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					                                                                                                                      Fact Sheet


                     Adelaide’s Rooftops are in a Spin
                     Five SWIFT mini wind turbines               Each turbine produces 1.5kW            The mini wind turbines have
                     have been installed on roofs                – or between a third to a half         been implemented as part of
                     in Adelaide, as part of an                  of a household’s electricity           the Capital City project and
                     exciting initiative to demonstrate          requirements - and will prevent        are another example of South
                     alternative renewable energy                1.4 tonnes of greenhouse gas           Australia’s commitment to
                     technology.                                 entering the atmosphere each           renewable energy initiatives.
                     Three turbines are located on                                                      For more information visit
                     prominent buildings across                  South Australia already leads the
                     Adelaide’s CBD including State              nation in wind power. With less
                     Administration Centre, Wakefield             than 8 per cent of the national
                     House and the TAFE College                  population, South Australia is
                     in Light Square. A further two              currently home to around 47 per
                     turbines are installed at the               cent of the nation’s installed wind-
                     Adelaide Central Markets and at             power capacity.
                     Mawson Lakes in the new ‘Boat
                     Shed’ complex, which showcases              The installation of the SWIFT
                     environmental sustainability                mini wind turbines supports
                     initiatives.                                South Australia’s target to have
                                                                 20 per cent of electricity
                     This is the first installation of its kind   generated from renewable
                     outside of the United Kingdom               energy sources by 2014.
                     of the two-metre rooftop SWIFT
                     wind turbines and can provide a
                     cost-effective renewable energy
                     source for homes, community and
                     industrial buildings.
Photo: John Mercer

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