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					                      QRCV Sponsor Location                               March/April 2006 Edition 2/2006
                      & Quick Reference List
Mick Hone                                Box Hill           0398900304
Christensen’s           Steve Cooper     Warragul           0356232173
Geoff Taylor                             Dandenong          0397923270
Frankston               Greg Miller      Frankston          0397832244
Peter Stevens           Bill Gardiner    Geelong            0352210400
                                                            0393298822                 4-PLAY MAGAZINE
City                                     Melbourne          0396022577
Clipstone                                Ringwood           0398709488
Sunbury                 Darren           Sunbury            0397406100
City West                                Braybrook          0393101744
K&J Thomas                               Whittlesea         0397162019
Moto Yamaha             Phil             Ferntree Gully     0397580911
Chisholm & Shaw         Ross Shaw        Yea                0357972302
Freeway Mowers          Simon            Hoppers Crossing   0383682525
Christensen’s           Steve Cooper     Warragul           0356232173
Patons Machinery      Pip Jewson         Mornington         0359754399
Floyd Parkes Kawasaki Trent              Ferntree Gully     0397576000
E-Ton Australia P/L     Maurie           Thomastown         0394601355
Peter Stevens           Bill Gardiner    Geelong            0352210400
AASCO                                    NSW                0249662636
Quadsport Tyres         Mark Beechey     Cranbourne Sth     0414512861                            INSIDE THIS ISSUE
HATV Performance        Shane Hardiman   NSW                0243889361   Kawi or Yammy?            Page 3        Vic MX Points       Pages 4-7
Suspensions R Us        Izzy             Cranbourne         0359981021   Off-Road Series Points    Pages 8       Yarram Trail Ride   Page 9
Austraco P/L            Chris Seels      Ballarat           0353355115   Sponsors Add              Pages 10-11   1st QRCV Enduro     Pages 12-15
Southern Quads          Pete Wilhelms    Dandenong Sth      0397933545   Sponsors Adds             Pages 16-23   Classifieds         Pages 24-26
Phil Tomlin Racing      Phil Tomlin      NSW                0263426450   2006 Event Calendar       Page 27       Sponsors Listing    Page 28
Stephen Galls ATV       Stephen Gall     QLD                0755933340
  QUAD RIDERS CLUB OF VICTORIA 2006 CONTACTS                                                    2006 Event Calendar

PRESIDENT:        Victor Bonacci                        0412857000    DATE                        EVENT                      LOC          CONTACT
                                                                     30th April   RD 3 Yamaha ATV MX Super Series 8       Bairnsdale   Mark 0414 512 861
VICE PRES:        Mark Beechey                          0359787206
                                                        0414512861   13-14 May Social Trail Ride                          Yarram       Emiel 0419105020

                                                                     21st May     RD 4 Yamaha ATV MX Super Series 8       Colac        Mark 0414 512 861
TREASURER:        Steve Wood                            0403436779
                                                                     28th May     RD3 (6)Yamaha Victorian Off Road Series Myrtleford   Victor 0412 857 000
SECRETARY:        Emiel Morris                          0419105020   10-11 June Social Trail Ride                         Snake Valley Steve G (03)53449314

RACING:           Mark Beechey                          0359787206   24th June    RD4 (7)Yamaha Victorian Off Road Series Noojee       Victor 0412 857 000
                                                        0414512861   TBA          RD 5 Yamaha ATV MX Super Series 8       TBA          Mark 0414 512 861

                                                                     TBA          RD 6 Yamaha ATV MX Super Series 8       TBA          Mark 0414 512 861
SOCIAL:           Matt Street—Mansfield             0397702455
                  Emiel Morris—Yarram               0419105020       22nd July    RD5 (9)Yamaha Victorian Off Road Series Horsham      Victor 0412 857 000
                  Ken Collis & Mick Thomas—Sandfest 0419322850
                                                                     23rd July    RD6(10)Yamaha Victorian Off Road Series Horsham      Victor 0412 857 000

MARKETING:        Steve Wood (     0403436779   TBA          RD 7 Yamaha ATV MX Super Series 8       TBA          Mark 0414 512 861
                  Emiel Morris (Assistant)              0419105020
                                                                     5-6 Aug      QRCV Enduro / Cross Country             Mansfield    Matt (03) 97702455

MAGAZINE:         Steve Wood                            0403436779   19-20 Aug    Social Trail Ride                       Snake Valley Steve G (03)53449314
                  Emiel Morris (Assistant)              0419105020   19th Aug     RD7(12)Yamaha Victorian Off Road Series Lancefield   Victor 0412 857 000

