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					                                                                                                                                                                            MARVEL COMICS                                         MARVEL VILLAINS
                                                       FINE ART STATUE:
                                                       DR. DOOM - A
                                                       Japanese Import.
                                                       Dr. Doom tops
                                                       out at a huge 15
 MARVEL HEROES 4-PIECE PUB GLASS                       inches tall (1/6-
 SET - This boxed set comes with four 16-oz.           scale). Doom stands
                                                       upon a specially-                                                                                            PSYLOCKE
 colored glasses featuring Wolverine (black                                                                                                                         STATUE - A
 glass), Spider-Man (red glass), the Hulk (green       designed circular
                                                       base that lights up                                                                                          Bowen Designs
 glass), and Captain America (blue glass). $27.99                                                                                                                   sculpt. This stunning
 [10040452]                                            with interior LEDs.
                                                       Sculpted by Erick                                                                                            mutant is sculpted by
                                                       Sosa, Dr. Doom is                                                                                            Jason Smith as a 12”
                                                       constructed of                                                                                               tall statue. $140.00
                                                       high-quality                                                                                                 [10040459]
                                                       cold cast                                             NEW AVENGERS POSTER – Avengers assemble
                                                       porcelain.                                            on this new poster. $12.19 [10040457]
                                                       [10040456]                                            PSYCHO-MAN MINI-BUST
                                                                                                             - A Bowen Designs Sculpt.
 MARVEL HEROES BOTTLE OPENERS- Style                                                                         This classic Marvel villain
 1 [10040453] features images of Captain                                                                     is brought to
 America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man, each                                                                     life as a 8”
 with accompanying sound effects. Style 2                                                                    tall mini-bust
 [10040454] features Thor, Wolverine, and the                                                                sculpted by                                                                           PUNISHER
 Hulk. $7.99 each                                                                                            Avinash                                                                               T-SHIRT: TARGET
                                                                                                             Hegde.                                                                                PRACTICE
                                                                                                             $48.00                                                                                [WHITE] - You
                                                                                                             [10040458]                                                                            don’t want to befall
 MARVEL SELECT ACTION FIGURE: MAGNETO - Sculpted                                                                                                                                                   the Punisher’s
 by Gabriel Marquez, this 7” action figure features 16 points                                                                                                                                      unerring eye. $13.59
 of articulation. $15.99 [10040455]                                                                                                                                                                [10040460]

                        DARK HORSE COMICS                                            BUZZARD #1 – [of                                     CAGES SC – (Dave          GROO: THE HOGS OF HORDER SC – (Mark
                                                                                     3] (Eric Powell/ Eric                                McKean) Relist.           Evanier/Sergio Aragonés) You probably think
                                                                                     Powell & Kyle Hotz/                                  Previous orders are       Groo the Wanderer is the most destructive force
                                                                                     Dave Stewart) The                                    cancelled. Chronicles     in his world. Not so. Even at his most inept, Groo
                                                                                     mysterious man                                       the intersecting lives    cannot destroy a village faster than the hogs of
                              ABE SAPIEN:                                            known as Buzzard is                                  of a painter, a writer,   Horder. They control your mind, they control your
                              THE ABYSSAL                                            lost, wondering what                                 and a musician            body, and worst of all, they control your money.
                              PLAIN #1 – [of 2]                                      manner of creature                                   living in the same        So what happens when Groo comes nose to nose
                              (Mike Mignola &                                        he is, following his                                 apartment building,       with them? Collects the four-issue miniseries.
                              John Arcudi/Peter                                      brutal showdown                                      and is a profound         Scheduled to arrive in August. 120 pg. (65/8x10)
                              Snejbjerg/Bjarne                                       with the loathsome                                   rumination on art,        $14.39 [10040471]
                              Hansen) On one of                                      Zombie Priest in The                                 God, cats, and the        THE HARVEY COMICS TREASURY VOL. 2 SC
                              his first B.P.R.D.                                     Goon. A dark path       cages we build for ourselves. Out of print for         – (Larz Bourne & Izzy Klein/Warren Kremer, Dave
                              operations, agent        leads to a village living in fear of a bestial race   years, Cages is available in a new softcover           Tendlar, Martin Taras & others) Hot Stuff, the little
                              Abe Sapien leads         of savages. As a bonus, readers will delight in       edition, remastered and newly redesigned, with         devil with a heart of gold, joins his friends Stumbo
                              a naval crew to a        the new Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities short      a new cover by McKean. Scheduled to arrive in          the Giant, Herman and Katnip in some of the best-
                              sunken Soviet U-         stories that leads up to the three-issue series       August. 496 pg. (8½x103/16) $23.99 [10040468]          loved classic kid comics of all time. Scheduled to
                              boat to retrieve an      launch in September. 40 pg. Available with covers     EERIE ARCHIVES VOL. 5 HC – B&W. (Various)              arrive in August. 200 pg. (6x9) $11.99 [10040472]
 ancient relic. What he uncovers is a paranormal       by Richard Corben [10040464] and Eric Powell          Collects five issues. Sshowcase the excellent
                                                       [10040465]. $2.80 each                                                                                       HELLCYON #3 – [of 4] (Marangon) After a nine-
 crime scene. $2.80 [10040461]                                                                               storytelling and exceptional artwork featured          month journey through Hellcyon’s mysterious
 ALIENS VS.                                            CONAN THE                                             in these magazines by amazing creators like            landscapes, the five teenage fugitives have forged
 PREDATOR:                                             CIMMERIAN #23                                         Archie Goodwin, Reed Crandall, Frank Frazetta,         strong bonds of friendship and learned to work as
 THREE WORLD                                           – (Truman/Giorello/                                   Ken Kelly, and Steve Ditko. 248 pg. (83/8x107/8)       a unit to avoid the wrath of St. John’s death squad.
 WAR #5 – [of 6]                                       Villarrubia) Iron                                     $39.99 [10040469]                                      However, as their journey comes to an end, the kids
 (Stradley/Leonardi/                                   Shadows in the                                        FLASH GORDON                                           will make a macabre discovery. $2.80 [10040473]
 Pennington/Dzioba)                                    Moon adaptation                                       COMIC BOOK
                                                       part 2 of 4. Eluding                                                                                         KING CONAN VOL. 1 SC – (Roy Thomas/John
 The Colonial                                                                                                ARCHIVES VOL. 1
                                                       their torments from                                                                                          Buscema & Ernie Chan) Join Conan, king of
 Marines and their                                                                                           HC – (Paul Norris,
                                                       Turan, Conan and                                                                                             Aquilonia, his queen
 Predator allies look                                                                                        Jack Lehti, Frank
                                                       Olivia seek to hide                                                                                          Zenobia, and their
 to take the fight to                                                                                        Thorne & others)
                                                       out on a small island                                                                                        son Conn in this
 the enemy Predators                                                                                         Join the handsome
                                                       in the Vilayet Sea,                                                                                          comics adaptation of
 and the Alien horde                                                                                         and fearless Flash,
                                                       but they soon find                                                                                           L. Sprague de Camp,
 they control - but the                                                                                      his clever and
                                                       themselves stalked                                                                                           Lin Carter, and Björn
 daunting numbers                                                                                            capable companion
                                                       by an unseen terror in the jungles and threatened                                                            Nyberg’s stories The
 of the bug swarm may be more than human                                                                     Dale Arden, and
                                                       by a group of pirates belonging to the Red                                                                   Witch of the Mists,
 and hunter can overcome. Cover by Raymond                                                                   eccentric scientist
                                                       Brotherhood. 40 pg. $2.39 [10040466]                                                                         Black Sphinx of
 Swanland. 40 pg. $2.80 [10040462]                                                                           Dr. Zarkov as they                                     Nebthu, Red Moon
 BERSERK VOL. 34 SC – B&W. (Kentaro Miura)             CREEPY #4 – B&W. (Various) Features the               face peril and danger                                  of Zembabwei,
 Faced with the Kushan emperor’s horrific new          second chapter of the most vile revisionist take      in the wild landscapes of the planet Mongo and         Shadows in the
 form, and the bloody swath of destruction and         on World War II imaginable, as writer Dan Braun       go head to head with the villainous despot Ming        Skull, and The
 spawning demons he leaves in his wake, the            and Craig Haffner team up with artist Dennis          the Merciless. This archival collection, reprinting    Ring of Rakhamon.
