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					   2010                                                           February
                   egetarian                                ociety
             Grocery Store Bargains
                                      by Delisa Renideo
         What is your best grocery bargain:            The Double-Cheeseburger from
one bunch of kale for $1.99 or a 2 liter Coca- McDonald’s has 440 calories, and almost
Cola for $1.99? Or how about one pound half of them come from fat. There is also a
of broccoli for $1.70 vs. a Double Cheese- load of cholesterol and half a day’s supply
burger from McDonald’s for $1.70? Where of salt. The carbohydrates are from highly
do we get the most for our money?               processed white flour, so you’re missing out
         It is commonly be-                                  on the nutrients and fiber you
lieved that healthy food costs                               could be getting from grains.
too much for poor people to                                  At $1.70, you’ve bought
eat. The reasoning goes some-                                yourself a nutrient-deficient,
thing like this: One dollar will                             fat-laden package that pro-
buy more calories of unhealthy                               motes heart disease, cancer,
food than healthy food. This                                 diabetes, high blood pressure,
is true! But in a country where                              and obesity. Not what I call a
                                          Maybe it’s time bargain.
two-thirds of the population is
                                  to think about how                   Kale and broccoli are
overweight and one third is
obese, why are we using calo-
                                  many nutrients per two of our best bargains. At
ries as the determining factor dollar we can buy around $2.00 per pound, you
in determining affordability? instead of how many get 3 - 5 generous servings
We have become a nation of calories per dollar.              of health-promoting, disease-
overfed and undernourished people. Maybe        preventing foods. They are both extremely
it’s time to think about how many nutrients nutrient-dense foods, which means they
per dollar we can buy instead of how many have a LOT of nutrients per calorie. They
calories per dollar.                            also provide a lot of nutrients per dollar
         That 2 liter soda contains 728 calo- spent. What they don’t have is a lot of fat
ries of pure sugar. No nutrients there. No and calories to pack on the pounds. And un-
fiber. So you’ve just wasted your $1.99. No less we are experiencing a famine, we don’t
nutrients per dollar -- just empty calories.            see Bargains, continued on page 7
February 2010                 Alaska Vegetarian Society Newsletter                    Page 2

                My Journey of Empowerment
                                       by Barb Morris
        I was only 32 years old when I got mines health and promotes cancer. I read it,
the bad news: “You have stage three meta- it made sense, and I became vegan the next
static breast cancer.” I had young children at day. That was Christmas Day, 2008.
home. I felt overwhelmed and hoped medi-               Shortly after that I attended a Can-
cal science would lead me to safety. I had cer Project Food for Life series, which
surgery, followed by chemo, and seemed to taught me how to prepare healthy and tasty
be doing well for 18 years.                                  meals of whole plant foods.
        Then, in 2001, I had                                 This class helped me put the
a reoccurrence. That’s when                                  pieces together to make a vegan
I began taking charge of my                                  diet work for me. By the way, I
own health. I read everything                                do eat minimally processed soy
I could find, including alterna-                             foods as research has shown
tive views on cancer treatment.                              that it can be protective against
Since I had estrogen-receptor                                cancer even though it contains
positive cancer, I began avoid-                              phytoestrogens.
ing everything that had estrogen                                I love eating a plant-based
or turned to estrogen within me,                             diet. Food tastes better to me
which included such unlikely           I am in charge of now that my taste buds aren’t
things as plastics and some cos- my own wellness dulled by high fat and processed
metics. I put together my own team because I real- foods. I’m doing more cook-
wellness team, choosing medi- ize I’m responsible ing than I did before changing
cal doctors and other profes- for my own health.             my diet. I’m also having fun
sionals who would support me                                 learning to prepare foods that
in my quest for healing. I am in charge of are new to me. I have a subscription to Full
my team because I realize I’m responsible Circle Farm ( and
for my own health.                             receive a box of organic produce each week.
