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 Saturday, June 06, 2009
 Vol. 13 No. 39 PM:40025701SATURDAY EDITION                                                                                                             Ph:(905) 795-8282
                                       The Visit India                                           Eating Indian                                  Osama bin Laden
                                       Roadshow 2009                                             curry meal regu-                               threatened
                                       held in Toronto                                           larly can help                                 Americans in a new
                                       in a bid to boost                                                                                        audio recording say-
                                       tourism to India
                                                                                                 prevent the onset
                                                                                                                                                ing President Barack       Gill International
                                                                                                 of Alzheimer's
                                       saw a huge num-                                           disease        or                              Obama inflamed                    Travel
                                       ber of visitors                                           dementia                                       hatred toward the US

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    Amin Dhillon
    Crowned Miss                       Meira Kumar Makes History As                                                                California                          14 Locations And ONE
                                                                                                                                                                        Number to Serve You
                                                                                                                                 Passes Kirpan
  India Worldwide                       India's First Woman Speaker                                                              Education Bill
     Canada 2010                      New Delhi: Will be
                                      remembered as a golden
                                      letter day in the country’s
                                      history when Ms Meira
                                      Kumar became the first                                                                                                           Need A
                                      woman to be appointed
                                      as the Speaker of the Lok                                                                                                        Mortgage?
                                      Sabha. The unanimous
                                      election of Meira Kumar                                                                                                          Call:
                                      to one of the top consti-
                                      tutional posts is also sig-
                                                                                                                                                                       Ranjit Dhaliwal
                                                                                                                                                                       Mortgage broker
                                      nificant as she is the first
                                      Dalit woman to be deco-                                                                                                                5-year Rate 3.59%
                                      rated with such an hon-        crat’s phenomenal rise to     the august office will also
                                      our.                                                                                                                             Tel:    905.789.1166
                                          This former bureau-                                                 Story page 3                                             Cell: 416.992.7265
                                                                                                                                 Los Angeles: The California
 Winnipeg: Amin Dhillon, a                                                                                                                                             Email:
 stunning model and marketing                Dera Leader Sant                                                                    assembly has passed a bill that
                                                                                                                                 makes it mandatory for the state      Website:
 professional, has won the title of
 Miss India Worldwide Canada               Rama Nand Cremated
                                                                                                                                 to train law enforcement agen-
                                                                                                                                 cies about the Sikh symbol kir-       Clarity Financial
 2010. Amin was selected by the                                                                                                  pan.                                     50 Sunnyvalue Gate, Unit 6,
 IFC, producers of the Miss India     Ballan: Dera Sachkhand leader Sant Rama                                                        The bill AB-504, which was             Brampton, ON L6S 0C4
 Worldwide pageant, to represent      Nand, whose death in a shooting incident                                                   passed unanimously by the
 Canada at the 19th Annual Miss       in Vienna triggered large-scale violence in                                                assembly Monday, will now go
 India Worldwide Pageant to be        Punjab, was on Thursday cremated with                                                      to the state senate for its nod
 held on Saturday, March 27,          full state honours at the sect headquarters                                                before      Governor     Arnold
 2010, at the International           here amidst tight security.                                                                Schwarzenegger signs it to make
 Convention Center in Durban,            An unending stream of devotees and a                                                    it a law.
 South Africa.                        host of politicians including Uttar                                                            Enjoying bipartisan support,
    Amin makes history as the         Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati, Punjab                                                    the bill was passed 59-0 by the
                                      Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and
            Continued on page 4       senior Congress leader Amarinder Singh                                    Story page 5               Continued on page 5

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 A - 2 THE WEEKLY VOICE, SATURDAY, JUNE 06, 2009                                                                                                                                           THE WEEKLY VOICE, SATURDAY, JUNE 06, 2009         A-3

                                                                                                                                                                             FRONT PAGE
 MEIRA KUMAR - from page 1
     be hailed as the Congress-led UPA gov-
 ernment’s yet another bold initiative
                                                   Australian Envoy Admits Attacks On Indian Students Racist
 towards the empowerment of Indian                 New Delhi: Overseas Indian Affairs Minister                                                                 English. Racism may be an element in the
 woman.                                            Vayalar      Ravi      met      Australian      High                                                        recent attacks but they were primarily criminal
     The Congress party, which was instru-         Commissioner John McCarthy in New Delhi                                                                     in nature. Some amount of racism exists in every
 mental in making Pratibha Devi Singh              urged him to ensure the safety of Indian stu-                                                               country," said McCarthy.
 Patil as the first woman President of the         dents studying in Australia.                                                                                   Earlier, Ravi had said that the Union
 country, clearly got an edge over other              While McCarthy admitted that there was an                                                                Government would keep track of all students
 political parties by appointing Meira             element of racism involved in the attack on                                                                 studying in Australia.
 Kumar as the first woman Speaker of the           Indians, most of the attacks were primarily                                                                    At least nine Indian students have been
 Lok Sabha.                                        criminal in nature.                                                                                         attacked in the past one month with the latest
     The Congress party insiders believe              He assured Ravi that measures are being                                                                  case coming to light on Tuesday when a 21-year-
 that Meira Kumar emerged as an obvious            taken to ensure the safety of Indian students.                                                              old was slashed with a box-cutter by a group of
 choice for the post after a large section of         "Our universities are world standard and                                                                 men on a college campus in Melbourne, the
 it opposed the candidature of V Kishore           Australia is still one of the safest countries in the   elling at certain places at certain times. Help     capital of Victoria where most of the attacks
 Chandra Deo from Andhra Pradesh for               world. Student must exercise caution while trav-        lines are also being set up for them in Hindi and   have occurred.❑
 the same especially as his ST status was
 under scanner.
     The senior Congress leader, who now
 shoulders a great responsibility to main-
 tain the integrity and the sanctity of the
 House, is all set to follow the foot prints of
 her distinguished predecessor Somnath
     The MP from Sasaram in Bihar faces a
 tough task as a woman Speaker to main-
 tain order in the 545-member House,
 which often erupts into chaos at the slight-
 est provocation.
     However, a woman adorning the ‘chair’
 for the first time is also expected to bring
 a pleasant change in the environment
 inside the Lower House where our law-
 makers will be seen referring to "Madam
 Speaker" instead of traditionally prefacing
 their speeches with "Mr Speaker, Sir or
 Honourable Speaker Sir."
     Meira Kumar’s felicitation as the
 Speaker of Lok Sabha is yet another indi-
 cation of country’s robust democracy
 based on the principles of equality, as she
 was backed by all top parties including the
 main opposition BJP for the top job.
     The Congress-led UPA decision of
 picking Kumar as the party's top con-
 tender to be the presiding officer of the
 Lok Sabha also reflects the Grand Old
 party’s serious efforts aimed at wooing the
 Dalit voters.
     This is evident from the fact that Prime
 Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, in his sec-
 ond innings, has nine Dalit leaders in the
 Council of Minister. Among them, four
 are from the Congress party and hold cab-
 inet rank while the one other belongs to
     Krishna Tirath is the sole Dalit leader
 from Delhi, who is one among the seven
 Ministers of State with independent
     Congress party, following its stunning
 comeback in politically significant states
 like UP, has now shifted its focus on the
 marginalised and so-far neglected Dalits
 voters, who are now drifting away slowly
 from the Mayawati’s BSP.
     According to political analysts, the
 appointment of Meira Kumar- a Dalit
 leader - on one of the top constitutional
 posts, will establish Congress party’s cre-
 dentials as the party providing equal repre-
 sentation to Dalits.
     The Congress high command’s deci-
 sion to appoint Dalit leaders on top posi-
 tions of authority and responsibility also
 aims at providing an alternative option to
 the Dalit community, which has so far
 found solace in the BSP camp.
     The Dalit community, which has been
 relying on Mayawati as the only leader to
 fight for its causes, is currently dissatisfied
 with BSP’s poor performance and failure
 to deliver its promises for the uplift of
 Dalits. The Congress party cannot afford
 to lose the Dalit vote bank, which can fur-
 ther revive its fortune especially after its
 stunning victory in UP in the recently
 concluded General Elections.
     The bitter rivalry between SP and the
 BSP and right wing leader Kalyan Singh
 switching sides to Mulayam Singh has
 already distracted the traditional Muslim
 vote bank of the two parties towards the
     If the Congress manages to make
 inroads into the Dalit bastion of the SP
 and BSP, then the Grand Old party will be
 unstoppable in the next assembly elec-
 tions. ❑

  Archie Andrews                                                            Two Indians
   Finally Makes                                                              Awarded
    His Choice
 Toronto: The age-old love trian-
 gle of Archie comics has finally
 been broken, after Riverdale's
                                     lisher sent speculation swirling
                                     when it announced a special
                                     marital-themed storyline for
 ultimate     playboy
 Andrews picked the vixen

 Veronica over girl-next-door
                                     release in August, but didn't
                                     reveal the lucky lady.
                                     The wedding will take place after
 Betty to be his wife.               the gang graduate from college,     Toronto: Two Indian doctoral students are among 37
 So what if Betty was a blonde,      and venture out into the work-      international researchers who have been awarded
 loyal and kind- when it came to     ing world.                          Canadian scholarships.
 popping the question Archie         However, the response to the           The two Indian recipients for the Vanier Canada
 chose the raven-haired, charm-      proposal has been markedly          Graduate Scholarship for 2009 are Niladri
 ing and rich Veronica.              divided-Betty fans are outraged     Chattopadhyay, who will pursue cancer research at the
 After 67 years of being in a        that the girl next door has been    University of Toronto, and Atam Kapoor, who will work
 dilemma, Archie is all set to tie   ditched yet again for the beauti-   in the field of chemical engineering at the University of
 the knot with the vixen-a choice    ful, yet spoilt, Ronnie.            Alberta, an official statement said Thursday.
 that left many Archie comic fans    While many fans are questioning        The awards will entitle them to $50,000 each per year
 in gasps.                           whether Archie should marry at      for up to three years.
 Archie Comic Publications           all, because it could mean a pos-      Once at full capacity, the programme will support up to
 announced on May 27 that the        sible end to the enduring comic-    500 new students annually.
 flighty redhead from Riverdale      book soap opera.                       The scholarships were announced by the Canadian gov-
 picked Veronica over Betty          The cover of Archie Comics          ernment in budget 2008 and are awarded to the world's
 Cooper.                             (issue 600) shows Archie propos-    leading doctoral students hailing from across Canada and
 Already in mid-May, the pub-        ing to Veronica. ❑                  abroad.
                                                                            Announcing the scholarships in Ottawa, Canada's
                                                                         Minister of State (Science and Technology) Gary
                                                                         Goodyear, said: "The recipients of these scholarships are
                                                                         the world's leading doctoral students and the next genera-
                                                                         tion of researchers, professors and industry leaders who
                                                                         will make considerable economic and social contributions
                                                                         in Canada and abroad."
                                                                            The scholarship programme aims to attract and retain
                                                                         world-class doctoral students by supporting students who
                                                                         demonstrate a high standard of scholarly achievement in
                                                                         graduate studies in the social sciences and humanities, nat-
                                                                         ural sciences and engineering, and health, as well as lead-
                                                                         ership skills. ❑

                                                                          AMIN DHILLON - from page 1

                                                                            first Manitoba woman to win the Title of Miss India
                                                                         Worldwide Canada. Amin beat out thousands of girls
                                                                         across Canada to capture the title of Miss India Worldwide
                                                                         Canada. She will use her newly crowned position to travel
                                                                         across Canada to support various charity causes and edu-
                                                                         cate woman today.
                                                                            The Miss India Worldwide pageant is the only interna-
                                                                         tional Indian pageant with over 25 countries participating.
                                                                         Previous winners have achieved success in Bollywood, busi-
                                                                         ness and politics.
                                                                            Previously, there have been two former Miss India
                                                                         Worldwide Canada winners to win the Miss India
                                                                         Worldwide crown: Poonam Chibber in 1997 and Melissa
                                                                         Bhagat in 1998.
                                                                            Amin, 24 years old, attended the University of
                                                                         Manitoba at the I.H. Asper School of Business where she
                                                                         obtained a Bachelor (Honours) degree. She has been active
                                                                         in her community by participating in student politics and
                                                                         on various fundraising committees.
                                                                            During her reign as Miss India Worldwide Canada,
                                                                         Amin will be available to support and appear at various
                                                                         charity and cultural events across Canada. Amin is deter-
                                                                         mined to support various national and international chari-
                                                                         ties during her reign and use her position to raise commu-
                                                                         nity awareness. Interested parties may contact Amin for
                                                                         appearances through the official Amin Dhillon website
                                                                         ( Amin will be utilizing a blog on
                                                                         her website to keep fans and supporters up-to-date on all of
                                                                         her activities during her reign.
                                                                            Currently, Amin and the 2010 Miss India Worldwide
                                                                         Canada Committee are seeking sponsorship to assist Amin
                                                                         in preparing for South Africa. Interested parties may obtain
                                                                         more information at the official Amin Dhillon website,
                                                               ❑                                                                                                                                                   THE WEEKLY VOICE, SATURDAY, JUNE 06, 2009           A-5

                                                                                                                                                                                      FRONT PAGE
   CREMATED- from page 1                      London Tube Now Offers Ticket                                                                                                           KIRPAN - from page 1