 soldiers in Griffith’s new Band of the Hawk must      Calero on the conclusion of X-Change. Plus, a new     seven complete comics originally published from        Collects issues #1-5 of the early ’80s series
 assume their true unholy forms to battle the          Loathsome Lore featuring the art of Eric Powell,      1947 through 1953, makes a fine addition to any        originally published by Marvel Comics. Scheduled
 emperor, revealing their true faces to the citizens   as well as new work from Michael Wm. Kaluta,          comics library. Scheduled to arrive in August. 312     to arrive in August. 192 pg. (65/8x103/16) $14.39
 of Midland. Scheduled to arrive in August. 240        Bill Morrison, Angelo Torres, and more. 48 pg.        pg. (65/8x103/16) $39.99 [10040470]                    [10040474]
 pg. (51/8x7¼) $11.99 [10040463]                       $3.99 [10040467]

                                                                                                                     FIND MORE DESCRIPTIONS, ART AND PRODUCTS AT WWW.WESTFIELDCOMICS.COM                              19
                              24: THE SPACE
                              DOLLY & OTHER
                                                        the goddesses forget who they are. Scheduled to
                                                        arrive in August. 160 pg. (5x7) $9.59 [10040479]
                                                                                                                                               STAR WARS:
                                                                                                                                               INVASION —
                                                                                                                                               RESCUES #2 – [of
                                                                                                                                                                          DARK HORSE RELAtED ItEMS

                              STORIES SC –                                             #1 – [of 4] (Marc                                       6] (Taylor/Wilson/
                              (John Stanley/Irving                                     Andreyko & David                                        Dzioba) New
                              Tripp)There’s hilarity                                   Lapham/Guilherme                                        knowledge sends
                              on every page as                                         Balbi & Gabriel                                         Finn Galfridian,
                              Tubby swoons over                                        Guzman/José                                             along with Jacen
                              brand-new character                                      Verissimo &                                             and Jaina Solo, on a
                              Fifi, Iggy teaches                                       Mariano Taibo/                                          mission to the planet
                              Annie’s doll to fly,                                     Garry Henderson                                         of Artorias. Though
                              Alvin makes a new                                        & Michael Atiyehr)                                      Finn does not know
                              friend, the fellers                                      The set-up for                                          if his father, Caled,
                              misunderstand tea                                        Robert Rodriguez’s      lives, if there is any chance, he must be warned                                           BUFFY THE
 parties, a sandcastle contest determines who                                          reboot of the           of new dangers. 40 pg. Cover by Jo Chen. $2.39                                            VAMPIRE
 gets a kiss from Gloria, and Lulu accidentally                                        Predator film           [10040487]                                                                              SLAYER MUGS
 makes a farce of Father’s Day. Collects Marge’s        series. A team of Navy Seals is in the midst of a      STAR WARS: LEGACY #49 – (Ostrander/                                               - Both mugs feature
 Little Lulu #118-123. Scheduled to arrive in           firefight when it suddenly goes dark. They awake       Duursema/Parsons/Anderson) Extremes part 2                                       Season 8 Buffy-comic
 August. 200 pg. (6x9) $11.99 [10040475]                to find themselves in a new and more deadly            of 3. The Sith Empire’s strike against the Hutt         cover art. Choose from Buffy Art Mug [10040495]
 MIGHTY SAMSON                                          environment, stalked by a strange enemy. Cover         temple on Napdu brings a new ally into the              and Buffy, Willow, and Xander Mug [10040496].
 ARCHIVES VOL. 1                                        by Paul Lee. $2.39 [10040480]                          war against the Sith, lending strength to Cade          Scheduled to arrive in August. $10.39 each.
 HC – (Otto Binder/                                     PREDATORS #2 – [of 4] (Andreyko & Lapham/              Skywalker’s vendetta. On Korriban, Princess Sia
 Frank Thorne &                                         Balbi & Guzman/Verissimo & Taibo/Henderson             Fel, a prisoner of the Sith, learns a shocking secret
 Jack Sparling) In a                                    & Atiyeh) The lone Navy Seal finds himself in          about the man she loves. Cover by Chris Warner.
 radioactive, nuclear-                                  an uneasy alliance when he discovers another           40 pg. $2.39 [10040488]
 ravaged future,                                        survivor on the planet — but he also learns that       VAMPIRE HUNTER D VOLUME 15: DARK
 Samson is born into                                    here humans are prey, transplanted from Earth to       ROAD PART THREE SC – B&W. (Hideyuki
 a tribe of peaceful                                    this alien jungle, to be hunted for sport. Cover by    Kikuchi/Yoshitaka Amano) The ruthless vampire
 yet desperate people                                   Paul Lee. $2.39 [10040481]                             Noble General Gaskell commands the loyalty of
 struggling to survive                                                                                         some of the most infamous and deadly vampires
 in the desolate city of                                PREDATORS #3
                                                        – [of 4] (Andreyko                                     in history, and Gaskell has no patience for D’s
 N’Yark. Surrounded                                                                                            interference, heroic or not. Features seven black-
 by hungry, wild                                        & Lapham/Balbi &
                                                        Guzman/Verissimo                                       and-white line illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano
 creatures and the more savage, selfish remnants                                                               as well as a color tip-in illustration. Scheduled
 of humanity, life is precarious at best for the        & Taibo/Henderson
                                                        & Atiyeh) The                                          to arrive in August. 256 pg. (51/8x7¼) $7.99
 tribe until Samson displays amazing powers.                                                                   [10040493]
 This volume reprints the first seven comic books       human alliance
 from the original 1960s Mighty Samson series,          strains under                                          ZERO KILLER SC
 with artwork by Frank Thorne seen in the first         the threat of the                                      – (Arvid Nelson/Matt
 five issues. Scheduled to arrive in August. 200        vicious Predators,                                     Camp/Dave Stewart)
 pg. (7x10) $39.99 [10040476]                           an elaborate system                                    Brutal gangs struggle
                                                        of traps, and the                                      for supremacy in
                               MOGWORLD                 impossibility of                                       a New York City
                               NOVEL SC –               escape. Cover by                                       ravaged by nuclear
                               (Yahtzee Croshaw)        Paul Lee. $2.39 [10040482]                             war and catastrophic
                               In a world full to                                                              flooding. All that
                               bursting with            PREDATORS #4 – [of 4] (Andreyko & Lapham/
                                                        Balbi & Guzman/Verissimo & Taibo/Henderson             remains of the
                               would-be heroes,                                                                once-mighty city are
                               Jim couldn’t be less     & Atiyeh) Traps are set off and new Predators
                                                        enter the fray in the blood-drenched conclusion        skeletal, irradiated
                               interested in saving                                                            skyscrapers,
                               the day. His fireballs   of Robert Rodriguez’s reboot of the film series.
                                                        Cover by Paul Lee. $2.39 [10040483]                    inhabited by thugs
                               fizzle. He’s awfully                                                            who abide by their own twisted rules. While             DEXTER LIMITED EDITION BUST - In bringing
                               grumpy. Plus, he’s                                     SERENITY: FLOAT          crime lords vie for power and the amoral                the character, portrayed by Michael C. Hall, into
                               been dead for                                          OUT ONE-SHOT             paramilitary forces of JOCOM torment survivors          a sculpture, we wanted to capture both “sides”
                               about sixty years.                                     #1 – (Patton Oswalt/     of the devastation, one skilled outcast — the           of everyone’s favorite serial killer. With Dexter
                               When a renegade                                        Patric Reynolds/Dave     mysterious Zero — uses his strength and wits to         in his signature henley-style shirt, in front he is
                               necromancer                                            Stewart) Always          stay a step ahead of everyone. Collects the six-        examining a blood-spatter slide, but danger lurks
 wrenches him from eternal slumber and into                                           ready with a brilliant   issue miniseries. Scheduled to arrive in August.        hidden behind his back. Sculpted by Gentle Giant
 a world gone terribly, bizarrely wrong, all Jim                                      aerial maneuver and      160 pg. (7x10) $13.59 [10040494]                        Studios. Numbered, limited edition, certificate of
 wants is to find a way to die properly, once and                                     a terrible one-liner,                                                            authenticity. 7” on base. Scheduled to arrive in
 for all. Scheduled to arrive in August. 350 pg.                                      Wash was pilot of                                                                August. $55.99 [10040497]
 (4x7) $6.39 [10040477]                                                               the Firefly-class ship
 NEON GENESIS                                                                         Serenity. Float Out
                                                                                      includes three new       USAGI YOJIMBO                                           USAGI YOJIMBO VOL. 9: DAISHO SC (2ND
                                                                                      stories of Wash in a     #129 – B&W.                                             EDITION) – B&W. (Stan Sakai) This volume
                                                        series of exciting smuggling raids, each providing     (Sakai) Kato, the                                       finds Usagi the reluctant participant in a duel
                                                        a hair-raising escape or daring last-minute rescue.    master swordsman,                                       for blood money, and, later, enraged at the theft
 VOL. 1 SC – B&W.