        One day I bumped into a woman who Sometimes I get something I’ve never eaten
had previously been my personal trainer. before, like eggplant, so I have the fun of
She said, “I’ve got a book you just have to discovering how to fix it.
read.” It was The China Study by T. Colin              I feel better since I’ve switched to a
Campbell, Ph.D. This book explains how a plant-based diet. My bones don’t hurt any-
diet based upon whole plant foods supports more. I have more energy and more endur
health whereas the typical western diet of ance. I can think more clearly. I’ve lost
animal products and processed food under-        see My Journey..., continued on page 4
February 2010                 Alaska Vegetarian Society Newsletter                   Page 3

          Epidemic of Vitamin D Deficiency
                       Excerpted and summarized by Delisa Renideo
             from Dr. Furhman’s Healthy Times Newsletter No. 39, Winter 2009
         We hear of flu epidemics and the most Americans work indoors at northern
obesity epidemic, but a vitamin D deficiency latitudes and don’t get enough sun to make
epidemic?                                                    adequate vitamin D. Secondly,
         According to Dr. Joel                               in order to get enough sun to
Fuhrman, (, ap-                                make adequate vitamin D, we
proximately 50 percent of Ameri-                             would be putting our skin at risk
cans have dangerously low vi-                                for premature aging and skin
tamin D levels, below 20 ng/ml.                              cancer. The atmosphere isn’t
Ideally, we should have levels                               what it used to be. We have dam-
between 35 and 50 ng/ml, but al-                             aged the ozone layer with pollu-
most 80 percent of Americans fall                            tion, so now the sun damages us
below 35 ng/ml. That’s even higher than the more than it would otherwise. Supplemen-
two-thirds of Americans that are overweight! tal vitamin D has been shown to be very ef-
         Instead of specific                                        fective in preventing and
symptoms to look for, vita-
                                   “Deficiency of vitamin D reversing diseases caused
min D deficiency contrib- is as severe a disease risk by vitamin D deficiency
utes to the major chronic as smoking cigarettes...”                 without any of the nega-
diseases. It results in increased heart disease, tive affects of too much sun exposure.
cancer, musculoskeletal disease, including               So how much vitamin D should we
osteoporosis, and autoimmune disease, such take? Previous recommendations of 400 units
as lupus. It even contributes to depression. of vitamin D have proven to be inadequate
It actually seems to make all diseases worse, for most people to achieve optimal blood lev-
and contributes to a shorter life.               els of Vitamin D. Dr. Fuhrman recommends
         Dr. Fuhrman makes the point most doses of 1000 - 2000 units per day. Some
clearly when he says, “Deficiency of vita- researchers are recommending higher doses,
min D is as severe a disease risk as smoking but excess Vitamin D is also dangerous.
cigarettes, so it is imperative that you do ev-          The best way to know if we have
erything necessary to maintain normal vita- healthy levels of vitamin D is to have a test
min D levels.”                                   called the 25-hydroxyvitamin D blood test,
         We make vitamin D in our skin when (25-OH). The results are described in nano-
it is exposed to sunlight, so we ought to just grams per milliliter (ng/ml) or nanomoles
go out and enjoy the sun, right? Unfortu-               see Vitamin D, continued on page 4
nately, there are problems with this. First,
February 2010                      Alaska Vegetarian Society Newsletter                                Page 4
      My Journey of Empowerment                                   Vitamin D continued from page 3:
                 continued from page 2:                           per liter (nmol/L).           The optimal
20 pounds, my cholesterol has dropped 30 points,
my blood pressure has dropped, and I just feel good!                       It’s not difficult or
The results of all my medical tests are good. Even                 expensive to get adequate
my eyesight has gotten better!                                     vitamin D, so there is no
         I live alone, so it has been easier for me to             reason for us to be part of
make the switch than it might have been if I’d had                 the epidemic.
