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					                                           PC Training Request Form


Dear Manager,

The Office of Information Technology and the Office of Human Resources are pleased to offer computer training
through New Horizons, at no cost to the employee or the department. We think that it is important to provide our
employees with the skills they need to do their jobs well. To that end, we review each request closely and reserve the
right to approve or deny enrollment.

Of course, the training must be job related. We also want to ensure that the employee has a good experience and that
your department benefits from the training. Therefore, please review the enclosed course outlines with your staff
member to ensure enrollment in the appropriate skill level for a given course.

As you will see in the outlines, classes are offered on the latest versions of the products that, in most instances, are
not all that different from the earlier versions. In some instances, more than one version may be offered, depending on
how extensive the enhancements are in the latest version.

Both the manager and the employee should sign this form and send it to Cindy Duda in Human Resources, located in
the Campus Center. Once approved, Cindy will contact the employee with times and dates and then schedule
him/her. After the class, the employee will contact the employee for feedback.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Cindy or myself.
                                                                   Sharon Mangieri
                                                                   Director of Employee Relations & Training, X1204

Employee’s Name

Check off job
classification           ____Administrative    _____Faculty    _____Classified



E-mail address



Skills Needed            Please review the enclosed course outlines before making your selection.

                         Also, please note that this document contains information on the most frequently requested
                         courses. Others are available. Please contact us regarding other programs and we will contact
                         the vendor for further information.

                         __ Word Level 1 - Beginner
                         __ Word Level 2 - Intermediate
                         __ Word Level 3 - Advanced

                         __ Excel Level 1 - Beginner
                         __ Excel Level21 -Intermediate
                         __ Excel Level 3 - Advanced

                         __ Access Level 1 - Beginner
                         __ Access Level 2 - Intermediate
                         __ Access Level 3 - Advanced
                          __ PowerPoint Level 1 - Beginner
                          __ PowerPoint Level 2- Intermediate
                             For PowerPoint ONLY: Please indicate what version you have: __2000 __2002 __2003

                          __Adobe 7 Level 1 – Beginner
                          __Adobe 7 Level 2 - Intermediate

                          __Crystal Reports 11 Level 1- Beginner
                          __Crystal Reports 11 Level 2 – Intermediate


Why Needed                     To do current job
Check off those which
                               To do a future job

                               The above tasks are part of this employee's current performance evaluation goals/development
                               plan. ___yes ___no

                               If you answered "no" to the above question, has the expected results of this training been clearly
                               conveyed by the manager in terms of new tasks, increased productivity, etc.? ___yes ___no

When is the training      Preferred month:_______________________
needed?                   No preference:________________________

Hardware & software       Check one:
                          ___The employee currently has the hardware and software needed to support the training I am

                          ___S/he does not currently have the hardware and software needed, but anticipates getting it
                             on ________________(date).

                          ___I do not know when the employee will be getting the hardware and software needed.

If for some reason, the employee is not able to attend the course, please notify Cindy at x1549 as soon as possible.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note that New Horizons’ policy requires that course cancellations must be at least
FIVE BUSINESS DAYS prior to the course date or they will impose a fee, which must be paid out of your department


Manager’s signature _______________________________________________________

                                                                                                             Access 2003
                                                                                                                             Course Outlines

Access 2003 - Level 1                                                                                                       Days of Training: 2
Overview                                         Lesson 1: An Overview of Microsoft                  Lesson 7: Planning a Database
   In this course, you will be introduced                   Access                                               Design a Relational Database
                                                              Relational Databases                               Identify Database Purpose
   to the concept of the relational                           The Access Environment                             Review Existing Data
   database and the Microsoft Office                          The Database Environment                           Determine Fields
   Access 2003 relational database                            Examine an Access Table                            Group Fields into Tables
                                                                                                                 Normalize the Data
   application, and information                                                                                  Designate Primary and Foreign
   management tools. Also, you will              Lesson 2: Managing Data                                         Keys
   learn how to design and create a new                       Examine an Access Form
                                                              Add and Delete Records
   Access database.                                           Sort Records                           Lesson 8: Building the Structure of a
                                                              Display Record Sets                               Database
                                                              Update Records                                     Create a New Database
Prerequisites                                                 Run a Report                                       Create a Table Using a Wizard
   Windows XP (New Version) - Level 1                                                                            Create Tables in Design View
                                                                                                                 Create Relationships between
   Windows XP (New Version) - Level 2            Lesson 3: Establishing Table                                    Tables
                                                              Identify Table Relationships
                                                              Identify Primary and Foreign Keys in   Lesson 9: Controlling Data Entry
                                                              the Relationships Window                           Restrict Data Entry with Field
                                                              Working with Subdatasheets                         Properties
                                                                                                                 Create an Input Mask
                                                                                                                 Create a Lookup Field
                                                 Lesson 4: Querying the Database
                                                              The Select Query
                                                              Add Criteria to a Query                Lesson 10: Finding and Joining Data
                                                              Add a Calculated Field to a Query                  Find Data with Filters
                                                              Perform a Calculation on a Record                  Create Query Joins
                                                              Grouping                                           Join Unrelated Tables
                                                                                                                 Relate Data Within a Table

