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No.16                                                                                          June 2007
                                                    WCPTCC NEWS

It is with sadness that I advise the parting of fellow club member Marty Stapff. Marty and wife Robyn were
previously club members of PTCDU Queensland prior to moving to the West. Whilst Marty & Robyn have not
attended a cruise due to illness, I did have the pleasure of having several enlightening conversations with Marty in
the early days of his arrival. Sadly, his illness has taken a cherished member away. Our hearts and sympathy go
out to Robyn and their families. Rest in peace Marty.

Hi Cruisers,

June is all but done. Where did that half of the year disappear to? Never mind, we have six months to cruise into
until we all clock up another year of cruisin’. Note to self. Start planning 2008 cruises.

To assist club members to get more acquainted with each other, I include a Member Profile section within the
Newsletter. This has generally been by invitation and is open to all and any member who wishes to participate,
along with submission of any other PT/Chrysler related information that you wish to share. If you have anything
you feel may be of interest, forward it to me via email for inclusion. Likewise, if you wish to be profiled, send
your profile to me without invitation. The more we include the stronger we become.

Having received this months Member Profile prompted me to cast my mind back to how we got tangled up in this
mess! All too often we take on a responsibility forgetting how we got there in the first place. I would like to make
special mention of two club members who were instrumental in the infancy of what we know as WCPTCC.
Initially Valerie, threw out the hook, then Shaun fed the line and dropped the sinker. Without these two fanatics
rolling out the turf, we may never have existed. Thank you to both of you, read on for further insight.

Another incentive that I will be adding to the newsletter is member and/or sponsor promotional dedications. Our
Sponsors keep the club going in many forms and fashions and do so without asking for reciprocal business. I
personally believe that we should support those who support the club.
I now have regained editing status to our web site, so information will be updated on a more regular basis.
Immediate areas that will be addressed are “2007 Cruises at a Pictorial Glance”, which is a photo record of our
cruises. Remember your cruise photos are welcome to be included here or in current newsletters. Check out the
link to Eights & Aces PT Cruiser Club on the Home Page, which gives links to various International PT Cruiser
Clubs including WCPTCC.
During the month of June we welcome the following new members: Jenny, Amanda, Natasha, Art & Bernie’s
2007 Inferno Red PT Cabrio and Art’s 2005 Silver Classic.

Recent Cruise.
Cruise to AQWA – Sunday 19th June 2007.

On a perfect day for cruising, having meet at the car park opposite the container terminal in Old Port Beach Road,
Fremantle, at 1.00pm for a 2.00pm start, 14 PT Cruisers bearing 30 members and guests proceeded to venture into
the bowels of the Fremantle coffee hub and anything else that got in the way.

Now any cruise controller with half a brain cell would recognise that to venture into this area on a Sunday lunch
period must be having a bad day, as you guessed it, the opening part of the cruise was bedlam to say the least.
Traffic, both foot and vehicular was as thick as thieves and needless to say that the cruise became disjointed, with
off shoot cruises of one and two PT’s going everywhere, PT’s meeting at unscheduled intersections, PT’s going in
all directions and the cruise now resembled a split atom.

Well not to be fazed, the main core sallied forth north of the place of departure where splinter groups caught up
and after a short tally, continued until we picked up the back line which somehow became the front line. We were
now 30 minutes behind schedule due to the unprecedented fiasco at Fremantle, so we struck a direct route to
Hillary’s Boat Harbour, opting to flag the Scarborough Coffee strip lest we encounter the same conditions as
Fremantle. The balance of the cruise was uneventful as we wound our way up the coast, with some PT’s having
bailed out along the way due to other commitments.

Once at AQWA, it was a free for all for parking which was anticipated as this area is a hot spot on any weekend.
None the less, we assembled at the venue and those taking the tour farewelled those who regrettably had to
continue on their own journey.

A leisurely tour at individual pace was then undertaken at the Aquarium by the entourage until the intercom told
us “it is time to go” and we were evicted. Onward to Sharkey’s for a feed of fish & chips, where we were joined
by Lillian and John. Thanks guys. Thanks also to Max and June who put their hands up to lead the initial affray.
I found it a little tricky to juggle cruise instructions, a two way and drive a Cabrio with the top down all at the
same time. Bernie did a great job at the tail end despite stealing the lead somehow. I guess CRUISERPT felt a
little miffed at being demoted to tail in favour of CABRIO PT taking the lead.
Future Cruises.
Saturday July 28th & Sunday July 29th 2007
        Overnighter to Quindanning Inne.

This cruise is now closed for bookings. Two double rooms remain vacant as of 25th June. If you wish to join us
contact the venue direct to ascertain room availability.

Club Profile.

Winter has arrived and the cold has set in. We have good stocks of Club branded Polar Fleece Jackets to ward
off those winter chills. Order yours today, only $55.00 and available in medium, large and x large. Visit
www.wcptcruiserclub.com click on the members’ area, go to Club Gear.

Member Profile.
                                                OUR PROFILE
Debbie & Shaun Cooley
“You have to have a profile” said Art.
Maybe he was standing on my bad side I thought. The realisation slowly came that I needed to lift my club
profile, as we have had to let it slip lately.

