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                                                                          C2E2 2010 Program Schedule
                                                                              - Revised April 14 -

   A Brief History of Cartoons,   It may seem like the term "graphic novel" has suddenly sprung out of nowhere, but            Friday   E352   11:00 AM   12:00 PM
   Comics and Graphic             the evolution of this dynamic format has a history that has played a vital role in world
   Novels: Putting It All Into    culture dating back tens of thousands of years. This program will help to connect the
   Context                        dots and provide a much clearer picture of how this came to be -- and where it is
                                  headed next. Presented by John Shableski.
   The Magic Of Reading           Learn first-hand from comics creators why this medium and this format are such an            Friday   E352   12:15 PM   1:15 PM
   From The Creator's             incredible opportunity to engage new readers. The art of story development,
   Perspective: Comics And        character design, and hand lettering for dialog all play integral and critical roles which
   Graphic Novels                 allow the reader full immersion in the reading experience. Presented by Joshua Elder.
   ICv2 White Paper               Trends since the beginnings of the comic industry tell us that in tough economic times       Friday   E350   12:15 PM   1:15 PM
                                  people look for entertainment to divert their attention from reality, and comics offer
                                  among the best values of any form of entertainment. As a result, comic sales have
                                  been predictably countercyclical with the economy for over half a century, but will
                                  these trends hold true in the current world? The ICv2 C2E2 White Paper helps to
                                  educate publishers, retailers, librarians, creators, and agents to continue the growth
                                  of graphic novels into a dominant medium in American culture.
   Connecting Boys With           Learn about research and techniques for your library to connect boys at your library         Friday   E351   12:30 PM   1:30 PM
   Books Through Graphic          by providing a "space to play games" with learning outcomes, including advice on
   Novels, Comics, Gaming,        mapping to a curriculum. Also explore ways to best use book-into-movies to bridge
   and Movie Ties-Ins             reading gaps among boys and build literacy skills across learning modalities.
   Burn It! Surviving Graphic     Join the American Library Association for a panel on censorship and First                    Friday   E350   1:30 PM    2:30 PM
   Novel Challenges By            Amendment issues in the library, including discussions about specific challenges to
   Educating Your                 graphic novels/comics in public and school libraries, focusing on examples from
   Community                      Missouri, Kentucky, and around The Bunny Suicides, including an overview about
                                  how ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom can assist with challenges to graphic
                               novels and comics.
   Get Graphic In Your         Britt White and Staff from Buffalo-Erie Public Library will talk about the creation of        Friday   E352    1:30 PM   2:30 PM
   Library: How Graphic and how their public library program has become an amazing
   Novels Can Help You         resource for teachers, parents and other librarians across the country.
   Super-Serve The
   Teachers, Librarians, And
   Parents In Your
   DC Talent Search            Learn what DC Comics looks for in artists and find out how to improve your chances            Friday   E351    1:45 PM   2:45 PM
                               at becoming a working professional. This informative orientation session will explain
                               how DC's Talent Search works. If you want to have your work reviewed, attendance
                               at this orientation session is mandatory, and keep in mind that not all attendees are
                               guaranteed a review.
   Kevin Conroy Spotlight      "I am Batman!" Kevin Conroy has portrayed voice of Batman in animated projects                Friday   E350    2:45 PM   3:45 PM
                               since 1991. Discover what it takes to be Batman in this insightful hour with the man
                               behind one of pop culture's most iconic voices.
   Outgrowing Your Toys        We all have a favorite toy. What’s yours? From G.I. Joe, to Stretch Armstrong, to             Friday   E352    2:45 PM   3:45 PM
                               Transformers, pop culture has enthusiastically embraced toy nostalgia. Join self-
                               styled Retropreneur Ed Catto (Captain Action) and a panel of toy enthusiasts to
                               explore the 2010 version of the truism “Everything Old is New Again”!
   Slayers Revolution          The original cast of Slayers is reunited for the first time in over a decade in Slayers       Friday   E271B   2:45 PM   3:45 PM
                               Revolution -- a totally new season full of the magical mayhem that can only happen
                               when Lina Inverse and her crew pull into town. Lina’s on the run from a government
                               inspector who’s ready to put her away for good. Her crime? Just being herself! The
                               guy’s hot on her tail, but a tiny creature that actually has a tail might be Lina’s biggest
                               problem. Pokota’s a powerful little furball, and his path of destruction is getting pinned
                               on Lina. With so much explosive magic between them, you know things will go boom
                               when they face off. But there’s more to Pokota than anyone knows, and if Lina’s gang
                               can get to the bottom of his habit of blowing stuff up, they could end up with an
                               awesome new ally. (FUNimation)
   Diamond Select Toys And     The inmates of Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys give you an inside look at the              Friday   E351    3:00 PM   4:00 PM
   Art Asylum Present          #1 best-selling block figure line in the world -- Minimates! Full of exciting reveals, new
   Minimates 2010              licenses, and a look forward at what 2010 holds for Minimate fans, don't miss this
   Dark Horse Heroes           Meet industry legend Jim Shooter, Dark Horse Senior Editor Chris Warner, and                  Friday   E353    3:00 PM   4:00 PM
                               special guests! Find out what's in store this year and beyond for a host of exciting
                               new Dark Horse titles including Doctor Solar, Magnus the Robot Fighter, and Turok.
   Last Son                  An exploding world. A dying, alien father. An awkward teen who dreams of saving           Friday   E271A     3:00 PM   5:15 PM
                             the world. And a girl who doesn't even know he exists. Sound familiar? It’s all true.
                             LAST SON is the first and only unauthorized documentary about how Jerry Siegel
                             and Joe Shuster created Superman in the 1930s. Forget everything you know.
                             Using years of research, newly-uncovered documents, and stunning home movies,
                             LAST SON doesn’t tell the same, dreamy old story about two nerdy teens, it reveals
                             an entirely new one where Superman isn’t just a character, he is an inevitable force of
                             will. Q&A with Director Brad Ricca.
   Windy City Jedi           Lightsaber stage combat and choreography! Come join us in a galaxy far, far away!         Friday   Variant   3:00 PM   4:00 PM
   Vertigo Editorial         Find out what compelling tales comics' edgiest imprint has in store for you in the        Friday   E451      3:15 PM   4:15 PM
   Presentation              months to come. Join Senior VP-Executive Editor Karen Berger, Assistant Editor
                             Mark Doyle, Bill Willingham, Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, Michael Easton, Chris
                             Gage, Peter Gross, Matt Kindt, Jeff Lemire and others for a discussion of your
                             favorite ongoing and upcoming Vertigo titles.
   Nerd City                 Since coming on the scene almost two years ago, Chicago podcast/website Nerd City         Friday   E352      4:00 PM   5:00 PM
                             made an almost immediate impact on the world of nerd. Their love of booze and
                             trouble has separated them in a crowded field, and their inability to take anything
                             seriously guarantees a good time. Plus prizes!
   Boogiepop Phantom         Five years ago, a string of grisly murders shook the city to its core. Now terror has     Friday   E271B     4:00 PM   5:00 PM
                             returned, and this time it has a name. Boogiepop. Everyone knows about Boogiepop.
                             Death incarnate, she stalks the night in search of fresh victims. Meet her, and you
                             simply… vanish. In the darkness, glass shatters and time stands still. There’s
                             something out there, and it's coming closer. Are you safe? (Right Stuf)
   Zenescope: It's a Grimm   Join Zenescope founders and Grimm Fairy Tales writers and creators Ralph Tedesco          Friday   E350      4:00 PM   5:00 PM
   Universe                  and Joe Brusha as they discuss what's new for their ultra popular line of titles
                             including the long running Grimm Fairy Tales series as it approaches a landmark 50th
                             issue! Gain more insight into Grimm spin-off titles such as Neverland, Wonderland,
                             and Inferno. The guys will also reveal some very cool upcoming titles that are sure to
                             create a buzz. Joining the panel will be Wonderland writer Raven Gregory,
                             Zenescope artist David Seidman, and Zenescope cover artist Mike Debalfo. The
                             guys will also raffle off some books, prints, and T-Shirts, too!
   Comics and Mythology      Acclaimed comic book writers Gail Simone (Wonder Woman), Greg Pak (Planet                 Friday   E351      4:15 PM   5:15 PM
                             Hulk), and Fred Van Lente (Incredible Hercules, Hercules: Fall of an Avenger, and
                             Heroic Age: Prince of Power), and Bob Layton (Hercules: Prince of Power) discuss
                             the joys and challenges of melding real world mythology and comic book mythology.
   MARVEL: Mondo Marvel     From the Avengers to the Fantastic Four, the Ultimate line to the far reaches of the          Friday   E450      4:15 PM   5:15 PM
                            cosmos, answers to every corner of the Marvel U. and more are found here. This
                            amazing panel with Marvel’s Editor in Chief Joe Quesada features all-stars Jonathan
                            Hickman (FANTASTIC FOUR), Jeph Loeb (ULTIMATE X), Marjorie Liu (BLACK
                            WIDOW), C.B. Cebulski (NATION X), Vice President – Executive Editor Tom Brevoort
                            and more to field your questions!
   Mark Waid Takes On The   Trivia King Mark Waid single-handedly battles a panel of expert fans in a Silver Age          Friday   Variant   4:30 PM   5:30 PM
   Trivia Fans              trivia match for the ages! Pit your knowledge of Marvel and DC’s 1960's comics when                    Stage
                            these titans clash! Nothing will ever be the same again! Moderated by Craig Shutt,
                            writer of the Ask Mr. Silver Age column for the Comics Buyer’s Guide.
   DC Nation                The DC Nation finally returns to Chicago! We’re always looking for new recruits, so be        Friday   E451      4:45 PM   5:45 PM
                            sure to come on by as Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, Chief Creative Officer
                            Geoff Johns and some of the industry’s top talent lead the way to give you the inside
                            scoop to all current and future Nation members!