                                            Instructions In Hindi, Urdu, Bengali
                                          London: The next time you buy tickets         guages - English, French, German,           many of our staff speak foreign lan-
                                          to travel on the London Underground,          Italian, Japanese and Spanish.              guages, we have increased language
                                          you will be able to follow instructions           Now, as part of Transport for           translations on our ticket machines to
                                          on the ticket machines in Bengali,            London's Investment Programme, the          make it easier and quicker for tourists,
                                          Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Urdu.               upgrade means all touch screen              and those from London's diverse com-
                                              LU authorities have upgraded              machines in every station will also offer   munities whose first language isn't
                                          touch-screen ticket machines at its sta-      Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Greek,            English, to travel on the Tube." He
                                          tions to feature 17 languages, making         Gujarati, Hindi, Polish, Punjabi, Tamil,    added, "By increasing the number of
                                          life easier for the capital's Tube trav-      Turkish and Urdu.                           language translations, more customers
                                          ellers.                                           Wayne Trevor, LU's accessibility and    will be able to travel with confidence by
                                              Some machines already had six lan-        inclusion manager, said, "Although          using our ticket machines."❑
    turned up at the sect head-                                                                                                                                                    assembly in the California capital of
 quarters to pay their last respects
 to the sant as his mortal remains
 were kept at Satsang Bhawan for
                                               US University Given Grant                                                                                                           When it finally becomes a law, it will
                                                                                                                                                                                be the first such legislation in any US
                                                                                                                                                                                state to train law officers about the Sikh
 public viewing after being flown
 inhere in a chopper in the morn-
                                                To Promote Hindi, Urdu                                                                                                          religion and kirpan.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Apart from being victims of hate
                                                                                                                                                                                crimes after 9/11, many Sikhs have
    The area, about 15 kms from            Washington: Indiana University in                                                        semester of university-level instruc-
                                           the US has been given a government                                                       tion. Between June 22 and July 17,          been stopped at airports and other
 Jalandhar, was virtually convert-                                                                                                                                              places for wearing kirpan.
 ed into a cantonment as on each           grant of $119,999 to educate mid-                                                        students will meet in 20 hours of
                                           dle and high school teachers and                                                         classes each week and participate in           Many of them were also denied
 and every point to the entry                                                                                                                                                   entry or arrested for carrying kirpan in
 towards Ballan, large posse of            students in Hindi and Urdu, two of                                                       cultural activities.
                                           the three "strategic languages spo-                                                         They will go on field trips to cul-      public places in violation of concealed
 cops was deployed to avert any                                                                                                                                                 weapons laws.
                                           ken in some of the most populated                                                        tural sites and learn about the south
 untoward incident.                                                                                                                                                                Various Sikh organisations, led by
                                           countries."                                                                              Indian classical dance bharat-
    Brought by a special aircraft                                                                                                                                               the Sikh Coalition, lobbied with state
                                              The University's India Studies                                                        natyum, south Indian carnatic
 from Vienna to New Delhiin the            Programme has been given the                                                             music, yoga, and even popular               legislature and senate members to pass
 wee hours, the mortal remains of          grant from the "Startalk" funding                                                        sports such as cricket and kabbadi.         the bill introduced by assemblyman
 the deputy sect head were                 for a four-week residential immer-                                                          "Our goals are for the participat-       Warren Furutani of Long Beach.
 received by Union Ministers               sion programme for high school                                                           ing students to acquire the linguistic         Under the law, California would
 Ambika Soni, Kumari Selja and             students in Hindi and Urdu, two                                                          and cultural competence to com-             incorporate training about the kirpan
 Parneet Kaur along with former            languages largely spoken in India                                                        municate successfully in the lan-           in the curriculum for law enforcement
 Punjab minister Bikramjit Singh           and Pakistan.                                                                            guage, and obtain various learning          officer training.
 Majithia and Rajya Sabha MP                  The Startalk programme of the                                                         strategies and skills," said Sungok            "It is the legislature's goal to pro-
 Naresh Gujaral, sources said.             National      Security     Language                                                      Hong, a lecturer and Hindi-Urdu             mote education and awareness of the
    The pyre was lit by local Dera         Initiative (NSLI) seeks to expand                                                        language coordinator in the India           carrying of the kirpan by Sikhs in
 leaders Sant Surinder Das Ji              and improve the teaching and learn-                                                      Studies Programme.                          California," says the preamble of the
                                                                                        tors and for a new four-week lan-                                                       bill. Law enforcement officers will be
 Bawa and Sant Surinder Das                ing of strategically important world         guage programme for 20 secondary               "Students will have a deeper
                                           languages that are not now widely                                                        understanding of the culture and            trained "how to recognise and interact
 (Kathar Wale).                                                                         school students.
                                           taught in the United States.                                                             learn the importance of culturally          with persons carrying a kirpan", the
    Mayawati was the first among                                                           The two centres last year received                                                   preamble adds.
 political leaders to reach the cre-          It has also awarded IU's Centre           total, initial Startalk funding of          appropriate behaviour."
                                           for Chinese Language Pedagogy two                                                           Twenty students from Indiana,                 "Our hope is that being educated
 mation venue to pay her obei-                                                          about $204,000. Both student pro-                                                       about the kirpan and its religious sig-
 sance to the departed Sant fol-           Startalk grants totaling $169,993 to         grammes begin on June 22 at IU              Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania,
                                           continue a teacher training pro-                                                         Wisconsin, California and Hawaii            nificance will decrease the number of
 lowed by Punjab CM Parkash                                                             Bloomington. The free summer                                                            wasteful arrests," the Sikh Coalition
 Singh Badal and his deputy                gramme in Mandarin Chinese for               intensive program for Hindi and             have been accepted for the Hindi
                                                                                                                                                                                said. The bill was introduced in the
                                           20 middle- and high school instruc-          Urdu provides the equivalent of one         and Urdu programme. ❑
 Sukhbir Badal.❑                                                                                                                                                                assembly in February. ❑

                               Q: Dr. Sandy I have constant pain in
                               both my shoulders going into my
                               hands. It feels like a numbness and
                               tingling. Picking up objects is getting                                                LOSE YOUR MORTGAGE
                               harder and harder. In fact opening                                                       NOT YOUR HOME
                               jars and using the computer is really
                                                                                                                         25% of repossessed homes
   Dr. Sandy Bhasin            getting tough. What can I do?                                                         are a result of borrowers who
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 FRONT PAGE                                                                                                                                                                                   Sri Lanka
                                       India Rejects Travel                                                                                                                                     Plans
                                    Advisory Issued By The US                                                                                                                                  Victory
                                   New Delhi: India Thursday con-
                                   veyed its objections to the US over a
                                                                              embassy, said the advisory was based
                                                                              on reports in the Indian media that
                                                                                                                         there has been a fall in numbers.
                                                                                                                         There was a 17.6 percent dip record-
                                   travel advisory that warned of a ter-      spoke about imminent terror attacks        ed that month with 487,262 foreign                                   Colombo: Sri Lanka would
                                   ror threat across the country and          in the country. "It's justified. The       tourists coming to the country.                                      hold a national victory parade
                                   asserted that it was "completely           advisory accurately reflects percep-           However, in April, some improve-                                 Wednesday to mark the crush-
                                   safe."                                     tion of terror threat in India,"           ment was witnessed with 370,756                                      ing of the rebels of the
                                      This was conveyed to the US             Schwartz said.                             tourists visiting India - a dip of just                              Liberation Tigers of Tamil
                                   when Foreign Secretary Shivshankar            India is also upset that the adviso-    3.5 percent.                                                         Eelam (LTTE), officials said.
                                   Menon met Charge D' Affaires A.            ry tends to cloud public perception            The US advisory posted on the                                    A military parade will be held in
                                   Peter Burleigh in his office.              by equating India with Pakistan            website Tuesday specifically asked                                   a ceremony attended by
                                      "I want to reassure everyone that       where the military is waging an            Americans in India to be vigilant at                                 President Mahinda Rajapaksa at
                                   India is a safe country. If any coun-      offensive against the Taliban mili-        all times, monitor local news reports                                the Galle Face Green, a sea
                                   try has a problem, we will address         tants, reliable sources said.              and vary their routes and times while                                front ground in Colombo,
                                   their security concerns bilaterally,"         The advisory, India fears, can hit      carrying out daily activities.                                       Wednesday morning.
                                   said External Affairs Minister S.M.        the inflow of tourists that was pick-          "Americans should consider the                                   The military will display some
                                   Krishna.                                   ing up after a down-slide following        level of security present when visit-                                of the equipment captured from
                                      Home Minister P. Chidambaram            the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai         ing public places, including religious                               the rebels as well as the tanks,
                                   also rejected the advisory that has        that India says was perpetrated by         sites, or choosing hotels, restaurants,                              multi barrel guns and rocket
                                   the potential to deter western             Pakistani militants.                       entertainment and recreation ven-                                    launchers used against the
                                   tourists from visiting the country.           Defence Minister A.K. Antony,           ues," the advisory warned.                                           rebels in the fight which lasted
                                      "I don't think there is any justifi-    whose home state Kerala is a hot               "As terror attacks are a serious and                             nearly three years before the
                                   cation for the advisory... India is a      favourite with tourists, said: "India is   growing threat, US citizens are urged
                                                                                                                                                                                              rebel leadership was killed on
                                   completely safe country. India is a        the safest country."                       to always practise good security,
                                                                                                                                                                                              May 18.
                                   safe place, it is safer than any other        "We will ensure the security of         including maintaining a heightened
                                                                                                                                                                                              On this occasion, the com-
                                   country in the world. Thousands of         our foreign guests. A lot of internal      situational awareness and a low pro-
                                                                                                                                                                                              manders of the Army, Navy and
                                   tourists come to India and we look         and external security measures (are        file.
                                                                                                                                                                                              Air Force will officially hand
                                   forward to welcoming them," said           being taken) for the safety of                 "The media attention of and pub-
                                   Chidambaram.                               tourists," Minister of State for           lic reaction to the Mumbai attack                                    over a scroll to the president,
                                      They were reacting to an 'Urgent        Tourism Sultan Ahmed said at a             could prompt other terrorist inci-                                   conveying the message of the
                                   Warden Message' posted on the US           function here.                             dents. Future attacks may also target                                conclusion of the North East
                                   embassy site, urging its citizens liv-        Ahmed said although after the           public places frequented by                                          war against terrorism and the
                                   ing in or travelling to India to prac-     Mumbai terror attack, the number           Westerners, including in large cities                                liberation and re-unification of
                                   tise good security, including main-        of tourists coming to India had fall-      and tourist areas such as Goa.                                       the whole country under a sin-
                                   taining a heightened situational           en, it was now slowly going up.                "The US mission is concerned                                     gle flag.
                                   awareness and low profile. It said ter-       "Ever since the Mumbai blasts the       that increased political tension                                     Tamil rebels were fighting for a
                                   ror attacks were a serious and grow-       number of tourists visiting India had      between Pakistan and India may fur-                                  separate homeland in the north
                                   ing threat. The advisory, issued June      decreased. But since May this year         ther complicate travel in areas near                                 and eastern parts of the country.
                                   2, also applied to Pakistan.               the numbers have started going up,"        their already-sensitive border.                                      Despite the crushing of the
                                      The US, however, defended the           he told reporters.                             "In addition, the Department of                                  rebels, heavy security is being
                                   advisory and sought to downplay it.           About 5.08 million tourists visit-      Defense has increased its security                                   maintained in the capital with
                                      Larry Schwartz, minister (coun-         ed India in 2007, recording a growth       requirements for all its employees                                   several roads closed for the pub-
                                   sellor for public affairs) in the US       of 14.56 percent. But since January,       visiting India."                                                     lic.