                                                 Lesson 5: Designing Forms
                                                              Form Design Guidelines                 Lesson 11: Creating Flexible Queries
                                                              Create AutoForms                                   Set Select Query Properties
                                                              Create a Form Using the Form Wizard                Create Parameter Queries
                                                              Modify the Design of a Form                        Create Action Queries

                                                 Lesson 6: Producing Reports                         Lesson 12: Improving Your Forms
                                                              Create an AutoReport                               Enhance the Appearance of a
                                                              Create a Report by Using the Wizard                Form
                                                              Examine a Report in Design View                    Restrict Data Entry in Forms
                                                              Add a Calculated Field to a Report                 Add Command Buttons
                                                              Modify the Format Properties of a                  Create a Subform
                                                              AutoFormat a Report
                                                              Adjust the Width of a Report
                                                                                                     Lesson 13: Customizing Your Reports
                                                                                                                 Organize Report Information
                                                                                                                 Set Report Control Properties
                                                                                                                 Control Report Pagination
                                                                                                                 Summarize Information
                                                                                                                 Add a Subreport to an Existing
                                                                                                                 Create Mailing Labels

                                                                                                     Lesson 14: Expanding the Reach of
                                                                                                                Your Data
                                                                                                                 Publish Access Data as a Word
                                                                                                                 Analyze Access Data in Excel
                                                                                                                 Export Data to a Text File
                                                                                                                 Merge Access Data with a Word


New Horizons of Hartford CT                       Brian Smith
839 Marshall Phelps Rd                            860.298.4304
Windsor, CT 06095                       
                                                                                                               Access 2003
                                                                                                                              Course Outlines

Access 2003 - Level 2                                                                                                       Days of Training: 2
Overview                                           Lesson 1: Structuring Existing Data                 Lesson 4: Adding Interaction and
                                                                Import Data                                       Automation with Macros
   In this course, student will extend their                    Analyze Tables                                    Require Data Entry with a Macro
   knowledge into some of the more                              Create a Junction Table                           Display a Message Box with a
   specialized and advanced capabilities.                       Improve Table Structure                           Macro
                                                                                                                  Automate Data Entry
                                                   Lesson 2: Writing Advanced Queries
Prerequisites                                                   Create Unmatched and Duplicates        Lesson 5: Making Forms more
   Access 2003 - Level 1                                        Queries
                                                                Group and Summarize Records Using
                                                                the Criteria Field                                Change the Display of Data
                                                                Summarize Data with a Crosstab                    Conditionally
                                                                Query                                             Display a Calendar on a Form
                                                                Create a PivotTable and a PivotChart              Organize Information with Tab
                                                                Display a Graphical Summary on a                  Pages
                                                                                                       Lesson 6: Making Reports More
                                                   Lesson 3: Simplifying Tasks with                               Effective
                                                              Macros                                              Cancel Printing of a Blank Report
                                                                Create a Macro                                    Include a Chart in a Report
                                                                Attach a Macro to a Command Button                Arrange Data in Columns
                                                                Restrict Records Using a Where                    Create a Report Snapshot
                                                                                                       Lesson 7: Maintaining an Access
                                                                                                                  Link Tables to External Data
                                                                                                                  Back Up a Database
                                                                                                                  Compact and Repair a Database
                                                                                                                  Protect a Database with a
                                                                                                                  Determine Object Dependency
                                                                                                                  Document a Database
                                                                                                                  Analyze the Performance of a


New Horizons of Hartford CT                         Brian Smith
839 Marshall Phelps Rd                              860.298.4304
Windsor, CT 06095                         
                                                                                                          Access 2003
                                                                                                                         Course Outlines

Access 2003 - Level 3                                                                                                   Days of Training: 1
Overview                                      Lesson 1: Making Your Data Available                Lesson 3: Integrating Access into
   In this course, students will learn                   on the Web                                           Your Business
                                                           Create a Data Access Page by Using                 Import XML Data into an Access
   remote database management, how                         the Wizard                                         Database
   to exchange data with XML and other                     Improve the Presentation of the Data               Export Access Data to XML
   type applications, and how to                           Access Page                                        Format
   automate your business processes by                     Viewing Data Access Pages with the                 Share Data with Other Office
                                                           Browser                                            Applications
   using VBA code.                                         Edit Data Using the Data Access Page
                                                           Group Records in the Data Access
                                                           Page                                   Lesson 4: Automating a Business
Prerequisites                                                                                                Process with VBA
   Windows XP (New Version) - Level 1                                                                         Create a Standard Module
                                              Lesson 2: Developing a Data Access                              Develop Code
   Windows XP (New Version) - Level 2                    Page in Design View                                  Call a Procedure from a Form
   Access 2003 - Level 1                                   Create a Data Access Page in Design                Run the Procedure
   Access 2003 - Level 2                                   View
                                                           Incorporate a ComboBox in the Data
                                                           Access Page                            Lesson 5: Creating a Switchboard and
                                                           Test the New Record Function of the               Setting the Startup
                                                           Data Access Page                                  Options
                                                           Develop a PivotTable with the Office               Create a Database Switchboard
                                                           PivotTable Tool                                    Modify a Database Switchboard
                                                           Develop a PivotChart                               Set the Startup Options
                                                                                                              Modify the Startup Options

