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									Chin Up, Honey
Author: Curtiss Ann Matlock

It takes a lot of work to plan a wedding-and even more to save a marriage-but in Valentine, Oklahoma,
there's always someone to help you keep your chin up.Emma Cole's son is getting married, and she's
determined to make everything perfect-even if that means asking her estranged husband to come home
and pretend they're still together. John may be an imperfect husband, but he's a devoted dad. He's happy
to oblige Emma-especially since he didn't really much like living apart from her anyway. Now he wants a
second chance.As Emma sorts through the mess of her own marriage, she puts her heart into planning
Valentine's wedding of the century. But there's one big problem: the bride's ambitious mother wants more
for her daughter than marriage to a small-town boy.As the wedding approaches, the many meanings of
love, commitment and happiness capture the hearts of folks in town. And surrounded by the warmth and
spirit of her neighbors, Emma starts to see new beginnings instead of endings.
Author Bio
Curtiss Ann Matlock
There's little wonder that acclaimed author Curtiss Ann Matlock developed a creative streak early in life.
She was born in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, in an old hospital at the edge of the Pasquotank River,
which flows from the great Dismal Swamp bordering Virginia and North Carolina. Slow moving, sultry, and
black as pitch, these deep-running waters created an image that still resonates within the writer's very
soul. Curtiss Ann, who comes from fiercely Southern lineage ("tied with family and God, and quite
eccentric and rebellious"), learned early that to fit in, she would have to share the family's pervasive love
of reading. In fact, Curtiss Ann's mother taught her the joys of reading everything she could get her hands
on at a very young age. "When I begged not to be made to go to kindergarten, she allowed me to stay
home, where she read to me everyday, often for hours. I showed up the first day of first grade, able to
expound equally on the works of Mark Twain and Humpty Dumpty Magazine!"Three days following her
high school graduation, Curtiss Ann married her high school sweetheart, James David Matlock. She was
17, he 19. People often ask her, in an oddly horrified tone, what her parents thought of her marrying so
young. "My reply," the author states, "is that they had nothing to say about it. My parents had been
unable to guide me about anything for many years. Besides, my mother saw a good thing in my
husband!"From her rich and diverse upbringing springs a wealth of inspiration for the tales that run through
Curtiss Ann's head and enliven her dreams. "From all of that my own Southern family of characters, the
traveling and meeting of vastly different people, and a marriage that has lasted 30 years, producing one
terrific son I draw the stories I write. With each novel, I find that I get closer to the bone. I'm finding out
who I am by writing my stories, and my readers tell me that by reading them, they can find out a lot
about themselves, too."Curtiss Ann,

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