     905-593-6000 416-841-5070                             202-808 Britannia Rd., West,
                Fax: 905-593-7000                           Mississauga, ON L5V 0A7

 IMMIGRATION TO CANADA                                                                                                       HAHNEMANN HOMEOPATHIC DISPENSARY   (Toronto License No. B030-3094973)
     Under the new immigration laws, your
                                                                                                                          Are you or your family suffering from any acute or chronic medical problems?
      relative or friend can immigrate to                                                                                 Are you frustrated from the Allopathic System or Medical Treatment?
                                                                                                                          Are you a victim of side effects of medicine?
         Canada in only 6-12 months                                                                                       Or want to avoid surgical intervention in many diseases.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Allergies, Anxiety, Asthma, Acne,
                                                                                                                                      Then there is a hope for the hopeless.
 I                                 I PR CARDS (NEW AND RENEWAL)                                                                                                                                                  Depression, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia,
                                                                                                                                             Switch over at once to                                              Gastric, Hypertension, Impotency,
                                                                                                                            “HOMEOPATHIC SYSTEM OF MEDICINE”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Infertility, Migraine, Menstrual /
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Menopausal disorders / White
 I HUMANITARIAN & COMPASSIONATE       RENEWAL)                                                                                                                                                                   Discharge, Neck & Back Problems,
                                                                                                                          Which is gentle and cures the ailments without any side                                Skin Problems - Eczema, Psoriasis,
   GROUNDS                         I CITIZENSHIP                                                                          effects, permanently and without the need for surgery.                                 Vitilego (leukoderma), Sleep Disorder,
 I SKILLED WORKERS                 I NAME CHANGE                                              Mr. Raj Narang               Please do not wait any further for some of the following chronic                      Piles, Tonsillitis, Uterine Fibroid,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ovarian Cysts (without surgery),
 I STUDY/WORK PERMITS              I INDIA VISIT VISA AND DUAL CITIZENSHIP      President, Member - CSIC (M042077)              ailments, which are commonly seen and treated here:                              Weight Loss, Prostate Hypertrophy

     The Success Immigration Services Inc.                                                                                                                 Call for
                                                                                                                                                                      &   Tel: (416) 741-8788
                      416-578-1020 I 647-839-8515
                                                                                                                                                                                    Toll Free: 1-877-446-7516
                                                                                                                                                                           2649 Islington Ave, Rexdale (@ Albion Bazaar)
                                                                                                                                                          Email: •

                        Toronto: 1111 Albion Rd., Suite G1, Toronto, ON M9V1A9                                                                                            Dr. B.P. Sharma D.H.M.S., P.G. (R.T.), D.Acu. (Canada)
                      Brampton: 2575 Steeles Ave, E, Suite 4, Brampton, ON L6T5Y1                                                                                         Professor of Homeopathy at C.C.H.H. (Canada)
                                                                                                                                                                          President: Homeopathic Medical Association of Canada
                                                                                                                         Homeopathic Specialist                           Member: Ontario Homeopathic Assoc.; Canadian Council of Homeopathic Medicine
                              w w w. c a n a x c e s s i m m i g r a t i o n . c o m                                          Over 28 years experience
                                                                                                                                                                          Ex Homeopathic Physician. Central Government Health Science                                                                                                                      THE WEEKLY VOICE, SATURDAY, JUNE 06, 2009                         A-7

                                                                                                                                                      FRONT PAGE
    Three Indian     IMMIGRATION TO CANADA
     Immigrants       GREEN and SPIEGEL, one of Canada,a largest and most renowned Immigration Law Practices.
       Jailed In                     Over 30 years experience in Canadian & US Immigration
                                        We can expertly assist you with all aspects of the
   Britain's Biggest                             Immigration process including:

      Visa Scam                       • FAMILY SPONSORSHIP                                                                                    Our staff
                                      • APPEALS eg. Failed Marriage Sponsorship                                                            speaks Punjabi,
                                                                                                                                              Hindi and
                                                                      Ravi Jain
                                                                  B.A. (Hons.), LL.B., LL.M.
                                                                                                • INDEPENDENT APPLICANTS                        Urdu          Mendel Green Q.C.
                                                                                                                                                                Barrister & Solicitor
                                                                    Barrister & Solicitor
                                                                                                • BUSINESS APPLICANTS to Canada and US                       e-mail:

                                                                                                • STUDENT VISAS
                                                                      We can help to bring your family, relatives and friends to Canada

                                                                      GREEN and SPIEGEL Barristers and Solicitors
                                                                                        390 Bay Street, Suite 2800, Toronto, ON M5H 2Y2
                                                                                            Tel: (416) 862-7880 • Fax: (416) 862-1698
                                                                                               Toll Free from Canada & U.S        1-866-844-9344
                                                                   Please email evenings and weekends at or call 416-862-7880 Ext 2292 and Ravi will contact you.

 London: Three Indian immigrants who ran what has been
 described as Britain's biggest visa scam from an office in
 Southall, west London, have been jailed for up to eight
                                                                     We Can Give You A
    Jatinder Kumar Sharma, 44, who admitted his part in the
 scam, was jailed for seven years.
    Two women he is thought to be married to - Rakhi Shahi,
 31, and Neelam Sharma, 38 - were jailed for eight years and
                                                                    Clean & Healthy Smile
 four years, respectively.                                                                            Family Cosmetic Dentistry
    The three were found guilty of various charges, ranging
 from conspiracy to defraud, theft, and money laundering to
 immigration offences at Isleworth Crown Court Wednesday.
    The court heard Jatinder has been married to Neelam
 Sharma for about 20 years and recently also married Shahi.
 Both marriages took place in India.
                                                                                                      New Patients
    Sentencing, Judge Richard McGregor-Johnson said criti-
 cisms of government immigration agencies - made by the
 prosecution during the trial - were "plainly well founded".
    "The checks were woefully inadequate and frequently                                                Prompt Emergency Care
 non-existent. You (the defendants) saw the weaknesses in
 those systems and dishonestly exploited them."                                                        We Speak Your Language
    Police suspect the trio's company, Univisas, secured visas
 for at least 1,000 people, mostly from the Indian sub-conti-                                         Open Evenings & Weekends
 nent, using a network of bogus colleges in London,
 Manchester, Bradford and Essex, for degrees.
    Police have recovered 420,000 pounds of the 1.5 million              Dr. Sarbjit S. Dhillon
                                                                                                       Mon. - Fri. 10am - 8pm
                                                                                                                                                      Dr. Supinder K. Dhillon
 the scam is said to have made.
    "We believe we have cracked a major international con-
 spiracy to facilitate the entry of illegal immigrants into the
 UK. Those behind it showed total disregard for the law, and
                                                                          Complete Dental Care
 their motives were purely financial," said Tony Smith, the
 regional director of the UK Border Agency. ❑
                                                                         For Adults and Children
                                                                     Cosmetic Dentistry                  Cleanings
  Your Bank                                                                                                                             Also
    GIC &                                                            White Fillings (Non-Mercury)        Root Canals             Satur
                                                                                                                                  10AM days
   0.50%                                                             Extractions                         Tooth Whitening
    More                                                                                                                              - 8PM
                                                                     Orthodontics                        Crowns & Bridges
                                                                     Dentures, Partials                 All Insurance Plans Accepted
                                                                                                       Call Today for an Appointment:

                                                                  DR. S. DHILLON & ASSOCIATES                                                                              Steeles Ave.

                                                                                  900 Ray Lawson Blvd., Suite #4
                                                                                                                                                              Mavis Rd.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Hwy 410
                                                                                                                                                                                            Hwy 10

                                                                                                                                                                          Ray Lawson Blvd

                                                                                       Brampton, Ontario                                                                   Hwy 407 ETR

                                                                                                                                                                             Derry Rd

    Toronto Resident      Indian Tour Operators Showcase
   Sentenced To House Products At Toronto Road Show
 Arrest For Benefit Fraud
 Toronto: Ravinder Singh Mann, of Toronto
 pleaded guilty in Ontario Court of Justice in
 Toronto on May 28, 2009, to four counts of
 illegally obtaining or claiming Income Tax
 refunds or credits. Mann was sentenced to a 60
 day conditional sentence and fined a total of
 $23,024 which represents 75% of the benefits
 falsely obtained. He was given two years to
 repay the fines. The Canada Revenue Agency
 (CRA) discovered that Mann filed false tax
 returns in order to receive the Canada Child
 Tax Benefit, the National Child Benefit and
 The Goods and Services Tax credit for tax years
 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003. As a result, Mann
 received refunds totaling over $30,699.                                      Toronto: The delegation of        Toronto.       Vijay Thakur,      Namaste Tours P., Noble
     The Agency seeks publicity on convictions                                the Indian Association of         President IATO, said that         House Tours P., Onimte
 to maintain public confidence in the integrity                               Tour Operators (IATO)             IATO is made up of more           Traves         P.       Pioneer
 of the self-assessment system and to increase                                made its last stop in Toronto     than 1,200 members of the         Personalized          Holidays,
 compliance with the law through the deterrent                                with The Visit India              tourism industry and their        Planet India Travels P.,
 effect of media coverage. The information in                                 Roadshow 2009 that saw a          main objective is to set up       Razdan Holidays, Scenic
 this news release was obtained from the court                                huge number of visitors from      and maintain ethical stan-        Journeys          P.,     Surya
 records.❑                                                                    the travel industry. The pur-     dards within the industry.        Reisedienst P., The Travel
                                                                              pose of the event was to          Thakur mentioned that for         Planners, Tourism India

                                                                              increase     tourism     from     2009 and 2010, IATO is            Management Enterprises P.
                                                                              Canada to India even more         looking for new ways to pro-      and Travel With Us and
                                                                              and create more tourism           mote cruise tourism to India.     Vasco         Travel        Pvt.
                                                                              business opportunities for        He also wanted to "reassure       Representative from Taj
                                                                              the IATO Delegates and the        travellers that India stays       Hotels Resorts & Palaces also
   Anu Chopra                                                                 Canadian Travel Industry.
                                                                                 The Consul General of
                                                                                                                safe, affordable and peace-
                                                                                                                ful." After the speeches, trav-
                                                                                                                                                  attended the tradeshow.
                                                                                                                                                     After the one-on-one ses-
   Financial Security Advisor                                                 India, Preeti Saran, graced       el agents got the opportunity     sion ended many IATO
                                                                              the occasion and assured the      to sit down with each indi-       exhibitors gave away attrac-                                                       industry that everything was      vidual exhibitor for a one-       tive prizes to the travel agents
                                                                              being done to facilitate faster   on-one session. The list of       through a draw of lots, prizes
                                                                              visa approvals. Speaking on       exhibitors included Ananya        ranging from a few days stay
         Life Insurance G Disability Insurance G Critical Illness Insurance   the occasion, Saran said the      Tours P., Apollo Voyages P.,      at the Golden Triangle
                                                                              Indian Consulate had out-         Bestway Tours & Safaris P.,       Circuit of Delhi, Agra and
      Long Term Care Insurance G Mortgage Insurance G Visitor Insurance       sourced services and as a         Bharat Travel Service P.,         Jaipur to South India and
                                                                              result, two new offices have      Dynamic Tours P., Erco            Kerala and even Ladakh. The
        Segregated Funds G Annuities G RRSP G RESP G Estate Planning          been opened in Brampton           Travels Pvt., Ideas Cell Tours,   most attractive was of course
                                                                              and another in Bayview            India Vision Tours & Travels,     the bumper prize of two way

  Ph: 647-272-6284 Fax: 416-213-9010                                          Eglington to accept various
                                                                              visa applications.
                                                                                 The Road Show was
                                                                                                                Indian Travel Promotion
                                                                                                                Co., Indo Asia Tours, Kash'
                                                                                                                Venture Travels P., Le Passage
                                                                                                                                                  tickets to India for a couple
                                                                                                                                                  which were given by Jet
                                                                                                                                                  Airways and Kingfisher was
  7003 Steeles Avenue West, Unit #10, Toronto, ON M9W 0A2                     organized by Indiatourism,        to India Tours & Travels,         the toast of the evening.❑

                                                                                  CANADIAN EXPRESS
                                                                                           TRAVEL & TOURS Ltd.
                                                                                              MAIN AGENT FOR ETIHAD AIRWAYS, QATAR AIRWAYS & PIA
                                                                                   AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND
                                                                                   NAIROBI / JOHANNESBURG
                                                                                   BOMBAY / DELHI / GOA
                                                                                   CHENNAI / BANGALORE / KOLKATA
                                                                                   HYDERABAD / TRIVANDRUM / COCHIN
                                                                                   KATHMANDU / RANGOON / COLOMBO
                                                                                   BANGKOK / HONG KONG / MANILA
                                                                                   KARACHI / LAHORE / ISLAMABAD

                                                                                  GUARANTEED LOW AIRFARE FOR ABOVE DESTINATIONS

   Accounting for Truck Drivers, Owner Operators & Brokers
   Accounting for Real Estate Agents & Brokers
   Accounting for Franchise Businesses                                            HAJJ PACKAGES FOR $5950 - VIP PACKAGES ALSO AVAILABLE - LIMITED SEATS
   Accounting for Professionals - Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists etc.                 HOLIDAY PACKAGES AVAILABLE
   Accounting for Investment, Commercial & Rental Properties                      CHARTER FLIGHTS TO CARIBBEAN AND EUROPE
   General Accounting & Bookkeeping Services                                      TRAVEL & HEALTH INSURANCE FOR VISITORS TO CANADA
                                                                                  WE ALSO SELL TRAVELLERS INSURANCE
   Financial & Cash Flow Statements & Business Plans
                                                                                  COMBO FARES AVAILABLE
   GST, PST, WSIB & Payroll Tax Returns                                           ENJOY DIRECT FLIGHT TO ABU DHABI WITH ETHIAD AIRWAYS
   Business & Personal Tax Returns
                                                                                   For your travel needs please contact: Iona D’Souza or Saleemrazak

   Business Registrations & Audits

                  SURAJ GUPTA, CGA
           CERTIFIED GENERAL ACCOUNTANT                                                          1-866-902-1616 or 416-561-4854
                   TEL: 905-677-1334                                                   Fax: 905-206-1912 • Email:
                          2355 Derry Road East, Suite 33(2nd Floor)
                       Mississauga, Ontario, L5S 1V6 (Derry/Torbram)
                                                                                  1351 Matheson Blvd, East, Suite 21A, Mississauga (Corner of Dixie & Matheson)                                                                                                                                                    THE WEEKLY VOICE, SATURDAY, JUNE 06, 2009   A-9