   Avatar Press             Join William Christensen, Jacen Burrows, Christos Gage, Mike Wolfer, and Brian                Friday   E350      5:15 PM   6:15 PM
                            Pulido as they discuss the exciting new releases from Avatar Press. Major new
                            announcements guaranteed!
   Archie Comics: Cooler    2010's been an exciting year thus far for Archie Comics, but it's still just the start. The   Friday   E352      5:15 PM   6:15 PM
   Than Ever!               creators and staff of Archie Comics are coming to Chicago to talk to the fans directly
                            about what's next -- surprise announcements about the future of Archie Comics and
                            the latest about Archie on television and in feature films! Panelists include Michael
                            Uslan (Executive Producer of The Dark Knight and Batman Begins -- and Archie
                            writer), Jon Goldwater (Archie Comics Co-CEO), Michael Murphy (iVerse CEO),
                            Michael Martens (Dark Horse Comics VP of Business Development), Victor Gorelick
                            (Archie Comics President/Editor-in-Chief), and Mike Pellerito (Archie Comics Vice
                            President/Managing Editor).
   Fullmetal Alchemist:     Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood faithfully recreates the story from the classic manga        Friday   E271B     5:15 PM   6:15 PM
   Brotherhood              -- see Fullmetal Alchemist the way the creator intended! Edward and Alphonse Elric's
                            reckless disregard for alchemy's fundamental laws ripped half of Ed's limbs from his
                            body and left Al's soul clinging to a cold suit of armor. To restore what was lost, the
                            brothers scour a war-torn land for the Philosopher's Stone, a fabled relic which grants
                            the ability to perform alchemy in impossible ways. The Elrics are not alone in their
                            search, the corrupt State Military is eager to harness the artifact's power, too. So are
                            the strange Homunculi and their shadowy creator. And mythical Stone further lures
                            exotic alchemists from distant kingdoms, scarring some deeply enough to inspire
                            murder. While the Elrics find their course altered by these enemies and allies, their
                            purpose remains unchanged and their bond unbreakable. (FUNimation)
   Adapting Comics Books to   In many ways, the comic book is the second cousin to film, capturing snapshots and        Friday   E351      5:30 PM   6:30 PM
   Film and Television        moments within a cinematic structure. The adaptation of comics to film and television
                              has come a long way since the episodic serials of the Golden Age, and today’s
                              craftsmen have discovered more ways of translating comics into movies than could
                              have possibly been conceived in the 1940s. New technologies and innovative
                              creative styles have combined to make comics the most compelling source material
                              for modern filmmakers and television producers. This panel, made up of some of the
                              most talented filmmakers and comic book talent, will explore what goes into
                              translating the four-color world into silver screen gems. Join panelists Michael Uslan,
                              David Uslan, Peter David, Jimmy Palmiotti, Ron Garney, Rick Karo (Comflix Studios),
                              and Chris Staros (Top Shelf Comics).
   Pantheon                   Join Chip Kidd, Chris Ware, and Dash Shaw for a discussion of all three's works in        Friday   E353      5:30 PM   6:30 PM
                              the graphic arts realm as well as an exploration of Pantheon's 2010 projects.
   The Transient              The Transient is an 80's throwback action movie about a homeless vigilante. The           Friday   E271A     5:30 PM   6:30 PM
                              titular hero and his social worker sidekick, Steve, must stop Vampire Abraham Lincoln
                              and his gang of British punks from kidnapping and sucking the blood of four score
                              and seven women. Produced in Champaign-Urbana Illinois, the fast-paced 30 minute
                              short was released in 2009 on Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday in honor of the
                              bicentennial. Equal parts action, camp, and historically-based Lincoln puns, The
                              Transient has screened in film festivals all over the Midwest. The C2E2 screening is
                              its Chicago premiere. This event will include a screening of the short and a brief
                              discussion afterwards with the filmmakers about the movie, the state of independent
                              filmmaking in downstate Illinois, and Abraham Lincoln’s role in popular culture today.
   MARVEL: Iron Man           Welcome to the World Premiere of the next blockbuster Marvel Motion Comic- the            Friday   E450      5:45 PM   6:45 PM
   Extremis Motion Comic      story that redefined Iron Man for the 21st century- IRON MAN EXTREMIS! See
   World Premiere Screening   Warren Ellis & Adi Granov’s blockbuster storyline brought to life as never before. Due
                              to the mature content, this is for mature audiences and is a ticketed event. You must
                              be 18 years old or older to attend. To get your free ticket, swing by the Marvel booth
                              (#758) and pick one up before the screening! Then prepare for the experience of a
   Wednesday Heroes           Ever wonder why there's not a rock and roll anthem about the historic team up             Friday   Variant   6:00 PM   7:00 PM
                              between Green Lantern and Green Arrow? Or a ballad about Scott Summers? Or a                       Stage
                              catchy ditty about Captain America’s impact in World War II? Well, friends, the wait is
                              over! Join the Chicago’s own comic book rock trio, Wednesday Heroes, an hour of
                              songs about comic books. Plus, the band will premier a new song in honor of C2E2
                              Keystone Guest of Honor Alex Ross!
   CSC: The Comics Industry   Todd Allen (Columbia College Chicago) uses standard Internet business research            Friday   E267      6:00 PM   7:00 PM
                             techniques to explore the economics of webcomics and the business of comics on the
                             Web. David Allan Duncan (Savannah College of Art and Design) investigates how the
                             comics studio course trains future cartoonists despite industry uncertainty about the
                             future of comics.
   Batman Beyond The Book    Batman's adventures expand well beyond the printed page. Spend an hour with                    Friday   E451    6:30 PM   7:30 PM
                             Michael Uslan (Executive Producer of The Dark Knight) and Kevin Conroy (the voice
                             of the animated Batman) for a discussion on bringing Batman to life on television and
                             movie screens.
   BOOM!'s Irredeemable      Mark Waid's best-selling, multiple sell-out Irredeemable took comic fans by storm last         Friday   E350    6:30 PM   7:30 PM
   One Year Anniversary      year, becoming one of the top-selling independent comics of 2009. Join Mark Waid
   Panel                     and help celebrate the one-year anniversary of the title as he looks back at
                             Irredeemable's beginnings, the future of the series, and its sister series --
                             Incorruptible. A not-to-be-missed panel for any fan of these books!
   Panels On Pages  is going to be on the floor all weekend, but the quest for a future          Friday   E352    6:30 PM   7:30 PM
                             PoP! Fangirl of the Month is right here. There will be prizes and giveaways for the
                             audience and internet fame for the winner. Catch us on the floor to sign up! Punch
                             and pie!
   Evangelion 1.0: You Are   Tokyo-3 still stands after most of civilization was decimated in the Second Impact.            Friday   E271B   6:30 PM   8:45 PM
   (Not) Alone               Now the city endures the ceaseless onslaught of the deadly Angels, bizarre creatures
                             bent on eradicating the human race. To combat this strange and ruthless enemy, the
                             government agency NERV constructs a fleet of towering humanoid machines -- the
                             EVAs -- and Shinji Ikari is called into action, reluctantly taking his place at the controls
                             of EVA Unit 01. Living a life of loneliness and questioning his existence, Shinji
                             struggles to accept responsibility for mankind’s battle for survival in this visually
                             striking rebuild of one of the most important anime of all time. Shinji will fight the
                             Angels alongside the only person who might understand his plight -- Rei Ayanami, the
                             elusive and frail pilot of EVA Unit 00. In this film experience not to be missed, Shinji
                             and Rei will struggle to learn a simple truth -- When carrying the burden of humanity’s
                             survival on your shoulders, you are not alone. (FUNimation)
   Chicago Gays in Comics    Chicagoland-area LGBT comics writers, illustrators, and scholars discuss depictions            Friday   E351    6:45 PM   7:45 PM
                             of sexuality and gender in their own work and comics in general as well as the
                             dilemmas of serving a niche market and/or trying to appeal to a "crossover
                             mainstream" audience. Panelists include Dale Lazarov, Kris Dresen, Saro Spice, Joe
                             Palmer, and Tony Breed. Moderated by Steve Disme.
   Mike Mignola Spotlight    Hellboy burst forth from the mind of Mike Mignola. What else is crawling around in             Friday   E353    6:45 PM   7:45 PM
                             there? Find out from the man himself as Mike speaks about his past, present, and
   Trek Nation                  A documentary by Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry about a man's search for his father,                Friday   E271A     6:45 PM   9:00 PM
                                Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek.
   CSC: Teaching- Comics &      Josh Elder, (Reading With Pictures) investigates the use of comics for describing,            Friday   E267      7:00 PM   8:00 PM
   Empowerment                  understanding, and influencing students' literacy skills through usage of comic books
                                in classroom and library settings, investigations of the cognitive activities that underlie
                                processing of comics, and development of educational interventions that rely on
                                comics to foster interest and learning. Christopher Deis (DePaul University) focuses
                                on the dynamics of using the graphic novel as a means of exploring politics,
                                particularly focusing on national trauma with 9-11 and Marvel's Civil War and the
                                politics of race in Maus, Captain America's the Truth, and Scalped.
   Webcomics Town Hall          C2E2's assembled some of Chicago and the USA's biggest, brightest, and more                   Friday   E450      7:15 PM   8:15 PM
                                bizarre webcomics creators. Join representatives from Least I Could Do,
                                Wondermark, Zuda Crew, Erika Moen & Lucy Knisley, and Girls with Slingshots as
                                they discuss the current webcomics climate, new technologies, and hard-learned
   DragonSong Forge             DragonSong Forge will be cutting tatami mats/bamboo, telling a few jokes, explaining          Friday   Variant   7:15 PM   8:15 PM
   Presents Sword Cutting: A    the facts and myths about the "kitae" aka katana. DragonSong Forge will also take a                    Stage
   Brief History And How To     katana apart, demonstating the making, cleaning, and polishing of the blade.
