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					                                                                                                                                   Notice of Vacancy
                                                                                                                                                 VACANCY # ___________

Minnesota State University Moorhead is committed to diversity in its programs
and activities, and actively seeks to hire persons who share in that commitment.
  POSITION:                                                                                       CLASSIFICATION AND SALARY:
   Assistant Professor of American Multicultural Studies:                                            $45,799-$50,349
   Social Sciences emphasis                                                                           Tenure Track
   (Pending funding)

    August 18, 2008

   • ABD in American Studies, Ethnic Studies or a related social science discipline with an emphasis in African American, Chicano/Latino Studies or
     American Multicultural Studies. Ph.D. or equivalent required for tenure.
   • Demonstrated knowledge of the experiences of people of color within the U.S. from interdisciplinary social scientific perspectives.
   • College teaching experience.
   • Evidence of actual work experience or affiliations with communities of color.
   • Knowledge of programming and curriculum development in Multicultural Studies within the context of American culture.
   • Ability to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the American multicultural context and the relationships of the American mainstream to
     experiences, cultures and perspectives of peoples of color.
   • Ability to teach basic level quantitative research methods for interdisciplinary social sciences.
   • Demonstrated ability to work successfully with faculty and students of diverse backgrounds, including sensitivity to their needs and concerns.

   • Ph. D. or equivalent in relevant discipline.
   • College teaching experience in Multicultural or Ethnic Studies.
   • Specialization in one or more of the following areas: Race & ethnicity theory, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Law or Legal Studies,
   • Evidence of potential for teaching excellence and scholarly achievement.

   • Develop and teach courses utilizing social science perspectives to issues and concerns of communities of color, including a course in basic level
     quantitative research methods for interdisciplinary social sciences featuring descriptive statistics, inferential statistics and methods for social
     science analyses.
   • Develop and teach an Introductory Multicultural Critical Thinking course for 1st year students.
   • Assist department and university in collaboratively building and maintaining American Multicultural Studies programs.
   • Teach a variety of courses in areas of specialization and as program requires.
   • Other duties include scholarly or creative achievement or research, continuing preparation and study, contribution to student growth and
     development, and service to the university and community.

   Completed applications must include a cover letter detailing your work experience with communities of color and teaching philosophy, a vita,
   unofficial transcripts, three (3) current signed letters of reference with full contact information, and the name and contact information of a representa-
   tive from a community of color serving organization who is familiar with your work in the community. (Any of these references may be contacted by
   phone for finalists.) Applicants must also submit a completed MSUM Standard Application Form before an applicant’s file can be considered.
   Screening of completed applications will begin January 8, 2008 and the position will remain open until a successful candidate is selected.

   See for a link to the MSUM Standard Application and the Supplemental Personnel Data for
   Affirmative Action Recruitment forms. The successful candidate must provide official transcripts of all academic work completed and, under U.S.
   Citizenship and Immigration Services regulations, be able to accept work in the U.S. by the day employment begins.

   American Multicultural Studies Search Committee Chair, American Multicultural Studies Department, Minnesota State University Moorhead,
   Moorhead, MN 56563. Phone: (218) 477-2912; Fax: (218) 477- 5893       Email:
• Persons writing letters of reference should be advised of Minnesota’s open records law, which allows for letters to be available to applicants upon request.
• Minnesota State University Moorhead is an equal opportunity educator & employer and is a member of the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities System. This information will be
  made available in alternate format, such as Braille, large print or audio cassette tape, upon request by contacting Disability Services at 218.477.5859 (voice) or 1.800.627.3529
tHe	UNiVerSitY                                                             •	 Fargo-Moorhead ranks third (among small market MSAs)
our	mission:	“We	develop	knowledge,	talent,	and	skills	for	a	                 in the “Best U.S. Cities for Relocating Families.”	(May	2005)	
lifetime	of	learning,	service,	and	citizenship.”	
                                                                           •			Forbes	magazine	ranked	the	Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan
established	in	1887,	Minnesota	State	University	Moorhead’s	
199-acre	campus	is	located	in	Moorhead,	Minnesota,	in	the	heart	
of	the	red	river	Valley.
                                                                               statistical area fourth out of 168 small metro areas in the
                                                                               nation to do business and advance careers.	(May	2005)	
                                                                           •			North Dakota was ranked the “Safest State” for the eighth
                                                                               time in the 12 years	that	Morgan Quitno Press	has	issued	its		
MSU	Moorhead	offers	69	undergraduate	majors	with	92	different	
                                                                           	 awards.	Minnesota was ranked as the second “Most Livable
emphases	and	options,	16	pre-professional	studies	programs,	and	
15	graduate	degree	programs.		included	in	our	majors	are	32	areas	             State.” (March	2005)
of	teacher	licensure	preparation.		our	professional	programs	are	          •			The Fargo-Moorhead MSA has the lowest unemployment
grounded	in	the	liberal	arts,	designed	to	provide	a	broad	base	of	             level of any MSA in the USA.		(Bureau	of	Labor	Statistics,	2005)
knowledge	and	cultural	themes.

