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       FROM THE DRIVER S SEAT                                                                                                                      With Zaahir Parker

Hip hip! Hooray! After one of     of the magazine seems to be
the longest winters that Cape     creating quite a stir amongst
Town has had, summer is           readers. If you have a story to
basically on our doorstep. It     share, please send it along to
seems that we've skipped right    us. Our games section sees a
through spring and smack bang     synopsis of Burnout Paradise, a
in to summer. And that is         game I intend clocking one day
obviously gonna bring us our      when I actually have the
summer cruises, laid back         freaking time. Where do the
weekends enjoying the most        gamekoppe find time to
beautiful sunset in the world     actually play? I hardly have
and hopefully lots of car shows   time to even watch my
and events. We have already       favourite motoring shows at
been inundated with emails        night.
regarding car shows ranging
from the school car shows to       We have, however, had time to
the highly anticipated Lord of     be out and about searching for
the Blings taking place on 30      feature-worthy cars and it
November. The same date also       seems that every turn you take
sees us having to choose           you come across a hot car. We
between King of the Mountain       hope to bring them all to you in
as well. What to do? What to       due course. A few of the first
do?                                finds in our search was Luke's
                                   JDM Civic as well as an
The Urban RacR team hopes          absolute stunner of a Suzuki           featured in the magazine has        the newly initiated Street2Strip      Email:    info@urbanracr.co.za
that our readers have enjoyed      Hayabusa owned by Tony                 been on the scene for just over     events being held at Killarney;       Postal:   PO Box 62, Athlone, 7760, Cape Town, South Africa
our last edition as much as we “Bubba” George. Could this be              a year now and has already          or the Raceline Autofest; or the      Mobile:   +27 (0)82 890 7802
have. If you have any              Japanese engineering at its best?      been featured elsewhere, but        Road 2 Kustom Lord of the             Fax:      +27 (0)86 544 0803
comments, suggestions or           Germany also features in the           we just had to give Aneesa's        Blings show; or one of the
anything please drop us a line. magazine in the form of what              wheels the proper Urban RacR        upcoming Urban RacR events?
I'll be sure to add all our        could quite arguably be one of         feature it deserves.
contact details at the end of this the most well rounded SUVs             There are loads of events to        Like I said before, drop us a line
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                                   Volkswagen Touareg. Check              that the readers should come        suggestions. And if you feel that
We continue with our Style         out our review and if you want         out and join us at these events.    you have some photographic or
Guide in this issue as well as     to see what it's all about give        With summer looming there           writing skills, we are sure we
our nostalgic Tales from the       Paarl Vallei Volkswagen a call         can be no excuses not to join       can put them to good use.
Klip(fontein). This tales section to book a test drive. The Beetle        us. And where better than at        Coolios, RT

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RIDING                     With Ridwaan Nordien

                                                                            Where's spring? Can whoever stole it,       the online photo galleries in most of the
                                                                            please bring it back! What initially        events' articles.
                                                                            seemed would be a lazy month, ended
                                                                            up to be more like an omnibus of events.    In summation I am going to use that
                                                                            With the launch of the Friday nights        cliché “Live your life a quarter-mile at a
                                                                            Street-to-Strip drags at Killarney, car     time,” but instead of trying to improve
                                                                            dyno days, bike dyno days, sound-offs,      your over-all speed and time, try to first
                                                                            and gymkhanas, which included a road-       improve your reaction time… With the
                                                                            trip. My only problem now, seeing that      advent of Killarney's Street2Strip,
                                                                            the articles and pics are done for our      reaction times are going to be even more
                                                                            readers, is to find some extra cash. This   crucial.
                                                                            because I too had quite a few pics of
                                                                            myself taken by our friends in blue         On a sad note, Urban RacR Magazine
                                                                            (Eish!).                                    would like to extend their condolences
                                                                                                                        and sincerest sympathies to the friends
                                                                            For those on Facebook who thought I         and family of Mitsubishi rally driver, Paul
                                                                            bought a bike and managed to take a pic     Pfeiffer. Paul died in hospital on Saturday
                                                                            of my clocks doing over 290km/h, I may      4 October 2008, after his car left the road
                                                                            be a good photographer, but damn, I'm       and landed upside down in a dam on a
                                                                            not that good. Standing next to a super     special stage of the Blue Crane Rally.
                                                                            bike doing +280km/h revving at over         Navigator, Cindi Harding was able to
                                                                            12000RPM… that shit can make a man          survive the accident, but sadly no Paul.
                                                                            go crazy.                                   This has been the first fatality (in rally)
                                                                                                                        since 1974. Let us all remember a man
                                                                            I trust you guys had as good a month as     who was living our dream.
                                                                            us, and have no fear; spring will come,
                                                                            eventually… Also, be sure to check out

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                                                     COVER CAR
                                          JDM HONDA CIVIC VTEC
                                                                            12          EVENT FEATURE
                                                                                     WORCESTER GYMKHANA
                                                 URBAN BIKER
                                                 TONY’S HAYABUSA
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                                                                                             BIKE DYNO DAY
                                                                                                                                   SPRING STANCE

                                              ANEESA’S MINT VOLLA
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                                                                                          • ED’S LETTER     04      • GAME FEATURE       52
                                                                                          • WAANIE’S LETTER 06      • TALES FROM DA KLIP 54

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                                                                                                   ’ yes, it does
                                                                                                        help if he has
                                                                                                                a nice car!
                                                                                                  to have starred in Boys and Girls
                                                                                                  At Urban we're nuts about cars. Which
                                                                                                  car gets you wild... ahem, which would
  NAME: Lamees Isaacs                                                                             you like to own?
  NICKNAME: “Foxy”                                                                                L: I’m definitely a Subaru kinda girl.
  AGE: 18
  FROM: BONTEHEUWEL                                                                               What do you do for fun?
                                                                                                  L: I enjoy watching the drag racing

  What do you think is your best feature?
  Lamees: My smile
                                                   Lamees                                         What's the craziest thing you've ever
                                                                                                  L: I once complained to the newspapers
                                                                                                  about my school principal! (Trouble with
                                                                                                  authority? Nice!)