WEB SITE:         Pete Wilhelms                         0419001747   20th Aug     RD8(13)Yamaha Victorian Off Road Series Lancefield   Victor 0412 857 000
                                            TBA          RD 8 Yamaha ATV MX Super Series 8       TBA          Mark 0414 512 861

MEDIA LIAISON:    Mark Beechey                          0414512861   10th Sept    RD9(15)Yamaha Victorian Off Road Series Foster       Victor 0412 857 000

                                                                     23-24 Sept Social Trail Ride                         Yarram       Emiel 0419105020
                                                                     6-8 Oct      Australian Motorcycle Expo              Melbourne    Victor / Steve W / Mark
ADDRESS:          P.O Box 70, Cranbourne DC, Vic 3977                22nd Oct     QRCV Family Day                         TBA          Steve W 0403436779

                                                                     3-7 Nov      Sandfest                                South Aust   Mick 0419322850
Front Cover - Carly Emanuelli takes to the MX track during Round                                                                       Ken 0419118716
                1 of the Super Series 8 at Newry.
                                       Wanted                                                                  Advertising Costs (2006)
6/02/06 Wanted 2 rear rims to suit a KFX700 10" X 8.5" secondhand or new. If retailers call me   1/4 page size add             $125 per year including Website
that’s fine but I want a club discount...please, (no dented or repaired rims please)             1/2 page size add             $225 per year including Website
contact Mark 0419 359 440 or
                                                                                                 Full page add                 $400 per year including Website
8/03/06 Yamaha Raptor 660 engine and electrics, would you know anyone with one? I do not         Banner on Front Page          $25 per Issue or $100 per year
need a frame etc Any year.Corey Gordon
                                                                                                 Pamphlet Drop in Newsletter   $250 per Issue
 New Houser custom graphics and number plate                                                       Contact Steve Wood - Ph 0403436779 for advertising space
    backgrounds for YFZ450 and TRX450R
                                   Now in stock at                                                The all new Kawamaha 700 revealed by Yogie
                                                                                                           at the 1st Yarram Trail Ride
                                                                                                              (See Page 9 for details)

                        Special introductory pricing:
                            Graphics kits: $180
                            Number plates: $80
                            Package deal: $250

   Look absolutely awesome. See them in color on the Website.                                      QRCV Bi-Monthly Meetings held at 14 Canter Crt
    Suspensions R Us also have a full color range of Powermad
       hand guards in stock now!!! Even Kawasaki Green                                            Rowville 1st Monday of every 2nd month. (Feb—Dec)
                                                                                                  All members welcome. Non members by invite only.
Yamaha ATV MX Super Series 8 Results after Round 2
                                                                                          FOR SALE
                                                         12/04/06 KFX / LTZ-400 PARTS, CDI, Exhaust, Front Bumper, Piston Kit, Main jets (15
   SENIOR PRO              R1 Total   R2 Total   TOTAL   Dynojets Sizes ranging from 112 to 165), 15 tooth front sprocket $150 for the lot. All parts
   69 Adam Siemensmas        70         75       145     are genuine Kawasaki / Suzuki in near new condition (Approx 3 months old). All parts have
                                                         been replaced by after market parts. Steve Wood Ph – 0403436779
   124 Jy Stokes             63         60       123
   77 Rodney Scales          56         62       118
    7 Brett Clissold         47         54       101
   737 Shaun Barry           41         39        80
   31 Aaron Ovens            25         51        76
   26 Anthony Dellios        49         24        73
   53 Matthew Dunston        29         42        71
   57 Paul Smith             60                   60
   41 Darren McIntyre                   46        46
                                                          12/02/06 TRX400EX 2001 model, ProPeg Nerfs, Kill Switch. $5000, Ph 0403 948 208
    0 Malcolm McVicar         0                   0
                                                         29/01/06 2 x 16" Ford Tickford "look-a-like" rims. Made by ANZ. Chrome. Near new.
                                                         Look awesome on the quad trailer. $150 pair. Steve Wood. Ph - 0403436779
   SENIOR EXPERT           R1 Total   R2 Total   TOTAL

   55 John Emanuelli         65         75       140
    4 Daryl Watson           65         64       129
   950 Richard Beer          58         62       120
    3 Josh Ross              67                   67
    25 Jason Pope            32                   32