                                                        40 pg. Covers by Frank Stockton [10040484] and         returns. Cheated out                                    of his swords, Usagi pledges a new oath — to
 (Ming Ming) Shinji
                                                        Jo Chen [10040485]. $2.80 each                         of the 200 gold coins                                   track the leader of a roving band of brigands and
 Ikari’s parents
                                                                                                               he was promised for                                     retrieve his daisho. Newly rescanned from Stan
 are gone, and he                                       STAR WARS                                              staying out of a gang                                   Sakai’s original art and features new story notes.
 lives with his legal                                   ADVENTURES:                                            war, Kato has been                                      Includes an introduction by James Robinson.
 guardian, Ryoji Kaji,                                  THE WILL OF                                            hunting for Usagi                                       Scheduled to arrive in August. 216 pg. (6x9)
 while attending                                        DARTH VADER                                            for weeks, believing                                    $12.79 [10040491]
 the private NERV                                       SC – (Tom Taylor &                                     the “treacherous,
 Academy. But no                                        Brain Koschak/Dan                                                                                              USAGI YOJIMBO VOL. 10: THE BRINK OF LIFE
                                                                                                               long-eared ronin”
 one ever told Shinji about its secrets… or that        Parsons/Michael                                                                                                AND DEATH SC (2ND EDITION) – B&W. (Stan
                                                                                                               to have stolen the
 he’d find his fellow students Kaworu, Rei, and         Wiggam) When                                                                                                   Sakai) Usagi faces a unique cast of characters:
                                                                                                               money from him. 24 pg. $2.80 [10040489]
 Asuka out on the streets late at night — fighting      the Rebellion’s                                                                                                a village of seaweed farmers, an innocent
 with sword, spear, and whip against an enemy           hit-and-run attacks                                    USAGI YOJIMBO VOL. 8: SHADES OF DEATH                   noodle peddler, a demon-possessed woman, a
 that looks very human, but who Kaworu insists          on Imperial cargo                                      SC (2ND EDITION) – B&W. (Stan Sakai) Usagi              relentless clan of bat ninja, an assassins’ guild,
 are beings called the Angels. From the pages of        ships become too                                       teams with his friend Gen, a rhino bounty hunter,       a mysterious medicine peddler, and Inazuma, a
 Monthly Asuka. Scheduled to arrive in August.          audacious to be                                        and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to protect         secretive female samurai. Features completely
 192 pg. (51/8x7¼) $8.79 [10040478]                     ignored, Darth Vader is sent in to find the Rebel      an aging sensei from an evil ninja clan. His            remastered art and a look inside Stan Sakai’s
                                                        base and destroy it. But the base, hidden in the       travels also take him to a remote village under         research and influences with new story notes.
 OH MY GODDESS! VOL. 36 SC – B&W. (Kosuke
                                                        center of a constantly shifting asteroid field,        threat from deadly assassins. Features completely       Includes an introduction by writer Kurt Busiek.
 Fujishima) Things go spectacularly wrong when
                                                        cannot be attacked directly. Cover by Sean             remastered art, new story notes, an introduction        Scheduled to arrive in August. 216 pg. (6x9)
 Urd’s and Skuld’s rival schemes to help Megumi
                                                        McNally. Scheduled to arrive in August. 80 pg.         by artist William Stout. Scheduled to arrive in         $12.79 [10040492]
 through a bad memory end up not only making
                                                        (5¼x7½) $6.39 [10040486]                               August. 200 pg. (6x9) $12.79 [10040490]
 her forget who she is, but making Keiichi and

        DYNAMItE ENtERtAINMENt                        EXPENDABLES #2 & 3 - [of 4] (Dixon/Polls) After        PATRICIA BRIGGS’ ALPHA & OMEGA:                       $11.99 [10040536] and an Art Adams Red Foil
                             ART OF RED
                                                      years of corruption, murder of American hostages,      CRY WOLF VOL. 01 #2 – (Briggs & Lawrence/             cover $23.95 [10040537]
                             SONJA HC – (Chris
                                                      and betrayal of foreign policies, the US - with the    Gunderson) Relist. Previous orders are cancelled.     RED SONJA 5X7 J SCOTT CAMPBELL FINE
                                                      help of other Nations who secretly put together a      A rogue werewolf is slaughtering humans in            ART LITHOGRAPH – (J. Scott Campbell)
                             Featuring a look at
                                                      squad of their most highly trained military personal   the Montana wilderness and Charles Cornick            Red Sonja is poised for action and bound for
                             every aspect of the
                                                      - will finally attempt to overthrow the dictator who   must find the killer before his crimes expose the     adventure. $19.99 [10040538]
                             she-devil with a
                                                      has caused devastation in South America for over       pack to the world. Available with two covers by
                             sword - Red Sonja                                                                                                                     RED SONJA VOL. 08: BLOOD DYNASTY
                                                      20 years. Covers by Lucio Parrillo. #2 [10040506]      Brett Booth and Jordan Gunderson that will be
                             - from the Dynamite                                                                                                                   HC – (Brian Reed/Walter Geovanni) Twenty
                                                      #3 [10040507] $3.19 each                               sent randomly unless ordered as a set. $3.19
                             revival and back to                                                                                                                   winters have passed since Sonja walked the
                                                      GARTH ENNIS’ BATTLEFIELDS #7 - [of 9]                  [10040519] set $6.38 [S1004017]
                             the classic era of Roy                                                                                                                land. However, now that she has returned, her
                             Thomas and Marvel        (Ennis/Braun) The sequel to The Night Witches                                                                new incarnation has yet to learn the truth of
                             Comics. Bursting         begins with a bang, as Lieutenant Anna Kharkova                                                              her existence, or the reason for her miraculous
 with incredible art by Alex Ross, Jim Lee, Frank     is posted to single-seat fighter aircraft and sent                                                           rebirth. Collects #41-49. Cover by Paul Renaud.
 Cho, Frank Brunner, Adam Hughes, Pablo Marcos,       straight into action. Hardened and embittered by                                                             $23.99 [10040539]
 John Cassaday, Art Adams, Mel Rubi, Howard           the loss of her comrades, Anna is only too keen
 Chaykin, and more. Over 200 pages. Cover by          to get her teeth into the enemy. Cover by Garry                                                              RED SONJA: WRATH OF THE GODS #5 - [of
 Marc Silvestri. $23.99 [10040498]                    Leach. MT. $2.80 [10040508]                                                                                  5] (Lieberman & Ryker/Geovanni) Will Sonja,
                                                                                                                                                                   Thor and Gamble be able to take down both Loki
 BLACK TERROR #12 – (Ross & Hester/Reis)              GREEN HORNET                                                                                                 and Odin, the All-Father? Cover by Lucio Parillo.
 Inhuman Remains. The mysterious Black Terror         #4 (KEVIN SMITH)                                                                                             $3.19 [10040540]
 continues to unravel the mysteries of who he is      – (Smith/Lau) The
 and how he was changed by the urn. Available         legacy of the Green                                                                                          RED SONJA MICHAEL TURNER STATUE
 with two covers by Alex Ross and Wagner Reis         Hornet and its future                                                                                        (RESIZED ED.) - Based on the Red Sonja #1
 that will be sent randomly unless ordered as a       are forever altered.                                                                                         cover art by Michael Turner. This re-sized edition
 set. $2.80 [10040499] set $5.60 [S1004015]           There’s not too much                                                                                         is strictly limited. $60.00 [10040541]
                                                      more we can say                                                                                              ROBERT JORDAN’S NEW SPRING #8
 BOYS #43 – (Ennis/Robertson) The conclusion of                                                              PRINCE OF PERSIA #1 - [of 4] (Jordan Mechner/
                                                      without giving away                                                                                          – (Dixon & Jordan/Cooper) Relist. Previous
 The Innocents sees Hughie face off with the evil                                                            Wagner Reis) Five very different people are about
                                                      the thrilling events.                                                                                        orders are cancelled. The Historic binding of
 Malchemical in an ill-advised showdown, and                                                                 to be put to death for a crime they didn’t commit.