                                                                                                                                                                     COMMUNITY NEWS
  Immigrant Youths To Battle
  It Out In Dodgeball Trophy
 Toronto: Hundreds of GTA Immigrant youths             Enrichment Foudation and SISO. The event
 representing 10 Citizenship and Immigration           will be highlighted by a DJ, a Wii gaming area,
 funded agencies will vie each other in the 1st        lunch, an all day mural project. “Judging from
 Dodgeball Immigrant Youth tournament this             their enthusiasm, we know there will be fierce
 Saturday at Ryerson University’s main gym. The        Dodgeball out there”, say Atif and Terence,
 tournament will help youth from all over GTA          Youth Coordinators from PMC and NCP.
 to unify to celebrate integration, volunteerism       Lunch time will also give young players oppor-
 and youth culture. HOST youth programs are            tunity to participate in a guided tour of the
 funded by CIC to help faster integration of           University. The event jumps off at 10 AM and
 immigrant youth in Canadian society and pro-          will have a champion by 4PM.
 vide them with valuable experiences and oppor-           Spectators are invited to come out and enjoy
 tunities. The ten participating agencies are Peel     the action. Host program is a Citizenship and
 Multicultural Council, BNRC, East Metro               Immigration Canada funded initiative in which
 Youth Services, Thorncliffe Neighborhood              new immigrants are matched with established
 Office, Newcomer Services for youth, Catholic         Canadian volunteers. Dodgeball is a traditional
 Cross Cultural Services, Newcomer Centre of           team sport often played in physical education
 Peel, Women’s Multicultural Centre, Learning          classes. ❑

         EI Program Changes To
             Benefit Workers
 Markham: The Honourable Diane Finley,                   The cost of EI benefits is expected to rise
 Minister of Human Resources and Skills               by about $5.3 billion in 2009-10 over last
 Development, announced changes to the                year. EI benefits for 2009-10 are expected to
 Employment Insurance (EI) program that will          be $2.5 billion higher than at the time of the
 cut red tape for employers and ensure workers        2009 Budget.
 get their benefits more quickly.                        As well, new timeframes have been imple-
    "We are living in a time of economic              mented to permit employers to issue ROEs in
 uncertainty and the viability of any business is     accordance with their pay cycle.
 of the utmost importance," said Minister                "The Government of Canada has taken a
 Finley. "The Government of Canada pledged            major step in supporting both employers and
 to remove some of the barriers that may affect       employees," said Mr. Patrick Culhane,
 the productivity of Canadian businesses and          President and Chief Executive Officer of the
 we've delivered on that promise."                    Canadian Payroll Association. "This change
    Employers who file records of employment          to submitting electronic ROEs within five
 (ROEs) electronically are no longer required         days after the end of the pay period reduces
 to print a paper copy for their employee, thus       the administrative and compliance burden on
 reducing paper burden. The electronic ROEs           employers, while enhancing accuracy and
 go directly into Service Canada's system and         response time for employees who are applying
 are immediately available to support the cor-        for Employment Insurance benefits."
 responding EI claim, thereby improving pro-
 cessing time and getting benefits into the
 hands of Canadians faster. The Government
 continues to take action to ensure the EI pro-
                                                         The ROE is the single most important
                                                      document in establishing an EI claim - it
                                                      determines whether individuals qualify for EI,
                                                      how much they will receive, and for how long.
                                                                                                         VOICE 2x A WEEK!
 gram helps businesses and workers affected by        Every year, over one million Canadian              Get your copy every Wednesday & Saturday
 the current global economic crisis.                  employers issue about eight million ROEs.❑

    UNBEATABLE AUTO INSURANCE RATES                                                                                                                              DENTISTRY

                                                                                                         Dr. DOGRA & ASSOCIATES
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                                                           We also provide:                                                                              • Root Canals
                                                              Home Insurance
                                                              Commercial Insurance
                                                              Life Insurance
                                                                                                                                                         • Crowns & Bridges
                                                              Critical Illness Insurance                   Dr. SUNDEEP DOGRA
          Ashwani Goel                                        Disabilty Insurance
                                                                                                                  Dental Surgeon
                                                                                                                                                         • Fillings
           MBA., ACII. (UK)
                                                              Drug and Dental Plans
     (Ex.RM Oriental Insurance)                               Visitor Medical and Travel
                                                                                                                                                         • Complete & Partial Dentures
                                                              Mutual Funds/SEG Funds                                                                                                    All
                                                              Estate/Retirement Planning                                                                 • Cleanings                Insur
                                                   Are you looking for
                                                 an exciting and highly
                                              rewarding career on full time      Pleas
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     Abhishek Goel CIP
                                                or part time basis in the
                                                   financial industry?
                                                                               Cons Free                                                                                           Accep
                                                     Please call us
                                                      and book an
                                                                                          ion              Dr. ARPITA DOGRA                                                              ted
                                                                                                                  Dental Surgeon

              905-364-0376                                                                                                                         New Patients Welcome
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  Deal With The Most Professional Insurance Advisors
                            P & C Sold Through Edge Insurance Brokers Inc.                                 107 Kennedy Road. South #10, Brampton, ON ( Opposite Mand Market)
                            w w w. a c e f i n a n c i a l g r o u p . c o m

         YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS YOU                           Hamdard Weekly Wins
             YOU NEED TIME                                   Peel Police Award
                                                    Mississauga: Some of Peel
                                                    Region's outstanding citizens,
                                                    police officers and Best Media
                                                    who have contributed in a sig-
                                                    nificant manner to public
                                                    awareness, with respect to
                                                    policing activity were hon-
                                                    oured for their contributions
                                                    to the safety of their communi-
                                                        Hamdard Weekly Editor
                                                    Amar Singh Bhullar took
                                                    home a Peel Regional Police's
                                                    best Ethnic media news
                                                    award last night at Awards
                                                    Ceremony held at Mississauga         News award.                         story on human trafficking --
                                                    Convention Centre for best              The award was presented by       in which she interviewed both
                                                    print news feature.                  Police Deputy Chief Paul            cops and victims while Steven
                                                          Bhullar     wrote many         Tetzlaff and Sgt. Zahir Shah        D'Souza from CBC News for
                                                    supportive articles on Peel          Officer-in-Charge      public       best TV news story.
                                                    Regional Police and public           Affairs. Tamara Cherry from              The annual Peel Police
                                                    awareness campaigns that             Toronto Sun was honoured for        Awards recognize excellence in
                                                    earned him the Best Ethnic           the best print news for her         ethnic journalism.❑

                                                    South Asian-owned Clothing Firm
                                                      Makes Profit 100 List Again
                                                    Oakville: South Asian?owned          most successful growth compa-       turing processes validates our
                                                    Entripy Custom Clothing, an          nies. Published in the June issue   drive to succeed in the custom
                                                    industry leader in custom            of Profit and online at prof-       apparel and promotional indus-
                                                    t?shirts and apparel, announced,       Profit 100 is      try.” It is a significant achieve-
  MARTYN DOOLEY & PARTNERS                          that for the second year in a row,   Canada’s largest annual celebra-    ment for Entripy to make the
                                                    it has been named to the 21st        tion of entrepreneurial achieve-    list back to back and this is espe-
                                                    annual Profit 100 ranking of         ment. “We are ecstatic that our     cially noteworthy as Brar is an
                                                    Canada’s        Fastest?Growing      company has made the list for       entrepreneur at the young age
                                                    Companies by Profit Magazine.        the second consecutive year,”       of 28. Brar founded Entripy in
                              Charterd Accountant   Last year Entripy was on the         says Jas Brar, President and        1999 when he was a first?year
                                                    Profit 100 list and this year        CEO. “Our team’s commit-            university student and since
                                                    Entripy made the Profit              ment to growth along with our       then, the company has had sig-

  VOICE 2x A WEEK!                                  100/Next 100 list.
                                                    Ranking                 Canada’s
                                                    Fastest?Growing Companies by
                                                                                         loyal and increasing customer
                                                                                         base has allowed us to get to
                                                                                         where we are today. Our
                                                                                                                             nificant growth and successes.
                                                                                                                             Entripy also owns Desi Wear
                                                                                                                             (, an urban
 Get your copy every Wednesday & Saturday           five?year revenue growth, the
                                                    Profit 100 profiles the country’s
                                                                                         approach and dedication to
                                                                                         quality and efficient manufac-
                                                                                                                             South Asian inspired clothing
                                                                                                                             line. ❑                                                                                     THE WEEKLY VOICE, SATURDAY, JUNE 06, 2009       A - 11

                                                                                                       COMMUNITY NEWS
  GO Transit                                    Huge Turnout For RBC desiFEST
   Updates                                     By Mamta Baliga
   Now On                                      Over 10,000 people braved rain to attend the

    CP24                                       third annual RBC desiFEST at the ever popu-
                                               lar Yonge and Dundas Square that was trans-
                                               formed into a colourful South Asian bazaar.
                                               Desi artists rocked the stage for 12 hours from
                                               11pm to 11 pm on May 30 with a variety of
                                               talented artistes engaging a massive audience at
                                               the RBC desiFEST. The event is Canada's only
                                               South Asian Music festival.
                                                  Satish Bala, founder of desiFEST was
                                               thrilled by the turnout. “Getting thousands of
                                               people out from of all backgrounds really says a
                                               lot about Toronto,” said Bala. The festival went
 Toronto: CP24 and GO Transit have             national this year visiting Ottawa, Montreal
 announced an exclusive partnership that       and Vancouver besides Toronto. The organizers
 will provide CP24 viewers and CP24            said their vision was to create mainstream
 1050 listeners with live GO Transit           opportunities for South Asian artists and South
 updates throughout the morning and            Asian inspired music. "Through RBC
 evening rush hours. Effective immediately     desiFEST, we are helping to strengthen local
 GO Transit presenters Diane Bedard,           communities, inspire youth and support the
 Erica Hawkshaw and Karen Warner join          arts community in Canada."
 the CP24 team every weekday, delivering          The highlight of the festival was crossover
 commuter news live from the GO Transit        artist Raghav. He showcased his single "My               was discovered by Panjabi MC who featured
 Centre in downtown Toronto.                   Kinda Girl," on stage, a track that defies con-          tracks from one of Blitzkrieg's mixtapes. He
    "This exclusive partnership allows us to   ventions with a fresh mix of HipHop thanks to            received two UK Asian Music Award nomina-
 deliver more breaking transit news than       Redman, club beats, R&B, Bollywood horns,                tions for Best Newcomer and Best Urban Act
 any other broadcaster in the GTA," said       and sweet pop vocals. The 27-year-old is almost          with his premier album
 Bob McLaughlin, Vice                          ready to release his second album, Identity, fol-           Other desi artistes who entertained the
    President of CP24. "Torontonians trust     lowing up his first album Storyteller.                   crowd included Sathish Bala (aka SATSB),
 CP24 as the city's No.1 source for               Parichay impressed the crowd with his music           Amanda Davids, A-slam, Baba Kahn, Sunny
    breaking news, weather and traffic         that coupled genres and languages. He began              Brown & Lomaticc, Canadian Desi Idol, Falak,
 updates and this is another example of        his career as the winner of the music TV show            Jay Deala, JT and MC JD Roadshow,
 how our programming is only getting bet-      Antakshari and has been a popular face world-            Kazak,Logun, Prita Chhabra, Saima Khan,
 ter."                                         wide since then, with a prolific internet pres-          SGPD, Sukhdev Darapuria, and Sumeet.
    "We're excited about this new ven-         ence. He's putting it all together with debut               The RBC and Rogers sponsored party
 ture," said Gary McNeil, GO Transit's         album No Boundaries that will be out in India            included dozens of acts, food, vendors and var-
    Managing Director. "GO Transit and         and the UK this summer.                                  ious other activities. Vendors included
 CP24, two of the Toronto area's most             En Karma, a recently formed (2006)                    Pondicherry      Caterers,      Jaipur/Sapphire
    recognizable brands, are now partners      Bhangra band, rocked the stage with their                Caterers, Udupi Restaurant, White Gold
 in bringing commuter information to the       beats. The band which has taken the stage with           Sweets, Mirch Masala Restaurant, Ontario
    GTA."                                      other major Bhangra acts like Malkit Singh,              Roast          Corn, Konkan              Delite,
    The commuter updates will take place       RDB, and Jassi Sidhu, featured an instrumental           A.R.International, Day Miniatures & col-
 twice every half hour period during           variety of keys, drums, dhol, dholak, bass gui-          lectibles, First Fashion, Desiwear, Monno
    CP24 BREAKFAST and once every              tar, and vocals.                                         Canada, Banglez and the Heart & Stroke
 half hour period throughout CP24's               Storming the stage as the prominent South             Foundation.
 evening rush hour programming.❑               Asian HipHop artist of the fest is Blitzkrieg. He                              Pictures by Aman Bhalla
 A - 12 THE WEEKLY VOICE, SATURDAY, JUNE 06, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                   THE WEEKLY VOICE, SATURDAY, JUNE 06, 2009            A - 13

