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					Task Force Hope Status Report                                                                         January 20, 2009

                                        MVD Commander approves

            Notice To Proceed on IHNC project

 Important step means
    path forward is
 clear for construction
of largest design/build
project in Corps history

          By Susan Spaht

          n Jan. 14, Brig. Gen. Mi-
          chael Walsh, Commander
          of the Mississippi Valley
Division, approved a Notice to Pro-
ceed with construction of the 150-
foot wide sector gate and150-foot
wide barge gate for the Inner Harbor
Lake Borgne Navigation Canal
                                          Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure crews drive piles for the IHNC Lake Borgne
(IHNC) Surge Barrier Project. This
                                          Surge Barrier.                                          (Photo courtesy of Shaw)
order came after the successful
completion of many hydraulic analy-                                                 area as construction progresses for-
                                          are today - this is another milestone
ses, engineering design anaylses,                                                   ward from the north bank of the Gulf
                                          for the entire Hurricane and Storm
public and stakeholder meetings,                                                    Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) to
                                          Damage Risk Reduction System,”
environmental studies, navigation                                                   the western bank of the Mississippi
                                          said Karen Durham-Aguilera, Direc-
simulation exercises, real estate is-                                               River Gulf Outlet, a 2.4-mile stretch
                                          tor of Task Force Hope. ”We can
sues and other necessary proce-
                                          proceed to the next phase in con-
dures.                                                                                                  Continued on page 2
                                          struction as we provide Advance
                                          Measures in 2009 and complete this           Also in this issue:
Brig. Gen. Walsh previously ap-
proved a Notice to Proceed to begin       important project in 2011.”                  Corps leveraging expertise….…...…Page 4
dredging and pile driving.                                                             Plaquemines Pump Stations.. ……..Page 6
                                          The director said the public can ex-
                                                                                       Corps using ECI……...……………...Page 7
“We are very excited to be where we       pect to see continual activity in the
Page 2                                                                                                    January 20, 2009
Gates Before Navigation
Safety Enhancements
                                                                                   Evolution of Gate Design

                                                                             After ERDC gate navigation simulations, pro-
                                                                             fessional tow boat captains were asked to
                                                                             suggest ways to make the IHNC gates safer
                                                                             and easier for navigation. The illustration at
                                                                             top left is the original design for the gates; the
                                                                             illustration at below left is the gates after the
                                                                             captains’ enhancements were incorporated.

                                                                             Navigation Enhancements include:

                                                                                Guidewalls re-designed as a “touch”
                                                                                  system, lengthened and tapered on
                                                                                  both ends for extra safety;
Gates After Navigation
                                                                                Strengthened “dolphins”, guidewalls
Safety Enhancements                                                               and gates;

                                                                                Corps working with U.S. Coast
                                                                                  Guard to design lighting, signage
                                                                                  and other safety aids for navigation;
                                                          lengthened,           Researching use of new technology
                                                          tapered                 to feed “real time” wind and current
                                                                                  information to tow captains.

Continued from page 1                    provide public safety, navigation         will continue to work together to
                                         safety and environmental steward-         meet the needs of navigation and the
of waterway and marsh. This project      ship.                                     environment while staying focused
is part of the IHNC surge barrier sys-                                             on reducing the risk of storm surge
tem; a second barrier will be con-       Advance measures for the project,
                                                                                   to the people of New Orleans.”
structed at Lake Pontchartrain           scheduled for completion this hurri-
(Seabrook) within the next two years.    cane season, will consist of a 14- to     The Corps and its contractor, Shaw
                                         20-foot barrier wall. When completed      Environmental & Infrastructure Inc.
The IHNC Surge Barrier at Lake Bor-      in 2011, the project will stand be-       of New Orleans, hosted a “ground-
gne, the largest design/build project    tween 24 and 26 feet above water.         breaking” ceremony on Dec. 4 to
in Corps history, will provide 100-                                                signal the start of pile driving and
year level storm surge protection to a   “We have a long and productive rela-
                                                                                   dredging work as the gate design
large portion of Orleans and St. Ber-    tionship with the people who use the
                                                                                   continued on this important design/
nard Parishes when completed. The        nation’s waterways,” said Col. Mi-
                                                                                   build project.
Corps’ main priorities for this $695     chael McCormick, Commander of
million construction project are to      the Hurricane Protection Office. “We                          Continued on page 3
Page 3                                                                                                    January 20, 2009
    IHNC Surge Barrier construction moving forward                                            Contact Information

