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                       ASIA-PACIFIC eNEWS
                      Number 33  August 2007

          Warm Asia and Pacific Greetings to all

     National Presidents and OMEP Members

                             2007 August 25


OMEP Asia Pacific Region
eNews 33
August 2007
           In this eNews …
                                Dear National Presidents, Secretaries,
      From the Vice             members, colleagues and friends in
      President OMEP            the OMEP Asia Pacific Region.

      Asia Pacific Region     I cannot believe that 12 months of my Vice
                              Presidency has passed already. Over the
                              past 12 months I have particularly enjoyed
                              reading your news, meeting many of you,
      OMEP World              enjoying your hospitality and company and
                              attending     your      very     interesting
      Assembly Mexico         presentations at conferences. You are a
                              fantastic bunch of people and it is a
      City July 2007          privilege to part of an organization to
                              which you all belong.

                              The increasing international attention on
      25 OMEP World           early childhood education highlights the
                              importance of all of our work in OMEP.
      Congress Mexico
                              To emphasis this, it is interesting to note
      City July 2007          that the UNESCO Report “Education for
                              All” (Dakar 2000 and beyond), sets out six
                              goals the first of which is to:
                              Goal 1: Expand Early Childhood Care and
      Asia Pacific Regional   Education.

      Meeting and             The goal is wide ranging with immediate
                              focus on raising the profile of early
      Conference              childhood education and increasing both
                              access to and quality of early childhood
      Bangkok November        education throughout the world.

      2007                    Recognition of OMEP, as a knowledgeable
                              contributor, with expertise in early
                              childhood education, is increasing. For
                              example the retiring World President
                              Selma Simonstein presented on education
                              from birth to 3 years at the May 2007
                              Organisation of American States forum


OMEP Asia Pacific Region
eNews 33
August 2007
and will present at the Swedish            expression of interest from Reeta Sonawat
Government’s Goteborg University           in Mumbai.
meeting in 2008. The next UNESCO
Dakar meeting, March 2008, will            Please email me if there are any changes to
reflect on and give further attention to   the above list.
the early childhood education goal.
OMEP will have representation at this
meeting.                                        ♫ ♪♪♪♫♫♪♪♪
My message is - do not underestimate                  ♪♪♪♫♫♫♪♪
the importance of the work you are
doing. Each and every-one of you is
making valued contribution to young              OMEP World
children and families.
                                                 Assembly Mexico
       ♫ ♪♪♪♫♫♪♪♪
                                                 City, July 2007
Asia Pacific      Region      Member
There have been some changes to the
                                           2007, July Monday 16th
names and email addresses in our           The Assembly opened with addresses
region.                                    from:
The 14 Asia Pacific National Presidents    World President, Selma Simonstein
are:                                       Vice President from Latin America
Australia:    Garciela Rodriguez
Bangladesh:                President of the Mexican National
PR China:               Organising Committee, Aide Davila
Hong Kong:                 And representatives from:
Indonesia:              UNICEF and UNESCO
Korea:                This was followed by the roll call of
Malaysia:                attendees and confirmation of proxy vote
New Zealand:          allocations from countries unable to attend.
Philippines:          In total 28 countries attended the Assembly
Pakistan:          and there were 14 proxy votes.
Sir Lanka:           Participating countries:
Thailand:           African Region:
India is exploring the possibility of      Nigeria
reforming a committee, thanks to an        Europe