                                                                                                                                                                                                       COMMUNITY NEWS
                                                Sadhu Vaswani Mission Strives To Serve
                                                tributed regularly to the inmates of vari-                  service-oriented institution with patient-                 the Institute attracts referrals from across
                                                ous charitable institutions in Pune                         centric approach to health care. The                       the state and is the only center in Pune
                                                including hospitals, orphanages, homes                      Institute aims to provide excellent                        equipped with Linear Accelerator, the
                                                for the aged, schools for the blind, men-                   patient care, at affordable or no cost, to                 gold standard for radiation therapy. It is
                                                tal hospitals, institutions for the disabled                all sections of society.                                   also one of the few centers in the state
  Dada J P Vaswani
                                                and leprosy asylums as well as day care                         Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital is a full                   equipped with Bone Marrow Transplant
 “To do as much good as we can, in as           centres and creches for the children of                     fledged multi-specialty hospital with 30                   Unit, Thyroid Cancer Treatment Unit
 many ways as we can, to as many people         labourers. Hundreds of needy families                       departments, 86 Consultants in OPD                         and Brachytherapy for treatment of
 as we can' - That has been the teaching        receive monthly rations, household                          and 24 hour Ambulance, Casualty,                           tumors. The K K Eye Institute is a cen-
 of Dada J P Vaswani, the current head of       necessities like electricity and gas connec-                Pharmacy and Blood Bank facilities and                     ter of excellence in eye care services and
 the Sadhu Vaswani Mission. The                 tions, furniture items etc.                                 state of the art operation theatres. The                   provides expert ophthalmic care with                           Sadhu Vaswani
 Mission has various programs where it              One of the key services of the Sadhu                    M.N.B Cancer Institute is one of the                       quality and compassion.
 seeks to contribute to the society.            Vaswani Mission is health care.                             premier cancer treatment establishments                        The Mission serves people and              Dada J P Vaswani - "To Be Happy, Make
     The Sadhu Vaswani Mission is a                 Sadhu Vaswani Medical Complex is a                      in India. The Radiation Department at                      observes one of the key teachings of           Others Happy”.
 renowned humanitarian organization
 with its headquarters in Pune and its
 centres all over India as also in the East
 and West. The Sadhu Vaswani Mission
 concentrates its efforts in four directions
 namely satsangs, educational services,
 Sheva and Service and Medical Services.
     The spiritual head of the Mission is
 Rev. Dada J P Vaswani.
     “All lives deserve to be respected and
 all beings need to be loved”. This forms
 the very core of world-renowned
 philosopher Dada J. P Vaswani’s teach-
 ings. His teachings are consolidated into
 a way of life, a code of living. They are
 not constrained to a particular religion or
 sect. His philosophy encompasses the
 essence of every religion, presenting a
 unified approach to all belief systems of
 humanity. In fact, his profound knowl-
 edge of scriptures-be it the Vedas, the
 Bible or the Quran –has mesmerized and
 captivated his listeners, both in the East
 and West.
     Rev. Dada’s speeches are a perfect
 blend of logical reasoning as well as pro-
 fundity. His words are backed by the wit-
 ness of his life in day-to-day living. His
 words touch many hearts due to his deep
 understanding and insight into all
 spheres of life and spirituality interwoven
 by his gorgeous sense of humour. Dada
 J. P Vaswani is, indeed, a man in a mil-
 lion or a “smile – millionaire” as admir-
 ers refer to him.
     He was a brilliant student and was
 given a number of double promotions,
 which enabled him to pass the B.Sc;
 examination at the young age of 17
 years. For his Master’s degree, his thesis
 on The Scattering of X-rays by Solids
 was assessed by the scientific genius, Sir
 C V Raman.
     A powerful orator, Dada J P Vaswani
 has spoken from various platforms – At
 the UNO, New York, at the World
 Parliament of Religions, Chicago and
 South Africa, at the House of
 Commons, London, at the Global
 Forum Of Spiritual and Parliamentary
 Leaders on Human Survival, Oxford and
 Kyoto, Japan, at The World Vision
 2000, Washington, at the World Hindu
 Conference, Sri Lanka and USA and a
 number of other international forums                              Mortgage advice, jahaan bhi, kahaan bhi.
 around the world. Dada has been the
 editor of several periodicals. Today, he is
 a highly respected and gifted writer of                                                                                          Our Mobile Mortgage Specialists make getting
 over 100 books many of which have
 been translated into several world lan-                                s %XPERT MORTGAGE                                         a mortgage aur bhi aasan.
 guages, and run into multiple editions.                                  advice
     The pivot around which the Mission’s                                                                                          Our Mobile Mortgage Specialists come                           to get a mortgage that fits your anokhi
 activities revolve is the satsang, held                                                                                           to you. Subah ya shaam, or even on the                         situation. Most importantly, our kaam isn’t
 atleast thrice daily. The devot and faith-                             s 7E COME TO YOU
 ful gather together in the sanctified                                                                                             weekends, whenever it’s most convenient.                       complete until you’re entirely comfortable
 atmosphere of the satsang to utter the                                                                                            We’ll take the time to help you understand                     with your decision. It’s expert mortgage
 Holy Name, to participate in soul stir-
 ring kirtan and bhajan sessions and listen                                                                                        all of your options, and work with you                         advice, entirely on your terms.
 to the enlightening words of Sadhu T L
 Vaswani and Dada J P Vaswani.
     On the educational front, the Mira
 Movement attempts to blend training of
 the intellect along with developing deep-
 er spiritual values of life. The emphasis is                                                                                                                4O FIND A -OBILE -ORTGAGE 3PECIALIST TODAY VISIT
 that education is a thing of the spirit and
 that the end of all knowledge is service –                                                                                                                  WWWTDCANADATRUSTCOMEXPERT OR CALL 

 of the poor and lowly. The Institutions
 under the Mira Movement are the St.
 Mira’s College for Girls, the St. Mira’s
 Primary and Secondary School and now
 a Nursing College. The college has been
 awarded with a 5 Star Status from
 NAAC and has also received an award
 for the Institute with Potential
     At the Mission Bhandhara, the poor
 are fed twice daily. In addition, food,
 snacks, fruits and other eatables are dis-
                                                      *Recipient of the Synovate Best Banking Award 2005-2008 for Customer Service Excellence among the Big 5 Banks.

                                                            Karygiannis Urges Govt To
                                                              Expedite Sponsorship
                                                           Applications From Sri Lanka
                                                       Ottawa: The Honourable Jim Karygiannis,               approach to immigration applications from Tamil
                                                       Member of Parliament for Scarborough-                 Sri Lankans. While innocent people are dying,
                                                       Agincourt, called on the Harper Government to         immigration application processing times have
                                                       expedite Family Sponsorship Applications from Sri     increased by over three hundred percent; taking up
                                                       Lanka. As the internal situation in Sri Lanka has     to three years to re-unite spouses.
                                                       deteriorated, innocent civilians are suffering             “Canada must make every effort to ensure that
                                                       unspeakable hardships.                                all the necessary security precautions are taken
                                                            “People in the refugee camps have little or no   when assessing immigration applications.” Mr.
                                                       medical assistance, clean drinking water or food.”    Karygiannis commented. “However, applicants
                                                       said Mr. Karygiannis. “There are reports of mass      from Sri Lanka are undergoing extraordinary back-
                                                       graves and over 20,000 people are reported miss-      ground checks, which are taking an abnormal
                                                       ing. There are also reports of women being raped,     length of time. This has increased wait times sig-
                                                       children being separated from their parents and       nificantly.”
                                                       men been segregated separately from their wives            Spousal Sponsorships are mandated, by the
                                                       and families.”                                        Department of Citizenship and Immigration, to
                                                            Since the Conservative Government listed the     be finalized within six to eight months. Spousal
                                                       Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) as a ter-     Applications from Sri Lanka are taking up to three
                                                       rorist organization on April 8, 2006 and the World    years. People are undergoing two and three inter-
                                                       Tamil Movement (WTM) on 13 June, 2008, the            views in order to be able to emigrate to Canada
                                                       Harper Government has taken an oppressive             and join their families.”❑

                                                         Gujarat Day To Be
                                                        Celebrated On June 7
                                                       Toronto: Gujarati Business Association is proud to    Kanan Bhatt for her contribution to the field of
                                                       announce Gujarat Day celebration and gala event       dancing and Mr. Chandrakant Thaker, who is pro-
                                                       on June 7, 2009 in Toronto. Mukund Purohit,           moting Gujarati folk music in Canada for the past
                                                       President of the association said that the function   30 years. The function will be graced by the pres-
                                                       will be graced by business delegation of leading      ence of Consulate General of India, Preeti Saran,
                                                       Gujaratis representing the Gujarat Chamber of         Minister of Small Business and Consumer Service
                                                       Commerce and dignitaries representing the Indo-       Harindar Takhar. Minister of Citizenship and
                                                       Canadian Business Fraternity.                         Immigration Michael Chang, Minister of
                                                          On this occasion Sunita Williams will be award-    Saschetyavan Lyle Stuart, among other prominent
                                                       ed with 'Vishwa Gujarati Pratibha Award'. Ms.         personalities. Gujarati Business Association aims at
                                                       Aishwarya Majmudar will receive 'Gits Gujarat         bringing awareness to the Canadian citizens in the
                                                       Gaurav Award' and Mr. Rameshbhai Chotai will be       main stream about the recent development of
                                                       honored with 'Samaj Sevak Award'. Other leading       Gujarat through this program and also showcase

  VOICE 2x A WEEK!                                     Gujarati’s settled in Canada will also be honoured
                                                       with Proud Gujaratis of Toronto Award during the
                                                       celebration. The dignitaries include Mr. Jay Gajjar
                                                                                                             the various business opportunities Gujarat has to
                                                                                                             offer. The event is also expected to strengthen the
                                                                                                             trade relations of Canada and Gujarat and facilitate
 Get your copy every Wednesday & Saturday              for his contribution to writing and literature, Ms.   the strengthening of its infrastructural facilities.❑


                          Get Compensated For Your Pain

                                                                                       PAUL MAND Lawyers                Barristers & Solicitors
                                                                                         155 Rexdale Blvd., Suite 905
                                                                                            Toronto, ON M9W 5Z8
                                                    Rights!                                Email:

           We Specialize In Settling Injury Accident Claims
       I   Corporate Law I Criminal Law I Civil Litigations                                                                                                                  THE WEEKLY VOICE, SATURDAY, JUNE 06, 2009         A - 15

                                                                                                                                    COMMUNITY NEWS

 Telus Mosaic Kicks Off Festival With 'Bazgasht'
 Mississauga: Telus Mosaic 2009 and Art        from UK in the maiden Canadian full band    firework show, 12 food vendors and 16 rock      Mosaic is a completely free festival, open
 Gallery of Missisauga hosted the official     performance and Kathak dance duo from       bands at “Rock the Coliseum”. South Asian    to all, and free parking is available. Please go
 opening of Bazgasht: Traditional Methods      India.                                      Film Festival by FILMI will showcase free    to website for more
 and Modern Practices. Bazgasht is the open-      This years festival will also include    movies at Mississauga Central Library dur-   information and also to enter your name for
 ing act for TELUS Mosaic 2009 festival,       Carnival and Midway Rides, Saturday night   ing 17th, 18th and 19th of June.             a gate prize of Return Air Ticket to India.❑
 now in its 4th year and attracting
 thousands of people to the Mississauga
 City Centre every summer.
    Bazgasht, which means echo or the
 likeness of something that repeats
 itself in Persian, is the AGM’s latest
    Fluently reviving miniature paint-
 ings from South Asia, curators Ali Adil
 Khan and Asma Arshad Mahmood
 were beaming with pride amid artwork
 dating back as far as the seventeenth
    “What we’ve done here is hand-
 picked 51 paintings from all over the
 world,” explains Khan, who describes
 the miniature painting style as a prac-
 tice where artists make brushes out of
 squirrel tail hairs, use opaque mineral
 pigments, and paint on wasli (layers of
 paper bound together with glue).
    “Perfection and detail are the hall-
 marks of miniature painting. What we
 want to do is share the tradition –
 there’s a huge revival of miniatures tak-
 ing place right now.
    Contemporary artists are learning
 the technique and applying subjects
 like issues related to the wars in Iraq,
 terrorism, homophobia in South Asia
 and feminism,” says Khan.
    And clearly, the evening's full house
 experienced the essence of miniature
    “It’s really good to see some of the
 art from as far as the 1600s,” said show
 attendee Sukhwant Thethi, who was
 taking a closer peek at Nawab Sir
 Nisar Ali Khan Qizilbash, a six-inch
 intricate painting of a young boy in a
 garden, circa 1909.
    Other notable paintings included
 Portrait of a Lady by Pakistan’s Ayesha
 Durrani, which highlighted the lack of
 respect for the female mind, as well as
 Cole Swanson’s Exaltation (Two
 Squirrels and a Junkie).
    “This is the first of a new body of
 miniature paintings I’m working on,”
 reveals Toronto-based Swanson, who’s
 also a curator at the Living Arts
    “I’ve taken an old painting of an
 emperor and replaced it with myself to
 show how self-absorbed artists can
    Bazgasht is on display at the AGM
 until July 12. Admission is free. The
 AGM is located at 300 City Centre
    For more information, visit
 Telus Mosaic 2009 outdoor festival
 opens on June 19th at the Civic
 Square at 300 City Centre Drive
    This years festival will start with
 screening of “Singh is King” on the
 largest outdoor screen ever used in
 Mississauga for such purpose. The fes-
 tival includes headliners such as RDB
 & Nindi Kaur in their first ever full
 band performance in GTA, SWAMI
 A - 16 THE WEEKLY VOICE, SATURDAY, JUNE 06, 2009                                                                                                                                         THE WEEKLY VOICE, SATURDAY, JUNE 06, 2009           A - 17