   Care For Your Blade
   Old Media, New Media,        As the internet, mobile devices, and social networking continue to change how we              Friday   E352      7:45 PM   8:45 PM
   Comics Media                 gather information and get entertained, online comics media outlets are quickly
                                evolving to keep pace. Join moderator Heidi MacDonald ( and
                                representatives from Comics Alliance, Comics Worth Reading, iFanboy, and other
                                comics sites to find out how they stay on top of a changing landscape.
   Halo-8 Illustrated Films &   Art and cinema collide in Halo-8's first "illustrated film" Godkiller. Ill-films are a new    Friday   E350      7:45 PM   8:45 PM
   Comics                       filmmaking format that mixes sequential art with 3D CGI, motion graphics, elaborate
                                sound design, and dramatic voice performances by genre-movie stars and rockstars.
                                Halo-8 president Matt Pizzolo (writer/director, Godkiller) will head a panel featuring
                                upcoming ill-film creators Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night), Tim Seeley (Loaded
                                Bible, Hack/Slash), and producer F.J. DeSanto (The Spirit movie, forthcoming The
                                Shadow movie), as well as talent appearances by actors from various Halo-8
                                illustrated films TBA. Panel will be followed by a bonus screening, must be 18+ to
   Avatar Friday Night          This event requires a specific, paid ticket Please see the Avatar Press booth for             Friday   E451      8:00 PM   10:00 PM
                                information. Is it worth it? Why should you go? Avatar's Friday Night is certain to be
                                one of the most talked about events of C2E2! Join the Avatar crew as they present
                                Max Brooks and George R.R. Martin in their first ever joint appearance! Max
                              Brooks's Zombie Survival lectures are a world-wide smash hit, his razor-sharp wit and
                              careful planning assuring that you'll howl with laughter as well as pick up a few tricks
                              for beating the undead. George R.R. Martin is one of the most acclaimed wordsmiths
                              of our day, and he's prepared a very special reading from one of his favorite works.
                              No one can bring a story to life better than the author himself, making Martin's reading
                              a very rare chance to get immersed in the words and worlds of this master.
                              Additionally, super star artists Jacen Burrows, Mike Wolfer, Gianluca Pagliarani, and
                              writers Christos Gage and Brian Pulido will be on hand and mingling with the crowd.
                              Come by and have a chance to talk to them in person. A cash bar will be available.
   CSC: Supervillains         Brian Miller (How I Became a Supervillain) explores in detail the definition of what it     Friday   E267   8:00 PM   9:00 PM
                              means to be a supervillain, across four levels of discussion—literary history,
                              psychology, methaphysics, and ethics. Roman Colombo (Rosemont College)
                              explores the role of the Joker as defined by the characteristics of the medieval
                              morality play character Vice through representations of the character in both film and
                              sequential art.
   Monster Mash-Up            Best-selling Quirk Classics authors Seth Grahame-Smith, Ben H. Winters, and Steve           Friday   E351   8:00 PM   9:00 PM
   Mayhem! All The            Hockensmith, along with Jason Rekulak, the series creator and Quirk’s associate
   BRAAAAAINS Behind The      publisher, discuss writing and remixing classic works of literature as well as the future
   Quirk Classics Appearing   of the monster mash-up. Tasha Robinson of The A.V. Club will moderate the
   Together For The First     discussion. A booksigning will follow the panel.
   Doctor Who                 On April 17, 2010, a new era of the BAFTA-winning series, Doctor Who, premieres on          Friday   E353   8:00 PM   9:45 PM
                              BBC AMERICA. From new lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, the
                              series follows the adventures of The Doctor, the mysterious traveler who, with his
                              human companions, journeys throughout all of time and space, facing a variety of
                              foes and righting wrongs. This latest series sees Matt Smith’s debut as the new,
                              Eleventh incarnation of the famous Time Lord alongside a new traveling companion,
                              the enigmatic Amy Pond (Karen Gillan). Together they explore sixteenth century
                              Venice, France during the 1890s, and the United Kingdom in the far future, now an
                              entire nation floating in space. Doctor Who is television’s longest running science
                              fiction series. Doctor Who premieres Saturday, April 17, 9 PM ET/PT on BBC
                              AMERICA, but BBC AMERICA and C2E2 are giving Chicago fans a head start! BBC
                              AMERICA presents its special premiere screening of the first two episodes of Doctor
                              Who on Friday, April 16. For more, visit!
   World Premiere of          The Halo-8 panel will immediately be followed by the world premiere screening of            Friday   E350   8:45 PM   10:00 PM
   "Godkiller"                Godkiller, the twisted, sci-fi/horror adventure about a 16 year old boy's odyssey
                              through a post-nuke wasteland (populated by fallen gods, organ-stealing hookers,
                             and sex-addicted technowizards) as he searches for a new heart to save his dying
                             sister. "A horrific yarn of apocalypse, quantum physics, culture jamming & conspiracy
                             theory." --Wired. Soundtrack by Alec Empire of Atari Teenage Riot. Starring Lance
                             Henriksen (Alien Vs. Predator), Danielle Harris (Halloween), Bill Moseley (The Devil's
                             Rejects), Justin Pierre (singer Motion City Soundtrack), Tiffany Shepis (Nightmare
                             Man), Nicki Clyne (Battlestar Galactica), Lydia Lunch, and Davey Havok (singer AFI).
                             [This film is R-rated. The panel is all-ages, but the room will be cleared before the film
                             screening. Please bring proper ID to attend the film.]
   BOOM! Studios And         BIG! BOLD! BOOM! Join Ross Richie, Mark Waid, Matt Gagnon, and Chip Mosher as                Saturday   E350      11:00 AM   12:00 PM
   BOOM! Kids                they run down the most exciting new projects from BOOM! Studios, BOOM Kids! and
                             their new imprint, BOOM! Town. Yes, 2009 was a big year for BOOM! Now, find out
                             why 2010 will be even bigger! A not-to-be-missed panel with announcements of
                             earth-shattering proportions. Be there so you can be the first to tweet the big news.
   Ask Diamond Select Toys   You've filled internet message boards and forums with your opinions all year, and            Saturday   E352      11:00 AM   12:00 PM
   Q&A: Live Edition         now it's time to ask Diamond Select Toys your pressing questions in person! Let us
                             know what you want to see in 2010, what you enjoyed most about 2009, and what
                             you hope we never do again!
   Astro Boy                 The original boy-robot with 100,000 horsepower might and courage! Endowed with               Saturday   E271B     11:00 AM   12:00 PM
                             super strength, rocket-powered flight, a selfless heart and a kind demeanor, Astro
                             Boy fights a never-ending crusade against the forces of evil! (Right Stuf)
   Windy City Jedi           Lightsaber stage combat and choreography! Come join us in a galaxy far, far away!            Saturday   Variant   11:00 AM   12:00 PM
   CSC: Comics and Visual    Benjamin Frisch (Savannah College of Art and Design) analyzes how comics can be              Saturday   E266      11:00 AM   12:30 PM
   Language                  organized along the space-time spectrum—some comics are more spatial, and some
                             comics are more temporal, depending on their utilization of space and time with
                             regards to panel placement, pacing, and other criteria. Anthony Fisher (Savannah
                             College of Art and Design) elucidates the Theory Visual Relativity in Sequential Art
                             provides that a mathematical rationale in measuring comics can aid in effective
                             perception in sequential art. Côme Martin (Université Paris IV – Sorbonne) shows
                             how comics without any sort of sounds or music are still impregnated with a musical
                             rhythm and can be read like a musical partition.
   ARIA                      In the early 24th century, Mars has been terraformed by mankind into a sparkling             Sunday     E271B     11:00 AM   12:00 PM
                             planet covered in water. Akari Mizunashi, at the age of 15, has left everything behind
                             to travel to that reborn world, now known as Aqua. More than anything, Akari wants to
                             be an “undine” -- a female gondolier who navigates the canals of the Aquan city of
                             Neo-Venezia. As she begins her training with the prestigious Aria Company, will she
                             be up to the challenges that await her on the path to achieve her dream? (Right Stuf)
   Robot Stories and Mister    Before Greg Pak wrote Planet Hulk and World War Hulk, he was a filmmaker best-               Saturday   E271A   11:15 AM   1:30 PM
   Green                       known for his award-winning independent Sci-Fi feature Robot Stories. Today, Pak
                               screens Robot Stories and his brand new Sci-Fi project Mister Green, which
                               calls "a bizarre, clever short film... horrifying as well as beautiful." Q&A to follow the
                               screening. A great opportunity for aspiring filmmakers, comic book creators, and Sci-
                               Fi fans alike to discuss process, craft, and genre with a working indie filmmaker and
                               comic book writer.
   DC Talent Search            Learn what DC Comics looks for in artists and find out how to improve your chances           Saturday   E267    11:15 AM   12:15 PM
                               at becoming a working professional. This informative orientation session will explain
                               how DC's Talent Search works. If you want to have your work reviewed, attendance
                               at this orientation session is mandatory, and keep in mind that not all attendees are
                               guaranteed a review.
   The A.V. Club Presents      American superheroes have evolved considerably since the days of Action Comics               Saturday   E353    11:15 AM   12:15 PM
   The Middle East And The     #1. Yes, supervillains and local criminals are still a problem, but so are 9/11,
   City Streets: Superheroes   Afghanistan and Iraq, classist and racist oppression, corporate chicanery, electoral
   In The Modern World         cycles, economic downturns, and much more. In this panel, writers from The A.V.
                               Club -- the entertainment branch of the national independent newspaper The Onion --
                               talk about how superheroes' roles have changed over the decades and what they
                               look like today.
   Del Rey Books               Del Rey Marketing Manager Ali T. Kokmen presents new and upcoming prose novels,              Saturday   E351    11:15 AM   12:15 PM
                               graphic novels, and manga coming from Random House’s Del Rey books division. If
                               we're lucky, he'll be wearing a bow tie.
