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									                                               English                               Persuasive Essay

                            Toulmin’s Model of Argument

                                   How to use this worksheet:
                                   Toulmin’s model is an effective tool to help you question your sources
                                   and the essential elements of your own argument.

                                   Use a separate copy of this worksheet to evaluate each of your
                                   sources. Once you’ve identified the specific parts of each argument,
                                   compare the claims, the data, the warrants (along with any qualifiers,
                                   rebuttals, or backing). Note where arguments are similar or different,
                                   weaker or stronger, supported by more or less (or by convincing or
                                   unconvincing) data.

                                    Use another copy of the worksheet to plan your own argument.
Decide on a claim that is supported by the data and the warrants you have discovered through your
research. Knowing the elemental structure of your argument is an essential step toward producing an
effective argument.

Source: (Record the full source citation here

      Statistics   Public School Uniform Statistics - Education Bug          School Uniforms and

       Teen Violence -           School Uniforms

      Study                     Reviewing School

       Uniforms -

      Testimony (Quote from Authority) School Uniforms and Teen Violence -        The Benefits of School Uniforms | Socyberty

List each claim made in the argument.

       School uniforms should be made a requirement in schools. They should be required in every

state throughout the U.S. All students K-12 should have to wear the uniforms. Each school should be

allowed to choose what type of uniforms will be mandatory.

Record the data used to support each claim.

       1. Uniforms will make sure students don’t wear revealing clothes.

       2. With uniforms inappropriate clothing won’t be tolerated.

       3. Kids won’t be allowed to wear “gang colors” with uniforms.

       4. Requiring uniforms will make kids more professional and ready for their future.

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                                                  English                                 Persuasive Essay

        5. Children won’t feel pressured to have certain clothes and the latest styles.

        6. With uniforms kids will be able to focus on learning rather than the appearance of themselves

        and other students.

Identify the warrants. (What assumptions make the data support the claims?) Are these

warrants implicit (implied) or explicit (clearly stated)?

        If we want schools and to have a positive appearance, feel safe, and be productive then school

uniforms need to be required in schools.

Record any backing given for the warrant(s).

                In schools with uniforms crime rates have dropped, the amount of suspensions dropped

fewer fights, less thefts, less alcohol in schools, and a smaller amount of weapons being brought to

school. It limits what clothes can be worn such as revealing clothes, clothes that are gang colors, clothes

with inappropriate words, and other clothes that is unacceptable. In a school in California during the first

year of introducing uniforms they saw a 43% reduction in suspensions, 54% fewer fights, a 70%

reduction in alcohol, 20% fewer cases of weapons and thefts in school. In another school in California

when uniforms were required suspensions dropped by 90%, crime rate dropped by 91%, and vandalism

dropped by 69%. Dr. Alan Hilfer a psychologist for children and adolescents says, “Uniforms do eliminate

competition, pressure, and assaults perpetrated by older kids on younger kids for their sneakers and

other possessions. They also allow some kids to focus better, especially in the lower grades.” A principal

in Cherry Hill, Geraldine Smallwood says that when kids are wearing school uniforms, “They have better

attitudes about school and they know that they are coming to work.”

List any qualifiers.

        The uniforms will be for all schools in the U.S. whether they are public or private schools.

Students in grades K-12 will be required to wear the uniforms. Enforcing the uniforms will have to go

into effect at the beginning of the following school year. Each school will be allowed to choose the extent

of their uniforms and what the uniforms will look like.

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                                                 English                               Persuasive Essay

List any rebuttals.

        Even though uniforms limit a student’s individuality they prevent many other issues in schools

like violence and other distractions.

        Some families may have trouble purchasing uniforms if they have a small income, however

schools should be able to help these families to ensure that the school is safer and more productive.

        People may debate over whether or not school uniforms affect a student’s right of expression but

uniforms are just a guideline to help create safer schools that will be more productive and positive.

What is your overall evaluation of the strength or weakness of this argument? What reasons

can you give to support your evaluation?

        I feel my argument is very strong. I have sources and evidence. I have showed actual studies

where schools tested uniforms and I have those results. I have showed statistics and the percentages of

how effective uniforms are. I have actual quotes from doctors and principals considering their opinions

on school uniforms.    I don’t have a large amount of quotes from professionals.

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