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Meeting Minutes of the Board of


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									Meeting Minutes of the Board of Directors (BoD);                               Dec. 8, 2009

Meeting Minutes of the Board of Directors; Dec. 8, 2009
Attending: Kris Brady, Barry Jucha, William Tompkins, Leandra Martinez, Harris Newman, Joel Navarro, Scott Willrich, Jim
Johnson, and, Minerva Evans

Kris Brady, Chapter President, called the meeting to order at 10:35 a.m.

Minutes from previous Board meeting had been reviewed and posted to the web (approved).

Treasury Report:
 Leandra reported she will be going to the bank for the new signature card for the new Board. The election announcement
    needed to be formally announced in Minutes of the meeting and a copy of the approved Minutes are provided to the bank.
 Annual audit is due – Harris Newman, Ruth Hooks, and Jim Johnson will assist with the audit

Elections for the 2010 Board:
  All ballots received were confirmed to be from Chapter members. The results of the election for the 2010 Board of Directors
   were announced:
                  President – William Tompkins
                  Secretary – Kris Brady
                  Treasurer – Leandra Martinez
                  Program Director – Joel Navarro
                  Membership Director – Barry Jucha
                  Information Director & Webmaster – Harris Newman
                  Publicity – Scott Willrich
                  Strategic Alliance – Melody Nunn

“Year in Review Report” to go to ACP National:
    William stated that he will produce the report and send it to ACP National. A copy of the report will be emailed to all Board
Recognition to staff of Austin Woman’s Club:
    William made a motion to provide recognition and appreciation to the staff of the Austin Woman’s Club (AWC) who have
    served the Chapter and Board of Directors during our various events at AWC throughout 2009 by obtaining four (4) $25.00
    gift cards to be presented to the AWC staff during the Chapter’s Annual Member Appreciation meeting; reimbursement from
    the Chapter Treasury. Barry Jucha seconded the motion; passed unanimously. Kris Brady volunteered to purchase the cards.
2010 ACP National Leadership Conference
       Kris advised everyone that ACP National had changed the attendance requirements for the 2010 ACP National Leadership
    Conference in San Antonio scheduled for January 15 & 16, 2010. The National Board has opened attendance to the 2010 event
    to all members of an ACP Chapter’s Board of Directors. The Board members discussed who from our Board may be able to
        The Board discussed and unilaterally agreed to cover the expenses for our 2010 Board members to attend the 2010 ACP
    National Leadership Conference in San Antonio and that the Treasury would reimburse hotel costs, transportation expenses
    and approved receipted expenses.
        Kris Brady planned to attend and would reserve one room; Leandra would check on her availability and coordinate with
    Kris. Joel Navarro planned to attend and would also reserve a room. William Tompkins and Harris Newman planned to
    attend and tentatively planned to drive to/from San Antonio on a daily basis; they would coordinate with each other. Barry
    Jucha and Scott Willrich were not certain of their availability.
Programs Report:
    Everyone discussed ideas for the 2010 Chapter meeting presentations.
Confirm day (& location) for 2010 meetings - Board of Directors:
    The Board reconfirmed changing the day of the Board of Directors meetings; in 2010 the meetings will be on the second
    Thursday of the month. Location for the 2010 meetings will be at City of Austin office located at 1124 S.IH 35 (parking on
    the 3rd floor); board members must be escorted by Harris Newman to the meeting room on the 3 rd floor.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Prepared by: William Tompkins
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