   MARVEL: Women of            Celebrate the mighty super heroines and the powerhouse female creators & talent              Saturday   E450    11:45 AM   12:45 PM
   Marvel                      working at Marvel today! Join X-Office & Girl Comics editor Jeanine Schaefer, writer
                               Marjorie Liu (DARK WOLVERINE), and more special guests as they talk about their
                               favorite women on and off the pages, answer your questions, and provide insight on
                               what it takes to work in comics today.
   The All New Digital Comic   2010 is shaping up to be a great year for digital comics! IDW and iVerse, leaders in         Saturday   E350    12:15 PM   1:15 PM
                               digital publishing and technology, are here to fill you in on the latest news on what
                               titles are coming to digital and the screens you'll find them on -- iPhones, iPads,
                               PSPs, and many more!
   Chicago Vintage Comic       What was it like in Chicago in the 1960's and 1970's if you were a comics fan? What          Saturday   E352    12:15 PM   1:15 PM
   Fandom                      were the shops like that dealt in both vintage and current issues? Who were the
                               people? This panel of distinguished guests with firsthand knowledge of the era and
                               places involved will reflect and discuss a time before there were monster Comic Cons
                               to visit and gather at.
   Michael Uslan Spotlight     At age eight, comic book fan Michael Uslan dreamed that one day, he would write              Saturday   E451    12:15 PM   1:15 PM
                            Batman comics, not knowing that he would wind up not only making Batman into a
                            landmark movie and become the standards bearer for comics in the mass media. In
                            this panel, Michael will show the audience how he sold Batman to top studio brass in
                            an era when comics were considered to be nothing more than cheap, disposable
                            entertainment for young children -- a stark contrast to today, a time when filmmakers
                            and television producers regard comics as a rich source material for a wide audience.
   Rental Magica            Destroying supernatural monsters and dispelling dark magic is all in a day's work for          Saturday   E271B     12:15 PM   1:15 PM
                            the mages of Astral! However, after the mysterious disappearance of the company
                            president, they're left in a lurch. His son, Itsuki Iba, begrudgingly fills in, but Itsuki's
                            unfamiliarity with magic could spell bad news Astral especially with rival Goetia vying
                            for the very same contracts. As the jobs grow ever more dangerous, they soon find
                            that staying in business is the least of their worries. (Right Stuf)
   Wednesday Heroes         Ever wonder why there's not a rock and roll anthem about the historic team up                  Saturday   Variant   12:15 PM   1:15 PM
                            between Green Lantern and Green Arrow? Or a ballad about Scott Summers? Or a                              Stage
                            catchy ditty about Captain America’s impact in World War II? Well, friends, the wait is
                            over! Join the Chicago’s own comic book rock trio, Wednesday Heroes, an hour of
                            songs about comic books. Plus, the band will premier a new song in honor of C2E2
                            Keystone Guest of Honor Alex Ross!
   Roddenberry Presents     Roddenberry Productions, helmed by the son of Gene Roddenberry (The Creator of                 Saturday   E351      12:30 PM   1:30 PM
                            Star Trek), Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, Jr., and C.O.O./Head of Production Trevor
                            Roth, have a bunch of incredibly awesome and informative news to share about some
                            old, new, and original properties.
   The Image Comics Show    The world's greatest creator-owned comics publisher makes their C2E2 debut with a              Saturday   E353      12:30 PM   1:30 PM
                            flurry of announcements and guest stars galore! Be there to find out the next word on
                            what Image has in store for 2010 including never-before-revealed news and art from
                            Walking Dead, Spawn, Turf, Chew, Choker, Haunt and more! Will there be free
                            comics involved? Oh, yes; there will!
   So You Wanna Be A        ComicsPRO brings together retailers with many decades of combined experience to                Saturday   E267      12:30 PM   1:30 PM
   Retailer?                talk to fans and potential entrepreneurs about opening a comic book store. Bring your
                            questions and your notepads!
   CSC: Subversive Comics   David Olsen (Saint Louis University) uses Derrida to challenge much of the prevailing          Saturday   E266      12:45 PM   2:15 PM
                            logic of comics criticism by revealing that Watchmen deconstructs nothing—
                            paradoxes and aporias have marked costumed heroes from the outset. Bryan Peters
                            (Jefferson College) analyzes how cancer comics--Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner’s
                            Our Cancer Year, Marisa Marchetto's Cancer Vixen, and Miriam Engleberg's Cancer
                            Made Me a Shallower Person work as alternative, subversive writing, shifting the
                            paradigm from hero to antihero to overthrow regimes of oppression and ignorance.
                               Scott Morrison (Family Physicians of O'Fallon) traces the depiction of drugs in
                               mainstream superhero comic books, from the Golden Age to the Modern Era.
   MARVEL: Breaking Into       Welcome to the House of Ideas, where the doors have never been more open to new           Saturday   E450    1:15 PM   2:15 PM
   Comics The Marvel Way       talent than today! Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada and Talent Liaison C.B.
                               Cebulski are joined by special guests Jeph Loeb, Jonathan Hickman, Fred Van Lente,
                               Tom Brevoort and more to talk about what it takes to make your's Marvel as a
                               profession, from writer, to artist, to editor, and more! Do you have what it takes?
                               Come find out!
   Celebrating Star Wars       Join Lucasfilm’s Steve Sansweet as he explores the past -- the 30th anniversary of        Saturday   IGN     1:15 PM   2:15 PM
                               The Empire Strikes Back -- the present -- the exciting weekly animated series Star
                               Wars: The Clone Wars -- and the not too distant future -- including Star Wars
                               Celebration V.
   Oni Press Panelmonium       Oni Press, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Joe Nozemack and Bob Schreck with the              Saturday   E350    1:30 PM   2:30 PM
                               goal of publishing the kinds of comics and graphic novels they themselves would
                               want to read. Unsatisfied with the material that was dominating the industry, the men
                               believed firmly that sequential art could be used to tell virtually any story. They
                               succeeded. Discover now what Oni is up to in 2010.
   Taking Comic Books Into     In a world in which people can watch television shows on handheld communication           Saturday   E352    1:30 PM   2:30 PM
   the Digital World           devices like iphones, there are virtually dozens of ways for the entertainment industry
                               to get their wares into the hands and minds of consumers. Comic Books, and variant
                               products of the genre, are part of that new wave, with translations and formats that
                               stretch across a wide array of digital technologies and platforms, including the
                               Internet, mobile phones, PDAs and more. This panel of digital pros, creators and
                               licensing pros will discuss the future of comics in the digital world. Join panelists
                               David Uslan, Michael Uslan, Rick Karo of Comflix, Micah Baldwin of
                               Studios, Christian Beranek of The Webcomic Factory, Mike Pellerito of Archie
                               Comics, Ron Garney and Jimmy Palmiotti.
   Eureka Seven: Good          For almost half a century, mankind has been at war with a mysterious entity known as      Saturday   E271B   1:30 PM   3:45 PM
   Night, Sleep Tight, Young   the EIZO. It is the year 2054 and human-kind is on the brink of destruction. A select
   Lovers                      few are evacuated to colonization spaceships and the government is about to fire
                               their doomsday device, the Hammer of God. In the middle of this war are two
                               teenagers, Renton and Eureka, two childhood friends who were separated when
                               Eureka was kidnapped by government forces eight years ago. Reunited, fate will test
                               the young lovers as they fight the EIZO, government forces, and even friends. Their
                               love will be the key to mankind’s future. (Bandai)
   Jeff Smith Spotlight        Jeff Smith is the auteur behind works including Bone and RASL. Spend an hour with         Saturday   E353    1:45 PM   2:45 PM
                               him as he discusses his life, times, creations, and creativity. Moderated by Mark
   Brightest Day               “Brightest Day is about second chances. Some second chances work out… Some                 Saturday   E451    1:45 PM   2:45 PM
                               don’t.” Find out from Geoff Johns, Senior Editor Ian Sattler, and others some insights
                               and hints at DC's upcoming epic story!
   Grant Morrison              Get a first look at the upcoming feature-length documentary chronicling the life and       Saturday   E271A   1:45 PM   2:45 PM
   Documentary: Talking with   work of one of comics' greatest writers, Grant Morrison. Featuring extensive
   Gods                        interviews with Morrison himself, as well as key collaborators like Frank Quitely, Geoff
                               Johns, Cameron Stewart and many more, the film will take you inside Morrison's
                               creative process and explore how his life and work have become inextricably
                               intertwined. This panel will feature the film's core creative team, and the world
                               exclusive debut of clips.
   Comics Experience:          So you want to make comics? This panel is your first step towards actually doing it!       Sunday     E267    1:45 PM   2:45 PM
   Breaking Into Comics And    Top comic book creators discuss the ins and outs of the comic industry -- specifically,
   Staying In                  what it takes to break into comics and how it’s done! This is the panel that no writer
                               nor artist dare miss. Former Marvel Editor (New Avengers, Annihilation, X-Men) and
                               current IDW Publishing Senior Editor (G.I. Joe, Transformers) Andy Schmidt delves
                               into everything you need to know about breaking into the business. From the three
                               keys to breaking in, the three keys to staying in, to networking, to how to get noticed,
                               it’s all here in one panel.
   Archaia All Access          Join Archaia, the industry’s fastest-growing independent publisher, for exclusive          Saturday   E351    1:45 PM   2:45 PM
                               announcements, sneak peeks at never-before-seen art, updates on projects in
                               development, news on the company’s digital comics strategy and a spirited
                               discussion about its continued commitment to high-quality, eclectic titles, including
                               ARTESIA, AWAKENING, THE KILLER, TUMOR, DAYS MISSING and LUCID.
                               Panelists include Archaia’s Mel Caylo, Stephen Christy, and Mark Smylie, plus
                               creators Joshua Hale Fialkov (Tumor), Tom Pinchuk (Hybrid Bastards!) David
                               Rodriguez (Starkweather: Immortal), R.J. Ryan (Syndrome) and more! Attendees
                               receive a free gift from Archaia!