                                                      Available with two                                                                                           Al’Lan Mandragoran as Warder to Moiraine of
 Butcher having one of his own with the furious                                                              Well, one of them may have done it. But the only
                                                      covers by Ross and                                                                                           the Aes Sedai is upon us and the search ensues
 Mother’s Milk. MT. $3.19 [10040502]                                                                         way they can escape the hangman’s noose is to
                                                      Cassaday that will                                                                                           for the Dragon Reborn, so that he may be saved
 BOYS VOL.                                            be sent randomly                                       find the common thread that ties them together.       to fulfill his destiny and oppose the Dark One in
 06:         SELF-                                    unless ordered as a set. $3.19 [10040509] set          Cover by Todd McFarlane. $3.19 [10040522]             an ultimate Last Battle. $3.19 [10040542]
 PRESERVATION                                         $6.38 [S1004016] Also available with a Cassaday        PROJECT
 SOCIETY HC (LTD                                                                                                                                                   ROBERT JORDAN’S WHEEL OF TIME - EYE
                                                      Cool Green cover. $5.59 [10040513]                     SUPERPOWERS:                                          OF THE WORLD #3 – (Dixon & Jordan/ Conley)
 ED.) – (Garth Ennis/                                                                                        BLACK TERROR
                                                      GREEN HORNET #3 (KEVIN SMITH)                                                                                Relist. Previous orders are cancelled. Winternight.
 Darick Robertson                                                                                            VOL. 02 SC –
                                                      (CASSADAY COOL GREEN DFE COVER)                                                                              The mysterious dark rider is momentarily forgotten
 & Carlos Ezquerra)                                                                                          (Alex Ross & Phil
                                                      - A “cool green” John Cassaday cover. $4.00                                                                  as the Al’Thor farm is beset by trollocs smelling
 You can only maim                                                                                           Hester/Jonathan
                                                      [10040512]                                                                                                   blood. It is up to Rand to wield his father’s sword
 and murder so many                                                                                          Lau & Mike Lilly)
 superheroes before                                   GREEN HORNET                                                                                                 in defense of the family. $3.19 [10040543]
                                                                                                             Featured within,
 someone decides to                                   STRIKES #2                                             the debut of the                                      ROBOCOP #6 – (Williams/De Zarate) A done-in-
 do something about                                   – (Matthews/                                           all-new American                                      one featuring Robocop vs. the ED-309. Cover by
 it, and in The Boys’                                 Padilla) The new                                       Crusader (along                                       David Michael Beck. MT. $2.80 [10040544]
 case that means                                      Hornet makes                                           with the saga                                                                         STARGATE:
 Payback- a superteam of unimaginable power,          his way through                                        of the original).                                                                     DANIEL
 second only to the mighty Seven. How will our        the underworld                                         Collects issues #5-                                                                   JACKSON #1
 heroes fare against Soldier Boy, Mind-Droid,         of Chicago and                                         9. $13.59 [10040523]                                                                  – (Doug Murray/
 Swatto, the Crimson Countess, and the Nazi           the tangled world                                                                                                                            John Watson)
                                                      above.Cover by                                         PROJECT SUPERPOWERS: CHAPTER TWO
 juggernaut known as Stormfront? Collects issues                                                                                                                                                   Featuring fan-
                                                      John Cassaday.                                         #12 – (Ross & Krueger/Salazar & Klauba) The
 #31-38. Limited to 2000 copies. Allocations may                                                                                                                                                   favorite character
                                                      $3.19 [10040514]                                       events of the last two Superpowers series
 occur. MT. $23.99 [10040503]                                                                                                                                                                      Daniel Jackson
                                                                                                             come to a thunderous conclusion. Heroes will be
                             BULLET TO THE            GREEN HORNET                                           revealed, villains will stand united and nothing                                      as he heads off
                             HEAD #1 – (Matz/         YEAR ONE #3 –                                          will ever be the same again. Plus, the painted                                        world to explore
                             Colin Wilson)            (Wagner/Campbell) The Golden Age adventures            origin of Dynamic Man by Ross, Krueger, and                                           a seemingly
                             Dynamite's first-        of the Green Hornet continue. Told partially in        Klauba. Available with two covers by Alex Ross                                        primitive planet,
                             ever crime noir          their present day as well as filling in the story      that will be sent randomly unless ordered as a set.                                   with deadly
                             series, never before     detailing the meeting of the Hornet and Kato.          $2.39 [10040524] set $4.78 [S1004018]                                                 treasure and
                             available in the U.S.    Cover by John Cassaday. $3.19 [10040515]                                                                                                     danger all around.
                                                                                                             QUEEN SONJA #9 – (Nelson/Herbert) Mysteries           Cover by Chasen Greishop. $3.19 [10040545]
                             market. The story        JIM BUTCHER’S DRESDEN FILES - STORM                    unravel and blood will be spilled. Available with
                             centers around           FRONT VOL. 02 #3 – (Butcher & Powers/Syaf)                                                                   STARGATE: VALA MAL DORAN #2 – (Jerwa/
                                                                                                             three covers by Lucio Parillo, Jackson Herbert,
                             buddy crooks and         Relist. Previous orders are cancelled. Lt. Murphy                                                            Rezak) Vala’s in over her head, but what else is
                                                                                                             and Mel Rubi that will be sent randomly unless
                             buddy cops and one       is the latest victim of the Shadowman’s magic                                                                new? Cover by Brett Booth. $3.19 [10040546]
                                                                                                             ordered as a set. $2.39 [10040527] set $7.17
                             unlikely official in     and Harry is out to avenge his best friend. $3.19      [S1004019]                                            ZORRO VOL.
                             the middle - with a      [10040516]
                             target on his head.                                                             RED SONJA #50                                         02: CLASHING
 MT. $3.19 [10040504]                                 KATO #3 (KEVIN                                         - Featuring 100                                       BLADES SC
                                                      SMITH) – (Smith                                        pages of story and                                    – (Matt Wagner/
 CLASSIC RED                                          & Parks/Garza)                                                                                               Cezar Razek)
                                                                                                             art, including new
 SONJA               #1                               At the hands of                                                                                              Love is in bloom
                                                                                                             stories from Arvid
 (REMASTERED)                                         the Black Hornet,                                                                                            for our hero as
                                                                                                             Nelson, Kevin
 – (Roy Thomas/                                       Kato is faced with                                                                                           he continues his
                                                                                                             McCarthy, Raven
 Esteban Maroto)                                      an unimaginable                                                                                              one-man war
                                                                                                             Gregory as well as
 Classic sword and                                    loss. Will he find                                                                                           against all of the
                                                                                                             reprinting classic
 sorcery action.                                      the strength to                                                                                              oppression and
                                                                                                             stories by Roy
 Reprints classic Red                                 survive? Cover by                                                                                            tyranny in the
                                                                                                             Thomas and all.
 Sonja tales. First                                   Joe Benitez. $3.19                                                                                           land. But, will a
                                                                                                             Forward by Mike
 up is The Ring of                                    [10040517]                                                                                                   fiendish plot to
                                                                                                             Carey. Available
 Ikribu from Savage                                                                                                                                                bring down the
                                                      KATO ORIGINS:                                          with four covers
 Sword of Conan.                                                                                                                                                   Fox and his lady love succeed in stopping his
                                                      WAY OF THE                                             by JM Linsner, Art
 Remastered in color                                                                                                                                               quest? Reprinting issues #9-14, along with all
                                                      NINJA #2 – (Nitz/Worley) Kato is on the case           Adams, Joe Jusko, and Johnny Desjardins that
 for the first time with                                                                                                                                           of the covers by Matt Wagner, Ryan Sook and
                                                      as he tracks a murderer and unfolds a mystery          will be sent randomly unless ordered as a set.
 a cover by the legendary Frank Brunner. $3.19                                                                                                                     Francesco Francavilla. $15.99 [10040547]
                                                      that centers around him and his previous life.         $3.99 [10040531] set $15.96 [S1004020] Also
                                                      $3.19 [10040518]                                       available with an Adams She-Devil Red cover

                                                                                                                     FIND MORE DESCRIPTIONS, ART AND PRODUCTS AT WWW.WESTFIELDCOMICS.COM                           21
                                                        ARMY OF TWO #6 – (Milligan/Soy/Marzan Jr.)              BRAM STOKER’S DEATH SHIP #2 – (Gerani/                     DRAGON AGE #2 – (Card & Johnston/Robinson)
                                                        Jaime’s rise from street kid to leader of the Maras     Sayger) The doomed Russian sea vessel, the                 Gleam, child of a powerful mage and a ruthless
                                                        street gang to power over the political machine in      Demeter, has begun its journey into a darkness             templar, is now grown with powers of her own.
