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                            eTLC Presentation - June 25, 2006

      1. Democracy Now    

      Great site with transcripts! Example:
      June 16, 2006 - Suicide Bomber Kills 10 At Baghdad Shiite Mosque
      A suicide bomber struck a Shiite mosque in Baghdad earlier today, killing at least ten
      people. The attack comes as the Iraqi capital is under one of the biggest security
      crackdowns since the start of the invasion.
      Congress Debates Iraq War As US Death Toll Reaches 2500
      Meanwhile, the Pentagon announced Thursday the US death toll in Iraq has now
      reached 2500. The milestone was reached on the same day the Iraq war was the subject
      of intense debate in both Houses of Congress. In the Senate, lawmakers voted ninety-
      three to six against a measure to withdraw US troops by the end of the year. The
      measure was introduced by Republicans who claimed to be acting upon a proposal by
      Senator John Kerry. Five Democrats -- Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, Barbara Boxer of
      California, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, Tom Harkin of Iowa and Edward M.
      Kennedy of Massachusetts joined Kerry in voting for withdrawal. The House is
      expected to vote on its own Iraq resolution today. On Thursday, Republican Speaker
      Dennis Hastert urged lawmakers to support the measure.

         •   House Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert: "They know their sacrifices on
             foreign shores are keeping the battle against terrorists out of our cities. They
             know by going in to harm's way, they are keeping Americans safe, and they
             know that they are helping a proud, but brutalised people to throw off tyranny
             and stand tall once again. They know that they are liberators, not occupiers. Our
             men and women in uniform know all this and they are proud of it. It's time for
             this House of Representatives to tell the world they we know it too - that we
             know our cause is right, and that we are proud of it. Stand up for freedom. Adopt
             this resolution."

      2. Japan Considered Podcast (Also includes transcripts) Friday, June 16, 2006; Volume 02, Number 22

      LDP Presidential Election Fever Intensifies The ruling and opposition parties
      wound up formal parliamentary business today, with the final meetings of this ordinary
      session of the Diet. Anticipation of the end of parliamentary maneuvering, naturally, has
      intensified interest in the race to succeed Junichiro Koizumi as LDP president, and
      presumably, prime minister of Japan. The politicians themselves now have more time to

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                                    eTLC Presentation - June 25, 2006

      devote to this important contest. And Japan’s political journalists seem determined to have
      a race that’s worth reporting.

      3. WGBH Morning Stories
      It does not include transcripts. Example of the site:
      "We Were Just Seventeen"

      4. General Places to Find Podcasts: (see #5 below) (great site in Japanese with explanation about podcasting.) (great for links to ESL podcasts) (a popular podcast receiver if use iTunes) (audio books, newspapers and magazines)

      5.       Topics on the site:

          Entertainment (7757)                          Business & Money (1115)
          Music, Celebrities, Comedy...                 Career, Investment, Marketing...

          Arts (2242)                                   Computers & Internet (2111)
          Poetry, Storytelling...                       Hardware, Software, Podcasting...

          Science & Nature (956)                        Home & Lifestyle (1313)
          Technology, Animals, Environment...           Relationships, Health, Pets...

          Hobbies & Recreation (1256)                   Learning & Instruction (1672)
          Games, Autos, Travel...                       Biographies, How To, Education...

          News & Media (1889)                           Politics & Government (1165)
          World News, Newspapers...                     Crime & Law, World Politics...

          Religion & Philosophy (2052)                  Society & Culture (2318)
          Ethics, Christianity, Philosophy...           History, Fashion, Parties...

          Sports (907)                                  Soliloquies (657)
          Basketball, Olympics, Tennis...               Rants, Personal Journals...

          Local & Regional (1925)                       Shopping & Commercial (95)
          Africa, Canada...                             Companies, Classifieds...

          International Podcasts (1295)                 Kids & Teens (532)
          Itailian, French, German, Other...            School, Hobbies...