                                                                                                  Lesson 6: Distributing and Securing
                                                                                                             the Database
                                                                                                              Split a Database
                                                                                                              Implement Security
                                                                                                              Set Passwords
                                                                                                              Encode and Decode a Database
                                                                                                              Convert an Access Database to an
                                                                                                              MDE File


New Horizons of Hartford CT                    Brian Smith
839 Marshall Phelps Rd                         860.298.4304
Windsor, CT 06095                    
                                                                                                                   Excel 2003
                                                                                                                               Course Outlines

Excel 2003 - Level 1                                                                                                          Days of Training: 1
Overview                                          Lesson 1: Getting Started with Excel                 Lesson 4: Formatting a Worksheet
                                                               An Overview of Excel                                Change Font Size and Type
   In this course, you will use Microsoft®                     Navigate in Excel                                   Add Borders and Color to Cells
   Office Excel 2003 to manage, edit,                          Select Data                                         Change Column Width and Row
   and print data.                                             Enter Data                                          Height
                                                               Save a Workbook                                     Merge Cells
                                                               Obtain Help                                         Apply Number Formats
                                                                                                                   Create a Custom Number Format
Prerequisites                                                                                                      Align Cell Contents
   Windows XP (New Version) - Level 1             Lesson 2: Modifying a Worksheet                                  Find and Replace Formats
                                                               Move and Copy Data Between Cells                    Apply an AutoFormat
                                                               Fill Cells with Series of Data                      Apply Styles
                                                               Edit Cell Data
                                                               Insert and Delete Cells, Columns, and
                                                               Rows                                    Lesson 5: Developing a Workbook
                                                               Find, Replace, and Go To Cell Data                  Format Worksheet Tabs
                                                               Spell Check a Worksheet                             Reposition Worksheets in a
                                                                                                                   Insert and Delete Worksheets
                                                  Lesson 3: Performing Calculations                                Copy and Paste Worksheets
                                                               Create Basic Formulas                               Copy a Workbook
                                                               Calculate with Functions
                                                               Copy Formulas and Functions
                                                               Create an Absolute Reference            Lesson 6: Printing Workbook
                                                                                                                   Set a Print Title
                                                                                                                   Create a Header and a Footer
                                                                                                                   Set Page Margins
                                                                                                                   Change Page Orientation
                                                                                                                   Insert and Remove Page Breaks
                                                                                                                   Print a Range

                                                                                                       Lesson 7: Customizing Layout
                                                                                                                   Split a Worksheet
                                                                                                                   Arrange Worksheets
                                                                                                                   Freeze and Unfreeze Rows and
                                                                                                                   Hide and Unhide Worksheets


Excel 2003 - Level 2                                                                                                          Days of Training: 1
Overview                                          Lesson 1: Creating and Applying                      Lesson 4: Calculating with Advanced
   In this course, you will use Microsoft                    Templates                                            Formulas
                                                               Create a Workbook from a Template                   Create and Apply a Name for a
   Office Excel 2003 to streamline and                         Create a Custom Template                            Range of Cells
   enhance your spreadsheets with                              Working with Comments                               Calculate Across Worksheets
   templates, charts, graphics, and                            Create a Hyperlink                                  Calculate with Date and Time
   formulas.                                                   Use Web-based Research Tools                        Functions
                                                                                                                   Calculate with Financial Functions
                                                                                                                   Calculate with Statistical Functions
                                                  Lesson 2: Creating and Modifying                                 Calculate with Lookup and
Prerequisites                                                Charts                                                Reference Functions
   Excel 2003 - Level 1                                        Create a Chart                                      Calculate with Logical Functions
                                                               Format Chart Items
Next Steps                                                     Change the Chart Type
                                                                                                       Lesson 5: Sorting and Filtering Data
   Excel 2003 - Level 3                                        Create a Diagram
                                                                                                                   Sort Data Lists
                                                                                                                   Filter Data Lists
                                                  Lesson 3: Working with Graphic Objects                           Create and Apply Advanced Filters
                                                               Insert Graphics                                     Calculate with Database Functions
                                                               Create AutoShapes                                   Add Subtotals to a Worksheet
                                                               Format Graphic Objects
                                                               Change the Order of Graphic Objects
                                                               Group Graphic Objects                   Lesson 6: Using Excel with the Web
                                                               Move, Copy, and Resize Graphic                      Export Excel Data
                                                               Objects                                             Publish a Worksheet to the Web
                                                                                                                   Import Data from the Web
                                                                                                                   Create a Web Query


New Horizons of Hartford CT                        Brian Smith
839 Marshall Phelps Rd                             860.298.4304
Windsor, CT 06095                        
                                                                                                             Excel 2003
                                                                                                                         Course Outlines