                                                        Mexico is complete. As terror and murder grips          that they will never return from. Cover by Cliff           Can she stop the Darkspawn from murdering
                                                        the streets, Jaime calls for the death of the two       Nielsen. $3.19 [10040557]                                  her adopted family? Cover by Humberto Ramos.
 ANGEL #34 – (Willingham & Williams/Denham              men who could possibly stop him: Rios and Salem.                                           COMPLETE                $3.19 [10040561]
 & Messina) With prophecies practically falling         Cover by Chester Ocampo. $3.19 [10040555]                                                  CHESTER                                               FALLEN ANGEL
 from the sky, Connor and Angel must figure out         BEST OF DICK                                                                               GOULD’S                                               OMNIBUS VOL.
 how to work together without getting back into         TRACY VOL. 01 SC                                                                           DICK TRACY                                            00 SC – (Peter
 bad habits. Available with two covers by Jenny         – (Chester Gould)                                                                          VOL. 10 HC                                            David/David
 Frison & David Messina that will be sent randomly      Fan-favorite stories                                                                       – (Chester                                            Lopez) The
 unless ordered as a set. $3.19 [10040548] set          and characters are                                                                         Gould) Witness                                        complete original
 $6.38 [S1004021]                                       featured in this new                                                                       the introduction                                      DC Comics run
 ANGEL: BARBARY COAST #3 – (Tischman/Urru)              collection. Ride the                                    of the Two-Way Wrist Radio, created by the aptly                                         of Fallen Angel
 Earthquakes. Dragons. Angel. Everything comes          edge of your seat                                       named Brilliant. Enjoy an expanding cast that                                            is collected.
 to a shattering conclusion as Angel’s attempt          as bullets, battles,                                    includes Diet Smith, Themesong, and Christmas                                            Collecting issues
 to “cure” his newfound soul comes crashing             and bad guys show                                       Early, as well as the return of Vitamin Flintheart                                       #1-21, experience
 down along with the rest of San Francisco.             creator Chester                                         and Snowflake, while the two most unlikely                                               the first chapters
 Available with two covers by Franco Urru and           Gould on the top of                                     characters get married. Introductions by Max                                             of this tale
 Frank Stockton that will be sent randomly unless       his game. $15.99 [10040556]                             Allan Collins and Jeff Kersten. Contains all daily                                       chronicling the
 ordered as a set. $3.19 [10040551] set $6.38                                                                   and Sunday comic strips from September 20, 1945                                          sordid, shadowy
 [S1004022]                                                                                                     through March 16, 1947. $31.99 [10040558]                  world of Bete Noire, and its most recent
 ARCHIE CLASSIC NEWSPAPER COMICS                                                                                DOCTOR WHO CLASSICS SERIES 3 #4                            inhabitant and apparent protector - Liandra, the
 VOL. 01 HC – (Bob Montana) Archie co-creator                                                                   – (Parkhouse & McKenzie/Ridgway) Starring the              Fallen Angel. $23.99 [10040562]
 Bob Montana guided Archie and his gang into a                                                                  Sixth Doctor. Steve Parkhouse presents Once                G.I. JOE #19 – (Dixon/Cal) The M.A.S.S. Device
 series of outlandish antics and gags on a daily                                                                Upon a Time Lord and Alan McKenzie plays a                 tips the balance of power in the COBRA’s favor
 basis for nearly 30 years. Starting with these                                                                 War Game, both with John Ridgway art. Cover                in a big way. And Destro is a guest of Major
 very first strips from 1946-1948, Montana’s                                                                    by Robert Hack. $3.19 [10040559]                           Bludd in the COBRA gulag known as Section Ten.
 storytelling and animated flair for humor comes                                                                DOCTOR WHO ONGOING #12 – (Lee/Shedd)                       Available with two covers by Kelsey Shannon &
 to life in strips that have never been reprinted                                                               With London fallen, it’s up to UNIT and their ally,        Robert Atkins that will be sent randomly unless
 before. $31.99 [10040554]                                                                                      the Advocate, to save the world. Cover by Paul             ordered as a set. $3.19 [10040564] set $6.38
                                                                                                                Grist. $3.19 [10040560]                                    [S1004023]
      See the Bruce Canwell interview.

 INtERVIEW: BRUCE CANWELL                                                                                         Westfield: How does the daily strip compare to what people see in the Archie comic books?
                                                                                                                Canwell: There are the obvious similarities -- the core characters you’re familiar with from the comic
 Bruce Canwell is the Associate Editor of the Library of American Comics, who have produced such books          books are all here. You’ll find Archie and Jughead, Betty and Veronica, Miss Grundy and Archie’s parents.
 as Bloom County, King Aroo, Little Orphan Annie, and Rip Kirby for IDW. This month, they bring us              The core relationships are the ones we’re all used to: is Archie more interested in Betty (the classic girl
 Archie Classic Newspaper Comics which collects strips by Archie co-creator Bob Montana. Westfield’s            next door) or Veronica (the spoiled little rich girl)? From this perspective, the Archie strips are like the
 Roger Ash recently contacted Canwell to learn more about this book. This is an excerpt from a longer           comics equivalent of comfort food.
 interview which can be found in its entirety on the Westfield blog.
                                                                                                                That said, the strips put a different spin on the ball, which readers should find refreshing. The pacing of
   Westfield: How did you come to publish the Archie newspaper strips? How closely are you working              stories is different in strips than it is in comic books. Strips serve up a little joke or a mini-cliffhanger every
   with Archie Comics on this?                                                                                  day as they build to a bigger payoff, where comic book stories build along a smoother arc to reach a story’s
 Bruce Canwell: Greg Goldstein, who is IDW’s Chief Operating Officer, did the actual deal that allowed          climax. There are also subtle differences in characterization that readers will see -- Jughead is more sardonic
 us to reprint the Archie strips. Over a year ago, the collective decision was made to release IDW’s            in the strips than he was in all the Archie comics I’ve read throughout my lifetime. The newspaper strips
 various strip projects under The Library of American Comics (LOAC) banner, which immediately allowed           were launched with the assumption that 1940s readers had never seen or heard of Archie Andrews and his
 LOAC to take over production on Dick Tracy. It also meant, while Editorial Director Dean Mullaney and I        pals. That means the narrative begins at a logical beginning, with the arrival of Veronica Lodge at Archie’s
 still choose the majority of LOAC projects, other IDW leaders can bring projects to LOAC. That’s how we        high school. The analogy I’d draw from all this: if the Archie comic books are the equivalent of the classic
 landed Bloom County and Family Circus last year -- editor Scott Dunbier has pre-existing relationships         Marvel Universe, the Archie comic strips are the equivalent of the Ultimate Universe.
 with Berke Breathed and the family of Bil Keane. Now Greg has brought us Archie.                                 Westfield: The Library of American Comics always has cool extras in their books. What extras can
 As far as our relationship with Archie Comics goes, obviously, Greg collaborated closely with Archie’s           we look forward to in this volume?
 executives in doing the deal. The folks at Archie seem like a friendly and thoroughly professional group,        Canwell: Roger, I have a multi-layered answer to this one!
 so they’ll lend us a helping hand as needed. But we know they have their own line of regular comics to
 produce and we don’t want them to view us like an annoying kid tugging on their shirt and pestering them:      First layer: we at LOAC work hard to try to find new or little-known information about the strips and their
 “What about this? What about that? What about the other?” We want to be as professional as the Archie          cartoonists -- our goal is to add to the overall body of knowledge that’s available, not simply to retread ground
 crew, which means we view them as a resource, but one that we shouldn’t abuse.                                 others have already walked on. We’re also always on the lookout for original artwork, rare photographs,
                                                                                                                merchandising items, and other unusual visuals we can share with readers.
                                                                                                                Second layer: With that in mind, our first Archie volume will feature text by the one and only Maggie
                                                                                                                Thompson. Maggie doesn’t need me to hype her -- her knowledge and love of comics is universally known,
                                                                                                                her writing skills have been displayed both in countless fan publications and for many years in The Comics
                                                                                                                Buyer’s Guide. We’re delighted to be working with her, and within only a day or two of her accepting the
                                                                                                                Archie assignment, she was sending us e-mail about the pulp magazines MLJ published before moving
                                                                                                                into comics and ultimately launching Archie. Maggie had these pulps in her own personal collection! I
                                                                                                                fully expect Maggie’s text is going to help us all learn some new things about the genesis of Archie Comics.
