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									ColorTheMemories Entrepreneur Magazine Article - EXERPT FROM ARTICLE Link to full article – “When War Means Profits” By catering to soldiers and their families, some businesses are keeping both goodwill and profits in mind. – 5/24/07 For DaLonna Rimsky, 34, her part-time business has been even more personal. Rimsky, who has a master's degree in elementary education, is a stay-at-home mom in Bossier City, Louisiana with her two children, six-year-old Colin and three-year-old Paige. Her husband, Michael, meanwhile, flies a B-52 for the Air Force. During fall 2005, he was gone for several months, based somewhere near Iraq on a mission for Operation Freedom. Colin was devastated, crying uncontrollably one day and flying into a fit of rage at school the next. Feeling helpless, Rimsky discovered she could remove the color from family photos using her computer and made a coloring book for her son. Colin suddenly had a tangible way of connecting with his father and began opening up to his mother. Long before her husband arrived home in early 2006, Rimsky had decided to create a business that would create coloring books from family photos people sent her. The pages would be perforated, so kids could tear out their drawings and hang them on the refrigerator. Three months ago, after consulting a lawyer, designing a site and determining things like pricing for the coloring books, which sell for $7.99 to $10.99, Rimsky launched After receiving local coverage from TV stations and newspapers, Rimsky has been averaging one to two orders a day, which isn't a bad way for a part-time mom entrepreneur to start. She believes non-military families will find value in the coloring books as well. "They can help any child who is dealing with a loss or separation," says Rimsky. People will always have differing opinions about the merits of any war, but there are some universal truths that everyone should be able to agree on. For instance, the world can always use another coloring book.

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