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					                                               English                              Persuasive Essay

                            Toulmin’s Model of Argument

                                   How to use this worksheet:
                                   Toulmin’s model is an effective tool to help you question your sources
                                   and the essential elements of your own argument.

                                   Use a separate copy of this worksheet to evaluate each of your
                                   sources. Once you’ve identified the specific parts of each argument,
                                   compare the claims, the data, the warrants (along with any qualifiers,
                                   rebuttals, or backing). Note where arguments are similar or different,
                                   weaker or stronger, supported by more or less (or by convincing or
                                   unconvincing) data.

                                    Use another copy of the worksheet to plan your own argument.
Decide on a claim that is supported by the data and the warrants you have discovered through your
research. Knowing the elemental structure of your argument is an essential step toward producing an
effective argument.

Source: (Record the full source citation here

      Statistics

      Study- research conducted by a special organization to prove a point

      Testimony (Quote from Authority)- that has experienced concerning your topic.

List each claim made in the argument. The claims of why prostitution is illegal are, that you

get money, and paid for something you like to do. You make a good living out of this job.

You get to meet new people everyday, when you work. Another claim is that you have fun

and get pleasure everyday, and you still get paid for it.____________________________


Record the data used to support each claim. There is a financial and emotional benefit from

being a prostitute._

Identify the warrants. (What assumptions make the data support the claims?) Are these

warrants implicit (implied) or explicit (clearly stated)? The warrants are clearly stated and

even though they bring harmful diseases, they can still make money to fix and treat thoses


Record any backing given for the warrant(s). if prostitution gets legalized, then more

peopled would have a better chance of getting some way of income.

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                                               English                        Persuasive Essay

List any qualifiers. You would have to be 18 years of age to be a prostitute. You can only

work on your block and you will have to handle the business in your household. You will also

have to take a written test on prostitution and you will earn a license to prostitute.

List any rebuttals. If not followed these qualifications then you will have to get your license

of prostitution taken away for a certain amount of time.

What is your overall evaluation of the strength or weakness of this argument? What reasons

can you give to support your evaluation? My overall strengths are that this was good

argument to put up and I made a good point in this argument.

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