                                                                                                                (Maggie’s also writing the introduction for our King Aroo, Volume 2, which will be available around holiday
                                                                                                                time. It’s a tough call as to who’s the biggest Aroo fan: Maggie, Dean Mullaney, or me!)
   Westfield: For those who may not be familiar with the work of Bob Montana, what can you tell                 Third layer: Remember how I mentioned Bob Montana eventually settled in Meredith, New Hampshire? The
   us about him?                                                                                                good news for all of us is: Bob’s two daughters still live there! They are delighted their dad’s work is going
 Canwell: Bob was a really fascinating guy. He spent several of his boyhood years on the road. He and his       to be available once again and they’re making their family archives available to support the LOAC Archie
 family performed a Vaudeville act headlined by his father, who was a singing cowboy! We’ve found some          series. So expect to see family photos, newspaper syndicate advertisements, artwork, and reminiscences
 entertaining information about “Montana, The Cowboy Banjoist” that we’ll be sharing with readers. As Bob       from Bob Montana’s daughters throughout our Archie books.
 grew older, he started following a more conventional artist’s path -- he attended school in New York City,
 launched his career around 1941, and began the Archie newspaper strip in 1946. Eventually he settled
 down in Meredith, New Hampshire -- that’s another town only about an hour away from where I live.
 Of course, Bob was THE artist who created the visual look of the Archie stable of characters. Most of us
 grew up with the Dan DeCarlo versions of the Riverdale gang, yet I think readers will find it fascinating to
 compare and contrast the “Montana look” with the “DeCarlo look.” I’m a Dan DeCarlo fan, but I’d say Bob
 Montana’s characters are looser, their “acting” is somewhat broader than Dan’s, and they tend to have a
 wider range of expressions and body language. Preparing this book has been my first prolonged reading
 experience with the Bob Montana Archie and I’ve become thoroughly charmed by his work.

                                                                                                                                                                            IDW PUBLISHING             FELIX THE CAT’S
                           GREATEST COMIC
                           BOOK TAILS HC
                                                      MURDER OF
                                                                                                              LITTLE ADVENTURES IN OZ BOOK 02 – (Eric
                                                                                                              Shanower) Dorothy and her friends can’t stop
                                                                                                              plunging into one adventure after another.
                                                                                                                                                                    sent randomly unless ordered as a set. $3.19
                                                                                                                                                                    [10040606] set $6.38 [S1004034]
                                                                                                                                                                                                    STAR TREK: TNG
                           – (Otto Messmer)           KING TUT #1 –                                           Wonder and magic abound in this collection of                                         - GHOSTS SC
                           Felix’s original artist,   (James Patterson &                                      The Forgotten Forest of Oz, The Secret Island of                                      – (Zander Cannon/
                           Otto Messmer, penned       Irvine/Christopher                                      Oz, and The Blue Witch of Oz. $7.99 [10040597]                                        Javier Arnada &
                           brilliant stories for      Mitten & Ron                                            LOVE AND CAPES VOL. 02 SC – (Thom Zahler)                                             Joe Corroney)
                           Dell and Harvey            Randall) Adapts                                         The Crusader and Abby are going to the chapel,                                        Captain Picard and
                           during comic books’        author James                                            and they’re gonna get married. Along the way,                                         the crew of the
                           Golden Age. Well           Patterson’s NY                                          though, there will be secret wars, evil twins,                                        Enterprise respond
                           over two-hundred           Times Bestselling                                       earthquakes, disasters, and the Crusader’s ex-                                        to a distress call
                           pages showcase             novel. As we                                            girlfriend, Amazonia. Collecting issues #7-12.                                        and find a wounded
                           Felix’s magic carpet       visit the Egyptian                                      $15.99 [10040598]                                                                     scientist aboard a
                           trips to surreal lands,    landscapes back                                                                                                                               marooned ship.
                           time’s past, and into      in the time of the Boy King, we also follow the                                         NEGATIVE BURN
                                                                                                                                              VOL. 01 - In this                                     While evaluating
                           Toy Land, as well as       trials and tribulations of his discoverer, Howard                                                                                             the planet below
                           his hilarious domestic     Carter, as he searches tomb after tomb looking for                                      massive volume:
                                                                                                                                              Mr. Mamoulian by      (and its two warring nations) for possible
 adventures, too. Foreword by Don Oriolo, son         what most other archeologists are certain doesn’t                                                             Federation membership, Picard discovers that the
 of Joe Oriolo, whose stories ran alongside           exist. Available with two covers by Darwyn Cooke                                        Brian Bolland, Kaos
                                                                                                                                              Moon by David         survivor of the disaster is foreseeing his death.
 Messmer’s and are included in the book.              & one Mitten/Randall that will be sent randomly                                                               $15.99 [10040609]
 Comic Historian Craig Yoe sets the stage in his      unless ordered as a set. $3.19 [10040583] set                                           Boller, When It
 introduction. $27.99 [10040563]                      $6.38 [S1004029]                                                                        Rains by Joe Pruett   STARSTRUCK #10 – (Lee/Kaluta & Vess) What
                                                                                                                                              and Ken Meyer Jr.,    happens when the archetypal outsider and the
 G.I. JOE ORIGINS #16 – (Dixon/Cal) Who is            JAMES PATTERSON’S WITCH & WIZARD:                                                       Thirteen Seconds      ultimate team player meet over a double death
 Zartan? You may think you know the murderous         BATTLE SHADOWLAND #2 – (Naraghi/Santos)                                                 by Jeff Limke and     commando in a bar on Rec 97? The perfect
 master of disguise but you don’t know the whole      The iron fist of the New Order has declared                                             Pete Krause, Big      partnership begins, and destruction and mayhem
 story. Available with two covers by Feister & Cal    all magic banned from society, and sibling                                              Q by Phil Hester      ensue. $3.19 [10040610]
 that will be sent randomly unless ordered as a       teenagers Whit & Wisty Allgood are on the run                                           and Jason Caskey,
                                                      and using their magical powers to attempt to                                                                  TANK GIRL: ROYAL ESCAPE #4 - [of 4]
 set. $3.19 [10040567] set $6.38 [S1004024]                                                                   Panorama by Michel Fiffe, Bad Radio by Sam            (Martin/Dayglo) There’s no other way of putting
                                                      gain control of an inter-dimensional nowhere            Costello and Nelson Evergreen, The Harvest by
 G.I. JOE: COBRA II #5 – (Costa & Gage/Carrera)       called Shadowland. Cover by Fabio Moon. $3.19                                                                 this - prepare for Absolute Soufflé Devastation. A
 After the revelation of a major character on the                                                             Jamie Cottle and Anthony Peruzzo, The Geek of         delicate egg-based treat could be the only thing
                                                                                      [10040586]              the Gods by Ron Kasman, Moneyshot by Jody
 last page of the previous issue, what can you                                                                                                                      that’ll save the day. $3.19 [10040611]
 possibly expect from this issue? How about                                           JOHN SABLE:             LeHeup and Pablo Peppino, and more. $15.99
                                                                                      FREELANCE -             [10040599]                                            TRANSFORMERS
 the revelation of another major character on                                                                                                                       COVERS VOL. 01
 the first page? Available with two covers by                                         ASHES OF EDEN           PANTHEON #3 – (Andreyko/Molnar) Created by
                                                                                      VOL. 01 SC – (Mike                                                            HC - Presenting all
 Ben Templesmith & Antonio Fuso that will be                                                                  TV and movie star, Michael Chiklis. As Zeus races     the Transformers
 sent randomly unless ordered as a set. $3.19                                         Grell) Jon Sable        against time to gather his forces and find the
                                                                                      returns in his latest                                                         covers from the
 [10040570] set $6.38 [S1004025]                                                                              remaining Olympians, the Secretary of Defense         Robots in Disguise
                                                                                      adventure. Sable is     puts his dark plan into action. Cover by The Sharp
 G.I. JOE: HEARTS AND MINDS #2 – (Brooks/                                             hired to deliver a                                                            complete run
 Chaykin) “Sabotage is all about finding the flaws,                                                           Brothers. $3.19 [10040600]                            of comics. This
                                                                                      diamond and a girl