Excel 2003 - Level 3                                                                                                    Days of Training: 1
Overview                                         Lesson 1: Streamlining Workflow                 Lesson 4: Analyzing Data
                                                              Create a Macro                                 Create a Trendline
   In this course, students will learn how                    Edit a Macro                                   Create Scenarios
   to automate common tasks, apply                            Customize Access to Excel                      Perform What-If Analysis
   advanced analysis techniques to more                       Commands                                       Develop a PivotTable© Report
   complex data sets, collaborate on                          Apply Conditional Formatting                   Develop a PivotChart© Report
                                                              Add Data Validation Criteria                   Perform Statistical Analysis with
   worksheets with others, and share                          Update a Workbook's Properties                 the Analysis ToolPak
   Excel data with other applications.                        Modify Excel's Default Settings
                                                                                                 Lesson 5: Working with Multiple
                                                 Lesson 2: Collaborating with Others                        Workbooks
Prerequisites                                                 Protect Files                                  Create a Workspace
   Excel 2003 - Level 1                                       Share a Workbook                               Consolidate Data
   Excel 2003 - Level 2                                       Set Revision Tracking                          Link Cells in Different Workbooks
                                                              Review Tracked Revisions                       Edit Links
                                                              Merge Workbooks
                                                              Adjust Macro Settings
                                                              Administer Digital Signatures      Lesson 6: Importing and Exporting
                                                 Lesson 3: Auditing Worksheets                               Export to Microsoft Word
                                                              Trace Cell Precedents                          Import a Word Table
                                                              Trace Cell Dependents                          Import Text Files
                                                              Locate Errors in Formulas
                                                              Locate Invalid Data and Formulas   Lesson 7: Structuring XML
                                                              Watch and Evaluate Formulas
                                                              Group and Outline Data                        Workbooks
                                                                                                             Develop XML Maps
                                                                                                             Import, Add, and Export XML Data
                                                                                                             Manage XML Workbooks
                                                                                                             Apply XML View Options


New Horizons of Hartford CT                       Brian Smith
839 Marshall Phelps Rd                            860.298.4304
Windsor, CT 06095                       
                                                                                                    PowerPoint 2002
                                                                                                                           Course Outlines

PowerPoint 2002 - Level 1                                                                                                 Days of Training: 1
Overview                                          Lesson 1: Creating a Presentation                 Lesson 3: Creating Charts and Tables
                                                               Create a New Presentation Based on               Create an Organization Chart
   In this course you will learn the basic                     a Design Template                                Modify an Organization Chart
   skills necessary to begin effectively                       Add Slides to a Presentation                     Insert a Table on a Slide
   creating presentations in Microsoft                         Add Clip Art to a Slide                          Create a Column Chart
   PowerPoint.                                                 Save a Document                                  Modify a Chart
                                                               Edit Slide Text
                                                                                                    Lesson 4: Formatting Text Slides
                                                  Lesson 2: Drawing Objects on Slides                           Apply Character Formats
Next Steps                                                     Create AutoShapes                                Align Text
   PowerPoint 2002 - Level 2                                   Insert WordArt                                   Change Line Spacing
                                                               Draw Lines and Shapes on Slides                  Change Indents
                                                               Modify Drawn Objects
                                                                                                    Lesson 5: Preparing to Deliver a
                                                                                                                Spell Check a Presentation
                                                                                                                View the Slide Show
                                                                                                                Arrange Slides in a Presentation
                                                                                                                Add Transitions to Slides
                                                                                                                Animate Text
                                                                                                                Create Notes
                                                                                                                Print Speaker Notes and Handouts

PowerPoint 2002 - Level 2                                                                                                 Days of Training: 1
Overview                                          Lesson 1: Creating a Custom Design                Lesson 3: Delivering a Presentation
   This course is designed for students                      Template                                           Send a Presentation to Word
                                                               Change the Background                            Add Emphasis During Your
   who are familiar with PowerPoint and                        Insert a Graphic                                 Presentation
   need to design templates, create                            Add a Footer                                     Take Meeting Notes
   slides with special effects, run various                    Formating Bullets                                Setting Up a Slide Show to Run
                                                               Modify the Slide Master                          Recording a Narration
   slide show, create presentations for                                                                         Take a Presentation on the Road
                                                               Saving a Design Template
   the web, and broadcast and review
   presentations in their job.                    Lesson 2: Creating Presentations with             Lesson 4: Creating Presentations for
                                                             Special Effects                                   the Web
                                                               Change the Orientation of Objects                Run the AutoContent Wizard
                                                                                                                Add Hyperlinks
Prerequisites                                                  Grouping Objects
                                                                                                                Add Objects from Other MS
                                                               Ungrouping Objects
   Windows 2000 - Level 1                                      Layer Objects                                    Applications
   PowerPoint 2002 - Level 1                                   Adding a Sound Object                            Publish to the Web
                                                               Animating Objects                    Lesson 5: Reviewing and
                                                               Changing the Order of Effects
                                                                                                                Create a Presentation from an
                                                                                                                Send a Presentation for Review
                                                                                                                Review a Presentation
                                                                                                                Applying Reviewer Changes
                                                                                                                Set Up and Schedule and Online

New Horizons of Hartford CT                        Brian Smith
839 Marshall Phelps Rd                             860.298.4304
Windsor, CT 06095                        
                                                                                                         PowerPoint 2003
                                                                                                                                 Course Outlines