                                                                                                  Name one celebrity you’d like to meet!
                                                                                                  L: Hmm, definitely Julia Roberts

                                                                                                  What kind of music do you smaak?
                                                    What's the one thing you can't leave          L: Hiphop and R&B, all the way!
                                                    home without?
                                                    L: My cellphone of course!                    By now you've got our readers drooling,
                                                                                                  what kind of guy do you drool over?
                                                    You've got a great body, what sort of         L: Tall, fair, sexy, handsome, cute smile, nice
                                                    hobbies do you enjoy?                         features and older than me... and yes it
                                                    L: I love all kinds of sports, including      DOES help if he has a nice car!
                                                                                                  Thanks for your time Foxy, you’ve been
                                                    Clearly you respect your body, what           fun to watch. Any word of inspiration to
                                                    sort of food do you eat?                      our readers?
                                                    L: I absolutely love my vegetables, believe   L: I just want to wish my best to the Urban
                                                    it or not.                                    RacR team!

                                                    Where can our readers find you during
                                                    these hot summer days?
                                                    L: Clifton Beach, where else?

                                                    What’s your all time favourite film?
                                                    L: Pretty Woman, but I would have loved

P A G E     1 0     |   U R B A N   R A C R   |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                    w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

                       Written by Zaahir Parker
Photography by Zaahir Parker & Ridwaan Nordien                                and IT'S
                                                                               A VTEC YO!!!

                                                                                    We’ve tracked down a JDM style

                                                                                    Civic… straight out of the southern

                                                                                    suburbs of Cape Town.

  P A G E   1 2   |   U R B A N   R A C R   |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                                        w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

                                                                                                           ’ Pull quote
                                                                                                              goes here...

* Sparco seats look awesome

   Having been the past owner of a Honda,
   a current owner of one, and an aspirant
   NSX owner, it is clear that Luke lives and
   breathes HONDA. His previous car was
   a single overhead cam Civic 160i. Luke
   loved the shape of the car but felt that he
   lacked the power. The obvious choice

                                                          then was to buy the more powerful
                                                          Honda EK9 Civic 1600 Vtec. Luke's
                                                          blood type is probably EK.

                                                          The Honda Vtec engine has been one of
                                                          the greatest motoring discoveries in recent
                                                          times. Vtec systems are able to extract
                                                          high outputs from low displacement
                                                          engines. Originating from motorcycle
                                                          technology, the variable valve timing and
                                                          lift electronic control system is so good,
                                                          that many other manufacturers have
                                                          subsequently developed their own, similar
                                                          systems. I can go on a complete tangent

P A G E         1 4      |    U R B A N   R A C R   |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                                                           w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

’ y other rid
m             e
    is metrorail

                                                                                                                                               * pretty fly for a white guy

                                                                             about the pros and cons of the system;
                                                                             and spew pages of technical jargon and
                                                                             commentary regarding Vtec, but this
                                                                             article is about a particular 2000 model
                                                                             Civic Vtec belonging to the Hondaboys
                                                                             club's “token white boy”, Luke.

                                                                             The car is still somewhat short of his EK9
                                                                             Type R fantasy, but she oozes its own
                                                                             appeal. Having had the car for about two
                                                                             years, Luke commenced customizing the
                                                                             engine and bodywork some time this
                                                                             year. And as we all know, once you start
                                                                             you just can't stop. But let's look at what
                                                                             we have before us.

                                                                             Most of the engine has remained pretty
                                                                             standard (by Cape Town standards
                                                                             anyway) and has been breathed upon by
                                                                             Honda mechanic and tuner, Shane Lind.
                                                                             The cams have been upgraded to the full
                                                                             race spec Crower stage 3 setup. These
                                                                             cams are capable of a rev range well into
                                                                             the 9000s; screaming like a banshee
                                                                             when vtec kicks in yo. The only other
                                                                             mods that Luke is willing to divulge are

 P A G E   1 6   |   U R B A N   R A C R   |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                                     w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

 the stainless steel Megan Racing header              to mention that the car is far from done,
 (in my day it was called a branch) and the           but with time and money it most certainly
 Whale Penis induction kit which scoops               will be. With any luck this car will surpass
 in loads of air. Ernie and the rest of the           his future EK9 Type R. Picture this future
 guys at Ottery Petrol and Diesel tuned the           shopping list: Walbro fuel pump, Megan
 car and its Unichip to perfection and the            fuel pressure regulator, stage 1 clutch,
 Vtec now kicks out a respectable 131kw               Skunk 2 intake, Type R rear lip, Spoon
 with 159nm of torque on their “rolling               carbon fibre rear wing, full I.C.E.
 road”. This car pulls really well.                   installation, etc.

 Luke's Civic rolls in proper racing style            The package looks good. It looks right. It
 too, with Buddy Club rims shod in                    looks JDM. A place for everything and
 Yokohama rubber. The wheels look                     everything in its place. Right down to the
 absolutely perfect on this car with a very           custom made decals adorning his rear
 comfortable 40mm Razor drop, and suits               passenger windows; the hint of the red
 the white bodywork to perfection. Body-              Sparco seats as you see Luke passing you
 wise the car is pretty standard. The only            on the road. There isn't much that you
 add-ons are the spoon mirrors and the                could fault this car on. Perhaps just the
 type R grille, Mugen front lip and JDM-              fact that he has no quarter mile times to
 style yellow foglights. To break the colour          produce. C'mon Luke. Pop on over to
 a bit, Luke has very wisely opted to add             Killarney for Street2Strip and let's see
 Mugen decals on the sides and spray the              what she can do.
 bonnet, roof and bootlid black.

 As I mentioned earlier in the article, once
 you start you just can't stop. Luke is quick

P A G E      1 8     |   U R B A N   R A C R    |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                                                                                                       w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

                                                                                                                              (Hayabusa - definition - Peregrine Falcon,

                                                                                                                              a bird capable of speeds over 320km/h)



                                                       Raceline Autofest is taking place on 25 October 2008 at the
                                                       Raceline Cape Town branch (corner Section Street, Platinum
                                                       Drive and Gold Street, Brooklyn, Ysterplaat - opposite Builders

                                                       Ladies... This is your invitation to enter the Miss Raceline
                                                       competition to stand a chance of becoming a South African NOS
                                                        Girl 2008 as well as being featured in Urban RacR Magazine
                                                        Online and other publications. There are loads of cash prizes
                                                         and vouchers to be won. For more information regarding the
                                                          Miss Raceline competition please contact Urban RacR
                                                          Magazine on 0828907802 or email models@urbanracr.co.za
                                                             for an entry form. As always Urban RacR Magazine will be
                                                               there to give you full media coverage of the event. Be sure
                                                                to visit our website to check out our events updates and to                                      Written and Photography by Zaahir Parker
                                                                download the latest issue of the magazine -
P A G E                  2 0   |   U R B A N
                                               R A C R | O N L I N E I S S U E 3
                                                                                       w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

                                                                                      ’could it get
                                                                                       any shinier?