 and there’s nothing more flawed than human                                           safely to New York;     PILGRIM #2 – (Ryan/Grell) Can the supernatural        oversize hardcover
 beings.”-FIREFLY Available with two covers                                           a simple enough job     bring victory to the Nazis? Can it save the Allies?   features art t by
 by Chaykin & Fuso that will be sent randomly                                         if the rock wasn’t      But-more important - what does all this have to       such luminaries as
 unless ordered as a set. $3.19 [10040573] set                                        the size of a bomb      do with modern events with al-Qaeda and the           Bill Sienkiewicz,
 $6.38 [S1004026]                                     and the girl wasn’t Bashira – who is as gorgeous        middle east? $3.19 [10040601]                         Michael Golden,
 G.I. JOE: OPERATION HISS #5 – (Reed/                 as she is mysterious. $15.99 [10040587]                 SPIKE: THE DEVIL                                      Mark Bright, Herb
 Gugliotta) Major Bludd has convinced the United                                                              YOU KNOW #1 –                                         Trimpe, Don Perlin, Bob Budiansky, Tom Morgan,
                                                      JURASSIC                                                                                                      Jose Delbo, Pat Lee, Don Figueroa, James Raiz,
 States government that G.I. Joe has gone rogue.      PARK:                                                   (Bill Williams/Chris
 Available with two covers by Joe Corroney &                                                                  Cross) While out                                      Guido Guidi, EJ Su, Alex Milne, Ashley Wood,
                                                      REDEMPTION                                                                                                    and others. $31.99 [10040612]
 Augustin Padilla that will be sent randomly          #1 – (Bob                                               and about (drinking,
 unless ordered as a set. $3.19 [10040576] set        Schreck/Nate                                            naturally) Spike                                      TRANSFORMERS ONGOING #8 – (Costa/
 $6.38 [S1004027]                                     Van Dyke) It’s                                          gets in trouble over                                  Saltares) Spike Witwicky commands a unit
 G.I. JOE: SPECIAL                                    been 13 years                                           a girl (of course)                                    specially trained to take down Transformers; he
 MISSIONS VOL.                                        since little Tim                                        and finds himself                                     has single-handedly brokered peace between the
 01 SC – (Larry                                       and Lex Murphy                                          in the middle of                                      U.S. and the Autobots. But there are secrets in
 Hama/Herb Trimpe)                                    escaped from                                            a conspiracy                                          his past. Available with two covers by Figueroa
 Presenting G.I.                                      the island of Isla                                      that involves                                         and Saltares that will be sent randomly unless
 Jo e’s Special                                       Sorna, and recent                                       Hellmouths,                                           ordered as a set. $3.19 [10040613] set $6.38
 Missions, re-                                        public opinion                                          blood factories,                                      [S1004035]
 mastered, re-                                        has reversed,                                           and demons. Cover by Franco Urru. $3.19               TRANSFORMERS
 colored, and                                         with the world                                          [10040602]                                            ONGOING VOL.
 collected for the                                    clamoring for                                                                           STAR TREK:            01: FOR ALL
 first time. This                                     authorities to re-open Jurassic Park. With the                                          BURDEN OF             MANKIND SC
 volume collects #1-                                  help of their controversial Granddad’s inheritance                                      KNOWLEDGE             – (Mike Costa/Don
 7, with a new cover                                  and their own sharp wits, a secret deal is struck                                       #1 – (Scott           Figueroa) It’s been
 by Robert Atkins.                                    to open a new park. Available with two covers                                           Tipton & David        three years since
 $15.99 [10040579]                                    by Frank Miller and Tom Yeates that will be                                             Tipton/Federica       the devastating
                               GHOSTBUSTERS           sent randomly unless ordered as a set. $3.19                                            Manfredi) When a      events of All
                               HOLIDAY                [10040588] set $6.38 [S1004030]                                                         routine Federation    Hail Megatron.
                               SPECIAL: CON           KILLING THE COBRA: CHINATOWN TROLLOP                                                    diplomatic visit      The Earth has
                               VOLUTION #1            #2 – (Acevedo/Dose) Felix hits the Han Cobras                                           turns unexpectedly    been rebuilt, the
                               – (Keith Dallas &      gangsters hard but he underestimates the                                                violent, Captain      Autobots are in
                               Jim Beard/Josh         craftiness of their leader, the wily and dangerous                                      Kirk, Mr. Spock,      hiding, and the
                               Howard) What can       Jiang Chow, who turns to an unexpected source                                           and Dr. McCoy         next era in the
                               be more patriotic      for revenge, a demonic shaman. Available with                                           find themselves       Transformers saga is about to begin. $15.99
                               than spending          two covers by Dose & Pinturero that will be             kidnapped and halfway across the galaxy.              [10040616]
                               the Fourth of July     sent randomly unless ordered as a set. $3.19            Available with two covers by Federica Manfredi        TRANSFORMERS: ALLSPARK ALMANAC
                               at… a comic book       [10040591] set $6.38 [S1004031]                         and Joe Corroney that will be sent randomly           VOL. 02 SC – (Jim Sorenson & Bill Foster/
                               convention? That’s                                                             unless ordered as a set. $3.19 [10040603] set         Various) This volume is packed with behind-the-
                                                      LAST UNICORN #2 – (Beagle & Gillis/De Liz)              $6.38 [S1004033]
                               Ray’s thinking at      Imprisoned in Mommy Fortuna’s Midnight Carnival,                                                              scenes sketches, interesting facts, production
                               least, although his    the unicorn meets a strangely inept magician named      STAR TREK: MCCOY #3 – (Byrne) A planet                artwork, and musings from the characters
 fellow Ghostbusters think they’re in for a boring    Schmendrick, and a cast of strange beasts that may      at war - but all is not as it seems. Especially       themselves. Relive the thrill of the final season of
 day of cosplay. Available with two covers by Josh    be more or less than they appear. Available with two    not when Dr. McCoy finds himself face to face         Animated and learn what might have been. Cover
 Howard & Nick Runge that will be sent randomly       covers by JRenae De Liz & Frank Stockton that will      with someone who seems to be from the wrong           by Marcelo Matere. $15.99 [10040617]
 unless ordered as a set. $3.19 [10040580] set        be sent randomly unless ordered as a set. $3.19         century. This issue picks up threads from both the    TRANSFORMERS: IRONHIDE #2 – (Costa/
 $6.38 [S1004028]                                     [10040594] set $6.38 [S1004032]                         Assignment: Earth and Crew minis. Available           Coller) Stranded on modern-day Cybertron,
                                                                                                              with two covers by John Byrne that will be

                                                                                                                      FIND MORE DESCRIPTIONS, ART AND PRODUCTS AT WWW.WESTFIELDCOMICS.COM                            23
 Ironhide discovers he’s the only functioning life-
 form on the planet. Oh, except for the Swarm.
 Available with two covers by Matere & Coller that
                                                                                                                WE WILL BURY
                                                                                                                YOU #4 - (B.
                                                                                                                Grant & Z. Grant/
 will be sent randomly unless ordered as a set.                                                                 Strahm/Fox) With
 $3.19 [10040618] set $6.38 [S1004036]                                                                          two new friends
                              TRANSFORMERS:                                                                     in tow, Mirah and
                              NEFARIOUS #4                                                                      Fanya make their
                              – (Furman/Magno)                                                                  way across New
                              Even Soundwave’s                                                                  York toward a ship
                              monumental                                                                        in hopes escaping
                              patience has limits,                                                              the undead. $3.19
                              and at last he                                                                    [10040625]
                              goes fully on the         TRIBES: DOG YEARS GN – (Michael Geszel/
                              offensive - staging       Inaki Miranda) Over a hundred years after a viral       YOURS TRULY, JACK THE RIPPER #1 –
                              a direct assault          apocalypse shortened the human lifespan to 21           (Various/Kevin Colden) Author Robert Bloch’s
                              on The Initiative’s       years, the remnants of humanity survive in small        seminal tale of the Ripper in then-contemporary
                              base of operations.       tribes amidst the junkyard ruins of the techno-         times was originally published in Weird Tales
                              Available with two        industrial age. One day everything changes for          in ‘43. Now it’s getting adapted to comics for the
                              covers by Rood &          Sundog of the Sky Shadows. Is there new hope            first time, by acclaimed writer Joe R. Lansdale
 Magno that will be sent randomly unless                for longer life? $19.99 [10040624]                      & John L. Lansdale, and featuring art by Kevin
 ordered as a set. $3.19 [10040621] set $6.38                                                                   Colden. $3.19 [10040626]

                IMAGE COMICS                            CHOKER #5 - [of 6] (McCool/Templesmith) The             DEAD@17: WITCH QUEEN #4 - [of 4] (Howard)                                          HACK SLASH
                                                        Ripper. With the final showdown between the             It’s Nara vs. the Witch Queen. When the dust                                       OMNIBUS VOL.