PowerPoint 2003 - Level 1                                                                                                       Days of Training: 1
Overview                                           Lesson 1: An Orientation to PowerPoint                Lesson 5: Charting Data
                                                                The PowerPoint Environment                           Create a Column Chart
   In this course, students will create                         Orientation to Views                                 Edit Chart Data
   effective basic PowerPoint                                   Navigate Through a Presentation                      Change Chart Type
   presentations for delivery in front of an                    Edit Slide Text                                      Insert a Chart from Microsoft Excel
   audience.                                                    Save the Presentation
                                                                Run a Slide Show
                                                                                                         Lesson 6: Modifying Objects
                                                                                                                     Resize Objects
Prerequisites                                      Lesson 2: Beginning a Presentation                                Copy and Duplicate Objects
   Windows XP (New Version) - Level 1                           Create a New Presentation                            Move Objects
                                                                Change Background Color                              Changing Object Orientation
   Windows XP (New Version) - Level 2                           Add Slides to a Presentation                         Format Objects
                                                                Enter Text                                           Group and Ungroup Objects
                                                                Create a Presentation from a Microsoft               Change the Order of Objects
                                                                Word Outline
                                                                                                         Lesson 7: Adding Images to a
                                                   Lesson 3: Formatting Text Slides                                 Presentation
                                                                Apply Character Formats                              Add Clip Art
                                                                Align Text                                           Add a Picture from a File
                                                                Change Line Spacing                                  Draw Lines and Shapes
                                                                Change Indents                                       Insert WordArt

                                                   Lesson 4: Adding Tables to a                          Lesson 8: Preparing to Deliver a
                                                              Presentation                                          Presentation
                                                                Create a Table                                       Spell Check
                                                                Format Tables                                        Arrange Slides
                                                                Insert a Table from Microsoft Word                   Add Transitions
                                                                                                                     Create Speaker Notes
                                                                                                                     Send a Presentation to Microsoft
                                                                                                                     Print the Presentation
                                                                                                                     Package a Presentation for CD


PowerPoint 2003 - Level 2                                                                                                       Days of Training: 1
Overview                                           Lesson 1: Creating a Custom Design                    Lesson 4: Creating Web
   In this course, students will enhance                      Template                                              Presentations
                                                                Define Design Template                               Create a Group Home Page with
   presentations with features that will                        Characteristics                                      the AutoContent Wizard
   transform basic presentations into                           Create a Custom Color Scheme                         Hyperlink to a Web Page
   those with a powerful means of                               Set Up a Slide Master                                Publish as a Web Page
   communication.                                               Format Custom Bullets
                                                                Add a Footer
                                                                Modify the Notes Master                  Lesson 5: Collaborating in
                                                                Save a Custom Design Template                       PowerPoint
Prerequisites                                                                                                        Set Password Protection
   Windows XP (New Version) - Level 1                                                                                Work with Comments
                                                   Lesson 2: Adding Organization Charts                              Send a Presentation for Review
   PowerPoint 2003 - Level 1
                                                              and Diagrams                                           Merge Revision Copies
                                                                Working with Organization Charts                     Apply Reviewer Changes
                                                                Update an Organization Chart
                                                                Applying a Chart Layout
                                                                Create a Diagram                         Lesson 6: Delivering a Presentation
                                                                Draw a Flowchart                                     Hyperlink Within PowerPoint
                                                                                                                     Add an Action Button
                                                                                                                     Set Up a Custom Show
                                                   Lesson 3: Adding Special Effects                                  Annotate a Presentation
                                                                Add Sound and Movies                                 Working with Narrations and Slide
                                                                Add Animation                                        Timings
                                                                Emphasize Objects                                    Set Up a Slide Show to Repeat
                                                                Set a Motion Path                                    Automatically
                                                                Set the Order of Effects


New Horizons of Hartford CT                         Brian Smith
839 Marshall Phelps Rd                              860.298.4304
Windsor, CT 06095                         
                                                                                                            Word 2003
                                                                                                                         Course Outlines

Word 2003 - Level 1                                                                                                    Days of Training: 1
Overview                                         Lesson 1: Creating a Basic Document             Lesson 4: Formatting Paragraphs
                                                              The Word Environment                           Set Tabs
   In this course, students will create,                      Get Help Using Word                            Change Paragraph Alignment
   edit, and enhance standard business                        Enter Text                                     Indent Paragraphs
   documents using Microsoft Office                           Save a New Document                            Add Borders and Shading
   Word 2003.                                                 Preview a Document                             Apply Styles
                                                              Print a Document                               Create Lists
                                                                                                             Change Spacing Between
                                                                                                             Paragraphs and Lines
Prerequisites                                    Lesson 2: Editing a Document
   Windows XP (New Version) - Level 1                         Navigate in a Document
                                                              Insert Text                        Lesson 5: Proofing a Document
   Windows XP (New Version) - Level 2                         Select Text                                    Use the Thesaurus
                                                              Create an AutoText Entry                       Check Spelling and Grammar
Next Steps                                                    Move and Copy Text                             Create a New Default Dictionary
   Word 2003 - Level 2                                        Delete Blocks of Text                          Check Word Count
                                                              Undo Changes                                   Modify a Document in Print
                                                              Find and Replace Text                          Preview