Tony George's 2002 Suzuki             almost 130kw, the power to
Hayabusa is 1298cc's of pure          weight ratio is something car
speed. In the past few years          owners can only dream about.
the Hayabusa has been                 This is possibly the ultimate
consistently tested as one of         hyper sport bike, although
the fastest production                Tony would say that the
motorcyles in the world.              ultimate one would be a
                                      Hayabusa Twin Turbo.
Capable of a ten second               Oooooh!
quartermile and a top speed of
over 300km/h in stock form,           Over 100,000 Hayabusas were
this bike is really fast. When        sold worldwide, and 35 year
the Hayabusa was first                old Tony set about making his
introduced in 1999 it took            one a bit more special. The
over the top spot from the            colour of this beauty is called
Honda CBR1100XX Super                 crystal allure and it certainly IS
Blackbird as the fastest              alluring. Tony reckons that it
production bike. In this case,        reminds him of the crystal
as in mother nature, the              clear waters of tropical islands.
Blackbird was the prey of the         The same blue carries over to
Falcon. Honda riders may not          the tinted blue screen fitted to
like it ... but it's true. With its   the original fairings with
aerodynamic design playing            customised vents. The frame
home to an engine producing           has been polished to a mirror

P A G E          2 2      |   U R B A N   R A C R   |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                             w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

                                                                            finish, which perfectly matches    for him at this year's event
                                                                            the chrome rims and decal kit.     once again), as well as a
                                                                            Even the grips have been           couple of Swallows Rally
                                                                            replaced with ones which have      Concours de elegance first
                                                                            a silver/chrome effect to finish   place spots.
                                                                            it off nicely.
                                                                                                               But just because this bike is
                                                                            The 17" rims are fitted with a     currently spec'ed to win show
                                                                            Pirelli 190 Metzeler combo to      and shine competitions does
                                                                            ensure stability and superior      not mean that Tony doesn't
                                                                            cornering ability. What I found    like going fast. The liquid
                                                                            really titillating was the         cooled DOHC in-line 4
                                                                            Hayabusa branded billet            cylinder engine is fitted with a
                                                                            aluminium rear disk and the        full blueprint spec 16v
                                                                            Nishin braking system with 6       cylinder head and Tony thinks
                                                                            post pistons, anti-dive system     that with a current stock

  ’ no, it simply
                                                                            and obligatory braided hoses.      compression ratio of 11.0:1,
                                                                            What attention to detail! His      this little 4 cylinder motor
                                                                            attention to detail has            could certainly manage with
                                                                            rewarded Tony with the first       the fitment of a turbocharger.

                                                                            place prize as well as the         C'mon Tony (or should I call
                                                                            Overall Show Winner's trophy       you Bubba), time's a-wasting…

                                                 ’                          two years running at Lord of
                                                                            the Blings (be sure to look out
                                                                                                               just do the darn turbo
                                                                                                               conversion already!

P A G E   2 4   |   U R B A N   R A C R   |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                                                w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

                                                                            ’ VOLLA ’
                                                                            Imagine being given a hiding by a 1958

                                                                            Beetle… driven by a GIRL! Oh the shame!

                                                                                          Written by Zaahir Parker
                                                                              Photography by RT & Ridwaan Nordien

P A G E   2 6   |   U R B A N   R A C R   |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                                                        w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

 Originally called the Type 1, the                                  be a strange choice of vehicle when one can
 Volkswagen Beetle was manufactured from                            buy quite a few really nice cars out there on
 1938 all the way through to 2003. It has                           the second-hand market, and I even asked
 been a benchmark for many other                                    why she didn't buy something like a Vtec or
 carmakers and was rated the most                                   something. I can't describe in words the
 influential car of the twentieth century. As a                     dagger looks she gave me. And seeing as this
 matter of fact, this particular Beetle                             is a family magazine, I can't even repeat the
 featured in this article is proving to be a                        profanities I was exposed to except to say
 benchmark for many robot racers as well.                           that according to her, Vtecs *%#@$ suck!
 Say what? Yep! Don't be fooled into                                Sources have confirmed that this little Bug
 thinking that is just an ordinary Bug. This                        has whipped many a Vtec thanks to few
 little Bug can whip some serious ass on the                        modifications carried out on the engine and
 strip.                                                             suspension. This SAA employee is now able
                                                                    to enjoy some low flying on almost any road
 Aneesa Hassen chose this little baby because                       she chooses.
 she loves the car, it's heritage, and that it is
 an inconspicuous cult classic. It may seem to                      Aneesa started modding her Beetle about a

                                                                                                                    year after acquiring the car in the good old
                                                                                                                    Orange Free State. The car still had the
                                                                                                                    original paintwork and interior, untouched
                                                                                                                    and looking a bit worse for wear. Craig's Car
                                                                                                                    Care in Woodstock, Cape Town soon
                                                                                                                    remedied that and coated the Beetle with a
                                                                                                                    custom mixed Berryl Green basecoat and a
                                                                                                                    few extra chrome pieces were added to the
                                                                                                                    original car. Thanks to the angel eye crystals
                                                                                                                    and custom spotlights fitted upfront, night
                                                                                                                    vision goggles are not a basic requirement
                                                                                                                    when driving at night. Eyelids on the front as
                                                                                                                    well as the rear lights look totally retro.