  OMEP Asia Pacific Region
  eNews 33
  August 2007
France                                    that any country hosting the OMEP
Germany                                   National Assemblies should quickly
Lativa                                    respond to individuals requests for Letters
Norway                                    of Invitation for the purpose of obtaining
Spain                                     visas. Participants applying for Visas need
Switzerland                               original, signed Letters of Invitation as
Portugal                                  early as possible as Visa applications take
Sweden                                    time to process. Individuals requesting a
United Kingdom                            Letter of Invitation, for the purpose of
Czech Republic                            obtaining a Visa, should send their
North America and Haiti                   particulars, Name, Passport Number and
Canada                                    Email addresses to the Organizing
United States                             Committee as early as possible.
Latin America
Columbia                                  Annual Reports
Costa Rica                                The 2006 annual reports from the five
Honduras                                  regions and the 2006 OMEP World
Mexico                                    Annual Report were presented. A copy of
Panama                                    the 2006 OMEP World Annual Report is
Uruguay                                   being sent to each National Committee.
Venezuela                                 Unfortunately the 2006 Annual Report
Asia Pacific Region                       went to print before all the 2006 reports
Australia                                 from across the Asia Pacific Region were
China (Hong Kong)                         submitted and regretfully some reports
Japan                                     from our region missed the deadline. More
Singapore                                 about Annual Reports later.
Korea                                     ♪♪♪♫♫♫♪♪
Aotearoa New Zealand
From the Asia Pacific Region we
received an apology from the Yi Ze, PR    Financial Report
of China, with regret. Unfortunately Yi
                                          The World Treasurer, Maggie Koong
Ze was unable to attend at the last
                                          presented the Annual Financial Report.
minute. An apology was also received
from Thailand.       Thailand is busy
                                          The World Treasurer reported that not
preparing for the November Asia
                                          everyone has paid their 2006 Fees. Fees
Pacific    Regional     Meeting     and
                                          for 2007 are still coming in. The Treasurer
                                          strongly urges all countries who have not
                                          paid their 2006 fees to pay as soon as
The question of obtaining visas was
                                          possible and that the 2007 fees are now
raised by Africa and it was resolved

  OMEP Asia Pacific Region
  eNews 33
  August 2007
                                             Sweden, United Sates of America, Turkey
Discussion on annual fees and the            and Chile.     Our region was well
budget received comment from the             represented.
floor. Particularly there was discussion
on how the annual fees are calculated         E. Veronica Romo, Chile, and Ingrid
using the UNESCO formula and how             Pramling have each drawn different
countries with little money might be         aspects of the research together.
helped to pay their fees. The idea of
Sister Countries where wealthier             Veronica has written a ‘policies research
countries could help poorer countries is     paper that documents the connection
being considered.                            between children’s early experiences and
                                             brain development, the results of the
♪♪♪       ♫♫♫              ♪♪♪               survey and suggestions for policy
                                             directions for OMEP.         I recommend
Histories of OMEP                            everyone read the paper, see it on the
Joan Waters, Immediate Past Vice             OMEP website:
President, Asia Pacific Region, has            report
recently published a history of OMEP         education for children from 0 - 3 years
in Australia, called:
“Sowing seeds of Peace”.         More        Ingrid is working on the research
information about this publication is        publication: International Study on Play:
available on the website.                    birth to three years old that is due out later
<>                           in the year Ingrid had hoped to have the
                                             publication to present at the Assembly,
There is increasing interest and             however the publishing process has taken
encouragement to countries to write up       longer than planned. The manuscript is
their OMEP histories. OMEP turns 60          with the printers now.
in 2008 and there is a great deal to write
about.                                       Ingrid reported some early findings show
                 ♪♪♪ ♫♫♫♪♪                   different philosophical underpinnings for
                                             different countries.
                                              For example:
                                             Australia: Social
OMEP work programmes,                        China (HongKong): Knowledge and
10 minute presentations:                     learning
                                             New Zealand: Belonging and Relationships
1. Birth to 3 Years Research:                Japan: Participation
Four countries: Australia, China (Hong       Sweden: Democracy
Kong), Japan and Aotearoa/New                USA: Independence.
Zealand from the Asia Pacific Region
participated in this research. In total
nine countries participated in the
research, the other five were: Norway,

