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									Discounts On Blue Lagoon Swim With Dolphins Bahamas
Adventure Now Available

Premier Bahamas dolphin tour operator, Swim With Dolphins Bahamas, recently
lowered prices on its Blue Lagoon Swim With Dolphins tour. The tour includes a half
hour interactive swim with the intelligent and playful marine mammals.

May 27, 2009 (FPRC) --FREEPORT, BAHAMAS - Swim With Dolphins Bahamas, a premier
Bahamas dolphin tour specialist, recently announced it has reduced prices on one of its most
popular tours, the Blue Lagoon Dolphin Swim Package. With a new lower price of $185 per person,
guests enjoy an entire half hour interactive dolphin swim in the beautiful Blue Lagoon Island dolphin

Located on more than three full acres, the dolphin sanctuary features specific habitats catered to
Bahamas dolphins, as well as ample areas for visitor education and training. To begin the Blue
Lagoon Dolphin Swim tour, guests first are introduced to this incredible species through an
educational presentation. Here, visitors enjoy learning about the dolphin's unique biology,
environmental concerns, behavioral traits, as well as training secrets.

Tours for the Blue Lagoon Dolphin Swim depart daily at 8:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:30
p.m. Each three-hour tour is made available to a maximum of ten guests, ensuring all participants
enjoy a personalized dolphin experience. To capture the excitement, Swim With Dolphins Bahamas
offers professional photographers and videographers throughout the entire tour.

"Our Blue Lagoon Bahamas Dolphin Swim Package is one of our best selling tours. With a
maximum of only ten guests per tour, everyone is sure to enjoy a personal dolphin encounter. The
dolphins at the Blue Lagoon Island dolphin sanctuary are friendly, fun and gentle. This tour provides
an amazing experience for children and adults of all ages," says Chris Gardner of Swim With
Dolphins Bahamas.

During the tour, guests are not only able to feel and play with the majestic marine mammals, but
they will also be given the opportunity to swim alongside them. By holding on to their dorsal fins, or
being pushed along by their bottle noses, guests will enjoy the thrilling rush of being transported by
these amazing and playful sea creatures. Guests can also use the dolphin training techniques
learned during the educational presentation to maximize interaction.

 "People are amazed at the playful and intelligent demeanor of dolphins. They are amazing
creatures, and they enjoy interacting with people just as much as people do with them. At Swim With
Dolphins Bahamas, we've been providing dolphin swim packages for more than 20 years, which
means that all of our guests can rest assured they will enjoy a safe and exciting dolphin encounter,"
says Gardner.

In addition to the Blue Lagoon Dolphin Swim Package, Swim With Dolphins Bahamas offers
travelers a variety of exciting Bahamas tours. From sea lion encounters to relaxing private beach
excursions, the firm excels at helping visitors craft exceptional Bahamas vacation experiences.

About Swim With Dolphins Bahamas:

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Swim With Dolphins Bahamas is a premier Bahamas dolphin tour operator offering personalized
dolphin excursions to some of the most exclusive areas in the Bahamas. From dolphin encounters
to sea lion adventures and more, Swim With Dolphins Bahamas provides safe and fun tour
packages for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

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For more information contact Chris Gardner of Swim With Dolphins Bahamas

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