   CSC: Teaching and           Steven Landry (Apalachee High School) and Becky Hasty (Apalachee High School)              Saturday   E266    1:45 PM   2:45 PM
   Comics                      show how to use wordless sequential art narratives as mentor texts to foster student
                               engagment, with Sara Varon's Robot Dreams as the guiding example. Steven Givan
                               (Fayette County Public Schools) demonstrates how to capture reluctant-student
                               reading interest by using comics with new teaching styles. Continuing education
                               certificates for teachers will be available for this panel.
   CSC: Superhero Justice      Psychologists Robin Rosenberg (Psychology of Superheroes) and Mikhail Lyubansky            Saturday   E266    2:30 PM   3:45 PM
                               (University of Illinois), and attorney Amy Martin explore the nature of evil and how
                               different supervillains’ life experiences and personal characteristics indicate various
                                 pathways to criminal behavior. The panel will also explore the implications that these
                                 various paths have for our notions of justice—and therefore how we think about the
                                 actions of the superheroes who fight the villains.
   FUNimation Industry Panel     A FUNimation representative will be on hand to talk about all the newest information        Saturday   E350      2:45 PM   3:45 PM
                                 and updates on everything they are working on currently as well as to answer
   Seth-Grahame Smith            Seth Grahame-Smith, New York Times best-selling author of Pride and Prejudice and           Saturday   E352      2:45 PM   3:45 PM
   Spotlight                     Zombies and author of new novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter talks about his
                                 work. Sink your teeth into it!
   MARVEL: Marvel                Marvel Animation producer Josh Fine and Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada will             Saturday   E450      2:45 PM   3:45 PM
   Animation                     discuss future Marvel Animation shows, including Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
                                 and The Super Hero Squad Show: Season 2. They will uncover never-before-seen
                                 imagery, discuss new and exciting information from the shows, and answer questions
                                 from the audience.
   Half In The Bag And Bored     Mid Grade Comics is a collection of Chicago-based skit and improv performers. If it         Saturday   Variant   2:45 PM   3:45 PM
                                 wears a cape, has a secret identity, or shows up anywhere on a geek's radar, MGC                       Stage
                                 will have fun with it. MGC is putting on their latest revue, Half In The Bag And Bored,
                                 and invites you to come and enjoy the laughs as we burst the bubble on the comics
                                 industry, superheroes, and even you fanboys and girls! Half In The Bag And Bored is
                                 written by Joe Slepski and Joe Goltz.
   Cyanide & Happiness and       The guys behind the hit webcomics Cyanide & Happiness and Saturday Morning                  Saturday   E351      3:00 PM   4:00 PM
   Saturday Morning              Breakfast Cereal meet, greet, and cause a bit of chaos!
   Breakfast Cereal Theater
   Lance Briggs: Dream           Lance Briggs is a Chicago Bear. And a huge comics fan. Geek out with him, as he             Saturday   E353      3:00 PM   4:00 PM
   Come True                     talks about his favorite comics and shares the stage for a dream come true
                                 conversation with some special guests from the comic book world, including Matt
                                 Banning, Ron Marz, Phil Hester and Nelson Blake II. Plus Mark Waid and Marvel's
                                 Mike Pascuillo!
   The Cartoonist: Jeff Smith,   The Cartoonist tells the inspiring story of Jeff Smith's creation of the epic comic book,   Saturday   E271A     3:00 PM   5:15 PM
   Bone, And The Changing        Bone, hailed by critics as one of the greatest graphic novels of all time. Fellow
   Face Of Comics                cartoonists Scott McCloud, Colleen Doran, Harvey Pekar, Paul Pope, and Terry
                                 Moore, as well as friends, associates, experts, and Jeff himself share their stories of
                                 this worldwide phenomenon that began in small comics shops and is now found in
                                 bookstores, schools, libraries, and the homes of millions of adults and children in 25
                                 countries. In addition to discussing Jeff's early years, influences and philosophies, the
                                 film provides a look at a unique industry and art form that continues to evolve as its
                                 audience expands.
   The Physics of           Inspired by a Freshman Seminar class at the University of Minnesota entitled                   Saturday   E267    3:00 PM   4:00 PM
   Superheroes              Everything I Know About Science I Learned from Reading Comic Books, Physics
                            Professor James Kakalios addresses topics from Isaac Newton to the transistor, but
                            there’s not an inclined plane or pulley in sight. Rather, all the examples come from
                            superhero comic books, and as much as possible, those cases where the
                            superheroes get their physics right!
   DC Universe Editorial    Your guides to comics’ greatest Universe include Co-Publishers Dan DiDio, Jim Lee,             Saturday   E451    3:15 PM   4:15 PM
   Presentation             Geoff Johns and the some of the industry’s best and brightest stars!
   The Graphic Art Of       From 1920 to 1930, the Chicago area transit railways and utilities produced hundreds           Saturday   E352    4:00 PM   5:00 PM
   Chicago's Transit And    of lithographed posters used to generate ridership and usage of the companies run by
   Utility Posters Of The   Samuel Insull. Taking inspiration from Frank Pick and the branding technique he used
   1920's                   for the London Underground, Insull and his assistant Britton Budd established an
                            approach to using artwork in advertising and promotion that's unparalleled in the
                            Windy City's history. Art historian/director/animator J.J. Sedelmaier will moderate a
                            discussion with speakers and experts Dave Gartler and John Gruber. Dave Gartler is
                            responsible for the resurrection of these wonderfully graphic testaments starting with
                            a show in his gallery almost 40 years ago, and he continues to find, restore, and sell
                            them in his Michigan Avenue shop, Poster Plus. John Gruber is an accomplished
                            photographer specializing in railways and the people that worked on them. John
                            established the Center For Railway Photography and Art in Madison, Wisconsin, to
                            inform the public about railroad photography and art through education, research, and
                            public service programs. He and Sedelmaier have written articles together about the
                            Insull Posters.
   Soul Eater               Maka is a Meister, and Soul is her Weapon. As students at the Grim Reaper’s Death              Saturday   E271B   4:00 PM   5:00 PM
                            Weapon Meister Academy, their study habits couldn’t be more different. But in battle
                            against the supernatural forces of evil, they’re a freakin’ lethal team. That’s when Soul
                            transforms -- literally -- into a razor-sharp scythe, and every defeated wicked soul he
                            sucks down makes him all the more deadly. That’s when Maka unleashes the
                            merciless slayer within, wielding her partner and dropping monsters. Seriously.
                            Monsters. Like the witches, werewolves, and zombies that lurk in the shadows and
                            feed on the souls of the innocent. Every freakish ghoul Maka and Soul take out
                            strengthens their bond, and fighting alongside their fellow Meister and Weapon
                            classmates, Maka and Soul are the world’s last line of defense against evil.
   Pulp Fiction             The pulps is where it all started -- the first glorious synergy of lurid pictures and purple   Saturday   E350    4:00 PM   5:00 PM
                            prose! How has this unique art form survived, and why is it thriving now? Join
                            creators behind DC’s First Wave and Moonstone’s Return of the Originals pulp line
                               and more for a look backward and glimpse of what’s to come.
   Costume Contest             Did you spend all month making the perfect Batman cape and cowl? Have you been            Saturday   Variant   4:00 PM   5:00 PM
                               working each and every weekend on a replica of Cloud Strife's Buster Sword? Or, did                  Stage
                               you just wrap yourself in a bathrobe and call yourself a Jedi? Costuming pros and
                               novices alike are invited to participate in C2E2's Costume Contest! Simply come by
                               the Variant Stage on Saturday at 4:00 PM to enter for your chance to win!
   CSC: Crossing Cultures      Eric P. Nash (New York Times Magazine) examines the origins of Japanese manga             Saturday   E266      4:00 PM   5:30 PM
                               in kamishibai or paper theater, including the Golden Bat, who was created in 1930
                               and may be the world's first costumed superhero, predating Superman and Batman
                               by nearly a decade. Charles Coletta (Bowling Green State University) examines how
                               the war comics icon Sgt. Rock has been presented and reinterpreted as we moved
                               further in time away from World War II. Bradley Weber (
                               discusses the successes, failures, pitfalls -- and potential -- of translating William
                               Shakespeare's plays to the paneled page, from Classics Illustrated to the latest
   WildStorm Editorial         WildStorm is heading into bold and exciting directions! Join Vice President and           Saturday   E351      4:15 PM   5:15 PM
   Presentation                General Manager Hank Kanalz and Senior Editor Ben Abernathy as they host an in-
                               depth look at what the future holds for everything WildStorm!
   MARVEL: Cup O Joe           The can’t-miss, no-holds-barred panel that everyone will be talking about! This is        Saturday   E450      4:15 PM   5:15 PM
                               YOUR time with Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief, Joe Quesada, as he takes on any and all of
                               your questions. Everything is fair game! And if that weren’t enough, Chicago, he’s
                               bring some famous friends along with him -- Jeph Loeb (New Ultimates), Vice
                               President -- Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, and more surprise guests to deliver some
                               jaw-dropping -- and bloody good -- announcements, including what Joe Q. himself is
                               working on next! This is the one panel where anything can and will happen!
   G.I. Joe: Past Meets        Join artist Robert Atkins and IDW Senior Editor Andy Schmidt for an exclusive panel       Saturday   E353      4:15 PM   5:15 PM
   Future                      to meet the creators steering the current incarnation of G.I. Joe. Get the inside scoop
                               on storylines coming up and a look back at what’s already come before. A rare peek
                               behind the curtain of what goes into making the finest G.I. Joe comics around, plus
                               answers to all your burning questions about one of the world’s largest and most
                               recognizable franchises.
   Get Graphic In Your         Britt White and Staff from Buffalo-Erie Public Library will talk about the creation of    Saturday   E267      4:15 PM   5:15 PM
   Library: How Graphic and how their public library program has become an amazing
   Novels Can Help You         resource for teachers, parents and other librarians across the country.
