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					Where Leadership is Earned™
   Awareness of services & tools
   Get to know other McCombs leaders
   Knowledge of UT & McCombs procedures
   We are here for you – Resources, Advocates,
    Connections, Mentors, Guides, etc.

             Resulting In:
 The success of your organization
 Quality leadership experiences for all
   OSL move – ETA Oct 2008
    ◦ Recruitment, Scholarships, LeaderShape, Leadership
      Certificate, Org Support, Graduation, etc.
   Make an appointment – 471-0690
   Email us your question
   Send a meeting request on outlook
   Drop by – see if student worker can help or
    Wait………… Paula and Stephanie – RESPECT
Student Life provides comprehensive services and resources to
prospective and current undergraduate McCombs School of Business
students. We complement the academic program by enhancing the
college experience. We are committed to students and their continued
growth and achieve this commitment through:

   Challenging students to increase their skills and awareness in order
    that they may be effective leaders and global citizens;
   Facilitating programs that teach skills and expose students to new
    ideas which encourages students to think in depth about issues
    affecting them and/or their communities;
   Empowering students to successfully implement programs and events;
   Serving as an advocate to raise awareness of student issues and
   Building an inclusive community and creating connections among
    diverse populations within the McCombs School of Business and The
    University of Texas at Austin.
   Access to the           Student Leadership Center

   Support of Student Affairs Advisors & Administrators
   Apply for funding from OSL
   Request corporate contacts information from the BBA
    Career Services (BBACS) & Corporate Relationship
    Management (CRM)
   Advertise events in BBA Weekly Email, Plasma and TV
    screens, freshmen student handbook, and annual
    Recruiter’s Summit booklet
   Name on Texas BBA website
   Attend MASO training
   Follow Student Activities and Leadership Development
    (SALD) rules & guidelines– travel, logos, etc.
   Appropriate use of the Frito Lay Leadership Center
   Representative (President) attends Organization
    Leadership Meeting twice a semester
   Spend $$$$$ & use resources appropriately
   60% of your organization must be business students
   Represent McCombs well
   Respond to inquires by the UPO in a timely
   Remain in active status with SALD - Dean of
    Students Office
   Provide a MASO application at the end of
    the year
   Failure to meet the requirements may result
    in a semester or a year probation as well as
    removal as a McCombs Affiliated
    Organization. If appropriate, the Dean will
    report issues to SALD for further action.
   Reservations
    ◦ General Classrooms – SALD
    ◦ Business School Special and Paula Gilbert
    ◦ Outlook-Public Folders – Departmental – Dean’s
      Office – Special Room Reservations
   Food Form
   Posting Guidelines – UPO Front Desk approval
    needed - 25 approved flyers in CBA/GSB.
   Parking
   BBA Newsletter – deadline is Tuesday at noon
    for that Friday. Can have email addresses,
    small pictures, and web links.
   TV Screen – regular PowerPoint slide
   Plasma Screen – Download 16x9 PowerPoint
   Web space - McCombs provides accounts for
    MASOs on the Web - can help.
   BBA Blog???
   Google calendar
We’re here to help!
   SALD Account – Not UT $

 UT Account – OSL $– allocated through
funding site – Mostly donation from Co-OP

   UT MASO Corporate Funds Joint Account
   Individual UT accounts –a few orgs have them
   Not UT money but improper spending
    investigated by Dean of Students
   Fundraising (rules in SALD Manual)
   Member dues
   Selling merchandise
   Donations

    ◦ individual or company looses tax credit
    ◦ DO NOT USE Sales Tax Exemption Form
   Organizations can submit requests to
    OSL for allocation of funds

    ◦ open April1every year
    ◦ Funding requests reviewed in July,
      September, November
   Many organizations share one account
   Official UT Account – Tax Exempt spending & Tax
    Credit for Corporation
   Paula tracks your portion of the account
   Events financially supported by the
    Office of Student Life are primarily
    those professional in nature. A very
    limited number of events that are
    social in nature and/or held off-
    campus will be supported.

    ◦ Orgs don’t use UT $ to travel
   Give us the check within 24 hours along
    with intent of check, from whom (name and
    title), and the original envelope
   Invoices mailed from vendors or checks
    from Corporate donors should be sent to:
      University of Texas at Austin
      1 University Station, B6100
      Undergraduate Programs Office
      Attn: Student Org Name
      Austin, TX 78712
   Meet with Stephanie and/or Paula
    ◦ Large programs – semester before
    ◦ Small program – one month in advance
   Copy both Stephanie and Paula on all emails
    (including attachments)
   All paperwork should minimally have org
    name, event/date, and contact person
   Only individuals who have attended this
    training and/or know the rules may spend
    and request funds
   Vendors & students being reimbursed must
    have a Payee Information Form (PIF) on file

   Vendors must be in good tax standing with


   MUST submit Official Occasion Expense Form
    (OOEF) and budget for food, entertainment, gifts
    or give-aways including t-shirts, awards
   Name of purchaser, organization, and event
    title must be on all estimates, invoices, and
   Receipts must be itemized, show date of
    purchase and payment, and NO sales tax
   2 reimbursements per org/per semester
   Net 30 UT policy – Vendors will be paid
    within 30 days of the receipt of goods or
    final invoice, whichever is later.
   Tips: ≤15% - always initial.
   Official Occasion Expense Form (OOEF) for
    food, entertainment and gifts required before
    event (minimum of 2 weeks)

   Approval required before money can be spent
   Can use credit card for HEB, Wal-Mart,
    Central Market (has catering),Target or any
    grocery store