                                                                                                                    The standard issue steering wheel was
                                                                                                                    retained after refurbishing along with the
   * if you think that’s a tidy bum, wait till you see next month

P A G E          2 8        |   U R B A N       R A C R     |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                            w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

                                                                                          Performance Buggies. The list of goodies and
                                                                                          mods on this Bug is way too long to go into
                                                                                          detail here. The cylinder head has been
                                                                                          ported and polished, with the billet cam
                                                                                          having been counterweighted and balanced.
                                                                                          The pistons used are a whopping 94mm that
                                                                                          have also been perfectly balanced. The twin
                                                                                          44mm Webers sit on either side of the
                                                                                          engine bay and are aided by a Mallory
                                                                                          electric fuel pump. Unfortunately, the car is
                                                                                          too low to fit on any dyno, so power figures
                                                                                          are unknown at this time. The suspension
                                                                                          height is fully adjustable to a maximum of
                                                                                          100mm and I must say that the lowered look
                                                                                          suits it extremely well; especially the way
                                                                                          those Porsche Speedster 7J/8J staggered look
                                                                                          wheels fill the arches. Needless to say the
                                                                                          brakes had to be upgraded to ensure correct
                                                                                          stopping power and this was achieved by
                                                                                          using the disc brake system of a Golf, which
                                                                                          was customized for the Porsche wheel stud
  *clean enough to eat a gatsby off... and then some more

                                                                                          Aneesa may feel that this car is
 standard original seats and door panels. This                                            inconspicuous, but when you see this car,
 certainly boosts the car's character appeal.                                             standing or driving, it certainly grabs your
 The pedals and gear knob are Empi                                                        attention. This package just looks right. From
 Performance Parts items and the original                                                 the colour of the bodywork to the polished
 carpet has been replaced by with new square                                              and detailed wheels, from the roar of its
 weave carpeting. The dashboard now houses                                                Empi exhaust system and its Phat Boy
 Autogauge items with chrome surrounds that                                               silencer to its launch from the traffic lights.
 fits in nicely with the rest of the décor. These                                         Boy racers beware. This girl can make you
 include a rev counter with shift light, oil                                              cry … in shame.
 temperature gauge, oil pressure and
 voltmeter. A couple of custom switches also                                              Be sure to download Issue 04 when we
 find their way to the dashboard, courtesy of                                             feature Faheem's Karmann Ghia which you
 Dave Rowley Performance for the oil cooler,                                              see peeking in some of the pictures.
 fuel pump and headlights.

 That's correct, the maestro behind this Vtec-
 killer is … (drum roll please) Dave Rowley

P A G E         3 0       |   U R B A N     R A C R     |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                                                                                                 w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

                                                                                                                                                                       ’ m cars lay
on the scene
                                                                                                                      View this
                                                                                                                                                         down some rubber
                 16/08/08                                 DRAGS
                                        Written and Photography by Ridwaan Nordien
               The success of an event is often measured by the number of entrants

               or spectators. Personally, I like to believe that the success of a drag

               racing event is rather judged by the number of personal records

               broken, as well as an accident-free and breakdown-free event.
               After an unfortunate off-track incident with        be. Boasting the same 20v motor, running     one seat … the roll-cage is a necessity. Did I   seconds. Ben Greyling also had a solo run
               his previous golf, Elton Scullard and his           independent throttle bodies (ITB's), Elton   mention this car is completely stripped out?     in his mighty V8 powered little Ford Fiesta
               team recently completed the build of a              has opted for methanol coupled to a                                                           … yes, also to test his newly installed
               new drag car in the form of a two door              stripped out body, and I mean completely     This car makes enough power to light up          nitrous system. He managed to cross the
               MK1 Golf. If his previous car is anything           stripped out. Even the petrol, sorry,        those massive Mickey Thomson's up front to       lines with a jaw dropping 10.06 seconds.
               to go by, you can only imagine what kind            methanol tank is in the engine bay. The      launch the car across the tapes to finish with   Oom Ben, next time we are expecting a
               of a pioneer in his class this new golf will        interior consists of half a dashboard and                   a 12.2 second pass. This after    time in the 9's …
                                                                                                                               Elton was forced to apply
                                     * gymkhana continues to separate the fast cars from the fast drivers
                                                                                                                               brakes before the finish line
                                                                                                                               because his light-weight
                                                                                                                               bumper had ripped off.
                                                                                                                               Quick? Not really. Elton got
                                                                                                                               the golf down to a staggering
                                                                                                                               11.61 seconds, making him
                                                                                                                               one of the quickest N/A front
                                                                                                                               wheel drive cars in the

                                                                                                                               At the end of the day, Andre
                                                                                                                               October had a solo run
                                                                                                                               testing nitrous on his turbo
                                                                                                                               charged TRD, managing his
                                                                                                                               quickest on the day of 11.94

P A G E            3 2      |   U R B A N   R A C R   |   O N L I N E    I S S U E   3
                                                                                                                                                             w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

on the scene

                *WORCESTER                                                                                        View this

                                         Written and Photography by Ridwaan Nordien

               JUST MILLING AROUND: The Witzenberg Motor Club held the

               1st Boland region car gymkhana at the Worcester Mill Mall, which

               saw many big-powered and stiff-suspension machines battle it out                                 ’old school
               around a tight 11-turn course. The air-temperature was close onto                                           welcome!
               30 degrees despite the snow-covered mountaintops. This, and the
                                                                                                             323 finishing second trailing them by 5         Spectators and entrants alike thoroughly
               high grip tar surface was taxing on entrant's tyres. Drivers kept their                       1/100th of a second. That is what you call a    enjoyed the event.
                                                                                                             photo finish. Andre Dreyer and Patrick
               accelerators planted to the bare metal of their stripped out race                             Vermaak in the Mk2 16v Golf brought up          And judging by the camera fines I received
                                                                                                             the rear in third place.                        in the mail, it seems that the boys in blue
               machines in the hope of making up some time. Visibility was                                                                                   enjoyed taking photographs of my car.
                                                                                                             This event is set to be a favourite road-trip   #$@&%!!!!
               occasionally obscured due to the amounts of tyre smoke wafting                                event for up-coming motoring calendars.

               over the course.

               From Mk1 Golfs and Mazda 323s, to               times consisted of the entrant's two
               pipe-cars with mighty 5 litre V8 motors,        fastest times of their allotted three runs,
               single seater formula Ms, and even an           added together. Brent Laurings and co
               elegant with grunt 6 litre Lumina SS            driver Duncan Andrews in their Opel
               UTE, there were a plethora of entrants.         Kadett took top honours with a total time
               Drivers had to be on form with very little      of 1min 56.38 seconds, with Fanie Du
               to no room for any mistakes. Qualifying         Toit and Morne Roux in the Mazda EGi

P A G E              3 4     |   U R B A N   R A C R   |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                                                                                                 w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

on the scene
                                                                                                                    View this

                RACING DYNO DAY
                                        Written and Photography by Ridwaan Nordien

