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news, views and the latest trends in Australia and beyond
17 JUNE 2009                        Editor: Advertising:

NSW budget slashes stamp
duty, fast tracks infrastructure                                                                                  

■ INDUSTRY REACTS POSITIVELY              State budget brings
 TO NSW STATE BUDGET                      savings for new home
                                          buyers – noy just first
                                          home buyers

        esterday’s       NSW      state
                                                                                                                            THE DAILY
Y       budget brandished a clutch
        of measures to shore up
the construction industry, with the
state slashing stamp duty on newly-                                                                                         READ BY MORE
constructed homes, establishing the
$200-million Local Infrastructure Fund                                                                                      THAN 30,000
and extending the first home owners                                                                                         ARCHITECTURAL AND
grant until June 2010.
   The      Housing       Construction
                                                                                                                            DESIGN PROFESSIONALS
Acceleration Plan, which will cut         forward their home purchase to take      economic activity for a net cost
stamp duty 50 per cent for people         advantage of this grant,” Gadiel said.   to budget of $54 million”, state
– including investors – buying new           The       Housing        Industry     executive director, Angus Nardi, said.
dwellings up to $600,000 between          Association (HIA) said that the              “Specific benefits included the
1 July and 31 December 2009, has          move is important in addressing the      construction of 8,000 additional
been welcomed by the industry.            chronic shortage of housing stock        new dwellings, supporting the
   The Urban Taskforce said the           across NSW, providing a “window of       creation of 16,000 jobs, easing
stamp duty reduction is the strongest     opportunity” for anyone thinking of      the growing pressure on rents and
measure taken by any government           buying a new home.                       encouraging investors back into the
in Australia to support new home             In the lead up the budget the         market,” Nardi said.
construction.                             Property Council put forward the             “Although our proposal hasn’t
   “This new six month scheme will        Kickstart NSW proposal prepared          been adopted in full, we are pleased
deliver a larger grant for many newly     by BIS Schrapnel, which argued for       that in a tough budget environment         CLICK HERE
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built homes and far more people will      a one-year stamp duty exemption          the treasurer has acknowledged the
benefit – not just first home owners,”    on all newly constructed dwelling        importance of housing construction
Aaron Gadiel, CEO of the Urban            valued up to $1 million for the 2009-    to the NSW economy and made this
Taskforce, said.                          10 financial year.                       first move on a stimulus measure,”
   “Some people who aren’t first-time        “Our proposal highlighted a           he said.
home buyers are now likely to bring       stimulus of almost $1.8 billion in             READ MORE AND COMMENT ...

Clean energy a jobs boon: new research
BY GEMMA BATTENBOUGH                        CEC chief executive, Matthew           legislation,” Warren said.
                                          Warren,      said    the    report         Politicians from all sides in
NEW ECONOMIC modelling                    demonstrates that renewable              Canberra need to “set aside cheap
released yesterday is predicting          energy jobs are the key to               political point scoring” and pass
that clean energy and energy-             Australia’s defence against the          the RET bill immediately, he said.
efficient industries will create more     ongoing global recession and               Most stakeholders and the
than 28,000 jobs by 2020.                 the front line response to climate       community were clearly supportive
   The research by the Clean              change.                                  of the immediate deployment of
Energy Council (CEC) also                   “We have a burgeoning                  renewable energy projects and a
forecasts that at least 50 per cent       renewable energy industry in             political manoeuvre to hold up the        TO ADVERTISE
of Australia’s energy will be derived     Australia that is ready to become        legislation would be “a remarkable        HERE CONTACT
                                                                                                                             SARAH ON
from renewable sources by 2050,           an economic powerhouse when              own goal”, Warren said.                   02 9422 8994
demanding the creation of a new           the parliament passes critical             Download there report here:
renewable-energy workforce.               Renewable        Energy     Target

