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					                            All About Population: The United States

Standard 8b: Explain the population distribution in Canada & the United States.

Directions: Working with your partner, complete the following questions using the
map on the reverse side as well as the atlas and pages in your book. Each of you will
turn in your own copy of answers.
    1. Define population distribution.
    2. Define population density.
    3. What is the difference between population distribution and population density?
    4. Can population density be misleading? Be certain to explain your answer.
    5. By using the map, list the most densely populated areas in the United States. Use
       your text as needed.
    6. By using the map, list the most scarcely populated areas in the United States. Use
       your text as needed.
    7. What state has the highest density per square mile? What state has the lowest
       density per square mile?
    8. What is the approximate population density of the area in which you live?
    9. For each of you, list at least 3 other cities/states where you have extended
       family. Record the approximate population density for each of those areas.

    10. Using your information in #9, for each of you identify which family member
        lives in the most densely populated area and also the most scarcely populated
    11. Compare your state’s population density with the density of at least three other
    12. Define carrying capacity.
    13. In your opinion is the carrying capacity of your state high or low? Support your
    14. In your opinion which area of the United States has the largest carrying capacity?

    15. Explain the population distribution of the United States in a short sentence