                Most of our readers have heard of dyno's and dyno days. We have

                however come across a few who are still not entirely clued up on                                                            ’e
                                                                                                                                            ve                  eights guaranteed
                what a dyno is, or what exactly happens at these events.
                                                                                                                                                                big power figures
                                                                                                              compare power figures with each other as           nitrous on his supercharged Lumina, but still
                                                                                                              well as to check if the newest air filter          managed the highest combined total on the
                                                                                                              which they just installed has had any affect       day (Kw's and Nm's) of 1076.5. He also
                                                                                                              on their vehicles. It also lends itself to safe    claimed first place in Class D. There were a
                                                                                                              competition, instead of racing illegally on        couple of unusual entrants on the day as
                                                                                                              the streets.                                       well, including a 2008 model C63 AMG
                                                                                                                                                                 fitted with four semi-slick tyres managing to
                                                                                                              Streetracing.co.za has made its second             post a respectable 325.7 Kw, and 574 Nm.
                                                                                                              appearance in Urban RacR Magazine                  Dirk Smit's twin turbo Toyota Supra pushed
                                                                                                              Online by hosting this hugely successful           out 276 Kw and 463 Nm. The Urban RacR
                                                                                                              event at Dyno Tech in Brackenfell. Izak and        Magazine sponsored Mazda RX7 Turbo of
                                                                                                              his crew were certainly kept busy, having to       Heinrich Cornelissen took Class C2 honours
                                                                                                              strap down, run and remove more than 70            with 363.7 Kw, and 531 Nm. Luckily, Dyno
                                                                                                              entrants on the day. Yes, over 70 cars were        Tech has a four wheel dyno which allowed
                                                                                                              entered and run on the day, which is by no         Michael De La Huht's Subaru STI to post
                                                                                                              means a modest number of entrants and              some impressive figures as well, taking
               A dynamometer or "dyno" for short, is a          loading of the car's engine through its       should give the Streetracing.co.za guys            second place in Class C2 with 328.3 Kw,
               machine used to measure torque and               own drive train. It is more commonly          bragging rights.                                   and 521 Nm.
               rotational speed (rpm) from which the            used to notice any significant increase, or
               power produced by a motor vehicle's              decrease caused by latest modifications.      Many of the big names were there,                  Don't forget to click on the online galleries
               engine, can be calculated. Dynamometers          Dyno days have become very popular on         including the likes of Suspect-WP who              link to view some of the hot rides run on the
               are used to provide simulated road               the car club scene as it allows entrants to   unfortunately had a problem with the               day…

P A G E             3 6     |   U R B A N   R A C R   |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                                                                                     w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

on the scene
                                                                                                          View this

               dyno day
                                       Written and Photography by Ridwaan Nordien

               Yamaha R6... Kawasaki Ninja... Suzuki Hayabusa... Honda

               Fireblade... Sounds like members of the Japanese Yakuza?
                                                                                                     Hosted at DMR (Danie Maritz Racing) with        second with 236HP.
               You may be forgiven for thinking that, but the fact remains, put                      numerous other sponsors, the day was            The 1000CC Class went to Shamiel Ryklief's
                                                                                                     packed with bikers bringing their rockets to    K7 managing 175HP on the rollers, with
               all these players together at one event (with an average of                           see the power, torque and top speed             Shaan's R1 doing 170HP. In the 750 Class,
                                                                                                     attainable by their rides. Yes, even top        Kat took honours with 134HP and Faizel
                                                                                                     speed. I tell you, standing next to a bike      Reynolds second with 129HP.
               12000RPM) and you have a clash that even the Chinese Triads
                                                                                                     doing 300+km/h, is insane. Hell, even "The
                                                                                                     Stig" graced us with his presence on the        Achmat's Blue R6 took the 600 Class with
               would be afraid of.                                                                   dyno.                                           107.88HP, and Ashley's Barry Sheen
                                                                                                                                                     Replica, piloted by the Stig, took second
                                                                                                     The number of bikes ran on the day was          with 107.34HP.
                                                                                                     limited to 30, and for very good reason. I
                                                                                                     saw brand new motorcycles stripped naked        As there were no 400's entered on the day,
                                                                                                     just so that certain electronics were           an Old School Class was constructed with
                                                                                                     accessible for the dyno crew. Someone on        Zuhair's 118HP FZR1000 claiming first and
                                                                                                     the car scene once said leave the 4-cylinders   an RS500 taking second with 35HP.
                                                                                                     at home, the 6-cylinders play from 200km/h.
                                                                                                     Well, in this case you would even have t        These figures seem kinda low as we are
                                                                                                     leave your 6-cylinders at home because the      more used to hearing big power figures from
                                                                                                     ZX14 of Renfred from Desert Wolves took         the four-wheeled beasts we normally
                                                                                                     fastest overall on the day with an astounding   feature, but bear in mind how the cars
                                                                                                     317km/h! Power figures on the day sparked       would feature against the bikes if we broke
                                                                                                     some interesting discussions on the day,        it all down to power to weight.
                                                                                                     with the Open Class going to Shadley
                                                                                                     Chilwan Turbo'd Hayabusa managing               A day thoroughly enjoyed by all, except for
                     * no it’s not the stig... or is it, damned if we know but the oke could pedal
                                                                                                     331HP. Sulaiman Jongie's Nos'd ZX14 took        the fact that I still want a Superbike!

P A G E        3 8       |   U R B A N     R A C R     |   O N L I N E     I S S U E   3
                                                                                                                                        w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

on the scene

                                      Written and Photography by Ridwaan Nordien

                 (stance – noun – the way a person or animal stands;

                 someone's position; an attitude)
                                                                                         sessions are normally filled with updates of
                                                                                         the latest mods and custom work being
                                                                                         done on their cars, or what they want to do
                                 * sunny skies and a wheel fetish, you missed out!
                                                                                         to their cars. Chatting to their peers also
                                                                                         includes some tall tales of what they
                                                                                         smoked… car-wise I mean. And all this,
                                                                                         while the cameras snap away.