   WOMEN B                 R1 Total   R2 Total   TOTAL
                                                         12/02/06 2005 YFZ450SE Stock Cond. Contact
   57 Nicole Clark           75         67       142
   137 Leah Costin           66         62       128
   102 Tammy Hoskin          60         54       114
    8 Tanya Von Stanke                  72        72
    16 Cindy Nettlefold      36                   36
    26 Keryn Whibley         16          0        16

                                                         12/02/06 Hot Cams Mudbuster Cam, suit 660 Grizzly or Rhino, $150 ph 0411 862 509
                                                                                              Yamaha ATV MX Super Series 8 Results after Round 2
                                 FOR SALE
6/02/06 YAMAHA YFZ450, Proven race winner, meticulously maintained, GYTR nerf and
front bar, Pro-Circuit exhaust, Ohlins off-road steering damper, spare complete rear
                                                                                                 SENIOR CLUBMAN            R1 Total   R2 Total   TOTAL
wheels, many extras. Will sell in standard setup, or with accessories fitted. New Helmet,         44 Jay Chandler            52         66       118
Pants, Jerseys, gloves, goggles -etc and second-hand also available.       Contact Phil – W
03 8878 1000, or                                                           24 Tait Ovens              63         53       116
6/02/06 04 model KFX400, still in an as new condition with alloy nerf bars and rear               56 Paul Volk               54         52       106
swing arm bash plates and a kill switch. $8,500 Ph Tony 0419 350 840
                                                                                                  26 Simon Wibley            52         49       101
                                                                                                  15 Jack McLaren            51         47        98
                                                                                                 707 David Barry             45         53        98
                                                                                                  22 Chris Marks             54         34        88
                                                                                                 975 Darren Prior            45         38        83
                                                                                                  65 Ash Clark               30         35        65
                                                                                                  50 David Dunston           34         20        54
                                                                                                  45 Nathan McTaggart         9         39        48
24/03/06 Yamaha YZF450 ( 2006 ) front and rear fenders ( blue ). Brand new,                       11 Glen Gates              22         24        46
never used and unmarked. $450. Ph : 0407 360 958.
                                                                                                  17 Colin Ronalds           37                   37
21/03/06 Rekluse Auto Clutch, Suit YFZ450, As New, $600.Call Victor on 0412 857
000                                                                                               21 Lincoln Marks           11         23        34
12/03/06 LeoVince X3 Full Titanium Exhaust, suit 04/05 TRX450R used once $1,100                    8 Paul Von Stanke                    34        34
($1,600 new), JD Jetting kit $100 ($145 new), Selling due to upgrade to 06 model. Call
Pete 0419 001 747
                                                                                                 43 Heath Wynhoven                      27        27

26/02/06 YFM350.High comp piston head port&polished altered front sprocket WR400                 108 Damien Goldsmith        25                   25
carbon fibre exhaust KX 250 twist throttle Rental bars front 0421832663            47 Neil Pope                23          0        23
after 6pm (shift worker)
                                                                                                 77 Jeanette Lindsay                    18        18
                                                                                                  H Robert Harvey            15                   15
                                                                                                 105 Gene Ambrose            11                   11

                                                                                                 WOMEN A                   R1 Total   R2 Total   TOTAL

                                                                                                 77 Jeanette Lindsay         75         75       150
                                                                                                 4 Amanda Watson             66         66       132
  18/04/06 Yamaha Wheels, suit YFZ450, Banshee, Blaster, Raptor, Douglas Yellow la-              78 Sarah-Lynne Wilhelms     52         60       112
  bel, the toughest rims you can buy. Beadlock rears 8", anodised black in excellent condi-
  tion $360.00 pair without tyres, with near MX new tyres $480.00. Douglas Yellow label
                                                                                                 86 Vicky Eden               50         54       104
  fronts also anodised black in excellent condition $320.00 without tyres, with near new MX      7 Natalie Ross              60                   60
  tyres $440.00. 0414 512861 a/h 03 5978 7206

  Steering stem, genuine, suit Yamaha YFZ 04/05 brand new $120.00. 0414 512861
  a/h 03 5978 7206
Yamaha ATV MX Super Series 8 Results after Round 2

    JUMBO JUNIORS Modified     R1 Total   R2 Total   TOTAL
    45 Phil Ede                  72         69       141
    42 Robert Van Vliet          67         72       139
     5 Mark Ross                 62                   62

    JUMBO JUNIORS Production   R1 Total   R2 Total   TOTAL

    14 Grant Gartside            72         75       147
    15 Grant Hughes              67         66       133
    16 Daniel Smale              60                   60
    13 Jeff Larson               20                   20