Model:     2001, Patriot Blue Classic
Nickname: “The Kitchen”
It was 2002 and a decision needed to be made on a new car. Yours truly was having a mini mid life crisis. I had
wanted a 1932 Roadster for a number of years. You know the Hot Rod type with V8 engine, no bonnet and lots of
bling. However I could only have one if it had enough seats to take the kids cruising too! Well that seems to
defeat the purpose of a roadster really doesn’t it.
Anyway I’d had my eye on the PT since it first popped up in early 2000, but was waiting for the rumoured V6
version or the Pronto convertible to come out. Sadly they never came. It was decision time and my ever loving
partner consented to getting a family PT hot rod. The price back in that day was not as competitive as they are
today, hence the nickname (“The Kitchen”) as the two things cost about the same.
Colour choice was easy, take one of the two colours they had in stock. Now once you have a PT you have to
personalise it, so we went down the path of new wheels, factory fog lights, chrome bling and roof spoiler. Later
adding lowered suspension with obligatory speed bump scrapes, strut brace etc etc.
Best PT Moment:                 Every time you pull up somewhere a head turns to look.
Worst PT Moment:                The day a family of magpies attacked the roof.
Luckiest PT Moment:             The car was 2 weeks old and it was rear ended on the freeway. No damage as the
                                tow bar took the blow.
Unexpected PT Moment:           Winning a trophy at the 2005 All Chrysler Show.
Now you know about the car, so if you want to know a bit more about us read on. Although neither Debbie nor I
were born in WA, we have lived here more than any other place, so we consider ourselves to be sandgropers.
After spending many years hop-scotching around the northern suburbs, either renting or house sitting, we did
something that most Perthites think is unthinkable, we moved south of the river. “Gasp, how could you do that” I
hear you cry but we are only just on the south side.
As we are a single car family at present, the PT gets lots of Km’s. At one point before we rationalised, we had 3
cars in the driveway, a 4WD, a sedan and a hatch. Like most other generation X’s or are we baby boomers, I
forget, we have 1 House, 2 teenage daughters and a pet, a recently acquired fish.
Once we had an eye catching car we had to show it off, as many do. So we surfed the net to find like-minded PT
owners in Perth. A couple of us got together for coffee and decided to do the club thing and so the WA PT
Owner’s Club, or PTOC, was born at the start of 2003. Debbie and I took over the reins a few months later as the
inaugural organiser had to stand down due to ill heath. After a few years of organising and entertaining many of
you we too had to pass on the duties of PT crusaders. That child has since grown into the WCPTCC, keep up the
good work Art.
We promise to try and meet more of you soon.
PT Bits

2007 PT Cabrio


   The 2007 Chrysler PT Cabrio offers cool PT Cruiser styling with versatility and flexibility not found in other
   convertibles. Aimed squarely at the sweet spot of the 325,000 unit per year segment, the Chrysler PT Cabrio
   has distinctive PT Cruiser styling, making it both the convertible to be in and the convertible to be seen in.

   Only the Chrysler PT Cabrio offers the PT Cruiser’s distinctive, one of a kind styling that looks as good on the
   inside as it does on the outside.

   Besides its styling, the Chrysler PT Cabrio is unique in the segment because it has versatile Fold & Tumble
   rear seats and a pass-through trunk. Driving experience shows, that the Chrysler PT Cabrio is extremely quiet
   with top up or down and offers a level of ride handling not typically found in the segment.
2007 Chrysler PT Cabrio

Standard Features:

Front-wheel-drive configuration, Pebble Beige or Black power cloth convertible top, sport bar with integrated
dome lamps, low-back bucket seats, power front and rear disc brakes, AM/FM radio with single-disc CD player,
MP3 auxiliary audio input jack, six premium speakers, air conditioning, easy-entry-system front seats, pass-
through cargo area, manual driver lumbar adjust, rear 50/50 split Fold & Tumble seats, rear-window defroster,
rear-view mirror with reading lamps, cloth sun visors with illuminated mirror, power mirrors, Remote keyless
entry, Sentry Key® theft-deterrent system instrument cluster with tachometer, Chrysler signature analogue clock,
speed-sensitive power locks, driver and passenger one-touch power windows and much more.
Sponsors Products of the Month.

                     For all your PT Cruiser, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Bling and Accessories.

For those who love the idea of aftermarket rims for their beloved PT, but everywhere they look, they all
seem the same, we have acquired the US agency for the most amazing, different rims we have ever seen.

The company is called Hipnotic Wheels. If you want your wheels with a huge dish, chrome, black, chrome
and black, chrome and colour, black and colour or even interchangeable, Hipnotic Wheels does it all with
their C-Note wheel and inserts giving you unbelievable options. The inserts come in black, but can be colour
coded to match your PT. The rim is 18” x 7.5” We will let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Looking to upgrade your PC, invest in a Laptop or network with a new Laptop? Look no further. Nigel has the
best deal for you with Acer Laptops. Full IT supply and service. Click on the icon for further details. WCPTCC
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For Sale
                                             Yvonne’s Mag Wheels

Yvonne has upgraded and is selling her four Speedy Mag wheels inclusive of tyres. Tyres have travelled circa
38,000 kilometres. Rims are well cared for and are in excellent condition, ready to bolt on. Sell price $1,000.00.
All enquiries to Don on 0418 943 934.
                                   Roys 2002 Patriot Blue Classic Cruiser

                           Roy has put his award winning GRUMPY PT up for sale.
Modifications and additions as follows:
Lowered Suspension, (super low) 18” Chrome Rims, Chrome Grille & Side Spears, K&N filter, Screamin’
Demon Coil, Live Wires Spark Leads and Throttle Body Spacer. The PT is fitted with an in car DVD
player, coupled up to 2 amps and sub woofers. The Grumpy PT personalised plates are part of the deal.

Grumpy PT has travelled 119,000 kms and has had regular scheduled services. Grumpy PT has 18 months
dealer warranty remaining.                                                  Asking price: $22,500.00 ono
                                     All enquiries to Art on 0432 947 531

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