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                            eTLC Presentation - June 25, 2006

      Johnny's ESL Page
      Johnny's ESL Page :
      A Podcasting Resource for ESL/EFL Students
      ELT Podcast - Basic Conversations for EFL and ESL
      ELT Podcast - Basic Conversations:
      Theme-based conversations and language practice for students of English, such as EFL, ESL
      and ESOL. The dialogs have two or more speakers. Read transcripts and listen to mp3 files.
      UGoEigo ~ ESL Phonics Video Podcast
      UGoEigo ~ ESL Phonics Video Podcast :
      Learn how to pronounce English sounds using UGoEigo's video ESL podcast!
      ESL Aloud
      ESL Aloud :
      Guided practice in speaking English
      ESL and Archie Comics
      ESL and Archie Comics :
      A FUN Place to Practice Reading and Speaking English using Archie Comics comicstrips!
      ESL = English as a Second Language
      ESL = English as a Second Language :
      World News in VOA Special English :
      ...TCHES.ORG provides ideas, projects, tutorials, and software reviews for the foreign language
      educator. The goal is to encourage foreign language and ESL teachers to learn and experiment
      with technology.

      6. The English Banana
      Our free podcasts contain useful material for learning English, ESL and EFL. Now you
      can hear our fun lessons as well as get free downloads from our site. And get this - all of
      our podcasts are absolutely free! To subscribe simply cut and paste the following URL
      into your feed reader/aggregator:

      7. TOEFL Podcast     

      A. Slow dialog; B. Explanations; C. Fast dialog; and D. Comprehension Question.

      8. Johnny's ESL Page      

      Example of one podcast from this site: February 13, 2006 05:33AM

      Welcome to TOEIC Vocabulary Mondays. The podcast will have three basic steps to it:
      1) We will give definitions to ten TOEIC vocabulary words a week. 2) We will use

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                            eTLC Presentation - June 25, 2006

      each word in a sentence so you can hear it used in context. 3) We will repeat the words

      9. eltpodcast

      Intermediate Conversations - Got a new computer. You'll hear this intermediate-level
      conversation once. Then, you'll hear several short practice dialogs. Conversation Bill: I
      got a new computer yesterday. Robert: You got a new computer? Bill: Yes, a new
      notebook computer. Robert: Why didn't you get a desktop computer? Bill: The
      notebook is light, and has a battery, so I can use it anywhere. I can use it on the train or
      the bus. Robert: Isn't the keyboard too small to use? Bill: It's compact, but I'll get used
      to it. Robert: I think large keyboards are easier to use than small ones. Also, desktop
      computers are more powerful than notebooks. Bill: That's true, but my notebook
      computer is powerful enough for me. Robert: Aren't notebooks more expensive than
      desktop computers? Bill: Yes, desktop computers are less expensive, usually, but
      notebook computers are portable. I can use my notebook in any room, and when I'm
      finished, I can put it away. You can't put a desktop computer away. Robert: That's true,
      but my desktop computer doesn't take too much space. It's an iMac. Bill: That's a cool
      computer. I bet my Windows notebook was cheaper than your iMac. Robert: You get
      what you pay for. Bill: Funny. Let's practice: A: I got a new pet yesterday. B: You got
      a new pet? A: Yes, a cat. B: Why didn't you get a dog? A: I got a new car yesterday. B:
      You got a new car? A: Yes, a compact car. B: Why didn't you get a sports car? A: I got
      a new iPod yesterday. B: You got a new iPod? A: Yes, I got an iPod Shuffle. B: Why
      didn't you get an iPod Nano? A: I went on a homestay last year. B: You went on a
      homestay? A: Yes, I went to Ireland. B: Why didn't you go to Australia?

      10. Another Japanese Podcast Receiver

      One is Podcasting Juice This is a podcast that can be
                             ペアで える英単語
      found on podcastjuice: ペアで覚える英単語


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