                                                                                     U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

                                                                                              Task Force Hope
                                                                                                  (504) 862-1836

                                                                                              New Orleans District
                                                                                                  (504) 862-2201

                                                                                          Hurricane Protection Office
                                                                                                  (504) 862-1708

                                                                                        The Status Report Newsletter
                                                                                           supports the information
                                                                                        program for Task Force Hope
                                                                                             and its stakeholders.
                                                                                              It also serves as the
                                                                                          primary tool for accurately
                                                                                            transmitting the Corps’
                                                                                           hurricane recovery work
                                                                                                 to stakeholders.

On a recent inspection of the IHNC Surge Barrier construction are, from left, Chip       This is an online publication
                                                                                                  that is open
DeSonier, Vice President, Shaw; Col. Michael McCormick (back), Commander,
                                                                                            to public distribution.
Hurricane Protection Office; Con Murphy, Senior Vice President, Shaw; Charlie
Hess, Senior Vice President, Shaw; Karen Durham-Aguilera, Director, Task Force
Hope; Rick Kendrick, Chief of Execution, Hurricane Protection Office. (Photo cour-   This issue and past issues can be found at:
tesy of Shaw)                                                                  

                                                                                             Comments and questions
                                                                                                 may be sent to the
                                                                                         Status Report Newsletter editor at:
Continued from page 2                      sional tug boat captains “drove”       
                                           loaded and unloaded barges through
The Corps conducted exhaustive             the simulated gates in different             The Status Report Newsletter
navigational gate modeling simula-         weather, wind and water conditions.            is an unofficial publication
tions at its Engineer Research and         More than 280 simulations were per-               authorized under the
Development Center (ERDC) in               formed. After the simulation runs, the           provisions of AR 360-1.
Vicksburg, Miss. to assure the navi-       captains were asked to offer sugges-        Views and opinions expressed
gational safety and the environ-           tions to make the gates safer and           are not necessarily those of the
mental stewardship of the GIWW             easier to navigate. Their suggestions          Corps of Engineers or the
gate structures. The exercises were        have been incorporated into the new             Department of the Army.
attended by representatives of the         gate designs (see illustration on
navigation industry, the U.S. Coast        page 2).
Guard, the Southeast Louisiana
                                           “We value the help and will continue
Levee Authority – East, the State of
                                           to work with our partners and stake-
Louisiana, the Flood Protection Alli-                                                      Status Report Newsletter
                                           holders as we strive to deliver this
ance, elected officials, Corps engi-                                                         Task Force Hope
                                           monumental project and reduce the
neers and leadership, and other                                                         Strategic Communications
                                           risk of hurricane surges to the com-
stakeholders.                                                                          7400 Leake Ave., Room #388
                                           munities in the IHNC area,” said Ms.
                                                                                         New Orleans, LA 70118
During these simulation runs, profes-      Durham-Aguilera.
                                                                                              (504) 862-1949
Page 4                                                                                                January 20, 2009

                 Corps leveraging its expertise from throughout region and nation

               Serving the people of Louisiana

            By Susan Spaht

“We have made a commitment to
New Orleans area communities…
  to provide 100-year level of
      protection in 2011 or
    break our backs trying.”