                                                                                         In terms of cars, the word “stance” could

                                                                                                                                        refer to how a car looks. It could refer to
                                                                                                                                        how each cosmetic modification or addition
                                                                                                                                        compliments the other, such as ensuring that
                                                                                                                                        your wheel choice compliments the
               Every once in a while an avid group of                                                                                   contours of your car. It could refer to how
               Volkswagen, Audi and Seat owners give theeir                                                                             slamming your car looks riding on that ride
               cars the full spit and polish routine and head                                                                           height adjustable coilovers. Clearly, a good
               out to a spot which provides a beautiful                                                                                 stance is a vital component in creating a
               backdrop to tingle their senses, park their cars,                                                                        stand-out-from-the-rest kinda ride.
               and just chill out with each other. The chill

P A G E          4 0     |   U R B A N   R A C R     |   O N L I N E    I S S U E    3
                                                                                                                                      w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

KEEP                      ON
                                                                                                                         Written and Photography by Ridwaan Nordien

                          TRUCKIN ’

                                                                                From the moment that you step into the                 Leaving the Paarl Vallei Motors dealership, I try to
There seems to be a certain stigmatism regarding Sport Utility Vehicles         Volkswagen Touareg and engage the start                justify this + 2-ton, 3.0 litre V6 TDI test model. At
                                                                                function, your sense of self-worth increases as        4.7 metres in length this vehicle is a bit on the big
(SUVs), and this is that many who own them are self-pretentious                 any of the 6 different models, ranging from a 2.5      side. Why would I want to own one, besides the
                                                                                litre TDI to the mighty 5 litre 230kw 750nm V10        impulsive and emotional feelings that I'm currently
                                                                                TDI motor, roars to life. You can't help but smile.    experiencing? It's obviously quite difficult to
people seeking some sort of recognition. I wonder. Are SUV owners               As you sit looking around the cockpit you think to     compare an SUV to a normal road car, but seeing
                                                                                yourself, its built by the fourth largest vehicle      that most of our readers out there use cars instead
being self-pretentious, or is it that the rest of us are just jealous?          manufacturer in the world, I am driving one, I am      of SUV's, there are some comparisons which we
                                                                                successful.                                            can do between the two.

P A G E      4 4    |   U R B A N   R A C R   |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                                                                                     w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

                                                                                                                                                            ’ Pull quote
                                                                                                                                                               goes here...

                                                         difficult as the standard all-wheel drive     sufficient enough to tackle many an
                                                         system is equipped with an automatic          obstacle. The all-wheel drive and suspesion
                                                         progressively locking centre differential     setup also helps you negotiate quite well …
 The most obvious comparison is how each                 (with manual override). Turning the knob      even when you're taking that turn a little      and there. Be it short stops or long hauls,
 vehicle deals with the dreaded pothole.                 to my desired settings I negotiate an         too fast.                                       winding roads or mountain passes, this
 That is quite ridiculous actually, as the               incline. At the top I'm a bit disappointed.                                                   “People's Car” just laps it up. She seems to
 Touareg skips over these as if they were                Why didn't I choose a bigger hill? This is    We had this SUV on test for a good while,       like being on the move. Whether you're
 little ants in its way. The drive is so
                                                         too easy. Easy off down again, the            and it was used as my commuter, as well         using it as a commuter to and around work,
 comfortable and relaxed, whether you're
 offroad or onroad, the Touareg drives like a            approach and departure angles are             as doing a couple of family outings here        or taking the family or in-laws to the zoo
 car in most respects. There are no bone-                                                                                                              for the weekend (or home to the zoo) this
 jarring collisions with road imperfections                                                                                                            SUV just seems ideal. I would personally
 and the like.                                                                                                                                         like one of these for myself to tow my race-
                                                                                                                                                       car around the country. The V10 version's
 You will very rarely find another 3 litre                                                                                                             towing ability is nothing short of amazing
 SUV that pulls as strong as this vehicle, as I                                                                                                        and is able to tow a Boeing 747. You
 tap through the 6 gears on the tiptronic                                                                                                              would, however, have to add an extra 2
 transmission which is standard on all                                                                                                                 tons of weight to the Touareg to prevent
 models. En route back to Cape Town I                                                                                                                  wheel spin. This is the kind of vehicle
 decide to make a detour off the N1                                                                                                                    which can be all work during the week and
 national road via our farmlands. I'm not                                                                                                              all play on weekends.
 looking for seriously rugged terrain, just the
 type we may encounter going out on an                                                                                                                 Don't be misled by its size, height and
 adventurous Sunday drive. Let's see what                                                                                                              weight. Its agility, road-holding and ease of
 this baby can do. It shouldn't be too

P A G E       4 6     |   U R B A N   R A C R     |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                                      HAVE YOU
                                                                                                     FOUND YOUR
                                                                                                    PRIVATE DEAL?

                                                                                                                          FOR ALL VEHICLES and MOTORCYCLES BOUGHT AND SOLD PRIVATELY

                                                                                                     WE PROVIDE YOU WITH:

                                                                                                                                  CALL MOTORLEASE FINANCE
                                                                                                                                     FOR NO NONSENSE NO FUSS VEHICLE FINANCE
                                                                                                                                                             (EST. 1989)

                                                                                                                                     Tel: 021 715 7182 - Fax: 021 712 2191
                                                                                                                                A/H Rohan: 083 586 5126 - Leonie: 073 286 0381
drivability will amaze you whether you're                                                                                                           www.motorlease.co.za
accelerating or braking hard, or throwing it
through a corner. I surprised one or two
boy racers from the traffic lights. Haha!
What a joke seeing the expression on their
faces as I left them behind. Volkswagen
and Porsche, who teamed up in its
designing, have confined to body-roll to a
minimum in turns, and rather to forward                                                             Constantiaberg Biketique was established in July 2008, as an extension to
and back roll through acceleration and                                                              Constantiaberg Autos to meet the growing demands for cheaper transport. With the
                                                                                                    spiralling fuel costs and the shift to getting onto two wheels, it was a natural
braking                                                                                             extension to their current BMW range.

                                                                                                    Although any bike can be traded-in at Constantiaberg Biketique, the guys like to
                                                      With so many accessories and options          stick to their brand, BMW. You will find a wide range of BMW's from 650 GS's to
                                                      available, including air suspension (our      1200 Adventure's, and with a nice balance between road bikes and the soft off-
                                                                                                    roaders, there's a good chance you'll find what you are looking for in their newly
                                                      favorite), the Touareg is beyond competent    refurbished showroom. Let Ray, or his assistant Ryan steer you into the right
                                                      and lacks no luxuries. With such a great      choice of bike for you.
                                                      drive, the most avid off-roader will be
                                                      fooled. The Touareg can very easily replace   Finance can be arranged through F & I Motorlease, and warranties are available on
                                                                                                    all makes.
                                                      your saloon car, and since its face-lift in
                                                      2006, is by far my favorite SUV on the        The newly established shop carries a wide range of products, from gloves and
                                                      market to date.                               boots, to helmets, jackets and even full leather suits. If you're looking for a top-
                                                                                                    box, or panniers for your BMW, we have it for you, and at the most affordable
                                                                                                    prices too!