   Super-Serve The
   Teachers, Librarians, And
   Parents In Your
   Batman: The Return         How will the Return of Bruce Wayne affect all your favorite Batman characters? Join         Saturday   E451    4:45 PM   5:45 PM
                              Group Editor Mike Marts to find out what’s in store for the Dark Knight and his inner
                              circle in 2010!
   Max Brooks Spotlight       Come meet Max Brooks, author of Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z, and hear             Saturday   E350    5:15 PM   6:15 PM
                              all about his new graphic novel, Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks!
   Black Comix: African       The art and culture of African American independent comics is a vibrant, growing, but       Saturday   E352    5:15 PM   6:15 PM
   American Independent       drastically overlooked facet of sequential art. Comics creators, scholars, and curators
   Comics, Art, And Culture   John Jennings and Damian Duffy have been on a mission to help spread the word
                              about black comics creators on the grind and under the radar. From curating national
                              and international comics art exhibitions, to their new art book Black Comix: African
                              American Independent Comics Art and Culture, the pair have gathered together an
                              unprecedented and underappreciated collection of work from the working masters.
                              Join them for a discussion with several comics creators about the art and culture of
                              comics of color.
   C2E2 Short Film Festival   A selection of short works from across the USA. Screenings include Back To Life and         Saturday   E271B   5:15 PM   6:15 PM
                              Max The Hero (Mike Salva) as well as Red Warrior and Dropper (ComFlix).
   “Do We Still Need a        C2E2 focuses on the brilliant contributions made by the best and brightest women            Saturday   E353    5:30 PM   6:30 PM
   Women-in-Comics Panel?”    who continue to show everyone how it’s done. Join Marvel Editor Jeanine Schaefer
   Panel                      (Girl Comics, X-Force, Wolverine), Harvey Award nominated Lora Innes (IDW’s The
                              Dreamer), Comics Buyer’s Guide Editor Maggie Thompson, Moonstone Editor Lori
                              Gentile (Chicks In Capes, Domino Lady), Renee Witterstaetter, editor, writer, agent
                              and co-producer of the documentary series “Creator Chronicles” and NYTimes Best
                              Selling Author Marjorie Liu (Black Widow, Dark Wolverine). Moderated by Ed
                              (Captain Action) Catto.
   Gurren Lagann Movie        A special back-to-back screening of Aniplex's Gurren Lagann The Movie: Childhood's          Saturday   E271A   5:30 PM   9:00 PM
   Double Feature             End and Gurren Lagann The Movie: Part 2 - The Lights In The Sky Are Stars. Gurren
                              Lagann is the story of a boy named Simon who's spent his entire life digging in the
                              dirt. But when Simon finds a strange little drill buried deep in the soil, he starts on a
                              journey that takes him into the sky, into space, and busting through heaven. Based on
                              the 2007 series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann by the acclaimed studio Gainax, the
                              first Gurren Lagann movie was released in Japan in 2008 and second was released
                              in Japan in 2009. From the studio behind Evangelion and FLCL, it is one of the most
                              acclaimed animations in years, and it deserves every ounce of praise it's received.
   VGCats and HALOLZ:         Video game humor fans rejoice! For the first time ever, Scott Ramsoomair (artist of         Saturday   E351    5:30 PM   6:30 PM
   Video Game Humor Meets     the popular video game webcomic and Shawn Handyside (editor of
   Sequential Art               video game meme site join forces to answer your questions and share
                                their experiences creating video game-themed humor with sequential art.
   Graphic Novels, Gaming,      Find out ways to adapt graphic novels and gaming to learning standards for the              Saturday   E267      5:30 PM   6:30 PM
   And Information Literacy     classroom or school library, or extend the learning day into the public library or retail
                                store, following some basic guidelines and internationally-recognized research. This
                                program will help you create a solid foundation for a collection and a bibliography with
                                which to expose administrators to extend literacy through graphic novels, comics and
   Join The BPRD With Mike      Come join Mike Mignola, Guy Davis, Dark Horse Senior Editor Scott Allie, and special        Saturday   E450      5:45 PM   6:45 PM
   Mignola                      guests to learn everything you need to know about the Hellboy Universe and join the
                                BPRD! If you're not already a member, this is the best place to find out how to get
                                exclusives and learn all the secrets of Hellboy!
   CSC: Superheroes             Josh Kopin (Bard College) examines how the death of Captain America in Ed                   Saturday   E266      5:45 PM   6:45 PM
                                Brubaker’s run on the character serves as a lens for examining the American nation
                                and the meaning of Cap’s triumphs and tragedies. Mervi Miettinen (University of
                                Tampere) examines and analyzes the subversive qualities located within the politics
                                of the superhero, who takes on the executive power of the law without the legislative
                                power and without the legitimacy of authority behind his actions
   The Reading With Pictures    Watch nearly a dozen of your favorite artists compete head-to-head on stage in the          Saturday   Variant   6:00 PM   8:00 PM
   Iron Artist Tournament       ultimate speed-drawing contest! The audience (That's YOU!) decides what the artists                    Stage
                                have to draw, and then our judges decide who drew it best. For in the end, there can
                                be only one... Iron Artist! ARTISTS: Jill Thompson, Jeffrey Brown, Raina Telgemeier,
                                Aaron Reiner, Dirk Tiede, John Bivens, Jen Brazas, Brion Foulke, Gabe Bautista, Joe
                                Dunn, and John Gallagher with more to come! Brought to you by Reading With
                                Pictures: a non profit organization that advocates the use of comics in the classroom
                                to promote literacy and improve educational outcomes for all students.
   The Cleveland Show           Join The creators of THE CLEVELAND SHOW Mike Henry (Co-Creator / Exec.                      Saturday   E451      6:15 PM   7:15 PM
                                Producer / Voice of Cleveland Brown) and Rich Appel (Co-Creator / Showrunner) as
                                they give a sneak peek at an upcoming episode and answer your questions about
                                FOX’s newest hit animated comedy.
   Aspen Comics: The Official   Join the staff and creators of Aspen Comics as they reveal the company’s exciting           Saturday   E350      6:30 PM   7:30 PM
   Panel                        new ventures in comic books and more! Frank Mastromauro (President, Dellec,
                                Shrugged), Peter Steigerwald (Vice President, Soulfire, Ultimatum), Vince Hernandez
                                (Editor-in-Chief, Dellec, Fathom: Kiani), Mark Roslan (Director of Design and
                                Production, Heroes), Joe Benitez (Soulfire, Executive Assistant: Iris), J.T. Krul
                                (Soulfire, Fathom, Titans), Micah Gunnell (Dellec), Alex Konat (Mindfield), and David
                                Wohl (Executive Assistant: Iris, Witchblade) will be previewing Aspen’s upcoming
                             releases and answer any and all questions thrown their way! Don’t miss the chance to
                             get the exciting details of Aspen’s plans for 2010.
   Author Round Table        Books… Without pictures… At C2E2… Yes! Join moderator Paul Levitz as he                     Saturday   E352    6:30 PM   7:30 PM
                             speaks with a round table of some of the convention's most profilic writers from the
                             worlds outside of comics. Learn their thoughts about how they got their start, where
                             they feel the print industry is going, their recommendations for aspiring writers, and
                             even their favorite place to grab a bite in the Windy City.
   The Nimble Work of J.J.   Join the world-renowned animation director and designer for a screening of some of          Saturday   E271B   6:30 PM   7:30 PM
   Sedelmaier Productions    his studio's best known and hilariously entertaining productions. J.J. is co-creator with
                             Robert Smigel of Saturday TV Funhouse, the animated segment that ran for over 10
                             years on NBC's Saturday Night Live and brought you cartoons like The Ambiguously
                             Gay Duo, The X-Presidents, and Fun With Real Audio. In addition, his studio has
                             produced other popular cartoons such as Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, Tek
                             Jansen for The Colbert Report, The Big Adventures Of Little Shawn And Gus for the
                             USA Network's Psych, and hundreds of other TV, print, and web-based projects. J.J.
                             Sedelmaier Productions was also responsible for the re-branding of the Chicago
                             Tribune in 2004. This event will consist of approximately 30 minutes of cartoons and
                             plenty of questions and comments!
   Webcomics Weekly          Join Scott, Brad, and Kris for a live version of their popular podcast, Webcomics           Saturday   E351    6:45 PM   7:45 PM
                             Weekly. They'll be discussing the latest in webcomics trends and take your questions
                             in an action-packed, lightning round Q&A.
   Gears Of War: From        The bestselling Gears of War games have now spawned an entire "Gearsiverse.”                Saturday   E353    6:45 PM   7:45 PM
   Games To Comics           From comic books, to novels, to toys, the stunning visuals and amazing story behind
                             Gears of War have captured the imaginations of pop culture fans everywhere. Join
                             Epic Games Lead Designer Lee Perry and Gears of War scribe Joshua Ortega for an
                             exciting and informative panel about all things Gears!
   Herd It Through The Bo-   Join Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik as Top Cow launches Magdalena #1 with Ron               Saturday   E450    7:15 PM   8:15 PM
   Vine 2010                 Marz (Witchblade) and Nelson Blake II (Pilot Season: Murderer)! Together with a host
                             of Top Cow creators including Phil Hester (The Darkness), Eric Basaldua (Witchblade
                             Annual), Bryan Edward Hill (Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box), and others, this panel will
                             fill you in on what's coming from Top Cow in 2010! Exclusive early looks, exciting
                             announcements, and perhaps even a special guest! Every attendee will receive a
                             special gift!
   Anime Central 101         An hour-long panel giving a brief history of ACEN over the past 13 years. How it got        Saturday   E352    7:45 PM   8:45 PM
                             started, our growing pains, our current status, and our future vision are all discussed.
