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					  Public Notice: Request for Comments

Proposed Issuance of a Solid Waste
Composting Facility Permit for the
Processing and Recovery Center (PRC)
in Benton County
The purpose of this notice is to invite you to          Where is the facility located?
provide written comments on this proposed permit        2 miles east of Highway 99 at 29969 Camp Adair Rd,
issuance.                                               Monmouth, OR 97361                                        Western Region
                                                        S17, T10S, R4W, W.M.,                                     Hazardous and Solid
What is proposed?                                                                                                 Waste Compliance and
DEQ proposes to issue a Solid Waste Disposal            44° 42’ 00” N. Latitude                                   Permitting Section
                                                                                                                  750 Front St., NE
Site Composting Permit for the Processing and           -123° 11’ 40” W Longitude                                 Suite 120
Recovery Center facility (PRC) which is owned            Benton County                                            Salem, OR 97301
by Valley Landfills, Inc. for a period of not more                                                                Phone: (503) 378-8240
                                                                                                                          (800) 349-7677
than 10 years.                                          Notice issued: February 26, 2010
                                                                                                                  Fax:    (503) 378-4196
                                                                                                                  Contact: Fran Holman
The PRC facility has been operating as a compost        Written Comments due: April 2, 2010,                      e-mail:
site since 1998 under a DEQ Solid Waste                 5 p.m.                                                    holman.fran@deq.state.or.us
Composting General Permit. In September, 2009,                                                                    www.oregon.gov/DEQ
new rules for composting facilities became              Where can I send my comments?
effective that require certain composting facilities    Fran Holman, Permit Coordinator Western Region
to submit a Risk Screening application for a new        (503) 378-5047 or Toll free, (800) 349-7677
composting permit. Composting sites will be             Oregon DEQ
screened to evaluate the degree of environmental        Solid Waste Program
risk posed by the facility. Low-risk facilities will    750 Front St. NE, Suite 120                            If you received a hard copy of
operate under a registration permit. Higher-risk        Salem, OR 97301                                        this notice in the mail, please
                                                                                                               consider receiving updates via
facilities will be required to provide an operations    holman.fran@deq.state.or.us                            e-mail instead. Send your
plan for DEQ approval that addresses the                                                                       request to:
identified risks. These facilities will operate under   Where can I get technical information?                 subscriptions@deq.state.or.us
a composting permit.                                    Julie M. Berndt, Permit Writer
                                                                                                               Please include your full name,
                                                        (541) 687-7342 or (800) 844-8467 Ext. 7342             e-mail address and mailing
Based on the screening, the PRC facility was            Oregon DEQ                                             address so we can purge you
determined to need an Operations Plan and a             Solid Waste Program                                    from our print mail list, thus
Composting Permit. The permit requires the              165 East 7th Ave. Ste #100                             saving trees and taxpayer
facility to meet the Performance Standards              Eugene, OR 97401-3049
contained in OAR 340-096-0070, and the                  berndt.julie@deq.state.or.us
operations plan outlines how the facility will meet
those standards. DEQ has proposed to approve            How can I review documents?
the Operations Plan that the PRC has submitted          You can review electronic versions here:
with their application and has completed a draft           • draft permit
composting permit.                                         • permit evaluation report

DEQ is inviting public comment on the proposed          or by going online to:
permitting action. During the comment period the        http://www.deq.state.or.us/news/publicnotices/pn.asp
public is invited to make comments related to
specific conditions within the proposed permit.         You can review the draft permit and permit
                                                        application at the DEQ Salem Office
Who is the applicant?                                   750 Front Street NE, Suite 120
Valley Landfills, Inc                                   Salem, OR 97301.
PO Box 807
Corvallis, OR 97339                                     For a review appointment, call: (503) 378-8240.
DEQ’s Role:                                             waste. Moisture from rainfall that flows through
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality          the compost piles can mobilize contaminants, and this
(DEQ) is responsible for protecting and enhancing       water (known as leachate), if carried off-site in
Oregon’s water and air quality, for cleaning up         stormwater run-off, has the potential to pollute surface
spills and releases of hazardous materials, and for     and groundwater in this area. The site is located near
managing the proper disposal of hazardous and           Soap Creek. Therefore, the site is regulated by this
solid wastes. One way DEQ does this is by               permit and an NPDES Stormwater Permit to monitor
requiring permits for certain activities and            and prevent potential contamination problems.
facilities that may present a potential threat to the
environment if not properly managed. DEQ                Objectionable odors may result from composting
issues composting permits in order to regulate          operations, particularly if not managed properly. The
operation of these facilities to minimize nuisance      Operations Plan describes the measures that will be
conditions, and/or any impacts to the environment       implemented in order to minimize odors as much as
or public health.                                       possible.

