working Conditions                        Regional Centre and preferred
      • educational details                                                      locations.
      • employment history (at         The Government of South Australia
        least over the past 10         has a strong commitment to                Remuneration
        years) and other relevant      providing a safe working
        experience/history             environment. See the statement            Positions may be offered as
      • three current referees                                                   permanent or as a temporary
                                       Safety in the public sector 2007-
        (include their names,                                                    contract appointment of 1 to 5
        position titles and            2010 on the website.
                                                                                 years. Remuneration may be
        information about their
        relationship to you or         A number of flexible working              negotiated for contracted
        specific areas of expertise    arrangements are available to             employees.
        on which they could            support employees in work life
        comment, addresses and         balance. You are welcome to               An attractive salary package may
        telephone numbers).                                                      be negotiated depending on skills
                                       explore flexible work arrangements
                                       during any employment negotiation         and experience.
One of your referees should be your
current or most recent immediate       if offered a position.
                                                                                 Please read the remuneration
supervisor. If you wish to be                                                    information when preparing your
                                       Permanent part-time employment is
alerted by the panel prior to an                                                 application. It contains the base
                                       available. If you have specific
approach to your immediate                                                       salary and increment levels across
                                       arrangements in mind please
supervisor please clearly indicate                                               the technical, professional,
                                       indicate this in your application.
this request.                                                                    administrative and

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electrical/electronic areas of          It is the candidates responsibility to        •   psychological testing
employment.                             provide evidence of the acceptance            •   problem solving exercises.
                                        of their qualifications by the relevant
If your decision to accept a position                                             If you are invited to attend further
                                        professional body and this should
is affected by the employment                                                     selection processes at the point of
                                        be initiated as soon as possible
opportunities available to your                                                   short listing you will be informed of
                                        when seeking employment.
partner please request information                                                the approach being used and the
about this during employment            Selecting the Right Person for            composition of the panel. If you are
negotiations. This may be               the Job                                   not successful in winning a position
particularly relevant for overseas                                                you can get feedback from the
applicants and those considering        Your application for the position will    chairperson of the panel at the
regionally based positions.             help the Selection Panel decide           conclusion of the process.
                                        whether to consider and/or assess
Qualifications                          your ability to do the job further. If    Where recruitment is for multiple
                                        your application indicates that you       positions or recruitment pools there
The Federal Government offers a         meet the essential criteria and are       may be additional “placement”
service that gives a comparative        capable of undertaking all of the         interviews to ensure the best match
assessment of overseas                  duties, the Selection Panel may           of candidates to positions. This can
qualifications against the Australian   invite you to attend further selection    sometimes lengthen the time
educational system. If you have         processes.                                between initial recommendation and
relevant academic or technical                                                    final offer of employment. You will
qualifications gained overseas, refer   The selection techniques focus on         be contacted regularly throughout
initially to the Department of          assessing your personal                   this process.
Immigration and Citizenship website     abilities/aptitudes/skills, knowledge     and experience in relation to the         Further Information
illed/basic_requirements.htm. The       essential criteria.
site contains the Skilled                                                         For more information about the
Occupations List and includes           The assessment and selection              Department for Transport, Energy
contact details of the relevant         process may involve some of the           and Infrastructure visit our website
assessing bodies for different          following activities:                     at If you need
occupations. There will be a fee                                                  further clarification about the
                                            •   assessment of application
that you will need to pay them for                                                Department for Transport, Energy
                                                for short listing
the assessment to be undertaken.            •   one or more interviews by         and Infrastructure’s recruitment,
                                                phone or in person                selection and appointment
For engineers the professional body         •   a practical skills exercise       procedures please call the
which recognises qualifications is          •   referee checking                  nominated contact officer for the
the Institution of Engineers,               •   a presentation                    position during office hours.
                                            •   a language assessment
                                            •   assessment centre
                                            •   a medical examination

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