KS1 Maths by malj


									                                                                            September 2009
                              Turkish Maths Project

Turkish Numeracy Project Schools:

   1.   Newington Green       September 2008 – July 2009
   2.   Rotherfield           September 2008 – July 2009
   3.   New North             September 2008 – July 2009
   4.   Drayton Park          September 2008 – February 2009
   5.   Ambler                March 2009 – July 2009

The project aims were to:
       - bring in the ‘hard to reach’ parents
       - show parents the strategies we use in Maths
       - give parents a chance to work alongside their child
       - equip them with enough knowledge and skills to help their child at home
       - give parents enough confidence to continue developing themselves after the project
       - (and of course) raise the child’s achievement in Maths.

While this project was designed and targeted towards parents of children in Years 5 & 6, we
also had many attendees who were parents of children in Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 (and even

The parents’ attendance in all schools has been good. However, it is likely to have been even
better if there were crèche facilities available, as we have a number of parents with babies and
toddlers in all of the schools. A crèche facility was only available at New North School (most
of the time), which parents were very happy with.

One of the positive things about this project is that we have had support from Teaching
Assistants in all of the sessions. As the TAs see parents more often than I do, they played an
active role in encouraging and reminding them to attend the sessions. They sometimes phoned
and texted parents when necessary. They also did photocopying and helped organise and took
an active part in sessions by helping parents. Ahmet and Guzide did their job very well and I
have had many good comments about both of them. The support the TAs provided during these
sessions was very valuable.

Another positive thing about the project was the Interactive White Board (which is available in
three of the schools). This made life very easy for me as I could do my preparation at home,
save it on my memory stick and load it up in the classroom. It also made the introduction and
the lesson very interesting for parents, as the IWB was something new and different for them.

Most of the time we worked exclusively with parents, but sometimes we also got children to
join us so that parents got the chance to work alongside their children in the sessions. We
liaised with the Class Teachers so that the children who attended our workshops did not miss
anything valuable in class. We also arranged and observed Numeracy lessons in classrooms
and then talked about the strategies used by CTs and activities they could try at home.

We liaised with Class Teachers and tried to cover topics in-synchronicity with their teaching
schedules, so parents would learn about certain topics at around the same time that their
children were being taught them in class.

Some regularly attending parents joined ESOL Classes and local Colleges, having gained
confidence during the Numeracy Workshops, to progress and develop themselves further.
Parents also commented that they are more confident to help their child with homework and
children are more willing to ask their parents than before. Now that SATs are over we are
going to concentrate on making and playing numeracy games more. We always played
numeracy games with parents and children and many parents said they played the same games
with their child at home and told us how much they enjoyed playing with each other.

The KS1 and KS2 SATs results were very good on the whole. Most of our pupils successfully
achieved their expected levels, while a number of pupils exceeded them.

In general I believe that Headteachers, Deputy Heads, EMAS Co-ordinators and Class
Teachers value the project very much. Many have come and visited our sessions and I believe
this has had a positive effect on motivation and attendance. I truly believe that all parents and
children enjoyed our sessions too. Many parents made very positive comments about their
experience on the project.

Parents really enjoyed the social side of the project too. They often brought in food and cakes
that they made at home to share with other parents. Many of the friendships that have been
made in the sessions have also continued outside the school. Our trip with parents (from New
North and Rotherfield School) to the Tate Modern was also very enjoyable for everyone, as
most of the parents had never been there before and enjoyed having a cultural experience.

Yüksel Ferit
Consultant for Turkish and Kurdish Boys


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