                                                 Lesson 3: Formatting Text                       Lesson 6: Adding Tables
                                                              Change Font and Size                           Create a Table
                                                              Apply Font Styles and Effects                  Enter Data in a Table
                                                              Change Text Color                              AutoFormat a Table
                                                              Highlight Text                                 Convert Text to a Table
                                                              Copy Formats
                                                              Clear Formatting
                                                              Find and Replace Text Formatting   Lesson 7: Inserting Graphic Elements
                                                                                                             Insert Symbols and Special
                                                                                                             Insert a Clip Art Picture
                                                                                                             Add a Watermark

                                                                                                 Lesson 8: Controlling Page
                                                                                                             Set Page Orientation
                                                                                                             Change Page Margins
                                                                                                             Apply a Page Border
                                                                                                             Add Headers and Footers
                                                                                                             Insert a Page Break


New Horizons of Hartford CT                       Brian Smith
839 Marshall Phelps Rd                            860.298.4304
Windsor, CT 06095                       
                                                                                                                Word 2003
                                                                                                                             Course Outlines

Word 2003 - Level 2                                                                                                        Days of Training: 1
Overview                                        Lesson 1: Managing Lists                             Lesson 6: Creating Customized
                                                             Sort a List                                        Graphic Elements
   In this course, students increase the                     Restart a List                                      Draw Shapes and Lines
   complexity of their Microsoft Office                      Create an Outline Numbered List                     Insert WordArt
   Word 2003 documents by adding                             Customize List Appearance                           Insert Text Boxes
   components such as customized lists,                                                                          Create Diagrams
   tables, charts, and graphics. They           Lesson 2: Customizing Tables and
   also create personalized Microsoft                      Charts                                    Lesson 7: Controlling Text Flow
   Office Word 2003 efficiency tools.                        Sort a Table                                        Insert Section Breaks
                                                             Modify Table Structure                              Insert Columns
                                                             Merge or Split Cells                                Link Text Boxes
                                                             Position Text in a Table Cell
Prerequisites                                                Apply Borders and Shading
   Word 2003 - Level 1                                       Perform Calculations in a Table         Lesson 8: Automating Common
                                                             Create a Chart from a Word Table                   Tasks
Next Steps                                                   Modify a Chart                                      Run a Macro
   Word 2003 - Level 3                                                                                           Create a Macro
                                                                                                                 Modify a Macro
                                                Lesson 3: Customizing Formatting                                 Customize Toolbars and Buttons
                                                             Modify Character Spacing                            Add Menu Items
                                                             Add Text Effects
                                                             Control Paragraph Flow
                                                                                                     Lesson 9: Automating Document
                                                Lesson 4: Working with Custom Styles                            Creation
                                                             Create a Character or Paragraph Style               Create a Document Based on a
                                                             Modify an Existing Style                            Template
                                                             Create a List Style                                 Create a Document by Using a
                                                             Create a Table Style                                Wizard
                                                                                                                 Create or Modify a Template
                                                                                                                 Change the Default Template
                                                Lesson 5: Modifying Pictures                                     Location
                                                             Set Picture Contrast or Brightness                  Insert a MacroButton Field in a
                                                             Crop a Picture                                      Template
                                                             Wrap Text Around a Picture
                                                                                                     Lesson 10: Performing Mail Merges
                                                                                                                 The Mail Merge Process
                                                                                                                 Perform a Merge on Existing
                                                                                                                 Merge Envelopes and Labels
                                                                                                                 Use Word to Create a Data Source


New Horizons of Hartford CT                      Brian Smith
839 Marshall Phelps Rd                           860.298.4304
Windsor, CT 06095                      
                                                                                                                  Word 2003
                                                                                                                              Course Outlines

Word 2003 - Level 3                                                                                                          Days of Training: 1
Overview                                         Lesson 1: Using Microsoft Office Word                 Lesson 4: Making Long Documents
   In this course, students will learn how                  2003 with Other Programs                              Easier to Use
                                                              Link to a Microsoft® Office Excel 2003              Mark Text for Indexing
   to use Word to create, manage,                             Worksheet                                           Insert an Index
   revise, and distribute long documents,                     Link a Chart to Excel Data                          Insert a Table of Figures
   forms, and Web pages.                                      Send a Document Outline to                          Mark Text for a Table of Authorities
                                                              PowerPoint                                          Insert a Table of Authorities
                                                              Extract Text from a Fax                             Insert a Table of Contents
                                                              Save a Document as a Different File                 Create a Master Document
Prerequisites                                                 Format                                              Automatically Summarize a
   Word 2003 - Level 1                                        Look Up Information Using Research                  Document
   Word 2003 - Level 2                                        Sites
                                                              Send a Document as an Email
                                                              Attachment                               Lesson 5: Securing a Document
                                                                                                                  Update a Document's Properties
                                                                                                                  Save a Document without Personal
                                                 Lesson 2: Collaborating on Documents                             Information
                                                              Modify User Information                             Hide Text
                                                              Create a New Version of a Document                  Limit Formatting Choices in a
                                                              Delete Old Versions                                 Document
                                                              Send a Document for Review                          Select Regions of a Document that
                                                              Use Comments                                        Can Be Modified
                                                              Compare Document Changes                            Add a Digital Signature to a
                                                              Merge Document Changes                              Document
                                                              Review a Document                                   Require a Password to Open a
                                                 Lesson 3: Adding Reference Marks and
                                                            Notes                                      Lesson 6: Creating Web Pages
                                                              Insert Bookmarks                                    Create a Web Page
                                                              Insert Footnotes and Endnotes                       Insert Hyperlinks
                                                              Add Captions                                        Insert a Movie Clip into a Web
                                                              Insert Cross-references                             Page
                                                                                                                  Apply a Theme to a Web Page
                                                                                                                  Create a Framed Web Page
                                                                                                                  Save a Web Page to a Web Server

