CFN gas card _pigg_ - DOC by louielou


									                                                                 April 23, 2010

In regards to George Lowery CFN gas card #5014693 I __________________________
agree that I take full responsibility for CFN gas card #5014693. I___________________
understand and are fully aware that the consumption of gas on CFN gas card #5014693
is to only be used doing work for Elijah Electric Inc. and only Elijah Electric Inc.
I __________________________ understand and are fully aware that it is 100%
forbidden that I use CFN gas card #5014693 for my personal use or anyone elses.
In the unfortunate incident that CFN gas card #5014693 becomes lost or stolen
I___________________________ are completely responsible to report this incident
immedietly, if I ___________________________ do not report this and excess charges
are added to CFN gas card #5014693 I _____________________________________
will take full responsibility for the charges.. I ________________________________
Agree that if I abuse CFN gas card #5014693 my rights to the card will be terminated
immediately. I ________________________________ are in full agreement with Elijah
Electric Inc. on the policys regarding CFN gas card #5014693

Elijah Electric Inc.

Luis Martinez

            Elijah Electric Inc., 1220 Reno Ave. Ste. G., Modesto, Ca. 95350
                              (209) 577-0488, (209) 577-0483

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