                                                                                                                                                            COMMUNITY NEWS
    Toronto's Deepa Mehta, Vittal,
 Saldanha Among ‘Top 25 Immigrants’
     Toronto: A human rights defender,       the centre.                               Vancouver. The philanthropist is also
 a filmmaker and a scientist are among           Baltej Singh Dhillon of Surrey, BC,   consul general for Uganda.
 the winners of the first-ever Top 25        is the RCMP sergeant best known for           Narinder Dhir of Burnaby, BC, is a
 Canadian Immigrants awards. The             being the first RCMP officer to be        retired businessman and former gover-
 national awards program, which is           allowed to wear a turban. He's current-   nor in counsel on the Multicultural
 being presented by Canadian                 ly a member of the guild of speakers      Advisory Council that formed the
 Immigrant magazine and sponsored            with Passages to Canada and director      multicultural policy for British
 by RBC, seeks to uncover and cele-          of 3HO Organization in Vancouver.         Columbia. He also helped found the
 brate the untold stories and remark-            Hari Varshney of Vancouver, BC, is    first Hindu temple in B.C.
 able achievements of outstanding            a venture capitalist and heads his own        Ujjal Dosanjh of Vancouver, BC, is
 Canadian immigrants and inspire oth-        family-owned Varshney Capital             currently a member of Parliament and
 ers.                                        Corporation. As a philanthropist, he      community activist. He is a former         Ten Ontario winners of the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants awards, along
     The winners were selected by more       has donated $1 million to his alma        attorney general and premier of British    with the award presenting guest Mr. Jason Kenney, Minister of
 than 10,000 Canadians who voted             mater, University of British Columbia.    Columbia, and a former federal minis-      Citizenship and Immigration and Ms. Andrea Metrick, Head of Client
 online for their favourites. Winners            John Halani of Vancouver, BC,         ter of health.                             Strategy and Multicultural Markets at RBC.
 will be honoured this week in               from Uganda founded the Ethno                 Girish Agrawal of Calgary, AB, is an
 Vancouver (May 25) or Toronto (May          Business Council and owns two hotels      award winning financial adviser and and in the June edition   tificate and lapel pin as well as a $250
 28) at ceremonies hosted by                 often used as temporary accommoda-        community leader.                          of Canadian Immigrant magazine.        donation toward an authorized
 Citizenship and Immigration Canada.         tions for newcomers landing in                Winners are featured on canadian-      Winners receive a commemorative cer-   Canadian charity of their choice.❑
     “It is exciting to celebrate the con-
 tributions that immigrants make to
 the social, economic, and political fab-
 ric of our country,” said Jason Kenney,
 Minister of Citizenship, Immigration
 and Multiculturalism, who will attend
 the Toronto ceremonies on Thursday.
 “As Canadians, we have found great
 success in the coming together of
 diverse cultures. Celebrations like this
 remind us how very fortunate we are
 to live in a country that embraces the
 many traditions of the world."
     The awards program launched in
 November 2008 with a nation-wide
 call-for-nominations, garnered hun-
 dreds of submissions over a two-
 month period, from which 75 semi-
 finalists were shortlisted by a panel of
 Canadian Immigrant judges. Voting
 was then opened online at canadian- for the public to select
 their favourites among the 75 semi-
 finalists. From February to April,
 2009, more than 10,000 Canadians
 voted for the Top 25 winners.
     “RBC has been looking after the
 needs of new immigrants to Canada
 for over seven generations,“ said
 Andrea Metrick, head, Client Strategy
 and Multicultural Markets, at RBC.
 “On behalf of all RBC employees, we
 want to extend our warm congratula-
 tions to each of the winners and our
 appreciation to all nominees and vot-
 ers who participated in this inaugural
     Among the winners of this distin-
 guished award, 11 comes from South
 Asian community.
     Anupama Vittal of Mississauga,
 ON, is the president of the Mississauga
 Art Society and also the CEO and
 founder of the Bean Bag Factory Inc.
 and Artescape Anua.
     Birinder Singh Ahluwalia of
 Toronto, ON, is the president of BSA
 Diagnostic Ltd., one of the largest
 radiological diagnostic centres of its
 kind in Canada. He's a philanthropist
 who freely supports community proj-
 ects as well as cultural and educational
     Colin Saldanha of Mississauga,
 ON, is a medical doctor who present-
 ly works at the Peel Travel Clinic,
 which provides medical advice to trav-
 elers. He's also worked as an immigra-
 tion medical officer with the Ministry
 of Citizenship and Immigration, an
 aviation medical examiner with the
 Ministry of Transportation and a des-
 ignated physician for the RCMP.
     Deepa Mehta of Toronto, ON, an
 internationally acclaimed filmmaker,
 was nominated for an Oscar in best
 foreign language film category, making
 it Canada's first non-French-language
 film to be selected.
     Naseer Ahmad of Vaughan, ON,
 oversaw the construction of Canada’s
 first Islamic residential subdivision
 with homes surrounding a mosque in

 Road Today Truck Show Draws 8,000 Visitors
 Toronto: Despite strong winds, cold         tainment and an ethnic food court          engines and power train components,       International in the Entrepreneur,      Moonstone       Transport,     Avaal
 temperatures and an early evening           featuring South Asian foods.               servicing equipment and supplies,         Owner Operator and Technician of        Technology      Solutions,    CWC
 rain storm, the inaugural Road Today             The motto of the Road Today           tires, fuels and fuel additives, finan-   the Year categories respectively. The   Immigration, Day and Night Cargo,
 Truck Show attracted over 8,000 vis-        Truck Show was to Inform, Educate          cial and computer services as well as     mega prize of 2 free air tickets to     Sailthru Truck Lube to name a few.
 itors to the Powerade Centre in             and Entertain. The participants, dis-      numerous other products and servic-       India was won by Sandeep Singh          The South Asian Trucking
 Brampton on May 30-31, 2009. The            plays and activities of the show were      es employed in the trucking industry.     Sidhu.                                  Association and the South Asian Press
 largest truck show of the year to be        tailored to give life to this motto.       The variety of activities for all age        Prominent sponsors of the show       Club of Canada also endorsed the
 held in the GTA featured activities of          The event generated great interest     groups allowed families to attend and     included SelecTrucks of Canada,         Road Today Truck Show.
 interest for attendees young and old,       from all sectors of the trucking and       enjoy the event.                          Arrow Truck Sales, Western Toronto         Entertainment at the show fea-
 including an indoor and outdoor             transportation industry. The event              Linda Jeffrey, MPP for Brampton      International, Diesel Truck Centre,     tured Punjabi singer Gill Hardeep,
 Trade Show, a show and shine com-           allowed around 100 exhibitors to           Springdale and Brampton Mayor             Centerline Truck Lube, TransCore        local artists and South Asian
 petition, job fair, a pit crew challenge,   showcase the latest in trucks, trailers,   Susan Fennell formally opened the         Link Logistics, Bluelake Enterprises,   dancers.❑
 a children’s play area, children’s enter-   heavy duty parts and accessories,          truck show . Gurbax Malhi, Member
                                                                                        Parliament for Bramalea-Gore-
                                                                                        Malton and Harinder Takhar,
                                                                                        Ontario Minister of Small Business
                                                                                        and Consumer Services visited the
                                                                                        show Saturday and presented Road
                                                                                        Today Trucking Excellence Awards to
                                                                                        participants in three categories.
                                                                                        Andrew Kania, Member Parliament
                                                                                        for Brampton West, John Sanderson,
                                                                                        Regional Councilor, Gary Collins,
                                                                                        CEO, Brampton Board of Trade and
                                                                                        Larry Zacher, Executive Director,
                                                                                        Brampton Safe City also attended the
                                                                                        event. The closing ceremonies on
                                                                                        Sunday were presided over by Ruby
                                                                                        Dhalla, MP for Brampton-
                                                                                        Springdale, who presented apprecia-
                                                                                        tion awards to exhibitors and spon-
                                                                                             The Show and Shine Awards
                                                                                        were won by Sukhwinder Atwal (Best
                                                                                        Light Show), Vic Pannu (Best
                                                                                        Chrome), Dan Prentice (Best Truck
                                                                                        in Show), Harjeet Singh (Best
                                                                                            Avtar Chauhan (Best Dump
                                                                                        Truck) and John Composeo (Best
                                                                                        Owner-Operator Truck). The Pit
                                                                                        Crew Challenge was won by JBH
                                                                                        Truck Centre. The trucking excel-
                                                                                        lence awards were presented to Dara
                                                                                        Nagra of Avaal Technology, Harnek
                                                                                        Kang of Ontario Best Carrier and
                                                                                        Derek Hambly of Western Toronto                                                                                                                                           THE WEEKLY VOICE, SATURDAY, JUNE 06, 2009             A - 19

                                                                                                                                                                SOUTH ASIA NEWS
  Indian Curry Can Keep                                                                                                           Sweet Amerika Hits GTA Theatres
                                                                                                                                     Toronto: Sweet Amerika, written and
                                                                                                                                  directed by award winning Vancouver-
                                                                                                                                                                                Set in New York City, Sweet Amerika
                                                                                                                                                                            is the moving story of Sikh shop owner

    Alzheimer's Away
 London: Eating Indian curry meal                  commonly-used spice in the              your food," said Doraiswamy.
                                                                                                                                  based Canadian journalist R. Paul
                                                                                                                                  Dhillon, stars Bollywood icon Gulshan
                                                                                                                                  Grover. The hard-hitting film is pro-
                                                                                                                                  duced by Vancouver-based businessman
                                                                                                                                                                            Balbir “Bobby” Singh (Gulshan Grover),
                                                                                                                                                                            an American Sikh who is kidnapped and
                                                                                                                                                                            tortured by a hateful and misguided
                                                                                                                                                                            gang who seek reprisals following the
 regularly can help prevent the                    Indian curry - often dubbed                "Studies looking at populations     and South Asian arts-impresario Bobby     terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
                                                                                                                                  Nagra and Dhillon under their MMM         The film is inspired by true events such
 onset of Alzheimer's disease or                   Britain's national dish for their       show that people who eat a curry
                                                                                                                                  Films banner.       Toronto: Canadian     as the murder of an Arizona-based Sikh
 dementia,       an     Indian-born                popularity.                             meal two or three times a week         writer/director R. Paul Dhillon’s debut   businessman Balbir Singh Sodhi. Co-
 researcher has told a meeting of                      Doraiswamy revealed laborato-       seem to have a lower risk for          feature film Sweet Amerika will hit       writer/director Dhillon deliberately puts
 British psychiatrists.                            ry and animal studies in America        dementia.                              Toronto theatres on June 5. The film,     the characters and the action on a slip-
    Prof Murali Doraiswamy of                      have already produced strong evi-          "Those studies seem to show         produced by Bobby Nagra and Dhillon       pery slope. There are no real heroes here
 Duke University in America told                   dence that curcumin combats             that you need only consume what        under their MMM Films banner, is          as the world becomes unhinged follow-
 members of the Royal College of                   dementia and that a clinical trial is   is part of the normal diet - but the   being distributed by CSS Releasing.       ing these earth-shaking events.❑
 Psychiatrists at their annual meet-               now under way in California to          research studies are testing higher
 ing in the city of Liverpool that                 test the effects of curcumin on a       doses to see if they can maximise
 curcumin, an ingredient in                        group of Alzheimer's patients.          the effect.
 turmeric can prevent changes in                       "There is very solid evidence          "It would be equivalent of
 the brain by blocking the spread                  that curcumin binds to plaques,         going on a curry spree for a
 of amyloid plaques - toxic protein                and basic research on animals           week."
 deposits thought to play a key role               engineered to produce human                He said research had also exam-
 in Alzheimer's.                                   amyloid plaques has shown bene-         ined turmeric's therapeutic poten-
    Amyloid plaques, along with                    fits."                                  tial for treating conditions such as
 tangles of nerve fibres, are                          "You can modify a mouse so          cancer and arthritis, but stressed
 thought to contribute to the                      that at about 12 months its brain       that eating a curry could not
 degradation of the wiring in brain                is riddled with plaques. If you         counter-balance the increased risk
 cells, eventually leading to symp-                feed it a curcumin-rich diet it dis-    of dementia associated with a
 toms of dementia - brain disorders                solves these plaques. The same          poor diet.
 that progressively worsen and are                 diet prevented younger mice from           Dr Susanne Sorensen, head of
 eventually severe.                                forming new plaques," he said.          research at the London-based
    Speaking to a largely British                      "The next step is to test cur-      Alzheimer's Society, said: "Indian
 audience      Wednesday,       Prof               cumin on human amyloid plaque           communities that regularly eat
 Doraiswamy, who heads the                         formation using newer brain scans       curcumin have a surprisingly low
 Mental Fitness Laboratory at                      and there are plans for that."          incidence of Alzheimer's disease
 Duke University's Department of                       Doraiswarmy said rates of           but we don't yet know why.
 Psychiatry, suggested eating a                    Alzheimer's are known to be low            "Alzheimer's Society is keen to
 curry meal once or twice a week to                in South Asian communities with         explore the potential benefits of
 stave off Alzheimer's - a form of                 turmeric-rich diets. One study in       curcumin in protecting the brain
 dementia.                                         Singapore showed that regular           and we are conducting our own
    And he predicted it might be                   curry eaters were at least half as      research into this area.
 possible to develop a curry pill                  likely to develop the disease as           "A cheap, accessible and safe
 which had the same therapeutic                    people who avoided curry.               treatment could transform the
 effect.                                               "If you're not a fan of curry       quality of life of thousands of peo-
    Turmeric or 'haldi' is the most                you can try putting mustard on          ple with the condition." ❑
                     Wednesday & Saturday
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  Anti-India Movement Foreign Students Get Taste Of
   Brewing In Nepal   Good Old Punjabi Hospitality
 Kathmandu: Nepal's ruling            ties said in a joint statement      before it are in the offing with
 Communist party and the              that they were forming a com-       12 student organisations affili-   Chandigarh: Practising racial tolerance and       studying in Australia and with their parents in
 Maoists Thursday joined forces       mittee to monitor the situation     ated to 12 political parties       treating foreign students to some good old        India," said Walia.
 to condemn the growing               in the border areas and suggest     Thursday announcing a              Punjabi hospitality - that's how the students        Simin Anbarshahi, president of the foreign
 "encroachment" of the repub-         measures to alleviate the dis-      protest movement.                  of Panjab University (PU) are setting an exam-    students' association of PU said: "We want
 lic's border areas by India and      tress of the displaced villagers.      The student groups said         ple amid reports of alleged racist attacks on     peace to prevail all over the world and espe-
 "atrocities" by India's border           Gautam said encroachment        they will submit a memoran-        Indians in Australia.                             cially in educational institutions. Indian stu-
 security forces while student        by India has also been reported     dum to the prime minister as          Nearly a dozen students from countries like    dents are always very kind and helpful and
 organisations said it would          in Bara district in southern        well as to the Indian ambassa-     Afghanistan, Yemen, Canada, Iran and Nepal        they should also be treated equally if they go
 launch street protests.              Nepal.                              dor to Nepal, Rakesh Sood.         participated in the lunch Tuesday that was        to any other country."
     "Nearly 6,000 people have            The Indian embassy in              In the farwest, a group of      organised by Students' Organisation of Panjab        Anbarshahi, who is from Iran and is pursu-
 been displaced from Dang dis-        Kathmandu said it has received      people have started a campaign     University (SOPU), a students' political party.   ing her doctorate in English here, said: "The
 trict," former deputy prime          no intimation from the Nepal        `Mato Bachao Abhiyan' - Save          Students of the campus, under the leader-      environment here is very congenial. There are
 minister and home minister           government on this issue.           our soil.                          ship of SOPU, Wednesday also appealed to          around 200 foreign students studying in PU
 Bam Dev Gautam of the ruling             On      Wednesday,        the      Led by a writer, Hembabu        the dean (foreign students) of the varsity to     and its affiliated colleges and we have not
 Communist Party of Nepal-            Maoists, who blame India for        Lekhak, the group is cam-          submit a memorandum with the Australian           come across any such racial attack here."
 Unified Marxist Leninist             the fall of their nine-month        paigning in Kalapani, the dis-     High Commission requesting them to take              Foreign students were greeted by garlands
 (UML) told journalists after 18      government, raised the issue in     puted 372 sq km area at the        action against the culprits in Australia and to   and offered sweets. They also participated in
 parties met Thursday to discuss      parliament, accusing the new        junction of India, Nepal and       safeguard the rights of Indian students study-    the peaceful protest march along with other
 reports in the local media of        government of Prime Minister        China that Nepal says has been     ing there.                                        students on the campus, followed by a lunch.
 widespread displacement in           Madhav Kumar Nepal of being         taken over by Indian security         Shelly Walia, dean (foreign students), PU         Brinder Singh Dhillon, president of SOPU
 more than 20 villages in the         a `puppet' that had failed to       forces.                            told IANS Wednesday: "We respect and sup-         party, said Wednesday: "This was our way to
 district since the past two days.    protect its own people.                Nepal's home ministry said      port the gesture of our students. We strongly     retaliate to the attacks on Indian students. We
     "Indian security forces have         With the growing allega-        it has asked the chief district    condemn the attacks on Indian students in         do not want to harm anyone but we want to
 been coming over to Nepali           tions, the Indian embassy in        officer of Dang to submit a        Australia. Such incidents are quite unfortu-      win the hearts of foreign students studying
 land with arms, assaulting vil-      Kathmandu is under mount-           report on the alleged atrocities   nate and should not happen anywhere in the        here so that they take away good memories
 lagers and raping women," the        ing fire. On Wednesday, five        by India's Seema Suraksha Bal,     world."                                           and healthy message from here."
 former minister said.                small parties demonstrated in       a border force, and the ensuing       "We would certainly do the needful in this        "In future, we would continue to felicitate
     Calling it a serious attack on   front of the Indian embassy at      exodus of panic-stricken vil-      regard in the next few days. We express our       the foreign students in the same way," he
 Nepal's sovereignty, the 18 par-     Lainchaur. More protests            lagers. ❑                          deep solidarity with the Indian students          added. ❑