                                                                                                       Lesson 7: Creating Forms
                                                                                                                  Add Form Fields to a Document
                                                                                                                  Protect a Form
                                                                                                                  Save Form Data as Plain Text
                                                                                                                  Automate a Form

                                                                                                       Lesson 8: Using XML in Word
                                                                                                                  Tag an Existing Document
                                                                                                                  Save a Document as XML
                                                                                                                  Transform an XML Document


New Horizons of Hartford CT                       Brian Smith
839 Marshall Phelps Rd                            860.298.4304
Windsor, CT 06095                       
                                                                                                    Crystal Reports XI
                                                                                                                               Course Outlines

Crystal Reports XI - Level 1                                                                                                  Days of Training: 2
Overview                                           Lesson 1: Creating a Report                         Lesson 5: Formatting Reports
                                                                Set Default Report Settings                        Remove White Space
   In this course, students will build basic                    Specify Fields for a New Report                    Insert Page Header/Footer Data
   list and group reports that work with                        Preview a Report                                   Add Borders, Boxes, and Lines
   almost any database.                                         Modify Field Display                               Change Field Background Color
                                                                Add a Report Title                                 Change the Margins
                                                                Position Fields
                                                                Add Fields from Other Tables
Prerequisites                                                                                          Lesson 6: Enhancing Reports
   Use the Windows user interface                                                                                  Add a Watermark
   Access 2003 - Level 1                           Lesson 2: Displaying Specific Report                            Insert Objects Using Object Linking
                                                              Data                                                 and Embedding
                                                                Find Data                                          Modify Formatting Based on Data
                                                                Sort Data                                          Value
                                                                Filter Data by a Single Criterion                  Suppress Report Sections
                                                                                                                   Insert Hyperlinks
                                                                                                                   Hide Blank Report Sections
                                                   Lesson 3: Grouping Report Data
                                                                Insert a Group
                                                                Add Summaries                          Lesson 7: Creating Pie Charts
                                                                Format Summary Information                         Create a Pie Chart with a Drill-
                                                                Change Group Options                               Down
                                                                Add a Second-Level Grouping                        Modify Chart Text
                                                                Filter Records by Group                            Format a Chart
                                                                Create a Top N Sort Group                          Present a Chart by Group

                                                   Lesson 4: Building Formulas                         Lesson 8: Distributing Data
                                                                Create a Formula                                   Export to a PDF File
                                                                Edit a Formula                                     Export to a Microsoft Excel File
                                                                Combine Fields by Formula                          Export to an Access Database File
                                                                Delete a Formula                                   Export a Report Definition
                                                                Filter Data by Multiple Criteria                   Create Mailing Labels
                                                                Modify a Filter Using an OR Operator
                                                                Create a Parameter Field
                                                                Account for Null Fields in a Formula


New Horizons of Hartford CT                         Brian Smith
839 Marshall Phelps Rd                              860.298.4304
Windsor, CT 06095                         
                                                                                                    Crystal Reports XI
                                                                                                                            Course Outlines

Crystal Reports XI - Level 2                                                                                               Days of Training: 2
Overview                                         Lesson 1: Creating Running Totals                    Lesson 5: Enhancing Report
                                                              Create a Running Total Field                       Processing by Writing
   In this course, students learn how to                      Modify a Running Total Field
   create more sophisticated reports                          Create a Manual Running Total on
                                                                                                                 SQL Statements
                                                                                                                 Create a Report Using SQL
   including subreports and cross-tabs,                       Detail Data
   and how to increase the speed and                          Create a Manual Running Total on
                                                              Summary Data                                       Summarize Report Data Using
   efficiency of your reports by using                                                                           SQL Aggregate Functions
   SQL queries.                                                                                                  Create Joins Using SQL
                                                 Lesson 2: Building Cross-tabs in Your                           Create Subqueries
                                                            Report                                               Create a SQL Expression Field