    JUNIOR 200-250CC           R1 Total   R2 Total   TOTAL

     4 Mitchell Van Vliet        69         69       138
    15 Jonathon Wade             60         60       120
    24 Jake Van Vliet            54         54       108
     C Carly Emanuelli           20         72        92
     2 Cameron Wade              50                   50
     7 Steven Tyquin             49                   49

    JUNIOR 90CC Modified       R1 Total   R2 Total   TOTAL

    55 Jake Emanuelli            66         75       141
    12 Ben Wade                  64         64       128
    11 Harrison Van Vliet        60         57       117
     2 Adam Larson               63         46       109
     8 Kristopher Sabbatucci     50         56       106
     9 Alexander Sabbatucci                 50        50
     5 Bradley Ross              30                   30

    Over 500                   R1 Total   R2 Total   TOTAL

    950 Richard Beer             75
                                        Yamaha ATV MX Super Series 8 Results after Round 2

                                           JUNIOR 90CC Production    R1 Total   R2 Total   TOTAL
                                            5 Bradley Ross             75                   75
                                            9 Alexander Sabbatucci     66                   66
                                           15 Beau Baker               60                   60
                                            2 Adam Larson               0                   0

                                           JUNIOR 50CC               R1 Total   R2 Total   TOTAL

                                           J Jake Gartside             75         75       150
                                           4 Cooper Van Vliet          66         60       126
                                           9 Cooper Timbs-Poke         58         66       124
                                           6 Tori Ryan                 56         54       110
                                           14 Leah Gartside            47         45        92
                                           5 Bonni McLaren             46         46        92
                                           8 Baden Von Stanke                     44        44

                                           SENIOR Production         R1 Total   R2 Total   TOTAL
                                           16 Allan Peterson           66         65       131
                                           24 Tait Ovens               56         72       128
                                           25 Jason Pope               40         62       102
                                           57 Paul Smith               75                   75
The award winning YFZ450 “06” model        13 Jeff Larson                         52        52
 available at your Yamaha Dealer now.      31 Phillip Sezonenko                   52        52
           Seeing is believing             19 Brett Heywood            50                   50

                                           Vets 35 & Over            R1 Total   R2 Total   TOTAL
YAMAHA MOTOR AUSTRALIA                     950 Richard Beer            68         75       143

  MAJOR SPONSOR OF THE                     42 Robert Van Vliet         67         66       133
                                           13 Jeff Larson              62         54       116
   QUAD RIDERS CLUB OF                     45 Phil Ede                 40         58        98
                                           47 Neil Pope                           50        50
        VICTORIA                            0 Malcolm McVicar           0                   0
        Yamaha Off-Road Series Results
No          RIDER          ATV       R1   R2   TOTAL
911   Steve Cooper      YFZ450       22   25    47
900   Victor Bonacci    YFZ450       18   22    40
944   Aaron Patterson   DS650        20   16    36
987   Matt Street       Raptor 700   15   20    35
930   Joel Gill         Raptor 660   13   18    31
977   Rodney Scale      TRX450R      25         25
978   Pete Wilhelms     YFZ450       16         16
943   Steven Wagner     TRX450R      14         14
                                                                   Yarram Trail Ride
                                          Well it’s started again. The trail riding season has kicked off for the year, and
                                          we headed up to the Yarram property. And didn’t it feel good to get back on
                                          the bike after about 5 months for a good weekend of some hard riding around
                                          the bush. I arrived late Saturday afternoon and hit the trails pretty well straight
                                          away, and eased back into it, for about 20 min's then full on. We spent the rest
                                          of the afternoon exploring and checking out new and some of our favorite
                                          tracks. We headed over to our usual circuit and did the loop there. So the
                                          gauntlet has been thrown down, are you reading this Stewy?? Your time of
                                          3.47 is looking shaky. But anyway Beech has set the standard, at 3.27 and then
                                          Matt had a go on his Raptor, and set a new record time at 3.20. Beech had an-
                                          other go to get to a 3.23 with Woodsy turning in a 3.22 to stir up the pot.
                                          Emiel had a fair go but couldn’t get close enough to Matt’s time, (well I cer-
                                          tainly didn’t) After the time trials as we were searching for a new track to any-
                                          where a certain new 700 Raptor, got over heated, trying to get into places that
                                          it wasn’t designed for, but it made for good viewing all the same but recovered
                                          in typical yammy style.
                                          Sunday morning we all mucking around on the bikes and we had a look at the
                                          new secret prototype KFX Raptor 700 (see picture on Page 3) yellow still
                                          looks like a Craptor though! We fuelled up and headed out again, this time we
                                          did a few what you might call a series of Enduro type sections, and I was hav-
  YAMAHA MOTOR AUSTRALIA                  ing all manner of strife with my quad and a severe jetting problem, but I got
         VICTORIA                         through, and the lead came across a very over grown track and it led into a real
Mick Hone      Box Hill       98900304    snotty hill climb and it kept getting snottier. And watching Emiel and Matt
Christensen’s Warragul        5623 2173   struggle, then Beech and Ian watched Woodsy do it the easy way and followed
Geoff Taylor   Dandenong      97923270    him up the hill section, I was doing all right till I needed to be lifted over a
Frankston Yamaha              9783 2244   fallen tree, all great stuff. But we came out and did a few more sections and
Peter Stevens  Geelong        5222 3522   headed back and another great ride was over. We were supposed to have a bit
Stafford Yamaha Heidelberg    9459 3427   of helmet cam action but a few technical difficulties, so next time that should
Action Melb                   9329 8822   be up and running (thanks Emiel)
Yamaha City                   9602 2577
Clipstone Ringwood            9870 9488
                                          And the honor roll YZF 450, DS650, Polaris scrambler 500, and two KFX
Sunbury Yamaha                9740 6100
City West      Braybrook      9310 1744   700's, mind you one of them didn’t belong to the Quadfather and he didn’t
K & J Thomas     Whittlesea   9716 2019   have a great time riding it at all, and Emiel, that video of you riding a Yamaha
Moto Yamaha F/Tree Gully      97580911    will be just between you and me…J