    India Embarks On Major Plan                                                                                     NEW IN CANADA?
      To Make Nation Slum-free
 New Delhi: If the Manmohan
 Singh government's ambitious
                                      lines of Indira Awas Yojana for
                                      the rural areas. Addressing the
                                                                          - lived in urban slums in India
                                                                          in 2001. Data with the National
                                                                                                                NEED A DRIVERS LICENSE?
 plan for a "slum free" India, as     traditional joint session of par-   Sample Survey organisation pre-           For reliable & professional service
 announced by President               liament after the formation of a    dict there will be a shortage of
 Pratibha Patil in parliament         government following the elec-      around 25 million houses for
 Thursday, becomes a reality          tions, the president said: "My      them in the next four years.                     Call Jatinder Singh
 some 62 million-plus people liv-     government's effort would be to         Improving the conditions of       416-889-0561 Cell, 905-281-3649 Home
 ing in the country's urban           create a slum free India in five    the urban poor was on the agen-
 shanties will have a home of         years through the Rajiv Awas        da of the previous Manmohan
 their own. Called the Rajiv          Yojana." According to the           Singh government too, which            Auto Tech Driving School
 Awas Yojana, the special hous-       Planning Commission of India,       in July 2008 launched a nation-
 ing scheme for the urban poor        nearly 62 million people - out of   wide survey about the status of         83 Kennedy Rd., S., Unit 1804, Brampton ON                        Jatinder Singh
 and slum dwellers will be on the     a total population of 1.2 billion   slums in India. ❑                                                                           THE WEEKLY VOICE, SATURDAY, JUNE 06, 2009             A - 21

                                            CAMP Toronto Annual Gala - June 6                     the energies to impart this knowledge.
                                            The Council for the Advancement of Muslim             Deepakbhai will be giving a spritiual discourse
                                            Professionals (CAMP) -Toronto Chapter is host-        From June 2- -22, from 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm and
                                            ing its 6th Annual Gala Dinner on Saturday June       Gnaanvidhi on June 21 at the Sanatan Mandir,
                                            6th, 2009 at 6:00 pm at the CN tower in Toronto.      9333 Woodbine Avenue, Markham. For further
                                            The CAMP Toronto Professionals’ Gala is the           information contact: Dinesh Patel: 416-675-
                                            organization’s most patronized event attended by      3543 or visit
                                            Muslim professionals from all across North
                                            America. Esteemed keynote speakers will share         Family Spiritual Camp - July 29 - Aug 3
                                            their thoughts during the event. This year’s speak-   Chinmaya Mission invites you to a Family
                                            ers are: Dr. Aslam Daud, executive director of        Spiritual Camp this summer from July 29 to
                                            Humanity First, Mr. Haroon Siddiqui, renowned         August 3, 2009 and will be held at the Delta
                                            columnist in the Toronto Star and Dr. Jasmine         Meadowvale Resort in Mississauga. Please visit
                                            Zine, an associate professor at Wilfred Laurier for registration. For
                                            University. For more information, please contact      more information, please contact Krishan - 289-
                                            Farheen Khan on 416-648-4850 or visit                 213-1363 or Chinmaya Mission on 905-417-

                                            Becel Heart &Stroke Ride for Heart - June 7           Journey to Mecca - Until September 7
                                            The Becel Heart&Stroke Ride for Heart is on           Due to popular demand the Ontario Science
                                            June 7, 2009, in Toronto. So mark that date as        Centre has extended the run of the IMAX® film
                                            the reason to start NOW doing small things to         'Journey to Mecca: In the footsteps of Ibn Battuta'
                                            improve your heart health. You can register at        until September 7. The film follows the great
                                   According to the Heart and       Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta on his epic jour-
                                            Stroke Foundation, South Asians have a three to       ney from Tangier to Mecca in 1325. Prices are:
                                            five fold increased risk of heart attack and death    $12 for adults, $9 for youths and seniors and $8
                                            from heart disease compared to other ethnic           for children. For show times check online at
                                            p o p u l a t i o n s                        or call 416-696-

                                            Masala! Mehndi! Masti! Concert - June 8               Hindu Gurmandir Schedule
                                            For a second sensational year in a row, Masala!       Programs for the mandir as follows:
                                            Mehndi! Masti! will team up with Luminato,            Mondays: 7.00pm - Shive Abhishek
                                            Toronto’s premier arts and creativity festival, to    Tuesdays: 7.00pm - Hanuman Chaalisa
                                            light up Yonge*& Dundas Square with a magical         Wednesdays: 7.00pm - Ganesh Puja
                                            evening of Bollywood extravaganza at Yonge &          Thursdays: 7.00pm -Shridi Sai Baba Puja
                                            Dundas Square on June 8. It's a free event. Come      Fridays: 7.00pm - Mataji’s Puja
                                            and listen to pulsating Bollywood beats as profes-    Saturdays: 10.00 to 11.00 am - Nava Graha Puja
                                            sional dancers take to the stage to engage and        Sundays: 11.00am to 2.00pm - Bhajans- kirtan
                                            teach you how to wind your bodies and thrust          Sundays: 4.00pm to 6.00pm - Satsang - kirtan
                                            your hips!                                            Every fourth Sunday : 2.00pm to 3.30pm Satya
                                                                                                  Sai Baba Kirtan. For more information, please
                                            Family Law Information Session - June 18/ July        call (416) 708 2610.
                                            If you are experiencing a separation or divorce       Creations India Music Festival 2009 - June 27
                                            and would like to gather information so that you      Creations India Music Festival 2009 is being
                                            can make informed choices this free 2-hour ses-       organised on Saturday, June 27, 2009 at City
                                            sion may be of help to you. Dates: Thursday           Playhouse Theatre at 1000 West Minister Drive,
                                            June 18, & July 21 2009 from 5:45 pm – 8:00           Vaughan, L4J 8G3 at 6:30 pm featuring Kathak
                                            pm. Presented by the Peel Family Mediation            Dance by Hemant & Vaishali Panwar. Along
                                            Services. Sessions held in Brampton and               with the duo, their dance team will include many
                                            Mississauga. Location provided upon registra-         wonderful upcoming Kathak performers and
                                            tion. To register, please call 905-456-4700 ext.      musicians. The evening will also attribute an

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                                            Spiritual Discourse - June 20 - 22
                                                                                                  enchanting Sarangi recital by Pandit Ramesh
                                                                                                  Mishra. For tickets, please contact Bssu
                                                                                                  Mukherjee on 416-875-9010 or Rinku Basu on
 Get your copy every Wednesday & Saturday   Atmagnani Pujya Deepakbhai Desai was special-         416-875-2919                 or              visit
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    Obama Calls For Fresh Thousands Turn Out In
  Ties Between US, Muslims Hong Kong To Mark
 Cairo: Quoting from the Quran for
 emphasis, President Barack Obama
                                                                                                                              Tiananmen Crackdown
 called for a "new beginning between
                                                                                                                             Beijing: China aggressively deterred dissent in the capital on
 the United States and Muslims"
                                                                                                                             Thursday's 20th anniversary of the crackdown on democracy activists
 Thursday and said together, they
                                                                                                                             in Tiananmen Square. But tens of thousands turned out for a candle-
 could confront violent extremism
                                                                                                                             light vigil in Hong Kong to mourn the hundreds, possibly thousands,
 across the globe and advance the
                                                                                                                             of demonstrators killed.
 timeless search for peace in the
                                                                                                                                The central government ignored calls from US Secretary of State
 Middle East.
                                                                                                                             Hillary Rodham Clinton and even Taiwan's China-friendly president
    "This cycle of suspicion and dis-
                                                                                                                             for Beijing to face up to the 1989 violence.
 cord must end," Obama said in a
                                                                                                                                In Beijing, foreign journalists were barred from the vast square as
 widely anticipated speech in one of
                                                                                                                             uniformed and plainclothes police stood guard across the area, which
 the world's largest Muslim coun-
                                                                                                                             was the epicenter of the student-led movement that was crushed by
 tries, an address designed to reframe
                                                                                                                             the military on the night of June 3-4, 1989.
 relations after the terrorist attacks of
                                                                                                                                Security officials checking passports blocked foreign TV camera
 Sept. 11, 2001, and the US-led war
                                                                                                                             operators and photographers from entering the square to cover the
 in Iraq.
                                                                                                                             raising of China's national flag, which happens at dawn every day.
    The White House said Obama's
                                                                                                                             Plainclothes officers confronted journalists on the streets surrounding
 speech contained no new policy
                                                                                                                             the square, cursing and threatening violence against them.
 proposals on the Middle East. He
                                                                                                                                Tourists were allowed in Tiananmen as usual, though security offi-
 said American ties with Israel are
                                                                                                                             cials — paramilitary, police and plainclothes officers — appeared to
 unbreakable, yet issued a firm, even-
                                                                                                                             outnumber the visitors.
 handed call to the Jewish state and
                                                                                                                                The repression on the mainland contrasted starkly with Hong
 Palestinians alike to live up to their
                                                                                                                             Kong, where tens of thousands of people bearing white candles
 international obligations.
                                                                                                                             chanted slogans calling for China to own up to the crackdown and
    In a gesture to the Islamic world,
                                                                                                                             release political dissidents. It was the largest commemoration on
 Obama conceded at the beginning
                                                                                                                             Chinese soil.
 of his remarks that tension "has
                                                                                                                                Organizers estimated the crowd at 150,000 — the largest rally
 been fed by colonialism that denied
                                                                                                                             since the first anniversary vigil in 1990 — while police put the num-
 rights and opportunities to many           reverse. "Just as Muslims do not fit a   positive response from corners of       ber at 62,800.
 Muslims, and a Cold War in which           crude stereotype, America is not the     the world not given to compliment-         "It is the dream of all Chinese people to have democracy!" the
 Muslim-majority countries were             crude stereotype of a self-interested    ing the United States.                  crowd gathered in Hong Kong's famous Victoria Park sang in unison.
 often treated as proxies without           empire." Obama's remarks were tel-          "There is a change between the          A former British colony, the territory has retained its own legal sys-
 regard to their own aspirations."          evised on all radio and television       speech of President Obama and pre-      tem and open society since reverting to Chinese rule in 1997. Those
    "And I consider it part of my           stations in Israel, and with Arabic      vious speeches made by George           killed in the violence were eulogized as heroes of the push for democ-
 responsibility as president of the         voice-over translations by Arab          Bush," said Fawzi Barhoum, a            racy in China, their names read aloud before the crowd observed a
 United States to fight against nega-       satellite stations Al-Arabiya and Al-    Hamas spokesman in Gaza.                minute of silence in their memory.
 tive stereotypes of Islam wherever         Jazeera, Egyptian TV and Al-Manar,          But he complained that Obama            "It's time for China to take responsibility for the killings," said Kin
 they appear," said the president,          an outlet for the militant group         did not specifically note the suffer-   Cheung, a 17-year-old Hong Kong student. "They need to tell the
 who recalled hearing prayer calls of       Hezbollah. The speech was not            ing in Gaza following the three-        truth."
 "azaan" at dawn and dusk while liv-        broadcast in Iran, where the gover-      week Israeli incursion earlier this        On the mainland, government censors shut down social network-
 ing in Indonesia as a boy.                 ment jammed signals to block satel-      year and did not apologize for U.S.     ing and image-sharing Web sites such as Twitter and Flickr and
    At the same time, he said the           lite owners from watching.               military attacks in Iraq and            blacked out CNN and other foreign news channels each time they
 same principle must apply in                   The president drew a somewhat        Afghanistan.❑                           aired stories about Tiananmen.❑