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         news, views and the latest trends in Australia and beyond
         17 JUNE 2009                            Editor: Advertising:

            ||| EUROPE                                                 ||| UNITED KINGDOM                                         ||| UNITED STATES
            Daniel Libeskind has taken prefabrication to the           Not ones to shy away from the fantastic and surreal,       The University of South Florida Polytechnic has
            extreme with a 515sq m, two storey crystal-like villa      British title Architects’ Journal has compiled a list of   hired Santiago Calatrava to overhaul the campus
            that he is describing as “unprecedented around the         its top 10 buildings from the Star Wars films. The         plan for its new Lakeland site and to design the first
            world”. The villa has everything from a sauna in the       Second Death Star (pictured below) tops the roll:          building. The Spanish architect will start creating
            basement to a solar thermal system and it can be           “Despite rumours of construction over-runs and             conceptual designs for a (AU) $59 million, 9,300sq
            shipped and assembled anywhere. The home will              structural weakness, this menacing spherical chunk         m science and technology building, due to open in
            cost between $3.5 and $5.25 million, depending on          of Brutalist infrastructure has made its impression        late summer 2012. The project is underway thanks
            the destination within Europe. “This is really the first   on architects from Ledoux and Boullee to Heerim            to a combination of public and private funding.
            time I’ve taken on the issue of doing something which      Architects’ lunar hotel,” the journal claims. More…
            is a limited artistic edition of a new space, of a new
            way of living,” Libeskind said.

            ||| CANADA                                                                                                            ||| AUSTRALIA
            Support is mounting for Canada’s first new school                                                                     The Bond University Mirvac School of Sustainable
            of architecture in 40 years. Advocates claim the                                                                      Development on the Gold Coast by Arup has won the
            proposed Northern Ontario School of Architecture                                                                      Sustainability in the Built Environment award at the
            (NOSOA) would re-energise the city of Sudbury, the                                                                    2009 EPA Sustainable Industries Awards. Arup’s Cathy
            economy of which has been centred on forestry and                                                                     Crawley said: “It took a hands-on, dedicated approach
            nickel mining. First classes would begin in 2011 and                                                                  and a great deal of ingenuity and commitment from
            take on 70 undergraduate and professional-degree                                                                      Bond University and the project team to achieve the
            students, the school is planned in association with                                                                   best possible sustainable outcomes”. This building is
            Laurentian University, which is likely to give a                                                                      the first educational building in Australia to achieve a 6
            formal thumbs up for a curriculum this month.                                                                         Star Green Star - Education PILOT Certified Rating and
                                                                                                                                  it has achieved an 82 per cent reduction in operational
                                                                                                                                  carbon emissions and over 50 per cent reduction in
                                                                                                                                  potable water use compared to a standard building.

         Tasmanian projects go
         under the microscope
         FANCY YOURSELF as a good                          “Whether            collaborative,
         judge of architecture? An exhibition           experimental, modest or just doing a
         showcasing all the entries into the            lot with a little, Tasmanian architects
         Tasmanian Architecture Awards prior            are making genuine responses to
         to the winners being announced will            the state’s unique environment and

                                                                                                       THE DAILY E-NEWSLETTER
         allow you to pit your architectural            culture,” Brianese said.
         savvy against the jury’s call.                    The exhibition is at the IXL Atrium

                                                                                                       READ BY MORE THAN 30,000
            Thirty-one young and established            in Hunter Street Hobart until 28 June,
         architects are going under the                 before travelling to the Design Centre
         microscope in the exhibition, which
         opened last night
                                                        in Launceston and the State Library
                                                        in Burnie.
                                                                                                       ARCHITECTURAL AND
            Located in both urban areas                    The 2009 Tasmanian Architecture             DESIGN PROFESSIONALS
         and remote pockets of the state,               Awards are presented by the
         the projects include a bus shelter,            Australian Institute of Architects,
         hockey centre, Port Arthur Separate            and will be announced at a dinner on
         Prison and several educational                 Saturday 20 June.
         facilities, in addition to superb                 Winners will progress to the
         residential architecture.                      national level, along with state/
            Nearly half of the projects have            territory award winners from

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         heritage considerations or were                around the country. The National
         adaptive re-use of buildings.                  Architecture Awards will be
            The awards jury chair, Elvio                announced in Melbourne in October.
         Brianese, says the overall standard
         of work was impressive.                                              YOUR OPINION ...


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