                                          So check out the QRCV web site and contact the powers to be and join in for a
                                          great weekend of trail riding.... Yogie
                     CROSS COUNTRY ACTION
                                August 6th Mansfield
     Open to members of the QUAD RIDERS CLUB VICTORIA
                               (one event M/ship is available)
                  Entry Form & Supplementary Regulations
                Sign In & Scrutineering: Saturday 2.00-4.00pm Sunday 8.00-9.15am
                      Riders Briefing: Sunday 9.15am Event Start 10.00 Sharp
Note: It is up to all riders to familiarize themselves with the following rules.
The ATV Quad Riders Club Victoria will conduct a club Enduro at the Stump Hill property,
Benalla rd Mansfield. Melway reference 622 B10. Directions: from Melbourne head to Mans-
field via Yea, at Maindample veer left towards Benalla. Turn left on to the Mansfield-Benalla rd,
the Stump Hill property is on the RHS around 1klm once on the Mansfield-Benalla rd. There is a
large Stump Hill sign on the property entrance. From Benalla head toward Mansfield, property is
on the left 3 klms after passing the general store at Barjarg on left. See adjoining map.
The format will be run over four hours. Two hours prior to a lunch break, and then two hours
immediately after lunch break. Lunch break will be from 12.00 noon till 13.00pm on Sunday.
The course (loop) will be approximately 8-10 klms in length and comprise of several special test
sections. It will be of an easy yet testing nature that allows all senior riders regardless of ability to
compete. The Team class will consist of two riders, each may share a quad or use their own quad
but must only have one/either quad on the circuit at any one time. Team riders will use the same
race number.
All riders must have a back number-Back numbers & Bike numbers need to be of contrasting
colours and easily readable. No Back Number-No Points-No Discussion
All quads must be scrutineered and have decal affixed-failure to do so may result in non-scoring.                           Steve Cooper
All riders need to be a member of QRCV; QRCV membership cards must be shown at sign in.                                     (03) 56232173
Late         entries         will        be      $10.00           extra        on      the       day.
All entries on the day must be done prior to close of sign in. No exceptions without prior arrange-
Any rider caught cheating or cutting tracks will be disqualified.
First Aid will be on site. No dogs allowed on property unless used as visually impaired aid.
There will be a track/area set aside for junior riders to use.
                                                                                                            Longest standing individual sponsor of the QRCV
All quads must have Nerf Bars (standard running boards on ag quads are acceptable) and safety
kill switch lanyard fitted. Handlebars must be plugged, Bark Busters ECT are allowed.
                                                                                                                       177 Queen St, Warragul
Helmets must have Australian standards1698 sticker affixed and must be presented at sign in.                          Full range of Utility & Sport
Boots must be of motorcycle type and cover the calf, no work boots will be allowed.
                                                                                                                         ATV’s & Accessories
      Note: A free BBQ lunch and soft drinks will be provided on Sunday
                                                            Entry Form-ATV Stampede at Stump Hill Mansfield
                               Phone (03) 5975 4399
                                Fax (03) 5975 1056
                                                          Rider’s Name/s__________________________________________________
Contact Pip or Tom for a price on a KFX400, KFX700
                 or Kawasaki Mule                         Phone_____________________________________ If Vet:
                                                          Licence Number & Expiry Date__________ATV Race Number___________
                                                          Place X in Applicable Class & One Event Licence if required
                                                             One Event Licence
                                                             Senior Expert         Senior Clubman        Women        Utility
                                                             Vets 35 +             Team Entry (two       riders,      riders may use two
                                                          machines at separate intervals, team riders must use the same race number)
                                                              Novice (Only for those that have never competed before incl MX Enduro)
                                                                   Awards: All classes will receive 1st-2nd-3rd awards.
                                                          (PLACE X IN APPLICABLE AMOUNTS!)
                                                          I enclose my cheque/money order for entry
                                                                $50.00 per rider
                                                               $100.00 Team entries are $50.00 per rider.

