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Remember, they are already assuming you can
                do the job

You just have to prove that their assumption is right and
                     be a good fit.
         Dress for Success

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Your
 appearance needs to convey reliability, trustworthiness,
     attention to detail and that you are up to date. has some good advice in general
Do my clothes really matter?
Do my clothes really matter?
What about a professional makeover?
            Image Makeover pictures
   Research the company on the internet & utilize any other resource
    that is available to you
       Their website
       Linkedin
       ZoomInfo
       Drive by and sit in the parking lot or lobby

   Prepare responses to interview questions from a list or book.
      Role play and ask for critique and suggestions
      Practice in front of a mirror in your outfit

   When answering questions, paint the picture, be clear & concise, do
    not ramble.
      Silence may seem uncomfortable if the interviewer is writing
        down your answers.
      Get a 1 minute timer for practice
         Know your response to the one
             guaranteed question
   15SecondPitch : Before and After Video

   Complete the following to develop your drill:
      My name is
      Most recently I have been working (organization or school,
       position held and big accomplishments)
      My background includes (past positions or occupations if
      I’m really good at (strongest strengths)
      I’m currently exploring

   Cardinal Rule:     Write your 30 second drill down and carry it
    with you on an index card so you can practice it anywhere!

                          Who would like to practice their response?
     Diane’s drill 3 years ago
“My name is Diane Jerman, a management and career
consultant. Typical projects are leadership
teambuilding retreats and helping departments re-
organize themselves. Before starting my own business,
I worked at Rohm and Haas as a chemical engineer for
ten years. I love helping folks re- discover their
strengths…and figure out how to use them making
their organization or job situation better. I’m here
today to learn more about business concerns in the
                   What to Bring
   A few of copies of your resume’
   Have a reference sheet available
   List of questions for you to ask the company
   Pocket full of business cards
   Job posting
   Cover letter you wrote and any other coorespondence
   Directions and contact info
     Sample of a Reference Entry
Debbie Burns                                                 215-343-9241
Executive Director, A Non Profit
P.O. Box 000
Doylestown, PA 18901

Debbie was a client for consulting services and leadership coaching
  which began in 2002 after I stepped down from the Board of
  Directors at ANP. She can attest to my project management
  skills, stakeholder engagement expertise, cost- effectiveness, and
  ability to overcome resistance.
     You want to hand in about 4 professional references, might have 8 to
                                choose from
   Remember that you are also interviewing the company. You will
    have time to ask questions.

   The position that you are interviewing for will dictate how you
    should shape your questions.

   Ask thought provoking questions not the same questions that
    other candidates are asking.

   Use some of the terminology that is listed in the job description
    and compile questions from the description that would give you
    insight to the specific duties of the job.
 6 most popular interview questions
2. What are your strengths?
3. What are your weaknesses?
4. Give me an example of a time you:
           Saved the company money
           Made a mistake
           Accomplished something your very proud of
    (this question category is called, “behavioral –based questions”)
5. Why are you no longer employed with your previous
6. What questions do you have for me?
  We already covered the first one, remember? Tell me about yourself ?.
           Answering behavioral-based
   This type of quesitons focuses probing questions on past
    experiences, prior actions, knowledge, skills and abilities that are
   Interview questions should be answered in the STAR format:
        What was the Situation?
        What Task where you charged with accomplishing?
        What Actions did you take to accomplish that task?
        What were the Results?
   Be prepared to identify examples of situations from your
    experiences. When speaking about a specific experience,
    remember to identify the STAR - situation, task, actions and
What question do dread getting?
     Don’t Let Your Guard Down
   Body Language
   Eye Contact
   Smile
   Keep Professional Distance
   Watch out for interviewing traps
     What is your biggest weakness?
     What are the biggest failures you’ve had during your
   Mirroring
           Ending the Interview
   Ask for the next step in the process
   Ask for a timeline of the process
   Ask for the business card
   Ask the interviewer how they would prefer to be
   Thank them for the opportunity and give a firm
                         Follow Up
   Hand written thank you note or email ASAP

   The email or letter should include:

       The first sentence should address your appreciation for the
        time spent with you
       The second sentence should mention specific information
        from the interview
       The third sentence should include special skills you bring to
        the table & why they should hire you

   Continue follow up with email or phone call within a few days of
    the interview.
    Sample text from actual interview
         that brought an offer
Dear Peer who participated on the team interview,

I enjoyed meeting you today during my interview for the Education
   Coordinator at BCCC. I am impressed with the staff I met and learned
   a surprising amount during my interview. You have a very efficient and
   balanced selection process in place at BCCC and it has been my
   pleasure to participate in it.

I hope we get a chance to work together in the future. I'm sure I can hit
   the ground running to manage the current Education program
   and grow it in value and make it an even more integral part of the
   BCCC's mission. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need
   additional information or I can help you in anyway. Thanks again for
   your time and interest today.

Diane Job Seeker
    Final Point: When is the interview
   When you get your first pay check