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									TO LOG INTO YOUR MAILBOX                                                                                                    PLAYING MESSAGES
FROM INSIDE THE BUILDING:                                TO RECORD YOUR PERSONAL GREETING                                   LOG INTO YOUR MAILBOX
  Press Message key or dial ext. 7222                   LOG INTO YOUR MAILBOX                                                 Press 2 to play messages
  Enter your mailbox number, then press #                 Press 82                                                           Press 76 to delete messages. Once you have
  Enter your password, then press #                            Press 1 to record your External greeting                        documented the important information from that
                                                                Press 2 to record your Internal greeting                        message you must delete it or the message will
FROM OUTSIDE THE BUILDING:                               If internal greeting is not recorded, all callers will hear your       automatically save.
  Dial number 871-7222                                  external greeting                                                  OTHER PLAY OPTIONS:
  Enter mailbox number, then press #                              Press 3 to record your Temporary greeting                        Press 1 : Skip back (5 seconds)
 Enter your password, then press #                          Press 5 to begin recording                                            Press 2 : Play
NOTE: Once you log on to your mailbox, Call Pilot will       Press # immediately after you have finished                           Press 21 : Slow down playback
play the status of your mailbox.                              recording                                                             Press 23 : Speed up playback
FIRST TIME LOG IN                                            To hear your greeting, press 2                                        Press 3 : Skip forward (5 seconds)
   Press Message key or dial ext. 7222                      If you wish to delete your greeting and re-record,                    Press 4 : Play previous
   Enter your mailbox number, then press #                   press 76, then press 5, re-record new greeting, then                  Press 6 : Next message
   Enter temporary password, then press #                    press #                                                               Press 71 : Reply to message
   Your temporary password is 1+your extension              Press 4 to exit                                                       Press 72 : Play Message Envelope
    # (Example: if your extension is 2222 your                                                                                      Press 73 : Forward message
    password would be 12222)                                  EXTERNAL GREETING SAMPLE (Required)                                   Press 76 : Delete/Restore
                                                         Hello, this is [your name]. I am not available right now,                  Press 9 : Call Sender (internal)
   Once you log on to your mailbox, Call Pilot will
    prompt you to change your password, you will hear:   but if you leave your name, phone number and a short                       Press * : Help Menu
                                                         message, I will return your call as soon as possible. If                   Press # : Pause message
 “The temporary password assigned by your                you wish to speak to someone immediately, please dial 0            To play saved messages, press 6 until end of mailbox,
Administrator must be changed. To access your mailbox,   and [name] will be glad to help you.                               and press 6 again to play message.
please press “84” and change your password.”                                                                                FORWARDING MESSAGING
                                                               INTERNAL GREETING SAMPLE (Optional)
                                                         Hello, this is [your name]. I’m in today, but not able to          After listening or while playing a message
CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD:                                                                                                           Press 73 to forward message
  Press 84                                              answer my phone right now. If you leave your name,
                                                         number and message, I’ll return your call as soon as                   Enter mailbox number to forward message to
  Enter your old password (xxxx), then press #                                                                                 Press #
  Enter your new password, then press #                                                                                        Repeat for each additional mailbox
  Enter your new password again, then press #               TEMPORARY GREETING DETAILS (Vacation)                              Press #
NOTE: Trivial passwords are not permitted: i.e. 1111,                                                                           When list is complete press # again
1234, or your Extension Number.
                                                         A temporary Greeting (press “3”) can be used for
                                                                                                                                Press 5 if you want to record introduction message
                                                         situations where normal work routine is interrupted for a
                                                                                                                                Press # when done with message
                                                         period of time.
CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD                                                                                                            Press 2 to review message
LOG INTO YOUR MAILBOX                                                                                                           Press 79 to send message
                                                         Once you have recorded your temporary greeting, you
  Press 84                                                                                                                 
                                                         can set an expiry date. If you do not set one, the
  Enter your old password, then press #                 temporary greeting will remain in effect until you delete          EXPRESS MESSAGING
  Enter your new password, then press #                 it.                                                                To simply leave a message or transfer a caller to
  Enter your new password again, then press #                To set the expiry date, press 9                              Voicemail.
                                                              Enter the month, day and time, press # after                     Dial Ext. XXXX (Express Mail, Call Pilot will ask you
PERSONAL VERIFICATION/RECORD NAME                                 each entry                                                     “to Mailbox?”
LOG INTO YOUR MAILBOX                                         For the current month or day, simply                         OR
  Press 82                                                       press #                                                       Dial 871-XXXX from outside the building
  Press 9                                                    Press ### to set “no expiry”                                     Enter the mailbox number of the person to whom
  Press 5 and wait for tone                                                                                                     you want to leave the message, then press #. You
  Record your name, then press #                                                                                                will hear either the person’s name or mailbox
  To hear your recording, press 2                                                                                               number. Leave your message and hang up.
  To re-record, press 5, re-record name, then press #
DISTRIBUTION LIST                                                    Enter the new custom operator’s number
LOG INTO YOUR MAILBOX                                                Press #
  Press 85
   (to play a summary of all your lists, press *)                            **TELEPHONE FEATURES**
  Enter a number from 1 to 9 to identify this list, then press   TO TRANSFER A CALLER TO VOICEMAIL:

    Press 9 to record a name to help identify this list in the
                                                                      Activate Transfer feature
                                                                      Enter Ext. 7222
                                                                                                                                    Gannon University
    future, at prompt press 5, record list name, then press          Enter mailbox number, then press #
    #                                                                Complete Transfer feature
   Press 5 to create list
    Enter each mailbox number followed by #
    When list is complete press #
                                                                  TO CALL FORWARD TO VOICEMAIL:
                                                                  All calls can be forwarded to your mailbox by activating
    To review the list press 2
    To delete the list press 76
                                                                  call forward to Ext. 7222 (Call Pilot).
                                                                  The caller will receive your greeting and can leave a             Communications &
                                                                                                                                     Electronics, Inc.
   To add to the list press 5                                    message.
   To find an address press 6
   To edit a spoken name on the list press 9
   To return to your messages press 4
                                                                  MAILBOX INFORMATION

                                                                                                                                        Call Pilot
NOTE: You can create up to 9 lists with up to 99 entries
                                                                     Your mailbox number is usually the same as your
in each list.
                                                                      extension number.

                                                                                                                                       User Guide
                                                                     Password can be 4-16 digits
OR MORE MAIL BOXES                                                VOICE MAIL USER GUIDELINES
LOG INTO YOUR MAILBOX                                             Voice mailbox management is the responsibility of the user.
  Press 75                                                       The listed items should be used and reviewed on a regular
  Enter the mailbox number/distribution list of the              basis.
   person/list to whom you are sending the message,                   Review current messages and discard in a timely manner
   then press #                                                       Respond to voice mail messages promptly (within 2
  Enter each mailbox number/list, then press #                        hours is recommended)
  When the list is complete, press # again                           Encourage callers to leave detailed messages, not just
                                                                       their name and number
  Press 5 to record your message, then press #
                                                                      Take the time to update and review your personal
  Press 2 to review your message
                                                                       greeting, reflecting your current location, meetings, sick
  Press 70 to tag your message (optional)
                                                                       time, vacation, etc.
                                                                      When out of the office, check your voice mail on a
                                                                       regular basis
           Press 1 for urgent delivery
                                                                      Change your password periodically for security and
           Press 4 for private delivery
           Press 5 for acknowledgement
                                                                      While listening to someone's personal mailbox
           Press 6 for timed delivery (up to 30 days)
                                                                       greeting, you may press the "5" key to skip to the
   Press 79 to send your message
                                                                       tone and leave your message.

   Press 83 to log off before hanging up.

  Press 80 for mailbox options
  Press 1 to change operator

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