                                                                             ENTRIES CLOSE FRIDAY 4th August

                                                                 Cabins & Camping are available –-Toilets/Showers on site.
                                                          A $ 25.00 Fee per head per night for a cabin or $ 15.00 per head per night
                                                             for camping applies. Contact Matt to book a cabin or for camping.


                                                          Send Entries To: Race Secretary 9 Maywood Rd Cranbourne Vic 3977
                                                          Make all cheques payable to: “Quad Riders Club Victoria”
                                                                         Matt Street 0425 789213 a/h 5996 6923
                                                                        Mark Beechey 0414 512861 a/h 5978 7206
                                                          Don’t forget to check website. for details and updated information.
HEREBY AGREE with the persons, organizations and bodies corporate whose names appear in Schedule
1 (hereinafter collectively called the “organiser”) that I am by this agreement entitled to participate in the
motorcycle activity/meeting listed in Schedule 2 (hereinafter called “the meeting”) at the venue listed in
Schedule 3 (hereinafter called “the venue”) on the terms and conditions set out in this document.
 2. I ACKNOWLEDGE that motorcycle sport is dangerous and that by engaging in the sport and
participating in the race meeting I take and am exposed to certain risk and dangers and am under certain
obligations as follows:
(a) that I may be injured, physically or mentally, and may be killed;
(b) that my machinery or equipment may be damaged lost or destroyed;
(c) that other competitors may ride dangerously or with a lack of skill;
(d) that track or event conditions may be hazardous and may vary without warning or predicability;
(e) that organizer, officials, landowners/track operators and any agents or representatives of those
in charge of race meetings are frequently obliged to make decisions under pressure of time/or events;
(f ) that any policy of insurance of or in respect of my life or physical or mental health may be voided;
(g) that there may be no or inadequate facilities for treatment or transport of me if I am injured;
(h) that I have an obligation to myself and to others to compete safely and within the rules of
3. IN CONSIDERATION of the acceptance of me as an entrant in the race meeting
I AGREE TOINDEMNIFY the organizers and each of them in the following manner:
(a) that I participate in the race meeting at my sole risk and responsibility;
(b) that I accept the venue as it stands with all or any defects hidden or exposed;
(c) that I indemnify and hold harmless the organizers, their respective servants, agents or officials
against any actions or claims which may be made by me or to my machinery or equipment
whether caused by negligence, breach of contract or in any other manner whatsoever.
4. In consideration of the entrant being accepted as an entrant in the race meeting
I/WE HEREBY INDEMNIFY the organizers in the same manner and to the same effect as if I/we were
the entrant.
Schedule One: Schedules
Motorcycling Australia Victoria
Landowner/Occupier: Forrest Group
Schedule Two: The Meeting: QRCV Club Enduro
Schedule Three: The Venue: Stump Hill Mansfield
Riders Signature_________________________________________________Date__________________
Third party Indemnity where entrant is under 18 years of age-Practise-Fun riding is available for junior
riders. All junior riders/parents must complete this entry form if riding on property and it is to be signed
by parent/guardian.

Being the parents or guardians of the person named in Clause 1 (hereinafter called the “entrant”)
(a) that I/we have read the whole of this document and understand it;
(b) that I/we consent to the entrant participating in the race meeting AND
(c) that I/we are aware of the risks, dangers and obligations set out in Clause 2 hereof;
SIGNATURE ________________________________________DATE_____________

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