Prerequisites                                                 Create a Cross-tab
                                                              Create a Specified Group Order          Lesson 6: Charting Data
   Crystal Reports XI - Level 1                               Filter a Cross-tab by Group                        Create a Bar Chart
                                                              Change the Cross-tab Format                        Modify a Chart
                                                              Conditionally Format Rows and                      Format a Chart
                                                              Columns                                            Create a Chart Template
                                                              Keep Groups Together                               Create a Top N Chart
                                                                                                                 Create a Cross-tab Chart
                                                 Lesson 3: Adding Subreports
                                                              Insert a Subreport                      Lesson 7: Reporting on Excel Data
                                                              Link a Subreport to a Primary Report
                                                              Edit a Subreport's Structure
                                                                                                                 with Crystal Reports
                                                              Format a Subreport Using the Format                Create a Report Based on Excel
                                                              Editor                                             Data
                                                              Share Variables Between Subreports                 Modify a Report Generated from
                                                              and Primary Reports                                Excel Data
                                                              Create an On-demand Subreport                      Update Data in a Report Based on
                                                                                                                 Excel Data

                                                 Lesson 4: Creating Drill-downs
                                                              Create a Drill-down
                                                                                                      Lesson 8: Working with Prompts
                                                              Create Separate Headings for Drill-                Create a Static Prompt
                                                              down Data                                          Create a Dynamic Prompt

                                                                                                      Lesson 9: Enhancing Report
                                                                                                                 Group Data Hierarchically
                                                                                                                 Create a Dynamic Image
                                                                                                                 Create a Report Alert
                                                                                                                 Create a Geographic Map


New Horizons of Hartford CT                       Brian Smith
839 Marshall Phelps Rd                            860.298.4304
Windsor, CT 06095                       
                                                                                                                 Acrobat 7.0
                                                                                                                               Course Outlines

Acrobat 7.0 - Level 1                                                                                                         Days of Training: 1
Overview                                         Lesson 1: Accessing Information in PDF               Lesson 4: Adding PDF Navigation
   In this course, students will use Adobe                  Documents                                              Use Bookmarks
                                                              Browse a PDF Document                                Create and Modify Links
   Acrobat 7 to make your information                         Navigate to Specific Content Within a                Format a Story as an Article
   more portable, accessible, and useful                      PDF Document
   to meet the needs of your target                           Conduct a Simple Search
                                                                                                      Lesson 5: Working with Multiple PDF
   audience.                                                  Extract Content from a PDF Document
                                                                                                                   Organize PDFs into a Collection
                                                 Lesson 2: Creating PDF Documents                                  Control Access to Multiple PDF
Prerequisites                                                 Create a PDF Document from a Word                    Documents
   Minimal experience with computers                          Document                                             Search Multiple PDF Documents
                                                              Create PDF Documents Using the
   and common office applications, such                       Print Command
   as word processing spreadsheet, and                        Create PDF Documents from Web           Lesson 6: Initiating and Participating
   Web browser applications.                                  Pages                                               in a PDF Document
                                                              Create a PDF Document from Using                    Review
                                                              Acrobat                                              Choose a Collaboration Workflow
Next Steps                                                                                                         Add Review Tools to a PDF
                                                 Lesson 3: Modifying PDF Documents                                 Document
   Acrobat 7.0 - Level 2
                                                              Manipulate PDF Document Pages                        Digitally Sign a PDF Document
                                                              Edit Text in a PDF                                   Markup a PDF Document
                                                              Add Headers and Footers                              Compile and View Comments from
                                                              Customize Page Numbering                             Multiple Reviewers


Acrobat 7.0 - Level 2                                                                                                         Days of Training: 1
Overview                                         Lesson 1: Creating PDFs from Technical               Lesson 3: Creating Interactive PDF
   In this course, you will use Adobe                       Documents                                            Forms in Adobe Designer
                                                              Create PDF Documents from within                     Create a PDF Form
   Acrobat 7.0 Professional to convert                        Microsoft Visio                                      Add Text Form Fields
   technical documents to PDF files,                          Create PDF Documents from within                     Create Calculations
   enhance and control PDF content                            Autodesk AutoCAD                                     Create Fields with Predefined
   accessibility, customize PDF                               Measure Technical Drawing Content                    Responses
                                                                                                                   Create Buttons
   documents for interactive use online,                                                                           Organize Collected Data in a
   and prepare PDFs for commercial               Lesson 2: Enhancing PDF Documents                                 Spreadsheet
                                                              Embed Multimedia
   printing.                                                  Create Actions
                                                              Optimize PDF Files                      Lesson 4: Preparing PDF Files for
                                                              Batch Process PDF Documents                        Commercial Printing
Prerequisites                                                 Make a PDF Document More                             Examine the Commercial Printing
   Acrobat 7.0 - Level 1                                      Accessible                                           Overview
                                                              Repurpose a PDF Document for Other                   Choose Appropriate Methods of
                                                              Displays                                             Creating PDF Files for Prepress
                                                                                                                   Apply Color Management Settings
                                                                                                                   Create and Apply Appropriate
                                                                                                                   Adobe PDF Settings for Prepress
                                                                                                                   Preview Printed Effects on Screen

                                                                                                      Lesson 5: Finalizing PDF Files for
                                                                                                                 Commercial Printing
                                                                                                                   Preflight Documents
                                                                                                                   Create PDF/X Compliant Files
                                                                                                                   Create a Composite
                                                                                                                   Create Color Separations


New Horizons of Hartford CT                       Brian Smith
839 Marshall Phelps Rd                            860.298.4304
Windsor, CT 06095                       

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