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					                             LONE PINE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                    BOARD OF TRUSTEES

             UNADOPTED                        May 20, 2009


The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at 5:00 p.m. in the District Conference
Room, 301 South Hay Street, Lone Pine, CA.
President George led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:                Mrs. Catherine George, President                       Present
                          Mrs. Pamela Daugherty, Clerk                           Absent (Arrived @ 5:50)
                          Mr. Gary Donnelly, Member                              Present
                          Mr. William Dell, Member                               Present
                          Mr. Matt Kingsley, Member                              Present
                          Mr. Larry Todd, Superintendent and
                           Secretary to the Board                                Present
                          Tiphaine Lefevre, LPHS Student Rep.                    Present
                          Navjot Singh, Lo-Inyo Student Rep.                     Present

(344)   Moved by Trustee Donnelly and seconded by Trustee Dell that the Board accept the agenda as
        presented, with Agenda Item 350 being removed from action at this time and the addition of
        names to Agenda Item 351 and 351.1. Motion carried 4-0, with Trustee Daugherty absent.



        1) Tiphaine Lefevre, Lone Pine High School Student Representative, reported that the senior
           trip was a success and students enjoyed the cruise. Upcoming events that she encouraged
           seniors to attend include the Junior Senior Banquet on May 27, Baccalaureate on June7, and
           Class Awards on June 10. Sports at the high school ended with Salvador Duran and Kaoru
           Mullenhour qualifying for CIF track and field competition and Baseball and Softball teams
           are in the first round of CIF playoffs. The opera trip to Los Angeles and the Prom are coming

        2) Navjot Singh, Lo-Inyo Student Representative, reported on the months activities including
           ASB and class meetings, STAR reward trip, field trips to Lone Pine Creek, renaissance
           awards, and the upcoming fundraiser dinner at Lo-Inyo’s Open House. Navjot thanked the
           Board for giving him the privilege of being the school board representative and for Mrs.
           Lambdin’s help during the year.

        3) Diane Gross, Lo-Inyo School Principal, presented California English Learner Data Testing
           (CELDT) results for the past 3 years. The comparison indicated an increase in English
           Learners tested from 62 students in 2006-07 to 84 students in 2008-09 in grades K-12. Mrs.
           Gross explained that the results could put Lo-Inyo in Program Improvement Year 1 if the
           school does not show at least a 10% improvement in test scores for EL groups. Meetings
           with the ELAC and DELAC groups discussed the incoming 20 of 40 EL kindergarten
           students and whether to have one class or to mix the students with other English-speaking
           students. The parents felt that putting them with other English students would help them to
           learn the English language better. Mrs. Gross reported that there would be two kindergarten
REGULAR MEETING                  LONE PINE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT                       MAY 20, 2009

              classes next year with Bilingual Aides working with English Learners during the
              mornings. Mrs. Gross reported that a new Lo-Inyo School sign has been installed.

          3) Larry Todd, High School Principal, reported that the high school is preparing for end of year
             activities. Staff is working on the WASC Accreditation Report targeted to be finalized by
             September. The Driving Under the Influence simulation and assembly received positive
             comments from the community and a sense of awareness from students on the importance of
             being safe. The high school master schedule continues to be revised as challenges with
             limited electives and changes in enrollment occur. Mr. Todd reported that, in general, math
             scores for the high school are below projected growth targets and next year the school will be
             working toward a 5% growth in all areas allowing the district to meet AYP requirements.
             Continued intervention classes and possible tutoring options can help students be successful
             in meeting math goals. He reported that 85% of the 10th grade students passed the high
             school exit exam. Those students not passing will have another opportunity to retake the
             exam. It was reported that 83 ROP students were recognized at a County ROP Graduation.
             Two Lone Pine students were present and others will be recognized at the FFA Awards event.

          4) Julie Lambdin, First 5 Coordinator, shared a video presentation of students and staff at the
             Kindergarten Round Up. She reported that 36 of the 40 students attended the round up and
             the other 4 students have since been enrolled. Staff and parents were busy with paperwork
             and each student received a “Getting Ready for Kindergarten Box”. Mrs. Lambdin reported
             that with the generous donations received, they have enough funds to provide next years
             boxes and possibly another year. Mrs. Lambdin reported on her attendance at the Northeast
             School Readiness Conference, book events for students, and that 25 students are anticipated
             to attend the Summer Bridge Program. Mrs. Lambdin thanked the Board for their support in
             her role as First 5 Coordinator.

