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									COMMITTEE: Strategic Planning MEETING DATE: 6 October 2006 9:30 – 11:00 A.M. MEETING LOCATION: Director's Conference Room
Meeting called to order by Robert Hoffman at 9:35 AM Names of those attending: Jim Blackshear, Robert Hoffman, Donna Jacobs, Dr. Norman Smith Absent with Notice: Clint Ewell, Jerry Jorgensen, Kathy Larrison, Dr. C. Marlow, Guest: Tim Karpoff Absent: One additional faculty members from Faculty Senate appointment, two additional staff members from Staff Senate appointment, President of the Student Senate, one additional student appointed by the Student Senate Agenda:

1. Approval of the Minutes of 6 October 2006 2. Mini-grant sub-committee and RFP process – Urgent to Announce RFP to campus community 3. Strategic Planning and Accreditation linkage with SPC – Report from AQIP Tele-Meeting of 19 October 2006 – Implications for SPC activity 4. Report from the Director of Community Affairs or the Grants Coordinator of progress toward forming the Grants Oversight Subcommittee of the SPC – Larry Sanderson and/or Monroe Walker 5. Other MINUTES 1. The minutes of 6 October 2006 were approved. 2. Discussion of the Mini-grant RFP document and process was tabled until the joint SPC/AQIP Team meeting, Thursday, 26 November 09:00 – 11:00 (Venue TBA) 3. During the AQIP Team meeting of 19 October 2006, the Executive Director emphasized that the AQIP Systems Portfolio is to be the contribution from UNM-Gallup to University of New Mexico’s accreditation submission to the Higher Learning Commission and that UNM-Gallup is an AQIP institution. The Strategic Planning Committee urges that we obtain documentation from UNM and the HLC, including documentation of the action projects we have on file with AQIP, to initiate our archive record of our participation in continuous improvement as an AQIP institution.

Strategic Planning Committee Minutes, 6 October 2006 Robert Hoffman reported further information from the AQIP meeting. The AQIP team is amenable to merging with the Strategic Planning Committee in the interest of fostering a foundational AQIP notion that strategic planning, the AQIP continuous improvement and assessment concept, the delivery of the institutional mission through daily activities, and the budget process are entwined. At the next meeting of the AQIP team, formalization of this merger will be discussed and, hopefully, operationalized. At that time leadership of the merged group will be decided. 4. Robert Hoffman reported that the Faculty Senate Operations Committee will undertake to form the Grants Oversight Sub-committee of SPC and solicit a membership. The three vital functions of this committee recommended by SPC are:  Initial review, comment, and approval of grant concepts in respect to RFPs, including consideration of the purpose of the proposal in respect to the strategic plan, the effect of proposed staffing and anticipated costs to the institution Review of the budget of a proposal prior to its submittal in respect to staffing and costs to the institution Close regular review of spending in accordance to the budgets of grants received


 

The SPC welcomes the Faculty Senate Operations Committee’s help in this respect and looks forward to receiving a Grants Oversight Sub-Committee charge defining at least its purpose, scope of action, membership, and procedures. The Operations Committee is referred to the Minutes of the Strategic Planning Committee of 22 September 2006 for some initial thoughts on the structure and function of the Grants Oversight Subcommittee. 5. Tim Karpoff explained his basic charge as consultant in the strategic planning process at this point. He is facilitate the updating of the current strategic plan at mid-point through a variety of pluralistic interviews and conversations with such bodies as the Faculty, Staff, and Student Senates, key committees, the ALT, the Board, the community and other entities and people. Karpoff expressed his understanding of strategic planning as a process of evolving thinking and AQIP as a process of changing action and monitoring that action. These two elements are entwined in process. Karpoff will help the SPC to formalize a description or model of our strategic planning process to respond to Category 8 of the AQIP Categories. 6. The meeting of the SPC was adjourned by Robert Hoffman at 11:15 A.M.

Strategic Planning Committee Minutes, 6 October 2006


Next Meeting: Merged Strategic Planning Committee/AQIP Team, Thursday, 26 October 2006 9:30 – 10:30 Director’s Conference Room (unless a change of venue is announced) Preliminary Agenda of Strategic Planning Committee Items: 1. Approval of the Minutes of 20 October 2006 2. Mini-grant sub-committee and RFP process 3. Functional Merger of the Strategic Planning Committee and the AQIP Team, selection of leadership 4. Progress from the Faculty Senate Operations Committee in forming the Grants Oversight Sub-committee of the SPC 5. Other 6. The group will then consider items on items regarding AQIP Minutes respectfully submitted by Robert Hoffman, Co-chair, Strategic Planning Committee, 20 October 2006

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