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                                                                                                                                               WORLD NEWS
   Air France Airbus May
  Have Been Flying Too Slow
 Fernando De Noronha, Brazil:       reducing speed too much can           ty to finding bodies, but as we
 Brazilian navy ships stepped up    cause an aircraft's engines to        haven't found any we have time
 their ocean search for debris      stall.                                to collect the debris," Air Force
 and bodies from a crashed Air          The Air France A330-200           Brigadier Ramon Borges
 France plane on Thursday amid      was en route from Rio de              Cardoso told reporters in the
 speculation it may have been       Janeiro to Paris when it plunged      northern coastal city of Recife.
 flying through a storm at the      into the Atlantic four hours          "If we find bodies, we will stop
 wrong speed.                       into its flight. Air France has       everything and bring them
     Citing sources close to the    told relatives of the 228 people      here."
 inquiry, French newspaper Le       on board there is no hope of              From a base on the islands of
 Monde said the plane's maker,      survivors.                            Fernando de Noronha, a
 Airbus, was preparing to issue a       Experts have been mystified       sparsely populated volcanic
 recommendation advising air-       by the sudden crash of a mod-         archipelago 370 km (230 miles)
 lines that fly the A330 of opti-   ern airliner operated by three        from Brazil's coast, 11 air force
 mal speeds during poor weath-      experienced pilots, with theo-        planes have been carrying out
 er conditions.                     ries on the cause ranging from        search operations over a 6,000
     Airbus declined to comment     extreme turbulence to a loss of       sq km (2,300 sq mile) area.
 on the report and the French air   cabin pressure to possible com-           Among the debris found on
 accident investigation agency,     puter system faults.                  Thursday were yellow, brown
 which has to validate any such         Three Brazilian navy ships        and white items that appeared
 recommendations, was not           have arrived in the search area       to come from the inside of the
 immediately available for com-     about 1,100 km (680 miles)            aircraft, Cardoso said. Searchers
 ment.                              northeast of Brazil's coast, but      have found several debris sites
     Pilots often slow down when    have yet to reach the debris.         spread out over 90 km (56
 entering stormy zones to avoid     Searchers have seen no traces of      miles), possibly indicating that
 damaging the aircraft, but         bodies. "We were giving priori-       the plane broke up in the air.❑

 Bin Laden's New Tape Inflames
     Hatred Towards The US
 Cairo: Osama bin Laden threat-     touched down in Saudi Arabia at       ber of displaced people from
 ened Americans in a new audio      the start of a Mideast visit. He is   Swat Valley." Pakistan launched
 recording aired Wednesday, say-    trying repair relations with the      in April a military offensive to
 ing President Barack Obama         Muslim world frayed under the         expel the Taliban from Swat
 inflamed hatred toward the US      previous Bush administration.         Valley after the militants aban-
 by ordering Pakistan to crack          "Elderly people, children and     doned a peace deal with the gov-
 down on militants in Swat Valley   women fled their homes and            ernment that gave them control
 and block Islamic law there.       lived in tents as refugees after      of the region.
     Bin Laden claimed US pres-     they have lived in dignity in their       The offensive, strongly
 sure led to a campaign of          homes," bin Laden said. "Let the      backed by Washington, is seen
 "killing, fighting, bombing and    American people be ready to           as a test of Pakistan's resolve
 destruction" that prompted the     reap what the White House             against militants in the north-
 exodus of a million Muslims        leaders have sown," he added.         western border region near
 from Swat in northwest
 Pakistan. The message was
 broadcast for the first time on
                                    "Obama and his administration
                                    have sown new seeds to increase
                                    hatred and revenge on America,"
                                                                          Afghanistan. Pakistanis tired of
                                                                          militant attacks in the country
                                                                          that have killed hundreds of
                                                                                                              VOICE 2x A WEEK!
 pan-Arab Al-Jazeera Television
 around the same time Obama
                                    bin Laden said. "The number of
                                    these seeds is equal to the num-
                                                                          civilians have also supported the   Get your copy every Wednesday & Saturday

   Mumbai Office Space Among World's Costliest Despite Fall In Rents
   New Delhi: There's both good and           the consultancy's latest list of           a reduction in demand," said             ranked as the world's most expen-          "The great global recession has
   bad news for people looking for            world's most expensive office mar-         Anshuman Magazine, chairman              sive office market, with an annual         clearly taken its toll on the world's
   commercial space in Mumbai.                kets, from the fourth most-costly          and managing director of the con-        occupancy cost of $183 per square          office markets, particularly those
   Average office rental has fallen in        rank it was accorded in the previous       sultancy's South Asia operations.        feet followed by London's West             with significant concentrations of
   the past six months, but it is still the   report.                                    At the same time, Magazine said,         End at $172, Moscow at $170 and            financial industry employers," said
   sixth highest globally - reflecting an     The latest CB Richard Ellis report         "Mumbai continuing to be in the          Hong Kong at $150 per square feet.         Raymond Torto, global chief econo-
   acute space shortage in India's            said average occupancy cost in             top 10 and Delhi at the 12th slot        According to the report, major             mist at CB Richard Ellis.
   financial capital.                         Mumbai has slid to $131.04 per             reflected the shortage of prime          global office markets in many cases        "The most expensive office markets,
   According to international realty          square feet annually in the six            office space supply in India".           have seen occupancy costs fall by 20       as measured in dollars, are consider-
   consultancy CB Richard Ellis,              months ending March 31, from the           "To reduce office occupancy costs        percent or more over the past 12           ably less expensive than a year ago
   which tracks office occupancy costs        $170.85 commanded in the previ-            further and facilitate more supply of    months.                                    and occupiers are now in a strong
   in more than 170 cities across the         ous six months.                            office space we need to urgently         Across the 170 cities that the con-        position to procure prime space at
   world, commercial rentals contin-          Delhi was ranked 12th with an              improve our infrastructure and           sultancy tracks, office rentals fell 2.8   attractive costs," Torto said.
   ued to witness a correction globally       annual occupancy cost of $86.94            amenities. This would bring our          percent over the 12-month period           "For instance, a year ago, office
   between October 2008 and March             per square feet.                           world rankings down further and          ending March 31, 2009. Singapore           space in London's West End was
   2009.                                      "This ranking highlights the               make India more competitive," he         had the largest year-over-year             nearly $300 per square feet, while
   Rates in Mumbai too dropped in             decrease in rentals we have wit-           said.                                    decrease in occupancy costs, regis-        today that space goes for $172 per
   tandem, falling to the sixth slot in       nessed in the last six months due to       Tokyo's Inner Central District was       tering a drop of 34 percent.               square feet."

      Oil India
       IPO By                                                       GM India Hasn't
 New Delhi: Oil explo-
 ration major Oil India
 Ltd (OIL) is likely to
                                   He pointed out that
                                OIL's disinvestment had
                                been in the pipeline for a
                                                                   Lost Its Spark Yet
                                                               New Delhi: US auto behemoth General                                                                      Moreover, it is also drawing up plans to
 launch an initial public       long time, but was post-       Motors Corp may have filed for bankruptcy                                                             develop a new Rs.2-lakh small car - its cheap-
 offering     (IPO)     in      poned repeatedly due to        protection, but its Indian arm is all set for the                                                     est globally - which will be placed a rung
 September, Petroleum           adverse market condi-          launch of a new variant of its popular small                                                          below the Spark.
 Secretary R.S. Pandey          tions. OIL chairman            car Spark.                                                                                               According to reports, the company plans
 said here Tuesday.             N.M. Borah said the               General Motors India, which operates out                                                           to make India the lead market for the R&D
    He, however, ruled          company board had              of Halol in Gujarat and has a second plant in                                                         of the new car, which could also be marketed
 out disinvestment in           been informed of a             Talegaon in Maharashtra, will unveil the new                                                          in South America, Eastern Europe and
 other state-owned oil          roadmap for the IPO.           model Friday.                                                                                         Africa. High riding fuel prices in the first half
 giants Indian Oil Corp            Besides OIL, the gov-          GM Corp filed for Chapter 11 bankrupt-                                                             of 2008 crippled demand for the large SUV
 (IOC) and Oil and              ernment is also planning       cy protection Monday after a government                                                               range that GM had built in the US with con-
 Natural Gas Corp               to sell stake in a few         bailout of $19.4 billion failed to resurrect the                                                      siderable investment; it is also one of the
 (ONGC).                        other state-run entities       100-year-old auto giant choking under a debt                                                          biggest reasons for its crash.
    "There is no plan to        to raise resources to fund     of over $37 billion.                                                                                     The company has already started the
 divest stake in IOC and        infrastructure projects.          The Chapter 11 process is expected to free       business to China's Sichuan Tengzhong             process of closing down 14 under-performing
 ONGC," Pandey told                In the interim budget,      the automaker of non-performing assets and          Heavy Industrial Machinery Co.                    plants and other facilities and putting three
 reporters, adding: "But        the government had cal-        liabilities and help it go for restructuring.          However, making slight of what's happen-       more on stand-by.
 we expect an initial pub-      culated that it would             The automaker has also agreed to sell off        ing in the US, the Indian subsidiary remains         GM is expected to cut 20,000 jobs during
 lic offering of Oil India      generate Rs.1,120 crore                                                            upbeat with the automaker launching a new
                                                               its Hummer sports utility vehicle (SUV)                                                               this process. ❑
 by September."                 from disinvestment. ❑                                                              Spark model this week.

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                                                                                                                                        BUSINESS NEWS
   Kingfisher Gets Crucial
 Rs 2,000 Crore From Banks
 New Delhi: Vijay Mallya-pro-
 moted Kingfisher Airlines has
 got crucial funding of Rs 2,000
 crore from State Bank of India
 and a consortium of other
 banks to meet working capital
    While Rs 950 crore has been
 given by State Bank of India,
 the rest of the amount has been
 arranged from Bank of India,
 Bank of Baroda and Punjab
 National Bank, according to
    When contacted, the com-
 pany spokesperson said: "Fund         Breweries Holdings had sought         Kingfisher has also been tar-
 raising is an ongoing process         shareholders' approval to          geting an equity infusion of
 and because we are bound by           authorise the board to provide     around Rs 2,000 crore through
 confidentiality/non disclosure        corporate guarantee worth up       strategic    and       financial
 agreements, it will be inappro-       to Rs 12,000 crore to lenders of   investors. The equity invest-
 priate to comment at this             UBH's subsidiary Kingfisher        ment will be used to de-lever-
 stage".                               Airlines (KFA), by pledging        age the balance sheet, the com-
    Earlier this year, the airline's   shares and mortgaging its mov-     pany told investors in
 parent company United                 able and immovable properties.     January.❑

             PepsiCo Gets
           Cracking In India
 New Delhi: Frito-Lay, the food division of
 beverage major PepsiCo India, plans to
 spend about Rs.500 crore over the next three
 years to push Aliva, a new baked savoury
 cracker that it launched here Thursday.
    "We want the new product to get as big as
 Kurkure (PepsiCo's popular snack),"
 Gautham Mukkavilli, Frito-Lay India chief
 executive and PepsiCo India president told
    "We will be investing about Rs.500 crore
 on it over three years," Mukkavilli added.             ing unit in Pune for the new cracker, which
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