                                                                                                                           CONSTANTIABERG BIKETIQUE
 P A G E        4 8     |   U R B A N   R A C R   |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                                                246 Main Road, Diepriver - Tel: 021 715 7182 - Fax: 021 712 2191
                                                                                                                                               w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

      style guide
LOOK BEFORE YOU TWEAK: 2                                                                          rides, the bulk of them are admittedly old

                                                                                                  school, but persist and you will find some
                                                                                                  really JDM'able whips. The number one
                                                                                                  prospect however, will NOT surprise you
Keep it simple, stupid                                                                            being a Hondaboy favourite:
      aka KISS – it's a
                                                                                                  1) Honda Civic EK Vtec
  simple analogy and                                                                              2) Honda EG Ballade
                                                                                                  3) Honda CRX (Do you see the trend)
  succinctly sums up
                                                                                                  4) Mazda MX5
   the JDM (Japanese                                                                              5) Toyota RunX RSi
                                                                                                  6) Nissan Skyline GTX
   Domestic Market)                                                                               7) Toyota MR2                                              USEFUL LINKS:
                                                                                                  8) Subaru WRX (any shape will do)                        www.jdmpalace.com
                                                                                                  9) Honda S2000                                           www.hondaboys.co.za
                                                                                                  10) Datsun SSS (KP510)                                    www.jdmtuner.co.za
                                                                                                  11) Nissan 350Z                                          www.auto-otaku.com
 Forget those garish body kits, lurid spray         The thing about JDM is that you can play it   12) Mazda RX8                                       www.japanesenostalgiccar.com
 jobs, tacked on bodykits and spoilers big          loose, and if you can restrain your pimp                                                                www.jdmcivic.com
 enough to stop a 747 from clearing the             hand – JDM allows a subtle blend of other-    If you haven't noticed by now, yes – to be               www.importtuner.com
 runway. JDM is all about simple functional         world flavours to seep through – just don't   JDM, your car simply must be Japanese.              Plus many more, hell - just blow
 modifications designed to work twofold -           let it corrupt.                               The only acceptable exception to this rule            up Google and type in JDM.
 to enhance your ride and to restore it to                                                        is the Hyundai Tiburon, which despite its
 Jap-spec, which means orange indicators,           TOP CONTENDORS                                Korean roots has managed to capture the
 small bumpers and kanji-ridden                     Living in South Africa is no reason to be     hearts and imagination of the tuner world.
 numberplates, maybe.                               bleak, we too enjoy a plethora of top Jap     Respect Korea!

P A G E      5 0     |   U R B A N   R A C R   |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                                                                           w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

                                                          we play
                                                    : burnout
                                                                                              - the coup de grace must be the new game mode

                                                                                              called “Showtime“ which enables you to control
                                                                                              the crash in a myriad of rolls, dives, explosions
                                                                                              and cascading fire and brimstone. The results are
                                                                                              spectacular, almost comparable to the replay
                                                                                              mode in GRID, only far, far more diabolical. If
                                                                                              you’re not in simulation mode, fire up Burnout
 Screeeeech! Bang! Wham! Pooooof! Pow! Now that I’ve
                                                                                              Paradise - you will NOT be disappointed.
 soaked my keyboard trying to emulate the screams of
 twisted metal enjoyed on a continuous basis during a                                           ’ redefining
 quick round of Burnout - let me begin.
                                                                                                    the term
       * motor vehicular mayhem brought to you in
                                                                                            “rolling Thunder’
     gorgeously detailed next generation graphics
  - crashing doesn’t get better (safer) than this

 A full minute has passed, but the                  The racing is intact, before you’re
 flaming carcass of my car is still                 distressed at the prospect of a
 rolling - funny thing is that I’m still            diluted driving experience. The go-
 in control, so not a simulation game               anywhere universe that you now
 this then. Instead, the latest                     occupy is the largest update to the
 instalment in the breakneck series                 mechanics - essentially forcing you
 from Criterion Studios focuses on                  to look for your dices instead of
 the carnage and aftermath of a full                them being handed to you via a next
 scale collision - it really is a                   race screen - a bit like what you
 Burnout player’s paradise.                         were up to last night then? Of course

P A G E         5 2      |   U R B A N     R A C R    |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
                                                                                                                                                                                          w w w . u r b a n r a c r . c o . z a

UR: Remember the story                                  laughing the way he did! LOKL, I can't still                                           1st gear !!!! and very quickly !!!! I was         restore that baby to its former glory, and he
                                                        picture it! It was k@k funny thinking back                                             obviously trying to keep up with no luck !        did! He made it a legend again and Florida
Kinnux posted in issue 1, well