others in the house. My friends are supportive of
my choices, but haven’t changed their diets. I have               range, when measured in nano-
a gallery of watchers, including my doctors and my                grams per milliliter is 35-50 ng/
friends, all watching to see how I do in the long term.           ml. The optimal range when mea-
         One of my friends said something about how it            sured in namomoles per liter is 87-
would be hard not to be able to eat certain things. I told        125 nmol/L. If you are taking over
                                    her, “I can eat any-          2000 units of Vitamin D per day, it
      I have peace of mind thing I want to! It’s                  is important to monitor your blood
  about my vegan diet a choice not to eat                         levels.
  and know it’s the right animal products.” I                             It’s not difficult or expensive
  choice for me.                    think it makes a big          to get adequate vitamin D, so there
                                    difference if you see         is no reason for us to be part of the
it as a choice instead of as deprivation.                         80 percent of Americans who have
         The one thing that has been hard for me is               inadequate levels of this important
traveling. When I drive through the Midwest, it’s                 vitamin. Let’s be sure to take vi-
hard to find the variety of healthy foods I can buy so            tamin D and vitamin B12 supple-
easily in Alaska. But I’m figuring out ways to get                ments daily, along with a high-nu-
around the inconvenience. I just have to plan ahead               trient plant-based diet, for excellent
more and maybe take some things with me when I go.                health. There’s no reason to join
         I don’t actively worry about the cancer com-             this epidemic.
ing back, but it’s always there in the background and
it continues to motivate me. I stay active and enjoy                  Who to Call
yoga, walking, riding my bike, and kayaking. I have                   Elaine Albertson:
                                                                   AVS Newsletter Editor...........746-4668
peace of mind about my vegan diet and know it’s the                   Peggy Robinson:
right choice for me.                                               Treasurer and Membership.....373-1901
                                                                      Toni Truesdell:
 • Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. • Learn to love the    Advertising Coordinator.........745-4404
 food that loves you. • Set up your environment to win. • Life        Delisa Renideo:
 is all about progress, not perfection. • When you improve the     AVS President.........................373-1526
 quality of your food, the quantity takes care of itself.             Charlie Renideo:
                                      PCRM 21 Day Kick Start       Bookstore and Website...........373-1526
February 2010                 Alaska Vegetarian Society Newsletter                    Page 5
                    2010: A Great Year for Green Foods
                  by Gene Baur, President & Co-founder, Farm Sanctuary
        As communities across the U.S.          out North America to introduce resolutions
strive to be cleaner and greener, local gov-    that challenge citizens to eat lower on the
ernments are urging citizens to use cloth       food chain as a means to reduce their global
bags instead of plastic, or to ride bikes in-   “foodprints.” Green Foods Resolutions like
stead of driving cars. The greatest change      these are good for local farmers and pub-
the members of your community can make          lic health, and can bring your city or town
for the environment, however,                                one step closer to addressing the
is to change the way they eat.                               greatest cause of our earth’s en-
In fact, the bottom line is that                             vironmental crisis.
the most effective way to go                                            Even just introducing
green is to consume a plant-                                 a city council resolution can be
based diet.                                                  a great strategy for increasing
        According to a re-                                   public awareness of this impor-
port by Worldwatch Institute,                                tant issue. Many local lawmak-
at least 51 percent of climate                               ers are eager to address environ-
change-inducing greenhouse                                   mental concerns, and once this
gasses worldwide come from “food animal”        dialogue has begun in your community, it
production (that’s recalculated from a 2006     is sure to spread. Though non-binding, a
United Nations report citing 18 percent – an    Green Foods Resolution focuses attention
amount of greenhouse gasses that still sur-     on the animal suffering and environmental
passes that which is produced by the entire     devastation caused by factory farming. It
transportation sector). Though mainstream       empowers citizens to fight cruelty and cli-
media outlets are beginning to report on        mate change by adopting more compassion-
the connections between animal agriculture      ate and sustainable eating habits. By cam-
and environmental degradation – from the        paigning for a Green Foods Resolution, you
global climate crisis to America’s polluted     are not only working to improve the health
waterways – much work remains to be done        of the planet, but you are also saving lives.