  OMEP Asia Pacific Region
  eNews 33
  August 2007
2.   OMEP                E-Research
                                             Despite the low level of engagement with
Forum:                                       the E-Research Forum, Victoria University
Fiona      Ellis, National  President
                                             of Wellington has agreed to continue the
Aotearoa/New Zealand presented on
                                             trial for another 12 months.
behalf of Jayne White who led this
                                             The message is: please visit the E-
Unfortunately a CD prepared by Jayne
                                             Research Forum        and contribute
could not be played due to technical
                                             comments to it. It really is a case of
                                             “use-it-or loose it”.
The research forum is not well used.
                                             Fiona handed out a survey for feedback on
Over the past year there have been 160
                                             the E-Research Forum.
visitors to the Forum and 20
participants. In total there have been 45
postings. The E-Research Forum is a          3.     OMEP           International
precious resource and one that OMEP          Alliances: Alejandro Acosta. Alejandro
will loose if participation in the forum     reported on the work of CINDE in the
does not increase. At the moment the         Latin American countries.
Forum is in English only. If it is well
used and successful it will be expanded      5. Tsunami Relief Programme:
to include Spanish and French.               Selma Simonstein presented the report
                                             from Joan Waters.
OMEP E-Research Forum can be                 The two relief programmes, one in Sri
accessed through the OMEP website –          Lanka and one in Indonesia’s Banda Aceh click on E-                 Province have made very good progress.
Research Forum and register. The             A further allocation of funds from
forum is hosted by Victoria University       UNICEF is to be made after which the
of Wellington. The purpose is for            programmes will begin to           enter a
OMEP members to dialogue with each           transition phase as the local communities
other about their research interests and     increase their responsibility and funding
to progress ideas for future OMEP            comes to an end. Ways of supporting the
research projects.                           transition are being explored. The projects
                                             have been very successful. Detailed
Currently there are six topics of interest   information is available on the website
for discussion:                              <>
1. Curriculum for Infants and
    Toddlers;                                ♪♪♪♫♫♫♪♪
2. Assessment;
3. Evaluating      Quality/Quality      in   Membership
    cultural contexts;                       Membership was discussed.            The
4. Ludic expression;                         membership currently stands at 63
5. Mathematics;                              countries. Ghana has been reinstated and
6. Ethics

  OMEP Asia Pacific Region
  eNews 33
  August 2007
Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Thailand may      Day two July, Tuesday 17th
be ready to become full members. This
will be discussed with each of the
National Committees.                      Regional Meetings:
♪♪♪♫♫♫♪♪                                  The six countries representing the Asia
                                          Pacific Region met to share information
                                          and discuss future directions.
Journal:                                  Three items were discussed.
Professor Ingrid Pramling talked about    Fact Sheets
the future of the Journal. The use of     Annual Reports
guest editors was raised alongside        Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in
discussion about the possibility of       Bangkok 21 – 24 November.
publishing special issues that focus on
particular topics, e.g literacy. It was   Fact Sheets:
noted that there are few Spanish and      It was agreed at the Asia Pacific meeting
French articles being sent to the         held in Seoul, Korea in October 2006, that
Journal.                                  each of the Asia Pacific Region member
                                          countries    develop     “Fact    Sheets”.
Two Journals are published each year.     Agreement on a framework and items to be
Please order your copies for 2007 and     included in the “Fact Sheets” will be
2008.                                     discussed and finalized in Bangkok in
♪♪♪♫♫♫♪♪                                  November. In the meantime please send
                                          me your suggestions for the framework.

Working Groups:                           Annual Reports:
                                          It’s Annual Report time again for all 14
The Assembly broke into five working
                                          National Presidents.
                                          If you are coming to the Asia Pacific
Professional Development:
                                          Region Annual Meeting please bring and
Action Plan for birth to 3 research:
                                          present your report for the 2007 year. If
                                          you are unable to come to the meeting
                                          please email me your annual report by 10th
                                          November, 2007.
Reports from the working groups are to
be written up and will be available
                                          eNews 32 talked about a framework or
                                          headings for the annual reports. A
                                          framework for reporting was discussed
OMEP World Assembly day one closed
                                          further in Mexico.      The proposed
at 5.30pm
                                          framework is:

                                          1. Names and Numbers
                                          The name of the National President

 OMEP Asia Pacific Region
 eNews 33
 August 2007
The Name of the National Secretary         Elections
The number of OMEP members in your         Election of the new World President and
country.                                   the Vice President for Latin America.
2.    Structure and the way OMEP
      works in your country.               I am pleased to confirm that:
3. The most relevant activities            Professor Ingrid Pramling was elected
      conducted by the National            OMEP World President.
      Committee in 2007.                   And
4. The most relevant activity or           Victoria Peralta Espinoza from Chile was
     activities conducted at the           elected Vice President for Latin America
     regional level in 2007.               Congratulations to both Ingrid and
5. The most urgent challenges and          Victoria.
     activities for OMEP in 2008.
6. Specifics that you would like
     included in the Asia Pacific          ♪♪♪♫♫♫♪♪
7. Include photo/s.                        Future World Assemblies:
                                           2008 August 6-8 Quebec City, Canada:
Reports are to be presented at the:        Theme:
Asia Pacific Region Annual                 “Nurturing Peace Together with Children”
Meeting                                    Visit the website for more information:
21 November 2007, Bangkok.       
The meeting will begin at:
8.45 am on Wednesday 21 November.
                                           2009 August, Nigeria, Africa
Please tell me if you are coming to the
                                           Suggestions to OMEP Nigerian National
meeting. I need an indication as to how
many people will be attending so that I
                                           Email <>
can ask Dr Undomluck to arrange a
suitable room.
                                           2010 1st week of August, Sweden
eNews 32 June 2007 included snippets
                                           Early alert:
from each report. I have had feedback
                                           Hong Kong China’s 7th OMEP
from a number of people who found the
                                           International Conference will be held
snippets interesting. Please note item
                                           from 22 – 24 May 2008 in Hong Kong.
number 6 above and think about what
you would like to share with the region.
All reports are ultimately included in
the OMEP World Report that comes
out a year later.


  OMEP Asia Pacific Region
  eNews 33
  August 2007
       Honorary Members                  Domain      areas   such   as     literacy,
There were no nominations received for   mathematics, socio-emotional learning etc;
Honorary Members at the 2007             Sustainable development
Assembly.                                Education as a Right; and many more.

The World Assembly closed after          The Congress was a great opportunity for
                                         sharing and exchanging on a global basis.
many photographic sessions.
                                         There was excellent opportunity to develop
                                         networks and shared directories.

       ♪♪♪♫♫♫♪♪                          The assembly dinner on Thursday 19th July
                                         was great fun. The prize for the best
                                         performance went to Japan in celebration
                                         of     their    fun-filled     participatory
     25th OMEP                           performance. Thank you Japan. You set a
                                         high standard for the next Assembly.
     World Congress
     Mexico City July
     2007                                      Asia Pacific Regional
The Right of the Child to                      Meeting and
Education in the Beginning of the
2nd Millennium.
                                               Conference, Bangkok
Close to 1000 people attended the
                                               21 – 24 November
Congress. There were many teachers
and early childhood professionals from
countries across South America and
Mexico and nations across the world.
                                         And at last two very important items.
Participants enjoyed three days of
lectures, Poster Presentations, Free     1. The Asia Pacific Region
Papers and Workshops.                    Annual Meeting, Thailand
                                         and the
Topics ranged across:
Issues of Quality in ECE;                2.     OMEP        International
Teacher education and training;          Conference, Bangkok, Thailand
Curriculum and pedagogy;                 Promoting Learning Potentiality
The role of the family in ECE;
                                         for Young children.

 OMEP Asia Pacific Region
 eNews 33
 August 2007
Asia Pacific Region Annual               Udomluck has worked very hard to put
Meeting                                  bring this conference together.
                                         I hope to see as many countries as
21 November 2007.
                                         possible represented at our regional
8.45am – 4.00 pm                         annual meeting and the conference.
Please go to the Registration Desk at
8.45 am and we will all move to the
allocated meeting room together.
I hope as many people as possible
can come. Please send me items for
the Agenda.
                                         That’s all for now. I will be back in touch
I look forward to seeing you there.      before November. Please start making
                                         your plans for the November meeting and
International       Conference           regards to all
                                         Doreen Launder
Bangkok, Thailand                        Asia Pacific Regional Vice President
Promoting             Learning           Aotearoa New Zealand
Potentiality     for    Young
Children                                 (PS I promise photos in the next eNews)
22 – 24 November 2007.
Please go to the website:
for information on the
conference hosted by
Chulalongkorn University
I am very grateful to Thailand
OMEP       and      particularly    Dr
Udomlunck Kulapichitr and Dr
Sumlee Thongthew
for taking this initiative and gaining
the support of the Chulalongkorn
University for this event.


 OMEP Asia Pacific Region
 eNews 33
 August 2007

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