Compliance history:                                     How are the permitted substances measured?
A review of the permit file and facility reports        By the ton or by the cubic yard.
indicates there have been no documented
violations or enforcement action taken by the           What are the special conditions of this
Department during the term of the current permit.       permit?
                                                        The permittee submitted an Operations Plan (Plan)
Who is affected?                                        which outlines the procedures for operating the facility
Property owners and residents near the facility in      to maintain compliance with the Solid Waste
Benton County. People who work, live, and               Composting Permit. The Plan was approved as part of
recreate in the area.                                   the permit screening and evaluation process. The Plan
                                                        will become an enforceable part of the permit when
What other DEQ permits are required?                    issued.
The facility currently is regulated under a DEQ
Solid Waste Composting Permit that is expired,          The Plan must be updated during the term of the
but has been administratively extended until a new      permit to incorporate any modifications at the site, and
composting permit is issued. They are also              to reflect any changes in operation procedures for any
regulated under a 1200Z NPDES Stormwater                reason. For example, these reasons may include
Permit.                                                 violations of conditions or limitations of the permit, or
                                                        a change in the type or amount of feedstocks
What similar activities take place in the               composted at the facility.
vicinity of the facility?
No other composting facilities are in the nearby        The permit requires monitoring for pollutants, both
vicinity. Valley Landfills, Inc. does operate the       from the finished compost and from stormwater run-
Coffin Butte Municipal Solid Waste Landfill             off from the site. If environmental impacts are
about 2-3 miles west of the compost site which is       discovered through monitoring or inspection data, the
permitted as an operating landfill by DEQ.              permittee will be required to implement additional
                                                        controls at the site and that the Operations Plan be
What legal requirements apply?                          updated to incorporate these changes.
Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 459.205 requires a
DEQ permit for any solid waste disposal site.           What happens next?
ORS 459.245 authorizes the Department to issue          DEQ will review and consider all comments received
solid waste disposal site permits. Oregon               during the comment period. Following this review,
Administrative Rules Chapter 340 Division 93-97         DEQ may issue the permit as proposed or modified, or
provides further clarification of permit issuance       deny the permit.
                                                        DEQ will schedule a public hearing if the Department
What are the known health effects or                    receives written requests from ten persons, or an
environmental impacts of the permitted                  organization representing at least ten persons, for a
substances stored, disposed of,                         hearing. The Department may also hold a hearing if it
discharged or emitted by the facility?                  determines that significant public interest warrants a
No known health effects or environmental impacts        hearing. An additional public notice will be published
have been identified to date at the PRC site.           to advertise the public hearing.                            DEQ-DC1
Feedstocks will include yard debris and food
                                                        or if you need information in large print, Braille or
Participation in rulemaking or the legislative          another format. To make these arrangements, contact
process is the only way to change the rules or          DEQ Communications & Outreach (503) 229-5696 or
statutes. Ultimately, if a facility meets all current   toll free in Oregon at (800) 452-4011; fax to 503-229-
legal requirements, DEQ will issue the permit.          6762; or e-mail to deqinfo@deq.state.or.us.

Accessibility information                               People with hearing or speech impairments using a
DEQ is committed to accommodating people with           TTY/TDD may call any of the numbers listed on this
disabilities at our hearings. Please notify DEQ of      sheet by going through the Oregon
any special physical or language accommodations         Telecommunications Relay Service at (800) 735-2900.