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 to find slippers

 to find slippers, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, Tongxiang Wuzhen
plant Wood Primary School 5 (2) Geng Xinxin
 Today, I as usual, got up early.

 dressed me room to move, to get out of bed to wear slippers. Suddenly, I
found a less slippers. Hey, it would only go there a slipper? I think
that must be under the bed. I turned and got out of bed, squat body
looking up. However, I look for a long time have not been found. How do?
Is this only the slippers will be missing it? So, I asked my grandmother:
"Grandma. My slippers do not you move over? Why is my one slipper gone?
You know it there?" Grandma said: "do not know. I moved in your slippers.
you look around to see, do not ever ask me for anything. "I will find
again in the room inside.

 I searched and searched, or not found. I started getting impatient, and
stormed sitting in a chair, silent, as if anybody owes me money is not
returned to like. Grandma saw me looking and came up. While, Grandma
said: "I find your slippers." I listened to hurry to see. I saw my
grandmother holding my hand which really wear a missing slippers. I
asked: "Grandma, Where did you find?" Grandma told me: "is at the large
cat to the kitten when it Tuoqu bed. So, you can not find it." I said:
"Oh, that is the case Yeah! No wonder I am asking many are not found.
"grandma said to me:" In the future, whether to do something, must have
patience, we must use our brains to do otherwise, would do poor things!
"I heard nodded and said:" Grandma, I know. later, I will be more
patient, using our brains. "

 Instructor: Feng Yong Kang

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