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									             UPDATE 3                                                                          May 2007

For the business community                             footpath, street tree      Work in progress
                                                       and furniture installa-    • Stormwater pipe up-
Welcome to the third       to businesses and           tions.                       grade, East Street,
in a series of updates     shoppers.                   Let’s talk!                  Elliot Street, Great
on the Streetscape         Stormwater work is          In addition to distrib-      South Road: comple-
programme for our          being tackled first to      uting these news             tion of new kerbing in
town centre.               ensure our services         sheets to town centre        East Street; begin-
Stormwater                 are in top condition        businesses and rais-         ning concrete cutting
Work on the storm          for the future before       ing the profile of the       and excavations in
water upgrade in East      we take the next            Streetscape and              Great South Road
Street, Elliot Street      steps.                      stormwater pro-
and Great South            Town square                 grammes through the        • Northern gateway: a
Road is progressing        Planning for the town       media and also on            development that will
smoothly, and the          square enhance-             the Council web site,        create a sense of ar-
project is now enter-      ment—new planting,          we have carried out          rival at the northern
ing Great South            lights, a shelter           another two business         entry to the town
Road, with concrete        around the town clock       briefings, this time at      centre
cutting and final iden-    for pedestrians, new        Boodles café on            • Southern gateway: a
tification of services     seats and more—is           Great South Road.            new playground, a
and linking pipes to       well under way.             If you have any ques-        new outdoor events
be carried out before      Broadway                    tions or concerns            stage to be built and
installation of the new    A contract is about to      about aspects of the         a concept for the arts
heavy duty pipe.           be let for work on the      work, please use the         and culture centre
Contractors are work-      upgrade to Broadway,        contacts (below right)       development
ing during the hours       which includes storm        to reach the appropri-
of darkness to mini-       water work, road sur-       ate person.
mise inconvenience         face replacement and                                   Contact points:
                                                                                  • General information
                                                                                    about the Street-
                                                                                    scape programme:
                                                                                    Papakura District
                                                                                    Council, 295 1300
                                                                                  • East/Elliot/Great
                                                                                    South Road storm-
                                                                                    water project:
                                                                                    Dave Dobbie at Pa-
                                                                                    pakura District
                                                                                    Council, 0274 362
                                                                                  • Roading:
                                                                                    Nathanael Sterling
                                                                                    at Papakura District
                                                                                    Council, 09 295
Town square: shelter, plantings, seats, lights and paving will enhance the pro-     1300
file of this area and encourage people meet and linger in the Central Business
Questions and answers
Stormwater                                          expect the stormwater work in Great South
Q: Why do we need to upgrade our storm-             Road to be complete by mid-May.
water piping?                                       Streetscape
A: Some of the piping is very old, and in some      Q: How did the consultants decide which
cases the pipes are not coping with the vol-        trees to use?
umes of water entering the system. We want          A: Feedback you gave us during business
to improve the performance of the stormwater        workshops in 2006 highlighted a desire for a
system to cater for future growth in the town       mix of evergreen and deciduous trees. The
centre.                                             Council itself provided further guidance on tree
Q: What is happening right now?                     species at the end of 2006
A: The stormwater project is turning onto           Q: Will deciduous trees cause flooding
Great South Road and will proceed south to-         issues when their leaves drop?
ward Averill Street.                                A: From 2006, we have increased the fre-
Q: Is the work in Great South Road going            quency of street cleaning, and the town centre
to disrupt my business?                             streets are being swept every day.
A: We are doing everything we can to mini-          The proposal is for a mix of deciduous and ev-
mise inconvenience to businesses and shop-          ergreen trees, which will reduce seasonal leaf-
pers.                                               fall.
The work will be carried out between 7 pm and       Upgrades to the stormwater system will also
5 am, after retail businesses have closed for       help flush away leaves entering the system.
the day, with no work happening on the busi-
est nights for our bars, restaurants and night      Roading network
clubs.                                              Q: Why is Broadway being turned back into
Excavations will be filled in by the time traffic   a two-way street?
flows increase each morning.                        A: Broadway is being returned to two-way to
Q: My business operates after hours, will           improve traffic circulation and access to town
noise and dust affect me?                           centre businesses.
We will not work on Friday and Saturday             Q: Equipment in my business is sensitive
nights. There may be noise and some parking         to dust and vibration, will I be affected?
inconvenience on other nights.                      A: We have specifically designed the roading
Q: Will there be an open trench outside my          surface replacement programme to use meth-
business?                                           ods and materials that minimise dust and vi-
A: Excavations will only be carried out after       bration.
retail business hours. If for any reason the        Q: Will we lose street parking?
trench must stay open during the day, it will be    A: The central business area has a surplus of
securely covered by a large steel plate.            free street parking, and there are three major
Q: My business receives regular deliveries          parking buildings in the town centre.
by truck. How will the current stormwater           Each of these offers free parking.
and roading work affect vehicle access?             On Broadway, changing to two-way traffic
A: Wherever possible, work is being timed to        means a review of all parking in that area.
minimise inconvenience and disruption. There        While moving to parallel parking will reduce
are several major engineering projects              numbers of parks available, the increased flow
planned for the town centre, but our contrac-       and use of appropriate time limits on parking
tors may be able to work around your needs.         should enable shoppers to use the available
Q: When will this part of the project end?          parks both on Broadway and in O’Shannessey
A: Weather and work progress permitting, we         Street.


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