          5) Mr. Todd reported that the District received notice that the Title VII Grant Application has
             been approved in the amount of approximately $12,000 for 2009-10. The Title VII tutors are
             planning a trip to take students on a tour of UCLA.

          7) No SITA representative and/or CSEA representative reports.


      1. Mr. Larry Todd recognized Tiphaine Lefevre and presented her with a personalized pen and
         pencil set and Certificate of Appreciation for serving as Lone Pine High School Student
         Representative to the Board for the 2008-09 school year. Mrs. Gross recognized Navjot Singh
         and presented him with an engraved USB Key Chain and Certificate of Appreciation for serving
         as Lo-Inyo Student Representative to the Board for the 2008-09 school year.

       The Board President opened a General Hearing Session. Ellen Hubbs shared her opinion of the
       differences between the graduation requirements for Lone Pine High School and the Sierra
       Alternative Learning Academy (SALA) and requested that the Board consider the concerns of the
       senior class that a separate graduation ceremony should be celebrated for each school. Joselin
       Carranza also addressed the Board wishing to clear up any past confusion. She shared that they feel
       the graduation ceremony at Lone Pine High School should be an incentive for SALA students to
       return to the high school.

REGULAR MEETING                    LONE PINE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT                         MAY 20, 2009

                                           II.     ACTION SESSION



           Mr. Todd clarified that the high school and SALA are separate schools and the past intent was to
           have SALA students return to Lone Pine High School, but some students may feel that returning to
           LPHS is not the best route and the choice should be that of the individual. It has been the Board’s
           intent to provide one graduation ceremony. Mr. Todd stated that the change in the proposed policy
           before the Board specifies that one graduation ceremony would be held for all 12th grade students
           who have met the course of study for each school within the District.

   (345) Moved by Trustee Donnelly and seconded by Trustee George that the Board accept for first reading
         revised Board Policy 5127, Students, Graduation Ceremonies and Activities, as presented in
         Appendix A. Motion carried 5-0.


           Moved by Trustee Daugherty and seconded by Trustee Kingsley that the Board approve consent
           agenda items 346 through 348, with correction to minutes of May 6, 2009 as noted by Mrs.
           Wilkinson. Motion carried 5-0.

   (346)    Approve regular meeting minutes of April 8, 2009 and the special meeting minutes of May 6,
            2009, as presented to the Board.

   (347)    Accept donation in the amount of $530 from Friends of Jill Kinmont Boothe School for the Art
            Class Mural Project at Lo-Inyo School.

   (348)    Adopt revised Board Policies being presented for second reading:

            Section 4000 - Personnel
            1) BP 4135, 4235, 4335, Soliciting and Selling
            2) BP 4140, 4240, Bargaining Units (previously named Organizations/Units)
            3) BP 4141, 4241, Collective Bargaining Agreement
            4) BP 4141.6, 4241.6, Concerted Action/Work Stoppage
            5) BP 4156.2, 4256.2, 4356.2, Awards and Recognition



           Moved by Trustee Donnelly and seconded by Trustee Daugherty that the Board approve consent
           agenda items 349 through 357, with the exception of agenda item 350. Motion carried 5-0.

   (349)    Approve probationary employment of Christine Henson to serve as K-8 SDC/Resource Teacher
            for the 2009-10 school year. Placement shall be Column V, Step 8, pending verification of units,
            experience and fingerprint clearance.

   (350)    Removed – No action taken to approve part-time employment of Speech and Language Teacher.

REGULAR MEETING                    LONE PINE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT                         MAY 20, 2009

   (351)    Approve temporary summer employment of the following 9 ½ and 10 month classified
            employees to perform duties, as assigned by the Superintendent or designee. Compensation shall
            be in accordance with provisions of the bargaining unit agreement. Specified work assignments
            and hours are to be determined.

