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					Thank You for Choosing Environmental Excellence!
The Choose Envl'ronmntal ficellence Campaign
Thankyou forjoining the Choose Environmental Excellence campaign! With your help, we can make the world a better place to live both today and tomorrow. Choose Environmental Excellence is a joint effort by businesses, individuals, local governments and schools. The campaign teaches people the Simple Steps they can take to help the environment in every part of their daiIy lives-& home, at work, at play, and at school. As a participant in Choose EnvirunmenfalExcellence, your business has taken the first step to improving your community. Choose Environmental ExceUence participants commit to making environmental improvements. You can choose your program's emphasis. You can buy recycled products, recycle, or conserve energy and water.

Simple Steps to Improve the Environment
This publication includes Simple Steps businesses can take to improve the environment. The Simple Steps are organized into three main categories for your convenience: Getting 'Down to Business, Watching the Bottom Line, and Spreading the Word.These sections offer advice on topics ranging from Food Service to Saving Energy. As you take each step to help the environment, check off the box next to it. As you read them, you may find that your business has already taken some of these Simple ! Steps. Use this list as a guide to record what 0 your business is doing and what improvements can still be made. Let the rest of the staff know, too! This is also a good time to remind them about other environmental improvements your business has made.


Outstanding Efforts are Rewarded
Each year Choose Environmental Excellence rewards organizations that make outstanding efforts for the environment. As a Choose Environmental Excellencecampaign participant, your organization will have the opportunity to apply for the annual Environmental Excellence Awards. Applications are mailed to each Environmental Excellence business participant. Award recipients are selected based on their environmental programs (not only recycling, but also energy conservation, water conservation, pollution prevention, and employee education). Keep track of the steps your business has taken by checking them off on the Simple Steps list. For information about the annual Award Program, call 561-1087.

Businesses C
The Kansas City area is struggling to keep its air quality at healthy levels. A significant percentage of air pollution is cause by individuals' activities such as driving, refueling and lawn mowing. Here are some ways that businesses can encourage employees to help reduce air pollution:


Watch for Skycast during the summer months. Skycasts are a forecast of air pollution levels. When the Skycast is a Red Alert! your business can advise employees that it's a good day to carpool or take alternate transportation. Consider appointing someone in your business to find out what the Skycastis each day by calling Star Touch at 889-STAR (enter AJR2), checking the weather page of The Kansas City Star, or checking at www.marc.org. Encourage employees to reduce traffic congestion. By offering work schedule changes such as staggered hours, flex-time, preferred parking for car-poolers or


telecommuting on Red Alert! Days, your business can help reduce congestion and air pollution. Call RIDESHARE (842RIDE) for more information. Attend Way To Go. Way To Go is an annual, city-wide event promoting alternative modes of transportation. Attendees learn about ridesharing, public transit, and other commuting options. Call 561-1087 for information. Offer your employees discounted bus passes through the Metro TRIP program. Call June Northern at 346-0274 for more information.

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