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                              SHORT COURSEWORK

PROGRAMME: PGSR 08                            NAME :

COURSE   : WAJ 3103 - ENGLISH                       SEMESTER : 3

DATE    Task 1 – Parts of speech/word        DATE   Task 1 – Parts of speech/word
SET              classes (Week 2)            DUE             classes (Week 3)
        Task 2 – Reading skills (Week               Task 2 – Reading (Week 6)
        Task 3 – Writing for different              Task 3 – Writing for different text
                 text types (Week 9 )                        types(Week 10)

                                                           *All tasks to be compiled in
                                                           a portfolio and submitted
                                                           during week 10.

Learning Outcomes
   1. Listen critically and respond appropriately to various stimuli.

   2. Read for meaning and understanding of a variety of texts and give
      personal response.

   3. Write well-reasoned and coherent paragraphs in different types of writing
      and academic papers.
   4. Communicate fluently, correctly and confidently in a variety of situations.

   5. Assess own language progress through reflections/journals.

   (This coursework addresses Learning Outcomes 2, 3 and 4)
Coursework Objectives
To enable students to:
   1. build further on parts of speech and the language skills;
   2. identify literary elements in short stories/novels read and give personal
      responses; and

    3. explore and apply appropriate structures of the language for any type of
 Short Coursework Assignment (60%)
 Your coursework assignment consists of three tasks as follows:
 Task 1 – Parts of speech/word classes (30%)
 Write a text (any text type) in about 250 words using appropriate conjunctions,
 prepositions & interjections.
 Task 2 - Reading Skills (30%)
 Read a short story/novel of your choice.
 Based on the text you have read write a personal response incorporating literary
 elements such as theme, setting, mood, moral values, etcetera.
 Task 3 – Writing for different text types (30%)
 Read the article given (of about 600 words). Based on the article, write a

 Detailed Requirements for coursework
    1. Your coursework assignment should incorporate all three tasks as
    stipulated above.
    2. No duplication of assignment from other coursework is allowed..
    3. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
    4. Include a reference list of the sources of information using the APA format.

    5. All tasks should be type written with double spacing and font Arial size 12.

    6. All tasks should be compiled in a portfolio. The cover page of the portfolio
    should have the following information.

            a. Name
            b. Index number and ID
            c. Class/ Group
            d. Course Code and Course Name
            e. Lecturer’s name
    7. You should adhere to the deadline. Without an approved extension of
    time, late submission will be downgraded to the next band.

  A good assignment should show:
1.     comprehensive coverage and content as stipulated in the tasks
2.     deep understanding of the tasks
3.     evidence of reading from a variety of sources
4.     sound justification and mature argument of personal response
5.     good citation and referencing skill
6.     originality in presentation
7.     appropriate language usage

 Assessment Criteria

The assignment will be marked against the assessment criteria set for this
project (appendix 1).

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