                    Margie Cornwell, Custodian Helper & Special Ed Aide
                    Carol Clark, Custodian Helper
                    Pam Fleming, Custodian Helper
                    Kathy Leslie, Bus Driver/Transportation
                    Andrea Alzate, Bilingual Aide
                    Maria Lora, Bilingual Aide
                    Sharron Silvas, Special Ed Aide and Summer Bridge Aide Substitute

   (351.1) Ratify the addition of the following persons to the list of substitute teachers: Sherry Cosgrove and
           Ann Jewett.

   (352)    Approve temporary employment of Leon Boyer to serve as substitute custodian during the
            summer, on an as needed basis. Compensation shall be in accordance with provisions of the
            bargaining unit agreement.

   (353)    Approve list of tentative teaching assignments for 2009-10 school year, as presented in Appendix

   (354)    Approve temporary employment of Dale Newell to serve as Lone Pine High School Athletic
            Director for the 2009-10 school year. Compensation shall be as specified on the Extra Duty Pay

   (355)    Appoint Dale Newell and Larry Todd as 2009-10 CIF League Representatives.



           Moved by Trustee Daugherty and seconded by Trustee Kingsley that the Board approve consent
           agenda items 356 and 357. Motion carried 5-0.

   (356)    Approve Adult Education Certified Nurses Aide (CNA) course offering to begin in June 2009 for
            qualified enrolled students in partnership with Southern Inyo Hospital, as presented to the Board.

   (357)    Approve Fast Forward Summer Seminar for identified English Language Learner students in
            grades 6-12 to be held at Lone Pine High School in conjunction with the middle school credit
            retrieval summer program, as presented to the Board.


   BUDGET REPORT – Camille Cervantes reported that the recent ballot measures have failed, which
   creates an additional burden on the 2009-10 budget. She stated that additional reductions are pending and
   must be incorporated into budget projections. The Governor’s updated budget proposals will not be
   known until May 28th. Mrs. Cervantes reported that the current year budget is on track with a 7-8%
   ending balance. Discussion occurred about repairs to the gymnasium bleachers and the fact that parts are
   no longer available. The bleachers would need to be replaced, or broken sections removed with parts used
   in other sections, which would reduce the seating capacity. More information on modernization funding
   is to be determined.

REGULAR MEETING                    LONE PINE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT                           MAY 20, 2009


           Moved by Trustee Donnelly and seconded by Trustee Daugherty that the Board approve consent
           agenda items 358 through 369. Motion carried 5-0.

   (358)    Approve designation of Melany Lucia as representative to the PINCO Advisory Committee
            and Camille Cervantes as alternate for 2009-10.

   (359)    Approve Larry Todd, Superintendent/Principal, Camille Cervantes, Chief Business Official,
            Shari Valdon, Administrative Assistant, and Kasey Ray, Business Services Contract Technician,
            as authorized agents of the District to sign and furnish the Federal and State governments with
            data and documents pertaining to all specially funded programs; authorized agents for Impact
            Aid; authorized agents for all District and payroll orders, and all district generated reports or
            documents; and, to sign checks and other documents pertaining to the petty cash and cafeteria
            funds on behalf of the Board of Trustees for the 2009-10 fiscal year.

   (360)    Authorize the County Superintendent of Schools to identify and make such transfers between the
            designated fund balance or the unappropriated fund balance and any expenditure classification or
            classifications, or balance any expenditure classifications of the budget for the current fiscal year
            to permit the payment of obligations of the County Superintendent of Schools incurred during the
            2008-09 school year.

   (361)    Approve renewal applications for funding of the Sierra Alternative Learning Academy
            Community Day School for the 2009-10 school year.

   (362)    Approve Memorandum of Understanding between the District and Inyo County Superintendent
            of Schools to share the employer portion of health benefits for Brenda Lacey for the 2009-10
            school year.

   (363)    Approve 2009 Equipment Assistance Grant for School Food Authorities to be paid from Federal
            Stimulus funds.

   (364)    Approve agreement between the District and Axiom Advisors & Consultants, Inc. for preparation
            of School Accountability Report Card’s for the 2008-09. Costs for services shall be $1,200 plus
            additional costs for Spanish translation and printing.