MSUM	enrolls	approximately	7,500	students	from	43	states	
and	43	countries.		in	addition,	MSUM	is	part	of	the	tri-college	
University,	an	educational	consortium	that	includes	concordia	             Minnesota	State	University	Moorhead	is	committed	to	a	policy	of	
college,	a	private	college	in	Moorhead,	and	North	dakota	State	            nondiscrimination	in	employment	and	education	opportunity.	No	
University	in	adjacent	Fargo,	North	dakota.                                person	shall	be	discriminated	against	in	the	terms	and	conditions	
                                                                           of	employment,	personnel	practices,	or	access	to	and	participation	
to	learn	more	about	MSU	Moorhead,	please	visit	the	Web	site:	              in,	programs,	services,	and	activities	with	regard	to	race,	sex,                                                            color,	creed,	religion,	age,	national	origin,	disability,	marital	status,	
                                                                           status	with	regard	to	public	assistance,	or	sexual	orientation.	in	
                                                                           addition,	discrimination	in	employment	based	on	membership	or	
tHe	coMMUNitY                                                              activity in a local commission as defined by the law is prohibited.
Moorhead	and	Fargo	are	at	the	center	of	a	metropolitan	area	and	           inquiries	regarding	compliance	should	be	referred	to	Barb	Seiler,	
thriving	regional	center	with	more	than	180,000	residents.		Higher	        Affirmative Action Officer/Title IX Coordinator, Owens
education	is	a	major	community	enterprise,	with	more	than	25,000	
                                                                           214B,	218.477.2229	(Voice).
students	who	contribute	to	an	atmosphere	rich	in	arts,	culture,	
sports,	and	social	activities.		the	cities	enjoy	a	major	concert	venue;	
university	and	independent	theaters,	and	a	community	theater;	a	
symphony orchestra; jazz concerts; an annual film festival; a civic        reqUeSt	For	reaSoNaBLe	accoMModatioN
opera;	several	art	galleries	and	museums;	and	numerous	other	              it	is	the	policy	of	Minnesota	State	colleges	and	Universities	to	
attractions	and	events.                                                    provide	reasonable	accommodations	to	job	applicants	with	
                                                                           disabilities	when	such	accommodations	are	directly	related	to	
Moorhead	public	schools	serve	more	than	5,800	students	in	an	              competing	for	a	job	on	an	equal	basis.
area	recognized	for	excellence	in	public	education.		Moorhead	
is	known	for	superior	student	academic	achievement	and	for	far-            applicants	having	special	needs	which	require	accommodation	
reaching	extra-curricular	activities.		Moorhead	schools	are	all	new	       should	contact	edward	L.	choate,	Human	resources	
or	totally	remodeled.		Fargo	public	Schools	received	the	highest	          director,	owen	210c,	Minnesota	State	University	Moorhead,	
possible	“Gold	Medal”	rating	in	a	report	published	by	Expansion            Moorhead,	Minnesota	56563,	218.477.2066	(Voice).	For	ttY	
Management	magazine.	(april	2004)                                          communications,	contact	the	Minnesota	relay	Service	at	
Hector	international	airport	provides	daily	jet	passenger		
service	to	three	hub	cities:		Minneapolis,	chicago,	and	denver.

Fargo-Moorhead	residents	are	proud	of	where	they	live	and	work.		          caMpUS	criMe	report
Named	an	all-america	city	in	2000	by	the	National	civic	League,	           MSUMS’s	annual	campus	crime	report	is	available	
the	community	is	a	great	place	to	live	and	learn.                          on	the	internet	at:	http//                              a	member	of	the	Minnesota	
                                                                                                                                                            State	colleges	&	Universities	System	
                                                                           the	report	contains	statistics	for	the	previous	three	years	of	
receNt	coMMUNitY	accoLadeS                                                 reported	crimes	that	occurred	on	campus;	in	buildings	or	property	
the	Fargo-Moorhead	community	is	ranked	among	the	best	places	              owned	or	controlled	by	the	University;	and	on	public	property	
in	the	country	to	live,	work,	attend	school	and	conduct	business.	         within,	or	immediately	adjacent	to,	the	campus	and	reported	to	the	
•	 Fargo was named one of the best places to live, raise a                 University and/or the Clay County Sheriff’s Department or the
   family, work and do business	by	Forbes	magazine’s		                     Moorhead	police	department.	the	report	also	contains	policies	
	 publisher,	rich	Karlgaard.	(November	2005)	                              and	procedures	concerning	safety	and	security	on	the	campus	of	
•	 Expansion Management	magazine	designated	Fargo-                         Minnesota	State	University	Moorhead.	
   Moorhead as one of “America’s Top Business                                                                                                           Minnesota	State	University	Moorhead	is	committed	to	
                                                                           if	you	are	unable	to	access	this	report	and	wish	a	printed	copy,	             diversity	in	its	programs	and	activities,	and	actively	
   Opportunity Metros for 2005.”	(July	2005)	                              or	have	other	concerns	about	the	report,	please	contact	Michael	             seeks	to	hire	persons	who	share	in	that		commitment.
                                                                           parks,	director	of	Security,	Minnesota	State	University	Moorhead,	
                                                                           Moorhead,	MN	56563,	or	call	218.477.5869.