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					www.95gowu.comA GRAPHIC NOVEL”
                             At Kinderhook Memorial Library
                         18 Hudson St. in the Village of Kinderhook
                               A WORKSHOP FOR TEENS
       (Space is limited to 15 teenagers! Sign up now by stopping by the library or
                                    calling 758-6192)
               Wednesdays 7:00 to 8:30 P.M. Sept.12th through Oct. 17th

      If you haven’t heard of her either, it could be because she’s been busy
      creating her latest graphic novel. (Graphic Novels are really comic books, only
      longer!) Barbara Slate is a cartoonist who has written, drawn and created over
      300 stories—for Marvel, DC Comics, and Archie Comics, where she currently
      writes Betty and Veronica. Barbara’s art has been described by the New York
      Times as “Bold, imaginative figurative work, somewhat quirky and offbeat.”
      She is featured as one of the century’s most important women cartoonists in
      “A Century of Women Cartoonists.”

      Maybe your interest is a Super Hero, your own life story, or you-know-it’s-in
      there-somewhere-dying to get out. Barbara will teach you how to develop
      characters, plot stories and offer tips on the creative process. At the end of
      the series, workshop participants will have created a 6-24 page graphic
      novel/comic book of their own. “Bring your work!” Barbara says, “And if you
      don’t have any, let’s get started!”

      The library would like to thank Stewart’s Shops for the generous donation of funds to
      make this program possible.

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