   (365)    Approve agreement between the District and CSM, Inc. for preparation of documents regarding
            Federal Communications Commission E-Rate Program. Cost for services shall be $3,000 per
            year for the period July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2011.

   (366)    Approve the District’s participation in the Special Education Voluntary Coverage Program for
            the 2009-10 school year.

   (367)    Approve additional General Liability coverage for eligible Foundations, specifically Lone Pine
            Boosters Club and Lo-Inyo Parents Club at the cost of $500 for each Foundation per year.

   (368)    Approve budget revisions, as presented to the Board.

   (369)    Approve purchase orders and warrants, as presented to the Board.

REGULAR MEETING                  LONE PINE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT                         MAY 20, 2009

                                        III. CONSULTATION SESSION

      Items from the Superintendent:

           A.      ICSOS Report: Mr. Todd reported that he is working with the County on a session to
                   better understand the Paiute Shoshone culture in the Owens Valley to be held at the
                   August 18, 2009 county-wide staff development activity in Bishop. Day one of the
                   CSBA School Governance Masters Program is being planned for this coming September,
                   which provides Board members opportunities to participate at a minimal cost.

           B.      Summer Bridge Program: Mrs. Lambdin reported on this earlier in the meeting.

           C.      Other: Mr. Todd reported that all Special Education positions have been filled and the
                   District is working on the part-time Speech Therapist. A temporary math position has
                   been posted. The District will be implementing an Art Docent and Music Program.
                   Summer school sessions for credit retrieval, English Learners, and Special Education are
                   scheduled. LPUSD Adult Education and the Southern Inyo Hospital will provide a
                   Certified Nurses Aide class at the end of June. A GED Preparation program for adults is
                   in the plans.

      Upcoming Dates and Reminders:
      May 23    - High School Prom LP Golf Course
      May 25    - Memorial Day Holiday
      May 27    - 8th Grade Parent Orientation LPHS LMC 6:30 p.m.
      May 27    - Jr/Sr Banquet at the Lutze Home 6:00 p.m.
      May 27    - Lo-Inyo Open House/Taco Dinner 5:00 p.m.
      May 28-30 - CSF Trip to San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara
      May 29    - 4th Grade Santa Barbara Field Trip
      June 1    - Spring Sports BBQ LPHS Quad 5 p.m.
      June 5    - Bud Hill Day LPHS 4th-6th periods
      June 7    - Baccalaureate @ Assembly of God Church 7 p.m.
      June 8    - 8th Grade Trip to Palmdale
      June 10   - Senior Class Night LPHS Auditorium 7 p.m.
      June 11   - 8th Grade Promotion Lo-Inyo Lawn 7 p.m.
      June 12   - LPHS/SALA Graduation Ceremony 7 p.m.
      June 17   - Next Regular Board Meeting DCR 5 p.m.

      ● Also, Go to www.lpusd.k12.ca.us for District Calendar Events

      Items from the Board:

           Trustee Dell wished to confirm that any use of the baseball field on the sports complex not allow
           the baseball pitchers mound to be removed.

                                         IV.      CLOSED SESSION

   (370)   Moved by Trustee Daugherty and seconded by Trustee George that the Board convene into closed
           session at 6:15 p.m. to discuss the following items. Any action taken by the Board on these
           matters will be reported publicly at the end of the closed session. Motion carried 5-0.

                   1. Update on Student Disciplinary Action (Ed. Code § 48918 (c) or 76030)

                   2. Public Employment (Gov. Code § 54957): Temporary Coaches

REGULAR MEETING                  LONE PINE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT                     MAY 20, 2009

                                V.      RECONVENE INTO OPEN SESSION

   (371)   Moved by Trustee Donnelly and seconded by Trustee Daugherty that the Board reconvene into
           open session at 6:40 p.m. Motion carried 5-0.

           There was no action to report.

                                            VI.   ADJOURNMENT

   (372)   Moved by Trustee Donnelly and seconded by Trustee Kingsley that the Board adjourn the regular
           meeting at 6:41 p.m. Motion carried 5-0.

                                                         Larry Todd,
                                                         Secretary to the Board