                                                        police department and Hunt Cassidy looming              settles, what will be the fates of Asia, Violet,                                   01 SC (IMAGE
                                                        large, the drug dealer’s former captive unleashes       Joan, and Mel? $2.39 [10040637]                                                    ED.) – (Tim Seeley/
                                                        an onslaught of her own. MT. $3.19 [10040633]                                                                                              Stefano Caselli,
 AGE OF BRONZE #30 – B&W. (Shanower)                                                                                                         DYNAMO 5: SINS
 Betrayal part 11. Pandarus pulls strings to finally                                    COWBOY NINJA                                         OF THE FATHER #1                                      Dave Crosland &
 get those reluctant lovers Troilus and Cressida                                        VIKING #7 –                                          - [of 5] (Jay Faerber/                                Skottie Young) At
 together. 24 pg. MT. $2.80 [10040627]                                                  (Lieberman/Rossmo)                                   Julio Brilha) As the                                  the end of every
                                                                                        There’s always a                                     team struggles to                                     horror movie,
 ANGELUS #6 - [of 6] (Marz/Sejic) The final                                                                                                                                                        one girl always
                                                                                        point in a mission                                   adjust to their new
 battle for the mantle of the Angelus reaches                                                                                                                                                      survives.. .in this
                                                                                        where everything                                     powers, they must
 its climax as Dani Baptiste takes on a foe who                                                                                                                                                    case, Cassie Hack
                                                                                        goes to hell, people                                 combat an alien
 knows her every weakness, inside and out. $2.39                                                                                                                                                   not only survives,
                                                                                        die, and the team                                    menace with its
 [10040628]                                                                                                                                                                                        she turns the tables
                                                                                        bonds as they realize                                roots in an untold
                                  BRIGADE #1                                            they’re on their own.                                adventure featuring      by hunting and destroying the horrible slashers
                                  – (Rob Liefeld/                                       Two of those three                                   Captain Dynamo,          that would do harm to the innocent. Alongside the
                                  Marat Mychaels)                                       things happen in this                                Omni-Man,                gentle giant known as Vlad, the two cut a bloody
                                  Genocide.                                             issue. MT. $3.19                                     Supreme, and other       path through those who deserve to be put down.
                                  Battlestone.          [10040634]                                              Image heroes. Plus the debut of Notorious, a          300 pg. MT. $23.99 [10040645]
                                  Seahawk.                                                                      new bonus feature by Jay Faerber & Joe Eisma.         HACK SLASH VOL. 03: FRIDAY THE 31ST SC
                                                        CREATURE TECH
                                  Coldsnap. Thermal.                                                            Cover by Mahmud A. Asrar & Ron Riley. $3.19           (IMAGE ED.) – (Tim Seeley/Emily Stone & Matt
                                                        GN (IMAGE ED.)
                                  Kayo. Stasis.                                                                 [10040639]                                            Merhoff) Cassie and Vlad face murderous dolls,
                                                        – B&W. (Doug
                                  Lethal. Together                                                                                                                    medical miscreants, and satanic rockers. 152 pg.
                                                        Tennapel) Featuring                                     ELEPHANTMEN #28 – (Starkings/Moritat)
                                  they are Brigade.                                                                                                                   MT. $15.19 [10040646]
                                                        16 new pages of                                         Questionable Things part 5. Hip Flask versus
                                  Thirty years ago,
                                                        Tennapel’s rough                                        agents of MAPPO - and Flask has nothing left to       HACK SLASH: MY
                                  a crashed alien
                                                        development                                             lose. Cover by Steve Skroce. $2.80 [10040640]         FIRST MANIAC #1
                                  spacecraft was
                                                        sketches and pin                                                                                              - [of 4] (Tim Seeley/
                                  retrieved by the                                                              FADE TO BLACK #4 - [of 5] (Mariotte/Serra)
                                                        ups from Rob Scrab                                                                                            Daniel Leister) 16-
 U.S. government. A warning of an impending                                                                     Our heroes learn that some of the dead are still
                                                        and C.S. Morse.                                                                                               year-old Cassie
 invasion was heeded and an alien defense                                                                       breathing and what they believed about each
                                                        224 pg.$14.39                                                                                                 Hack has just been
 initiative named Brigade was formed. 30 years                                                                  other is all wrong. $2.80 [10040641]
                                                        [10040635]                                                                                                    forced to kill her
 later, Genocide arrives, looking to finish earth                                                               GOD COMPLEX #7 – (Berman/Broglia) Will Paul
 off for good. $3.19 [10040629]                         DARKNESS #86                                                                                                  mother, the undead
                                                                                                                survive the underworld long enough to retrieve        murderer known as
                                                        – (Hester/Mitchell)
 BROKEN TRINITY: PANDORA’S BOX #5 - [of 6]                                                                      the Ambrosia and save Sophia? Cover by Michael        the Lunch Lady.
                                                        Alkonost part 2 of 2. In the hunt for The Sovereign,
 (Levin & Hill/Vitti) When Elias and his Disciples of                                                           Avon Oeming. $2.39 [10040642]                         Now faced with
                                                        Jackie and crew strike a deal with an insane
 Adam unleash the dark power of Pandora’s Box, a                                                                GODLAND #34 – (Casey/Scioli) THE WORKS.               overwhelming guilt,
                                                        Russian mobster and collector of the occult,
 terrifying villain is let loose upon the Earth. Will                                                           Imagine the most mind-blowing epic of our             she must decide if
                                                        but his supernatural enforcer wants to add a
 Glori and Finn rise to stop Armageddon? Cover by                                                               times… then double it. $2.39 [10040643]               she can make a life
                                                        Darkness wielder to the collection. Cover by
 Tommy Lee Edwards. $3.19 [10040630]                                                                                                                                  with her foster parents or use her new-found
                                                        Rafael Albuquerque. MT. $2.39 [10040636]                GREAT UNKNOWN
 BULLETPROOF                                                                                                    #5 - [of 5] (Rouleau)                                 slasher killing skills to save other screaming
                                                        DUST WARS #1
 COFFIN #1 - [of                                                                                                After Zach Feld                                       teenagers. MT. Cover A [10040647] Cover B
                                                        - [of 3] (Christopher
 6] (David Hine &                                                                                               discovered his                                        [10040648] $2.80 each
                                                        “Mink” Morrison/
 Shaky Kane/Shaky                                                                                               thoughts were being                                   HAUNT #9 – (Kirkman/Capullo & McFarlane)
                                                        Davide Fabbri &
 Kane) See! Coffin                                                                                              plundered for profit                                  After many months of training, Daniel Kilgore is
                                                        Paolo Parente)
 Fly Vs. Zombie Nam                                                                                             by the auction house                                  being sent on his first mission. Deep in enemy
                                                        Gunter Valley part
 Vets. The Shield of                                                                                            website Imind, he                                     territory, he has to use everything he’s learned,
                                                        1. Read along as
 Justice walks the                                                                                              embarked on an                                        and all his brother knows, in order to get out of
                                                        Koshka’s Russian
 Dead Beat. The                                                                                                 existential odyssey                                   this alive. $2.39 [10040649]
                                                        KV-47 Squad and
 Unforgiving Eye                                                                                                across a landscape
                                                        a rag tag group                                                                                               INVINCIBLE #74 – (Kirkman/Ottley & Plasencia)
 sees all, forgives                                                                                             of loser-dom to stop
                                                        of Americans join                                                                                             The Viltrumite War continues. The traitor is
 nothing. MT. $3.19                                                                                             the most bizarre
                                                        together to destroy                                                                                           revealed as the Viltrumite Empire’s Grand
 [10040631]                                                                                                     identity thieves of
                                                        Axis Commander                                                                                                Regent Thragg launches a full-scale assault on
 CHEW #12                                               Sigrid Von Thaler’s                                     our time. Only, as Zach reaches the end of his        the Coalition of Planets home base on Talescria.
 – (Layman/Guillory) Just Desserts part 2. The          top secret base                                         journey he’s discovered that his enemies may not      MT. $2.39 [10040650]
 killer cock Poyo returns. Feathers will fly, and       deep behind enemy lines. $2.39 [10040638]               be who… or what… he thought they were. $2.80
 blood will spill. MT. $2.39 [10040632]                                                                         [10040644]                                            KING CITY #11 – (Graham) The cat master
                                                                                                                                                                      army arrives in King City. To break out of the


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