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					Business Communication
    August 31, 2006
         Rajeev Krishnan
 Group Vice President, Target Stores
 Target Stores History
 Future Growth and Career
 The Problem- How can we
 communicate these messages to
 attract our future leaders?
          Historic Highlights
Dayton’s opens the first Target in Roseville, MN

S. S. Kresege opens the first Kmart in Garden City, MI

Sam Walton opens the first Wal-Mart in Rogers, AR
       Historic Highlights
1971   Dayton’s changes its name to
       Dayton Hudson Corporation

1979   Target operates 80 units;
       Sales surpass $1 billion
       Historic Highlights

1990   Target opens its first Greatland superstore;
       launches “fast, fun and friendly” service

1992   Target division has 500 stores and more
       than $10 billion in sales

1994   Robert Ulrich, Target’s Chairman & CEO,
       assumes that title at Dayton Hudson
       Historic Highlights
1995   Target opens its first SuperTarget store;
       lauches the Guest Card

1999   Dayton Hudson launches e-commerce

2000   Dayton Hudson changes its name to
       Target Corporation
       Historic Highlights
2001    Target rolls out Visa Smart Card

2004    Marshall Field’s and Mervyn’s
        are sold

2005    Issuance and Redemption of gift
        cards exceeded $1 Billion
       Historic Highlights
Target is ranked 29th on the Fortune 500;
    with over 1400 stores and 31 DC’s
 employing over 338,000 team members,
      with over $50 billion in sales.

 Target Stores (47 states)
 Target Distribution (31 locations)
 Headquarters (Minneapolis, MN)
 Target Services India (Bangalore)
          Our Guests
   80% Female
   Median age: 46
   Median household income: $55,000
   38% have children at home
   43% have completed college
      Community Giving
 Core value for Target
 Currently give over $2 million per
 week to the communities in which we
 operate, $3 million by 2008
 Take Charge of Education has given
 over $170 million since 1997
 The Strength of Many, the Power of
 Diversity is any trait that makes
  someone unique
 We aim to recruit and hire a diverse
  workforce that reflects the
  communities we serve
         Future Growth
 Opening over 80 stores in 2006
   March, July, and October Cycles
 Projected 2010 stores by 2010 and
 3000 stores by 2015
 Projected sales of $100 Billion in 5-7
 Stores Career Opportunities
 Internships- 10 week paid summer
 Executive Team Leader- Lead the
 team within one specific area of store
 operations. (list departments)
    Why work for Target?
 Opportunity for tremendous growth in
  responsibility and earnings potential
 Powerful brand
 Commitment to training and
 Dedication to the communities in
  which we operate
          The Problem:
How can we reach and communicate
 with the current generation of college
 students to find our future leaders?
 Differentiate between Target as a
 place to shop and Target as a place
 to have a career.
   Echo Boomer Generation
 Born between 1982-1995
 Grew up with technology such as the
 internet, instant messaging, cell phones
 Structured childhoods, parents still have
 influence on them
 Less individualistic, work well on teams
 Value personal fulfillment, work-life balance
 Current Campus Strategy
 Connect with students through classroom
  and student organization presentations
 Partner with the career center for job fairs,
  information sessions and interviews
 See handouts for details of all events at
  CSUF last semester, current fliers, job
   What we’re looking for
 Clear, well thought-out strategy to
 communicate on campus
 Helps us find the best talent to be
 future executives with Target
 Reflects the Target brand
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We look forward to seeing
 your great ideas!