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					          SCHOOL UNIFORM
School uniform is the required official dress for all
students on school days and when attending
school excursions and functions. Please ensure
that you wear the correct attire as set out below.
                                                         NORTH SYDNEY BOYS HIGH SCHOOL
                                                           Falcon Street Crows Nest NSW 2065
  Shirt white, long or short sleeved, tucked in
  Trousers mid-grey, worn with short grey socks
                                                                                                     NORTH SYDNEY BOYS
  Shorts navy, worn with short white socks                    UNIFORM SHOP
  Terms 1 and 4 only                                                                                   HIGH SCHOOL
  Jumper navy with embroidered crest
  Tie optional during Term 1 and Term 4 only
  If school tie is not worn during the optional                    9955 6804                            UNIFORM
  period then the shirt worn must have the
  crested pocket.                                                             26

  Shoes black leather
                                                                                                       PRICE LIST
  Cap Navy baseball style with NS logo.
  Students are encouraged to wear the cap                    and REFUND POLICY
  whenever they are outside                              Goods must be returned within 7 Uniform
  Other caps are not permitted                           Shop opening days with proof of purchase,
  Blazer navy with embroidered pocket                    original condition and packaging for any                Prices correct at
                                                         exchanges and refund.
                                                                                                               time of publication

          SPORTS UNIFORM                                 Exchange and Refund do not apply to any
                                                         second hand items and discounted goods
School sports uniform must be worn especially            Cheque Payment must be in correct
when representing the school.                            amount, NO cash changes available.
  Navy blue T shirt with the appropriate house                            2   576
  colour collar and trim, and white rugby style
  shorts. Navy and burgundy tracksuit with                     *OPENING HOURS
  embroidered crest.
                                                              Monday & Thursday
        HOUSE                    COLOUR
                                                               8.30am to 1.30pm
       Smith                      RED

      Harvey                  YELLOW                    *Any changes to these opening times will
                                                           be advertised in the Falcon Bulletin         PRICES GST INCLUSIVE
     Williams                  GREEN

      Hinder                     BLUE                                                                TERM 4                     2008
             SHIRTS                     SIZE        $           SP0RTS UNIFORMS             SIZE        $                 BLAZERS                SIZE      $
                                        12-22     18.00     Navy T-Shirt with house colour collar and trim     Navy, embroidered pocket          14-26   175.00
White short sleeved
                                        24-30     20.00     Boys sizes                      12-16      28.00   Extra 5cm sleeve and/or coat      18-20   190.00
White short sleeved,                                        Mens sizes                        S-L      30.00
                                        12-28     28.00
embroidered school crest
                                                            Shorts, white poly/viscose      14-24      22.00                    BAGS                      $
                                        10-22     20.00
White long sleeved                                          Soccer shorts, maroon           12-26      21.50   Backpack, navy, med, printed crest        55.50
                                        24-28     22.00
                                                            Sport Jersey                    12-26      35.00
                                                                                                               Backpack, ‘Chiropak’, large, crest        69.00

             SH0RTS                   SIZE         $                                                           Sports Kit, maroon, crested               23.50
                                                                   TRACK SUITS              SIZE        $
Navy poly/gab with                   10-16       37.00
                                                            Navy and burgundy,                                 Sports, Olympic, maroon, crested          39.95
adjustable side tabs                   3-9       39.00      microfibre with                 10-14      85.00
                                                            embroidered crest (set)
                                                                                            16 XS-
                                                            Track top                                  65.00              MISCELLANEOUS                   $
          JUMPERS                     SIZE         $                                        28 XXL
                                                            Track pant                                 35.00   Jacket ‘in a bag’, waterproof nylon       23.00
                                     12-16       69.00
                                                                                                               Swim cap, house colours                   2.50
Navy, wool blend with
                                     18-22       75.00                   SOCKS              SIZE        $
embroidered school crest                                                                                       Calculator CASIO fx82AU                   25.50
                                     24-30       75.00                                       2-8       5.75
                                                                                                               Math Set                                  6.00
                                                            White, cotton blend             7-11       6.55

                                                                                            11-14      7.25    A4 Exercise Book, 128 Page                1.50
          TROUSERS                    SIZE         $
                                                                                             2-8       4.85    A4 Math Book                              2.00
Mid grey, pleated front, poly/viscose (Reg, Long, Short)*
                                                            Grey, cotton blend              7-11       5.35    Industrial Arts folder, crested           4.50
Boys sizes                           10-18       49.00
                                                                                            11-14      5.75
                                                                                                               Personal portfolio, crested               4.50
Men’s Reg, Long and Short              5-8       49.00
                                                            Soccer, Hockey and Rugby       All sizes   6.60
                                                                                                               Handtowel, navy, crested                  15.75

             BELTS                    SIZE         $                       TIES               SIZE       $
Black leather, silver buckle         28-42       16.95      Junior, striped                  127cm     14.00
                                                                                                                      EXCHANGE AND REFUND
                                                            Junior long, striped             137cm     15.00
                  CAPS                             $        Senior, maroon                   137cm     15.00           please see back page
School cap, navy with embroidered
                                                 15.00      Senior long, maroon              147cm     16.00
‘NSBH’ initials

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