   Spike And Mike's New      A bold new innovation in animation anthologies, Spike And Mike's New Generation             Saturday   E271B   7:45 PM   8:45 PM
   Generation Animation      Animation focuses on the flat-out best and funniest animated shorts the world has to
                                offer. It's a brain-slapping assortment of award-winning (and award-worthy) animated
                                accomplishments from the top talents around the globe. Don't miss your chance to
                                witness the electrifying and awe-inspiring possibilities that creativity has to offer!
                                (Spike and Mike)
   New Moon Rising:             You may have seen them recently in USA Today, but did you know Moonstone is              Saturday   E350      7:45 PM    8:45 PM
   Moonstone Publications       celebrating a second decade of publishing? Publisher Joe Gentile is joined by top
                                writers and artists for an exciting look ahead at Moonstone’s exciting summer plans --
                                The Return of the Originals, Chicks in Capes, Captain Action, and a “honey” of comic!
   ItsJustSomeRandomGuy         The YouTube sensation (creator of the "Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC" Mac/PC           Saturday   E351      8:00 PM    9:00 PM
                                parody videos) ItsJustSomeRandomGuy has come to C2E2 to premiere the newest
                                installment of the parody saga Marvel/DC: Zero Hour" Plus more new videos and a
   Ghost Hunters                Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango, stars of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters          Saturday   E353      8:00 PM    9:00 PM
                                Academy talk about all that is hunting ghosts.
   Meet Spider-Man!             Come by the Variant Stage for your chance to get a picture with Spiderman.               Sunday     Variant   10:30 AM   11:00 AM
   Avatar: The Last Airbender   Moderated by Avatar_Mom, the crew, and special guests Dave              Sunday     E350      11:00 AM   12:00 PM
   - Beginning and Beyond       Roman and Kevin Coppa, we'll explore the award-winning series through the eyes of
                                the fandom, as well as current, official Avatar: The Last Airbender projects.
                                Discussions will include the anticipated Last Airbender manga prequel and the
                                recently announced Last Airbender artbook. Kevin Coppa will entertain the audience
                                with his fan favorite Puppetbenders and show examples of the work and production
                                involved in the making of the shorts. Dave Roman will treat the fans to never-before-
                                seen (in the US) Nick Magazine Avatar comics and information on the upcoming
                                prequel manga for the live-action film. He will also help MC a live comics read-
                                through with audience participation. Also, an Avatar: The Last Airbender cosplay
                                competition, so dress to impress!
   Iron Man Prop Auction        Are you a huge Iron Man fan? Well, are you? If so, we've got something very special.     Sunday     E352      11:00 AM   5:00 PM
                                We're auctioning off exclusive props and costumes from the original Iron Man motion
                                picture. Check out the Iron Man auction display on Friday and Saturday on C2E2's
                                show floor to get up close and personal with Tony's armor and pinstripe suit, and
                                come by room E352 on Sunday for a chance to take Tony's toys home. The auction
                                will be open to fans live at C2E2 and online in real time at
                       C2E2's Iron Man auction is organized by Marvel
                                Entertainment and Propworx.
   Bill Willingham Spotlight    The author of Vertigo’s first prose novel comes to Chicago! From his acclaimed           Sunday     E451      11:00 AM   12:00 PM
                                Fables tales to his momentous JSA adventures, Bill Willingham's pen is on fire! This
                              is a definite can’t-miss opportunity to share time with Willingham, and he'll be
                              discussing what’s in store for Fables, JSA, and more. Rumor has it, he’s got
                              something extra special planned!
   Create Comics with Aaron   Kids! Do you love comics? Did you know it’s easy to make your own? Creator                Sunday   Variant   11:00 AM   11:30 AM
   Renier                     Aaron Renier (Spiral Bound, The Unsinkable Walker Bean) will guide you through a                   Stage
                              half-hour session where you start out with a piece of blank paper and end with your
                              very own comic. Let the fun begin!
   DC Nation Town Hall        All are welcome to join Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee for a relaxed Sunday          Sunday   E351      11:15 AM   12:15 PM
   Meeting                    afternoon discussion. Come to share your thoughts on what you love about comics
                              now and what you hope to see in the future.
   George R.R. Martin         George R.R. Martin is a living legend, a hugely successful author in numerous genres      Sunday   E353      11:15 AM   12:15 PM
   Spotlight                  and perhaps best-know for his fantasy saga A Song of Ice and Fire. This is a rare
                              chance to ask him about his writing and get some insight into the craft from a master
   Storm Hawks Finale         Storm Hawks, the story of the Sky Knights guarding the world of Atmos aired on            Sunday   E271A     11:15 AM   12:15 PM
                              Cartoon Network from 2007 to 2009. But did you know the finale never aired? That's
                              right. Be the first to see the finale episodes of this sky high animated series! (Nerd
   Comics With ComiXology     You may know them as the force behind the Comics by comiXology and Marvel                 Sunday   E267      11:15 AM   12:15 PM
                              Comics iPhone and iPad app, but there's much more to comiXology than that. From
                              pull lists for print comics to retailer services to digital comics, see how comiXology
                              supports the comics community and industry. Get a sneak preview at comiXology's
                              big C2E2 announcements!
   Mail Order Ninja…LIVE!     Join "Mail Order Ninja" creator Josh Elder and the rest of the Reading With Pictures      Sunday   Variant   11:30 AM   12:00 PM
                              team as they bring the award-winning story of a boy and his ninja to life on stage. And            Stage
                              be sure to stick around for an exclusive C2E2 preview of the next all-new "Mail Order
                              Ninja" story. Performed by Josh Elder, Trevor Mueller, Steve Wallace, Katie Doland
                              and Russell Lissau.
   MARVEL: Hulks Smash!       One by one, the smarter they are, the harder they fall and the bigger they are, the       Sunday   E450      11:45 AM   12:45 PM
                              harder they smash. Fall of The Hulks is ending, and War of The Hulks is just starting.
                              Join the true Intellegencia -- Jeph Loeb, Greg Pak, and Fred Van Lente -- the writers
                              behind the Hulk event of the decade, as they smash your puny questions and drop
                              some surprises that will rock C2E2 to its foundation!
   Lance Briggs and Briggs    Chicago Bear Lance Briggs wants to meet you! Lance will be signing C2E2 footballs,        Sunday   Variant   12:00 PM   12:30 PM
   4Kidz                      items and Chicago Bears merch all proceeds benefiting his charity for children, Briggs             Stage
                              4Kidz. Come by for some fun!
   Meet The Locals            Chicago's comics community is inherently eclectic. Meet some of the local creators        Sunday   E451      12:15 PM   1:15 PM
                                and and learn how broad their spectrum is. This is your panel, Chicago! Meet your
                                hometown heroes!
   Gundam 00: Second            The year is 2312 AD, four years after the United Nation forces destroyed Celestial       Sunday   E271B   12:15 PM   1:15 PM
   Season                       Being. Thanks to the actions of the now-missing Gundam Meisters, most of the
                                world’s nations have been unified under the Earth Sphere Federation. But this world
                                is still full of conflict, and an autonomous peacekeeping force known as the A-LAWS
                                employs brutal tactics such as the use of murderous automatons in order to suppress
                                all resistance to the Federation government. It is time for the Gundam Meisters to
                                make their second advent, and their new objective is to crush this formidable force of
                                global oppression! A screening of the first two episodes: The Angels’ Second Advent
                                and Twin Drive. (Bandai)
   CSC: Visual Analysis         Steve Higgins (Lewis and Clark Community College) explores and analyzes the              Sunday   E266    12:15 PM   1:45 PM
                                symbolic motifs that visually manifest the hardships each character endures in Jason
                                Lutes' Jar of Fools. Seth Alcorn (Catholic University of America) explores the way
                                Alan Moore inverts the structure of decadance and aestheticsim in Watchmen,
                                Promethea, and Lost Girls. Jim Beard (Gotham City 14 Miles) examines why the 1966
                                Batman TV series matters—to the character, to the fans, and to popular culture in
   CSC: Forging Iron            Psychologist Robin Rosenberg (Superhero Origins: What Makes Superheroes Tick             Sunday   E266    12:15 PM   1:15 PM
   Man:The Psychological        and Why We Want to Know) examines Iron Man's various origin stories and reveals
   Construction of Iron Man's   what they tell us about Tony Stark and his decision to become Iron Man.
   Origin Story
   Archaia All Ages             Join Archaia for a lively discussion about its crop of current and upcoming all ages     Sunday   E350    12:15 PM   1:15 PM
                                titles, including MOUSE GUARD, FRAGGLE ROCK, GUNNERKRIGG COURT,
                                RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN and BERONA’S HUNDRED YEAR WAR. Panelists
                                include Archaia’s Mel Caylo, Stephen Christy, Mark Smylie and Paul Morrissey; plus
                                creators David Petersen (Mouse Guard); Jesse Labbe and Anthony Coffey (Berona’s
                                Hundred Year War); Jeffrey Brown and Sam Humphries (Fraggle Rock); and Jim
                                McCann and Janet Lee (Return of the Dapper Men). Attendees receive a free gift
                                from Archaia!
   Aniplex                      Konnichiwa, Chicago! Aniplex Inc. has introduced a variety of properties to the USA --   Sunday   E351    12:30 PM   1:30 PM
                                including Gurren Lagann, Fullmetal Alchemist, Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X), R.O.D -
                                THE TV-, and Blood+. At our C2E2 panel, we'll speak about our upcoming series and
                                give you the chance to talk to us about anime. Cosplay of Aniplex characters is
                                encouraged! See you there!
   Creating Creator Owned       Want to bring your own vision to comics? Learn how from the people who do it best!       Sunday   E353    12:30 PM   1:30 PM
   Comics The Image Comics      Join a selection of some of Image's finest for a very special, Chicago first workshop
   Way                           with an insider look at the creative process and tips on perfecting your pitch. This will
                                 also include a question and answer session giving you the chance to directly talk to
                                 many pros who have made their dreams their reality!