when it comes to getting the word out to                We believe every city and town in
communities large and small.                    North America is ready to take this impor-
        Through our Green Foods Resolu-         tant step – for ourselves, for the animals and
tion Campaign, Farm Sanctuary aims to do        for our planet. In 2010, each of us can be the
our part in raising awareness and creating      change we want to see in our communities.
change by making apparent the impact our                (To learn more, visit http://www.
food choices have on the environment. We
are working with cities and towns through-      green_resolution.html)
February 2010                Alaska Vegetarian Society Newsletter                     Page 6

                                                 Recipe of the Month
     Food for Life                            Potluck specialty of Kevin Prange
 Nutrition & Cooking Classes                  Kevin’s Elegant Sushi Rolls
                                              (Adapted from Skinny Bitch in the Kitch,
                                               by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin)
       • Anchorage •                   Makes 4 sushi rolls, yielding 8 pieces each:
Diabetes Prevention & Reversal            1/4 cup vegan mayonnaise
 Providence Cancer Center                 1/2 to 1 Tbsp sriracha (or
          Room 2285                          other chili sauce)
                                             or more to taste
    Mondays, 6:30 – 8:30 PM               4 sheets nori (seaweed sheets)
    March 1 – April 12, 2010              About 3 cups cooked short-grain brown rice with
                                             3 Tbsp. seasoned rice vinegar mixed into it
                                          1 avocado, peeled and sliced
 Cancer Prevention or Survival            1/2 small cucumber, peeled, halved lengthwise,
  Providence Cancer Center                   seeded, and sliced lengthwise
         Room 2281                        Soy sauce for serving
                                          Wasabi paste for serving
    Tuesdays, 6:30 – 8:30 PM              Pickled ginger for serving
    March 2 – April 13, 2010
                                       1. In a small bowl, combine the mayo and 1/2 Tbsp
                                       of sriracha. Taste and add more sriracha if you wish.
          • Wasilla •                  2. Place a sheet of nori, shiny side down, on a
                                       bamboo sushi mat covered with plastic wrap, shorter
Diabetes Prevention & Reversal         edge toward you.
Dayspring Enrichment Center            3. Dampen hands (have a shallow bowl of water
    1/2 mile Edlund Road               handy for this) and shake off excess water.
                                       4. Use your fingers to press about 2/3 cup of rice
    Thursdays, 6:30 – 8:30 PM
                                       onto the nori, covering 2/3 of the sheet closest to
     March 4 – April 15, 2010          you. Dampen hands again if rice sticks to you.
    Each class meets weekly            5. Drizzle about 1 Tbsp of the mayo mixture on top
     for 7 weeks. Cost: $90            of the rice in a horizontal line about an inch from the
                                       edge closest to you.
   Pre-registration required!          6. Top the mixture with 1/4 of the avocado and 1/4
                                       of the cucumber.
   To register contact Delisa or       7. Holding the fillings in place with the fingertips of
     Charlie at 907-373-1526           both hands, use both thumbs to lift the mat and begin
         More information:             rolling it away from you, enclosing the filling. Lift            the edge of the mat slightly to avoid rolling the mat
                                       into the sushi!         (continued at right on page 7)
February 2010                    Alaska Vegetarian Society Newsletter                       Page 7

                Bargains, continued from the front page:
need to be searching for foods that contain a         buy dried beans for about $2.00 per pound
lot of calories.                                      which makes about six cups of cooked
        Kale and broccoli, as well as other           beans. Beans are a great source of fiber,
green leafy vegetables, are good sources              they’re high in iron and protein, and are a
of protein, fiber, calcium, potassium, vita-          rich source of thiamin, riboflavin, niacin,
min K, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6,              potassium, phosphorus, and complex carbo-
thiamin, riboflavin, folate, iron, magnesium,         hydrates. Even canned beans are a bargain,
betacarotene, potassium and manganese.                at around $1.20 per can containing 1 1/2
That’s what I call a bargain!                                     cups of cooked beans, but dried
        Of course, we want to                                     beans are the winners when it
eat more than green vegetables,                                   comes to servings per dollar.
