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                               POSITION DESCRIPTION
                               POSITION DESCRIPTION
University Housing Services Mid-Year Community Mentor position is a great volunteer opportunity for first-year,
sophomores, and upper class students currently living in a Themed Community to offer support and encouragement to other
Themed Community residents through informal social and academically-oriented interactions. Community Mentors live in
one of the Themed Communities (Arts Village, Spartan Honors, CELL, and Global Village) and assist the Themed
Community Resident Advisor (TCRA) with incorporating the theme of the community and planning social events for their
particular community. They play a key role in assisting residents with acclimating to the campus and the demands of the
collegiate life and work as vital members of the Themed Community. You will be eligible to serve as a Community Mentor in
the community you live.

1. Second-semester first-year students or higher in good standing with the university and possessing a minimum 2.00
   cumulative GPA at the time of application. If you are in the process of completing your first-semester at San Jose State,
   please include your cumulative GPA from last institution attended (high school, community college, etc.). A semester and
   cumulative GPA of 2.00 must be maintained throughout one’s time as a Community Mentor. Please note that GPA does
   not round up; any GPA below a 2.00 (1.99 or below) will make you ineligible to apply for the position. If a CM’s GPA
   drops below a 2.00 the CM may be placed on academic notice for the remainder of their time as a CM.
2.   Candidate must have a matriculated student status with SJSU (i.e. accepted, enrolled and/or currently a student) during
     time of application.
3.   Minimum of one semester residence in a college or university residence hall, or a similar group living experience such as a
     Greek house, co-op, or theme program prior to term of employment is preferred but not required.
4.   Previous leadership experience is strongly desired.
5.   Current housing assignment is in one of the Themed Community (Arts Village, Spartan Honors, CELL, and Global
Terms of the Community Mentor Volunteer Position
1.   The CM is expected to serve as a role model for all residence hall policies and procedures through day to day interaction
     with students and staff as well as through on-line sources (i.e. Facebook, MySpace, e-mail, etc.). Failure to serve as a
     positive role model may result in personnel action up to and including release from volunteer position. _____
2.   Maintain the required 2.00 semester and cumulative G.P.A. throughout your time as a Community Mentor. _____
3.   Maintain full-time academic status (12 units per semester-undergraduate and 9 units for graduate) throughout the
     term of employment. _____
4.   Your role as a CM will begin at the start of the spring semester Saturday, January 23, 2009 and last until check out
     during the spring semester. CMs must live on campus. Please be informed that room and board is not included with this
     volunteer position. _____
5. CMs are required to attend the Community Mentor training and Admitted Spartan Day. _____
                         Spring Training Date::             Monday, January 24, 2010 from 6-8pm
                         Admitted Spartan Day:              Saturday, April, 17, 2010 from 8am-4pm
7.   The CMs must be available to residents and staff during evening hours and weekends and must be willing to commit a
     significant amount of time (approximately 16 hours per month) to the position. This includes meeting regularly with
     the TCRA , implementing and planning social events, having an open door policy and interacting with the residents in
     the themed community. _____
8.   All CMs that have been offered and accepted the volunteer position MUST read through the Terms of the Community
     Mentor Volunteer Position, the Basic Functions and Responsibilities of the position and initial each item. Initials signify a
     clear understanding of the expectation. Additionally, each CM must sign and date the overall volunteer description as an
     understanding that they have read through and agree to all terms. Again, only CMs that have been offered the CM
     volunteer position should initial and sign this contract. The due date will be conveyed in the offer letter. _____
Basic Functions And Responsibilities
The CM supports the TCRA in the development of a student life program within the residence halls. The specific
responsibilities of the CM position are divided into the following categories:
A.          C O M M U N IT Y D E V E LO P M EN T
     A-1.   Encourage personal, social, and academic development of students. This responsibility involves spending a
            significant amount of time on the floor or building area and getting to know students on an individual basis.
            “Significant amount of time” could include, but is not limited to the following: being available to assist students,
            implementing on-going spontaneous activities, planning social programs, attend floor meetings, visibility (day and
            night) in your living area and/or hall, and the dining commons, etc. _____
     A-2.   Demonstrate a working knowledge of campus agencies, their services and functions, in order to provide academic
            and personal support. Serve as a resource for information and a referral source as needed. _____
     A-3.   Serve as a constructive and positive role model for personal behavior and academic pursuits and adhere to all
            residence hall policies. Role-model appreciation of differences and assist students in developing an understanding of
            diverse cultures and lifestyles. Respect and treat all individuals fairly and equitably by being open and understanding
            of sexual orientation, and cultural and ethnic diversity issues. _____
     A-4.   Be involved with making the community a living, learning environment. _____
     A-5.   Educate oneself about the unique needs of your Themed Community. _____

B.          R E L A T E D D U T I ES
     B-1.   Maintain confidentiality and objectivity in all matters related to students and staff. _____
     B-2.   Be available and visible to your community. Interact with residents regularly; keep your bedroom door open when
            present. _____
     B-3.   Help escort residents to hall and TCRA programs and attend your community’s monthly meetings. _____
     B-4.   Meet regularly (every other week) with your TCRA about your experience and the Themed Community. _____

This volunteer position works in a safe and responsible manner while not putting self or others at risk. This includes
complying with applicable policies and regulations; observing warning signs; and reporting unsafe conditions to the
appropriate University staff members.

My signature on this Community Mentor Volunteer Position Description certifies that I have reviewed and fully
understand my expectations as a Community Mentor and will perform the duties of the Community Mentor
position to the best of my ability. If, at any time, I do not feel that I can uphold the terms of this agreement, I will
speak with my Themed Community Resident Advisor immediately. I understand that failure to abide by the terms
of this volunteer position description may result in disciplinary action and being released from the Community
Mentor volunteer position, which may result in being removed from the community.

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