   VIZ Screening                 VIZ Media is behind some of the biggest anime in the USA, with titles inluding Bleach,        Sunday   E271A     12:30 PM   1:30 PM
                                 Naruto, and Death Note. Come by for a surprise screening of one of their top titles!
   Graphic Novel Events For      This presentation will reveal elements of successful programs that generate                   Sunday   E267      12:30 PM   1:30 PM
   Your School Or Library:       "community buzz" and attract new patrons, tweens, and teens as well as adult
   The Benefits And How-         readers to your library or retail operation. Presented by Joshua Elder.
   To's Of Creating Clubs,
   Presentations, And
   Scholastic Family Fun         Join our friends from Scholastic in a hands-on activity fun for the whole family!             Sunday   Variant   12:30 PM   1:00 PM
   Activity                                                                                                                             Stage
   Draw Star Wars: The           Artists Katie Cook (Topps Star Wars cards, Marvel Comics, Fraggle Rock) and Grant             Sunday   Variant   1:00 PM    2:00 PM
   Clone Wars                    Gould (Topps Star Wars cards, The Clone Wars web comic, Draw Star Wars: The                            Stage
                                 Clone Wars) will show kids -- and their parents -- how to draw Clone Wars characters
                                 and have a lot of fun along the way. Drawing paper and pencils provided.
   Indie Is In: A Round Table    Mark Waid moderates a round table including Jeff Smith for a talk about indie                 Sunday   E450      1:15 PM    2:15 PM
   Conversation                  success in the comics world. What led to indie acclaim in the past? How can an
                                 indie creator break into the business now? What does it even mean to be indie
   Where Fantasy Begins:         Since the mammoth popularity of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, the publishing industry          Sunday   E350      1:30 PM    2:30 PM
   Creating New Worlds and       has seen a tremendous growth in the number of fantasy series targeting middle grade
   Inspiring Young Readers       and young adult readers. Three Random House authors of middle grade fantasy
                                 series — N. D. Wilson (The 100 Cupboards), Jeff Stone (The Five Ancestors), and
                                 Victoria Laurie (The Oracles of Delphi Keep) — have each garnered critical acclaim
                                 and loyal fan followings and can attest to the immense appeal that this genre offers.
                                 The panelists will discuss the origins of their work, current trends, and the possibilities
                                 for the genre’s future.
   Irresponsible Captain Tylor   Justy Ueki Tylor had his life all planned out -- Join the military, get a cushy desk job,     Sunday   E271B     1:30 PM    2:30 PM
                                 and then retire with a big fat pension. The perfect plan, until he wandered into a
                                 hostage situation and somehow managed to save an Admiral! Now Tylor, a man who
                                 wouldn’t know what discipline was if it bit him in the backside, has been made
                                 Captain of the space cruiser Soyokaze. The crew of this run-down ship is the craziest,
                                 rag-tag team of misfits you’re ever likely to see, and they’re not too fond of their
                                 complacent new leader. But they better learn to work together, because they’re about
                                 to go head to head with the mighty Raalgon Empire. For better or for worse, the
                              Earth’s fate has been placed in the hands of a man who’s either a total idiot -- or an
                              absolute genius! (Right Stuf)
   FUNimation Sneak Peek      Come by and check out some of the newest anime titles from FUNimation. Different            Sunday   E351      1:45 PM   2:45 PM
                              clips from the newest shows will be shown as well as one full episode of one of their
                              new titles.
   Beyond The Pages:          Paul Levitz moderates an engaging look into the life of the writer across the full          Sunday   E353      1:45 PM   2:45 PM
   Writers Outside Comics     spectrum of the popular arts. From comics, to novels, to television, movies, and
                              games, hear from the scribes who fuel the stories we collect, consume, and enjoy.
                              What commonalities are there between writers across the media? What differences
                              define them?
   Flash And Green Lantern:   Two of DC’s top heroes are the topic for this panel spotlight hosted by the man who         Sunday   E451      1:45 PM   2:45 PM
   Revelations                gave them each a Rebirth: Geoff Johns. Join Geoff Johns, Senior Editor Ian Sattler,
                              and others for a sneak peek discussion on what may be in store for these two pivotal
                              characters for 2010.
   Comic Book Literacy        Comic Book Literacy is a documentary film that showcases the utilization of comic           Sunday   E271A     1:45 PM   3:15 PM
                              books to promote literacy and education. Comic book writers and artists, as well as
                              scholars and historians, discuss concepts relating to the topic in both an historical and
                              contemporary context.
   SMILE…LIVE!                We take our smiles for granted, but Raina Telgemeier had to earn hers. Join Raina           Sunday   Variant   2:00 PM   2:30 PM
                              and the Reading With Pictures players as they bring her heartwarming and hilarious                   Stage
                              story to life on stage. And be sure to stick around for an exclusive preview of Raina's
                              next project.

                              PERFORMERS: Raina Telgemeier, Dave Roman, Josh Elder, Trevor Mueller, Katie
                              Doland and Russell Lissau.
   Making Comics the Ninja    Comic fans of all ages... Join nationally syndicated cartoonist Josh Elder as he            Sunday   Variant   2:30 PM   3:30 PM
   Way                        teaches you how to write, draw and publish your very own comics. Be sure to bring                    Stage
                              paper, pencils and plenty of imagination!
   Growing Up With Archie     Archie Comics creative staff share inside perspectives on the creation of Archie, how       Sunday   E350      2:45 PM   3:45 PM
                              Archie Comics has evolved, and why Archie dominates the newsstands and
                              supermarkets in comic sales. Panelists include Archie Comics President/Editor-in-
                              Chief Victor Gorelick, Archie Comics Vice President/Managing Editor Mike Pellerito,
                              Betty & Veronica's Dan Parent, Jughead's Craig Boldman, and Katy Keene's Andrew
                              Pepoy. This is your chance to meet the Archie Comics creators face to face. The
                              panel will feature a question and answer session with the fans as well as a comic
                              giveaway to all fans in attendance!
   MARVEL: X-Men              The X-Men have survived Necrosha, built a Nation, created Utopia, and brought back          Sunday   E450      2:45 PM   3:45 PM
                               Kitty Pryde, but there’s no time for celebration… It’s time to prepare for the final
                               chapter! Join the men behind the mutants, Daniel Way (Deadpool), Marjorie Liu (Dark
                               Wolverine), Peter David (X-Factor), X-Editor Jeanine Schaefer, and more for the dish
                               on Second Coming and how it wraps up three years of stories and sets the stage for
                               the next decade… And beyond!
   Initial D                   When Keisuke Takahashi of the infamous Red Suns racing team accidentally                    Sunday   E271B     2:45 PM   5:00 PM
                               witnesses normal, everyday tofu delivery boy Takumi Fujiwara's expert drift
                               technique, Takumi's life shifts into high gear. Keisuke challenges him to a racing
                               battle, and the race results in Takumi plunging headlights first into the white-knuckle,
                               adrenaline rushing world of underground mountain pass street racing. With his
                               incredible techniques and top notch AE Eight-Six, Takumi blows the competition away
                               battle after battle. As the word rapidly spreads about a new racer beating out the best
                               drivers and cars that drift racing has to offer, one by one, new challengers quickly
                               step out to battle him. Yet, time and time again, Takumi proves himself to be a force
                               to be reckoned with. Can Takumi be the best? (FUNimation)
   DC Kids: Aww Yeah!          Bring your kids to meet with the creative team from their favorite DC Kids comics! Art      Sunday   E351      3:00 PM   4:00 PM
                               Baltazar, Franco, and Mike Norton give you an inside look into the world of Tiny
                               Titans, Billy Batson: The Magic of Shazam, and all things DC Kids.
   Getting Your Graphic        Whether your collection is for the classroom, school library center, public library, or a   Sunday   E267      3:00 PM   4:00 PM
   Novel Collection Started:   retail operation, there are some basic guidelines to follow that can help you create a
   How To Select, Shelve,      solid foundation for your collection. This program will provide an introductory
   And Promote Great Lists     approach and things that can influence the kinds of books you shelve: community
   For Kids, Tweens, Teens,    atmosphere, market objectives, and methods for creating an effective program to
   And Adult Collections       reach your goals. Presented by John Shableski.
   Drawing Batman              Superstar Batman artists Tony Daniel and Dustin Nguyen share their secrets and              Sunday   E451      3:15 PM   4:15 PM
                               distinctive styles behind drawing the Dark Knight Detective. Check out this unique
                               presentation that will surely blow your mind!
   The Last Unicorn            Join author Peter S. Beagle for a screening of the classic film The Last Unicorn as         Sunday   E271A     3:30 PM   5:30 PM
                               well as a Q&A with the man behind the tale.
   Reading With Pictures       For the first time ANYWHERE, see an exclusive preview of the forthcoming all-ages           Sunday   Variant   3:30 PM   4:30 PM
   Read Along                  anthology "Reading With Pictures" that benefits efforts to bring comics into the                     Stage
                               classroom. Then watch as the creators come together on stage to bring their certified
                               awesome stories to life. Performed by Josh Elder, Trevor Mueller, Katie Doland,
                               Russell Lissau, Steve Wallace, Michael Moreci and Raina Telgemeier.
   How to Fail in Comics       "How to Fail In Comic Books" is a panel based on the upcoming documentary. Jeff             Sunday   E350      4:00 PM   5:00 PM
                               Kaufman, publisher/writer will explain how a company can blow a million dollars and
                               the costs and manufacturing of a single issue.
   Marketing Comics To    This panel seeks to explore the issue of presenting the diversity of comics to the       Sunday   E267      4:15 PM   5:15 PM
   Women And Minorities   entire market of comics readers, especially women and minorities, who may find
                          themselves left out in terms of products offered and retailers' ability to reach them.
   Windy City Jedi        Part of C2E2's Kids Day! Kid-friendly Jedi training! Come join us in a galaxy far, far   Sunday   Variant   4:30 PM   5:00 PM
                          away!                                                                                             Stage

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