         - Lt. Gen. Robert Van Antwerp
           Commander, Corps of Engineers

             ith that declaration, the
             Corps’ Chief of Engineers
             reiterated that the num-
ber one domestic priority of the U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers is the com-
pletion of the Hurricane and Storm
Damage Risk Reduction System
(HSDRRS) within the next three

Recognizing that a tremendous
amount of work must be completed
in a very short timeframe, Mississippi
Valley Division* leadership devel-
oped a path forward that would lev-
                                              timely project completion.           and other professional sources.
erage the expertise in all six districts
in the Division.                              That addi-                           Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh, Com-
                                              tional support                       mander of the Mississippi Valley Di-
In true military fashion, one team will
                                              includes the                         vision, has assigned specific portions
step up to join another team with a
                                              Northwestern                         of the HSDRRS to each of the dis-
large and time-sensitive mission. In
                                              Division, the                        tricts under his command. Brig. Gen.
this case, all districts in a division will
                                              Chicago Dis-                         Walsh described his division’s joint
unite to share the responsibilities of
                                              trict, the                           mission this way: “We will get there
delivering the HSDRRS in the
                                              Huntsville                           through regional culture, regional
greater New Orleans area.
                                              District, the     Brig. Gen. Walsh   program development and delivery,
The call went out to several other            Corps’ Engi-                         regional workforce management and
divisions and districts that have cer-        neer Research and Development        regional acquisition strategy.” All six
tain areas of professional and techni-        Center, Corps of Engineers Head-
cal expertise that will help ensure           quarters, and many Corps offices                      Continued on page 5
Page 5                                                                                                          January 20, 2009
Continued from page 4

districts in the Mississippi Valley Di-
vision – the New Orleans District and
the Upper Five districts - are now
fully engaged in the HSDRRS mis-
sion as their number one regional
priority, although each district will
continue with their ongoing civil
works projects.

While the senior program managers
in New Orleans will retain overall
responsibility for their areas, the
other Corps districts will provide
technical management for complet-
ing the designs of the various project

Here are the assignments for each

Vicksburg District – Plaquemines Par-

Memphis District – New Orleans East
                                              From left, St. Louis District employees Deanne Strauser (seated), Deputy Pro-
St. Paul District – St. Bernard Parish        gram Manager; Brad Strauser, Liaison for the Upper Five Districts; and Capt.
                                              Elizabeth Wannstedt, Project Manager/Team Leader; review a Terrebonne Parish
St. Louis District – Metro New Orleans        project map while on a recent site visit in New Orleans.      (USACE Photo)
and Terrebonne Parish

Rock Island District – engineering sup-
port for specific projects or parts of pro-
jects for the Protection and Restoration
Office (PRO).                                             Team of Teams working to meet
Northwestern Division – support to the                          2011 timeline for HSDRRS
Hurricane Protection Office (HPO) on
Permanent Pumps

Chicago District – storm proofing

“This combination of Corps districts
and divisions working together to-
ward a common goal has become a               Aguilera, “for supporting the                           timely manner by working
true team of teams,” said Karen Dur-          HSDRRS program goals                                    together toward this com-
ham-Aguilera, Director of Task Force          and objectives as well as                               mon objective and national
Hope.                                         the commitment we have                                  priority.”
                                              made to the people of the
 “I want to thank our team of teams,          greater New Orleans area.
all the districts and divisions that are                                                              *The New Orleans District is one
                                              “We are dedicated to                                    of six in the Mississippi Valley
involved with our mission here in
New Orleans,” said Ms. Durham-                achieving success in a          Karen Durham-Aguilera
Page 6                                                                                                January 20, 2009

                                                           PLAQUEMINES PARISH
                                                                   Pump Stations