even though they are our most                                              Fresh fruit can be a bar-
power-packed, nutrient-dense                                      gain, as well, especially if you
foods. But lets take a look at                                    buy it in season and when it is
some other bargains.                                              on sale. Fruit contains fiber, vi-
        One pound of rolled                                       tamins, minerals and powerful
oats costs about $1.50. When                                      phytochemicals that promote
cooked, it makes about 15 servings -- that’s          health -- all in a tasty, sweet and juicy pack-
only ten cents per serving! Each serving is           age. An apple or banana cost about the same
low in fat, moderate in calories, and a good          as a candy bar and they provide the sweet
source of fiber, protein, phosphorus, sele-           taste we enjoy, but they come in a package
nium and manganese.                                   of healthy nutrients instead of artery-clog-
        Beans are a great bargain. You can            ging fat and sugar.
                                                              Whole, unprocessed or minimally
       Continued from Recipe at left:                 processed plant foods provide enough calo-
8. Try to roll the sushi into a tight cylinder, and   ries to meet our energy needs while also
dampen edges of nori if necessary to help it
                                                      providing all the nutrients we need for op-
                                                      timal health. It isn’t any bargain to buy and
9. Let the roll rest for a couple of minutes, then
cut into 8 pieces with a sharp, slightly moist-       consume excess calories that promote obe-
ened knife.                                           sity and disease, no matter how cheap they
10. Serve on a platter with soy sauce, wasabi,        are. Let’s think instead of buying the most
and pickled ginger.                                   nutrients with our food dollars. We’ll save
                                                      at the check-out counter, but the greatest
 (For help seeing how to roll sushi, visit www.       savings will be in health care costs and                      quality of life.
February 2010                Alaska Vegetarian Society Newsletter                    Page 8

   Upcoming                                            Free Movie Showing
                                                    Saturday, February 13, 2010,
    Events                                                     6:30 p.m.
Friday, February 19
                                                 Palmer United Protestant Church
   Deadline for articles and information for     Delicious snacks will be provided for
the March AVS newsletter. Call Elaine at          the discussion following the movie.
746-4668, or email to          Food, Inc. lifts the veil on our na-
Wednesday, February 24                      tion’s food industry, exposing how our na-
   Rays of Hope board of directors’ month-  tion’s food supply is now controlled by a
ly meeting, 9:15 a.m. If you are interested handful of corporations that often put profit
in attending and learning more about AVS’   ahead of con-
                                            sumer health,
parent organization, call Delisa at 373-1526.
Saturday, February 27                       the livelihood
   AVS potluck dinner, 6:00- 8:30 p.m. at   of the Ameri-
the United Protestant (Presbyterian) Church can     farmer,
in Palmer. There will be information, an    the safety of
educational program and opportunities to    workers and
meet new people. Call 373-1526 for infor- our environ-
mation and for a map, visit: ment. Food,
PotluckDinners.html                         Inc. reveals
Monday March 1, Tuesday March 2, and - and often
Thursday March 4                            shocking
    New Series of Food for Life Cooking     truths - about
Classes begin.                  See page 6 what we eat,
for details.                                how it’s pro-
                     laska                  duced and who we have become as a nation.
                egetarian ociety                             Call 373-1526 for more info
                                                      or visit
                Mission Statement:
      To create a compassionate and sustainable              AVS is non-profit and under the
   world by inspiring and supporting reverence for       umbrella of Rays of Hope, a 501(c)
    all life and the adoption of a plant-based diet.     (3) organization. To join AVS, con-
                                                         tact Peggy Robinson at 373-1901,
    5010 Lakeside Drive          907-373-1526            or send an email to
     Wasilla, AK 99654