                                                                                                       * tales from theklip
                                                        now, we starting talking and catching up and                                           LOKL,.. One night (before I could drive or        was back. The original Florida (Shaheen) now
check out the lengthy reply to                          shyte! Time went on; I popped around to his                                            knew anything about cars, I was sikke 12 or       drives an E46 328 and don't' race anymore, or
                                                        place a few times. There was always cars at his                                        so) they where chilling at our house when         not that I know of,.
it here; on our letters page -                          place that was being worked on!                                                        Marky pulls up in his new cab. I think it was a
Tales from the Klip.                                                                                                                           Mitsubishi, but it was twin turbo ! A big thing   So when Cliffie was back on the roads with
                                                        The Skyline: So one day, I went to another                                             then,.. so naturally every one goes out to        Florida, restored, I heard lots of what was
                                                        friend also in Nevin Str and Cliffie was                                               check the car out,.. before u knew it the dice    happening and how the car was performing, I
Zunaid: Howzit Bra - I just finished reading            outside.(this is now about 2 or 3 yrs later) He                                        was set up ! These guys where not interested      on the other hand was on my way into in a
your mag! Nicely done! Your last article, the           sees me and shouts " My broe, wat maak jy                                              in quartermiles like we are today, they wanted    different space at that time! ,, as u know I was
Dude with the Skyline - that brought back so            hie, kom check gou hie, ek wil jou it's wys! "                                         top end !!! So me obviously had to jump in,       dating Rushana at the time and was about to
many memories! You won't understand                     He was extremely excited ! He permy had a                                              I'm not staying behind ! ,, IN the Skyline        get married! So I didn't really see much of
                                                        smile on his face, especially when he was                                              (Super Lane) of corse ! So we 3 in the Lane and   Cliffie, or the guys except late night after
Let me tell u something about that Skyline,             talking about cars and how he was moving                                               only the driver in the Mitsu,. they go all the    dropping her off and making a quick turn and
And how Cliffie came about wanting one like             forward in life ! So anyways, I jump out my car                                        way down the N2 past the airport almost into      a dice in Klipfontein Rd, but heard a lot of
that, actually, he wanted that specific one!            ( I think I had an Opel at the time, don't tell                                        Somerset West ! they turn around and line up      stories and how the yellow Florida is chopping
Don't know if the guy in the article has that           any1 ! LOKL, The Beemer boys won't                                                     on the N2,. everything is being double            the okes up !
specific yellow skyline he was talking about,           understand! ,) to go see what the fuss was                                             checked in the Lane and he makes sure all the
Cliffie's one, or is Kinnux talking about himself       about - He takes me into the yard past all the                                         windows seal properly before going,.. I'm in      And then one day a good few years later, I
in this article? I'm kak confused now! But              other cars thats being worked on,.. Right in the                                       the small back seat, so now it's the launch and   went back into the area and saw his place,
anyways, this is what I know about it, it goes          back, there is a car covered with this dirty                                           the Lane boggs! The Mitsu is gone ! Ou Florida    decided to see what his been up to all this
way back! To the times I used to steal my ou's          sheet,.. He pulls it off and what do u know the                                        (Shaheen) just said don't' worry! We'll catch     time, that's when I found out what happened, I
car to go Indies, Those where the days man!             old yellow Skyline ! He asks me, "my broe,                                             him now ! And he gets going, 1st gear, 2nd        was so shocked, he was one of the 1st friends I
                                                        ken jy die kar?" "check hom uit, jy ken die                                            gear, 3rd gear, 4th gear and we can now just      lost in an accident and then on a bike no less,.
Cliffie and I grew up in the same area, and             kar" He is k@k excited ! So I look at the car                                          about see the light of the Mitsu, and Florida     I remember, not knowing what to say to the
what was sed about him is all true ! believe it         trying to figure out what he is on about,,. The                                        (Shaheen) reaches down under his dash             lady, I just got in my car and left, on my way
or not, Cliffie and I where friends, u know mos         car looked like sh!t ! But I couldn't figure out                                       somewhere flipped a switch and the car gets       out the area I ran into a few other guys and
how it goes, every1 From the same area that             why he was so over excited, until he opened                                            an extra kick and starts building speed even      they also told me the story - sad sad sad bra,
was into cars knew each other, we didn't hang           the bonnet ! That's when it hit me !!!! as he                                          quicker and faster !!! (No NOS or at least I
out much, but we knew each other and went               opens the bonnet he says "Jy gan now die Lane                                          don't think so) but before u knew it, we where    So ya, thats not even all that this article
to school together for a brief time,. I "left" the      ken my bru !" The bonnet open and I look                                               in the Mitsu's boot!!!! That's when Marky         brought back to memory! There is so much
school and lost most contact with the ppl I             down, Triple sides ! I knew exactly what he                                            started slowing down and pulled over, His         more ! But when I started reading it and heard
used to hang out with and we met up a bit               was on about now and where the car come                                                Turbo's and Manifold was glowing red ! u          Nevin Str and Cliffie, this was the 1st things
later in life when we all started driving and           from !!!! That specific car he had was a legend                                        could see right thru it ! I was like WTF!!!! I    that came to mind! I'm glad to read that after
stealing our parents cars - So anyway…                  in it's time and thats why he wanted it so                                             didn't know much about cars back then, after      all these years and years, some1 remembered

                                                                                                                     Guest written by Kinnux
                                                        badly ! Then he says with a big smile and                                              that, I grew up a bit got into and basically      ou Cliffie and his Yellow Florida Skyline,
How Cliffie and I met up again: I was walking,          excitement " Now ken jy die Lane ! Ne ? Jy                                             started going to Indies a lot and checking out    Super Lane! Well now he will live on forever
yes walking, to the shop one day and I see this         onthou mos ve Florida, hy is now myne !"                                               the cars and seeing all the Super Lanes and       in your magazine! Thanks bra! Thanks for
old Ford Cortina ( the really old ones now,                                                                                                    how they used to run, I've seen so much           bring back the memories of the good old days
small ones) roaring down the back roads, the            He purchased the Super Lane known as Florida                                           things happen on Vanguard Drive and               and the good old friends from our childhoods!
next thing I know the car is air born ! I'm like        ! Originally owned by Shaheen an electrician                                           Klipfontein Road with those Skylines, Bins and    The good times, where all we could think
WTF just happened! I run over and it's Cliffie          and a friend to the family ! He bought the car                                         everything else, So I knew what Cliffie was on    about was cars and chix! Then again, did that
driving the car, we where about 16-17 at the            new and had it for many years. Made the car                                            about! I think everyone I knew then wanted a      change? Maybe for some, ha ha ha ha
time! The car went air born, because the Prop           and the name Florida very famous! one of my                                            2.8 GTX!!
came loose, gearbox side, dug into the ground           memories of the car was when I chased it in a                                                                                            A bit long I know,, thought I'd let u know
catapulting the car ! luckily it didn't flip, but       little 1.6 Toyota!,. I was driving behind him,                                         So anyways, after that day when he showed         Laterz
landed back on it's wheels ! When I got to the          going past Sinton and he turns right toward                                            me the car under the dirty cover, I knew what     Zunaid Richards
car. Cliffie's eyes where big! But always               Kromboom robots, that whole stretch he did in                                          his plan was, And He sed that he was going to

    P A G E          5 4      |   U R B A N   R A C R   |   O N L I N E   I S S U E   3
Voortrekker Road - Maitland

                           Zeta Linea Tyres
                                  195 x 50 x 15
                     Buy four tyres and get free delivery to one
                     address in Cape Town and surrounds up to
                     20km radius of Cape Town CBD. Call or
                     email for delivery price options further
                     afield. Price negotiable for quantity. Price
                     valid while stocks last.

                       Email: rt@urbanracr.co.za - Cell: 082 890 7802
          Issue Three
                The End

         Join us for Issue Four as we unveil
the finest piece of automotive arse to come out of
            Germany over 40 years ago
                  ...plus more
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