   Cash prizes also require a Memorandum
    through Dean and Provost office BEFORE
   Office Depot

   UT contract discount

   Submit item number, description, quantity
    and price by noon on Friday to Stephanie or
      Login name: hook-em
      Password: hook-em
   ProCard (Credit Card) Purchases
    ◦ No Tax, No Restaurants, No AMMO
        No Living Things, No Gift Cards
    ◦ Card may be checked out morning
        or afternoon – no overnight requests
    ◦ Email Stephanie and Paula with request to use,
      including date and time
    ◦ Credit card must be returned with itemized
   Submit a quote or estimate from vendor with
    artwork so Purchase Order (PO) can be
   Try to use vendors that direct bill
   PO number is given to vendor to provide
   Final invoice must be given or sent to Paula
    for processing
   Require contracts signed by Dean’s Office
   UT does not do deposits
   Facilities Services - tables, chairs, trash
    cans, tablecloths, electricity, work order
    done one month in advance
   3rd Floor Duplicating Services
    ◦ Bring back carbon (PINK) copy – must have student
      name, org name, and event title
   Central Duplicating for larger jobs
   Media Services for large sized copies
   Bidding recommended but no longer required
   Can meet organizational goals, be fun, but
   Organizations must manage their own risks
    involving travel.
   OSL will only do risk management, i.e.,
    medical insurance cards, release &
    indemnification, emergency medical info,
    with students they are financially supporting
    to attend an event or conference.
   New OSL online system for risk paperwork.
   Representative body of the Business School
   Umbrella organization for all McCombs
    Affiliated Student Organizations (MASO)
   Only sponsored organization of the Business
   Staffs Frito Lay Leadership Center
 Proximity Reader
 Computers alarmed
 Printer prints to Mill Lab (CBA 5.322)
 Cleaning - $ Making Opportunity
 Reserving Conference Rooms
 Lockers – Nubia Tamayo
   Maintain courtesy & cleanliness - shared space
   A MASO selected for cleaning the Frito every week
    between Thursday, 8 am, and Friday, 3 pm.
   Each org responsible for 3 weeks
   Cleaning               & supplies will be provided.

   A member of your org will be responsible for setting
    up a time to review the work with OSL within normal
    business hours.
   After 3 satisfactory reviews $200 will be approved
    for your org to spend before the end of the year.
   The Applications Dues Sept 8
   The office will only be accessible on
    weekends and after 9pm with Proximity Card

   Step 1: Go to Flawn and exchange your ID for
    a proximity ID
   Step 2: President emails SHG with names of
    officers/chairs that have the new ID
1.  Corporations donate funds to UT for specific groups or
    with criteria and Corporate Relationship Management
    (CRM) suggests a program to match.
2. Mostly CRM directs corporations to view and select
    proposals from
   or sometimes include your programs in a direct pitch.
   You benefit from having your proposals on the website.
 3.    Students propose an event directly to a corporation
   and they give to a specific event or sometimes general
   organizational support
Do not rely on CRM to pick up the phone and find your
◦   Monday, September 15 - A second proposal deadline is
    available for events that have been created over the summer.
◦   Monday, October 20 – Spring event final proposal deadline.
◦   Friday, January 16 –Final deadline for Spring event
◦   April - Corporate funding and leadership transition session
◦   Friday, May 1 – Finalized fall sponsorship proposals. Earlier
    is even better, companies begin to do the fall budgets in
◦   *Think about assigning someone to work on
    proposals/contacts over the summer, preferably someone
    who has time to devote
   Purpose of the event
   Is it unique? Do some research
   What is the value?
   Who is the audience, what will the company
    get out of it?
   Are company benefits and price points in line
    with the number of attendees?
   1-2 pages – No more
   Details (What if we don’t have them?)
   Date, time, place
   Spelling and grammar
   Include an itinerary of the event
   Sponsorship levels; benefits
   Sponsorship deadline
   Contact information
   How/where to send money
    ◦ Proposal for editing
      Budget
      List of companies you plan/want to contact
    ◦ Enter description in Student Org Request System
      under Post a Corporate Involvement Opportunity
    ◦ You may also ask for funding from UPO at any time
    CeCe attaches to the description you entered and goes live
     to the Corporate Involvement Opps website
    CRM MAY send to specific companies on your behalf
    Gets feedback from CRM; CeCe fills in the other contacts.
    Are responsible for contacting companies yourself, after
     we edit your list.
   New Office of Student Life logo:

   McCombs logo:

   Use with approval: The University of Texas at
    Austin™, Texas®, Longhorns®, UT™, seal design,
    tower design, Hook em Horns®, Bevo, interlocking
    UT, block T, Longhorn Silhouette, longhorn
    caricature, Helmet logo, Hook em hand sign, Hook
    em™ etc...
   Student organizations CAN use corporate logos
    if you also list Student Life, or another
    McCombs department.
   May be used on posters, flyers, websites.
   “Special thanks to”
   Thank ALL sponsors, including UPO and
    Co Op
   Companies are still not allowed to promote or
    sell their products on campus.
   Out-of-state trips NO LONGER REQUIRE staff/faculty
    member attend
   Info to provide to company
      Itinerary
      Visit Agenda
      Resume CD
   Info to provide students
      Company research
       Each others contact and emergency info
       Itinerary
       Agenda
    BBACS can provide a pre-departure workshop.
    ◦ Dress For Success Booklet & Resume Guidelines are
      available at BBACS or downloadable from