                                      $14.3 Million in repairs - 100% Federally-funded

     Corps repairing 13 Pump Stations in Plaquemines

          n December 17, the Corps          storm events,” according to Drew         pump station repair project for
          of Engineers awarded a            Walsh, Senior Project Manager. The       Plaquemines Parish,” said Walsh.
          contract for $2 million worth     cost of the repairs is 100 percent       The work includes replacing motors,
of repairs to two pump stations in          federally-funded.                        air compressors and generators as
Plaquemines Parish. The contract                                                     well as making other minor improve-
was awarded to DV & Associates              On December 19, the Corps
                                                                                     ments to the stations.
LLC of Pennsylvania, a disabled vet-        awarded a $1.65 million contract to
eran-owned small business. The six-         modify five other Plaquemines Par-       The Corps has awarded a total of
month contract calls for repairs to         ish non-federal pump stations. That      $14.3 million for repairs to 13 pump
West Point-a-la-Hache and Diamond           work is set to begin this month.The      stations in Plaquemines Parish. The
pump stations.                              contract was awarded to Healtheon        cost of the projects is 100 percent
                                            Inc., a New Orleans firm. The six-       federally-funded. The Corps is work-
The repairs consist of replacing mo-        month contract calls for repairs to      ing with the Plaquemines Parish gov-
tors, air compressors and genera-           Belle Chasse, Ollie, Grand DeLiard       ernment to complete all the repairs.
tors, and other minor improvements          and Duvic pump stations.
“to help ensure the reliability of those
pump stations throughout future             “This contract is the fourth and final
Page 7                                                                                                  January 20, 2009

       ECI to expedite construction of West Closure Complex

                                West Closure

                                                  Harvey Canal

                                                                                                             project will

        he U.S.
        Army                 Bayou aux Carpes                                                                require a
                                 404c area                                                                   pump station
        Corps of
Engineers will use                                                                                           with an un-
Early Contractor                                                                     USACE Illustration      precedented
Involvement (ECI)                                                                                            20,000 cubic
to expedite construction of the pro-       excited about the benefits it brings to   feet per second storm water drain-
posed Gulf Intracoastal Waterway           this monumental project.”                 age pumping capacity, the largest of
West Closure Complex project. This                                                   this type in the world. The proposed
                                           The Corps will host a Pre-Proposal        complex also features two navigable
Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk
                                           Conference on Thursday, Jan. 29, at       floodgates, as well as levee and
Reduction project, when complete,
                                           the New Orleans Marriott Metairie at      flood wall construction. In addition,
will reduce the risk from storm surge
                                           Lakeway Hotel to discuss the terms        the project is adjacent to an Environ-
for residents and businesses in the
                                           and conditions of the ECI solicitation    mental Protection Agency wetland
West Bank area.
                                           with members of the industry. Fur-        area of national significance, and
Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)         ther information is available at:         construction impacts on this area
allows members of the construction               must be kept to a minimum.
industry to participate in the early       cont_preproposalconference.asp as
stages of the design and planning for      well as at:           The Corps is working in coordination
this $500+ million project. ECI also       The project solicitation number is        with the Environmental Protection
enables the Corps to incorporate           W912P809R0004.                            Agency, federal and state resource
innovative construction sequencing                                                   agencies, non-federal partners, the
                                           Unprecedented Work Ahead
techniques into the proposed plan for                                                Louisiana Coastal Protection and
                                           The proposed West Closure Com-
the West Closure Complex project.                                                    Restoration Authority, and the South-
                                           plex would reduce the risk of storm
                                                                                     east Louisiana Flood Protection Au-
“Early Contractor Involvement is a         surge from an event that has a 1
                                                                                     thority-West, as well as other inter-
beneficial tool for everyone involved      percent chance of occurring in any
                                                                                     ested stakeholders, to develop the
due to the magnitude and complexity        given year for a majority of the West
                                                                                     best engineering alternative with the
of this project,” said Col. Alvin Lee,     Bank area by preventing storm surge
                                                                                     fewest unavoidable environmental
New Orleans District Commander.            from entering the Harvey and Algiers
“We have never used ECI as an ac-          canals.
quisition strategy before, and we are      The Corps’ proposed action for the