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					 The Scottish Council for
Development and Industry

International Trade Programme
             A BRIEF OVERVIEW

SCDI’s international credentials have been built over the last 78
years. Since 1931 we have been working to promote Scottish
businesses to develop and grow their international strategy.

SCDI have also developed significant and effective international
networks to support our activity and these in market partners add
substantially to the strength of our resource base and support
services to companies.
              A BRIEF OVERVIEW

Why and SCDI Trade Mission?

An SCDI mission offers companies an
excellent vehicle to visit an export
market, to conduct market research,
appoint an agent or distributor or to visit
existing customers. SCDI offers
accommodation discounts, financial
grants to participants, market
information, admin support, and
marketing and networking in the market.

"HSBC has a history which is steeped in International Trade. Today,
   HSBC Bank plc is a principal member of the HSBC Group, one of
  the world's largest banking and financial services organisations with
          around 9,500 offices in 76 countries and territories.

    Our International Trade experts are able to offer on-the-ground
     expertise in Scotland. We can also offer SCDI Trade mission
   members added value through local knowledge obtained from our
   group offices world-wide, and the assistance of specially selected
   HSBC managers accompanying many Trade Missions. We look
      forward to working with SCDI again on the Trade Missions
                      programme for 2009-2010."

        John Rendall, Chief Executive – Scotland, HSBC

 SCDI has organised and led over 365 trade missions
  comprising over 5,000 participants to 50 markets

 63 companies were involved in our Trade Mission
  programme in 2008/2009 with overall business
  generated from the missions worth £6.5m.

 In the three years 2005-08 270 participants in SCDI
  trade missions have reported business valued at
 PROGRAMME FOR 2009/2010


SCDI’s 2009/ 10 programme will target the
growing markets of India, South Africa, the
United Arab Emirates, and China.

These visits offer companies an excellent
opportunity to undertake market research,
identify new customers, or consolidate
existing business. Opportunities exist
across a wide range of sectors in these
markets for companies involved in the
manufacturing, education, healthcare and
service industries, to name a few.
                  12 – 16 October 2009
Delhi & Mumbai

India is the UK’s 18th largest export
market, and its second largest in the
developing world after China.

Scottish companies are well placed to take
advantage of opportunities in priority
sectors including: Agribusiness,
Biotechnology, Construction, Creative and
Media, Education, Engineering,
Environment, Financial Services,
Healthcare, ICT, Oil and Gas, Power,
Transport, and Water.

This was SCDI’s 12th trade visit to India
and involved 13 organisations from a
variety of sectors. Participants on the visit
were very positive about the opportunities
for their business and feedback shows
over £594,000 of business in prospect
over the next 12 months.
                    SOUTH AFRICA
                 23 – 27 November 2009
Johannesburg & Cape Town

South Africa accounts for a massive 40%
of all industrial output and 25% of GDP. It
is also the most sophisticated free market
economy in Africa.

The economic downturn in developed
markets is fuelling further investment in
and trade with emerging markets. The
growth of these emerging and high growth
economies will continue to boost global
demand and provide new sources of
wealth. Scotland is strongly placed to take
advantage of this on the back of our free
market openness and global expertise.

This was SCDI’s 16th visit to South Africa
and involved 13 organisations from a
variety of sectors.
                  United Arab Emirates
                  1 – 5 February 2010
Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Designated one of UKTI's High Growth
Markets the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is
the largest market in the Middle East for
the UK. It is the UK's 14th largest export
market at around £3.7 billion, where 88 per
cent of exports go to Dubai and the
Northern Emirates and 12 per cent to Abu

The priority sectors are Energy, Travel and
Tourism, Financial services, Professional
services, Transport and logistic services,
Construction, Education and Healthcare.
                       1 – 5 March 2010
Shanghai & Hong Kong

China is undoubtedly one of the most
exciting economies in the world. GDP
growth figures have averaged around nine
percent since the mid-nineties – with 2007
growth rates estimated at 10.4%. In 2006
total exports were worth £4.7bn - an
increase of 13 percent over 2005. This
makes China the UK’s 16th largest export

As China’s economy continues to grow the
demand for energy resources,
infrastructure, technology, and goods and
services is growing exponentially.
    International Trade Programme 2010/11

SCDI is working in partnership with
Glasgow City Council to support
Glasgow Businesses to meet their
international trade ambitions.

Glasgow companies are now being
offered funded places on trade
visits to four key overseas markets
with direct links to the city. These
visits offer Glasgow companies an
excellent opportunity to undertake
market research, identify new
customers, or consolidate existing
International Trade Programme 2010/11

       India                  18 – 22 January 2010

       North America          10 – 14 May 2010

       Poland                 20 – 23 September 2010

       United Arab Emirates   17 – 21 January 2011
 International Trade Programme 2010/11

Market Opportunities

The markets selected offers significant
opportunities to Glasgow business across
a range of sectors, reflecting the multi-
sectoral intent of the market visit
programme. Each market selected offers
opportunities in its own right and/or as a
gateway to further sizeable neighbouring

All markets are easy to access for Glasgow
businesses supporting the major routes out
of Glasgow Airport including Continental
Airlines and Emirates.
 International Trade Programme 2010/11

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with the City Council
  and Glasgow Chamber to support Glasgow businesses in meeting
  their international trade ambitions. As a city, Glasgow’s roots have
  grown through the benefits of international trade. The city enjoys a
     worldwide iconic status and our businesses play a key role in
                        enhancing this reputation.”

           Dr. Lesley Sawers, Chief Executive, SCDI

              Jenny Campbell
       International Trade Executive

Scottish Council for Development and Industry
              Campsie House
            17 Park Circus Place
                    G3 6AH
             Tel: 0141 352 8559
            Fax: 0141 333 0039

Scotland has always made its presence felt in the world of international business, earning an
impressive reputation for innovation, drive and entrepreneurial expertise.

The GlobalScot network is a pioneering initiative that is helping to change the face of Scottish
business. Scotland has always been a progressive, outward-looking nation, and GlobalScots can
provide the practical, professional advice that companies need to engage with the global

GlobalScot seeks to develop and expand Scotland’s standing in the global business community
by utilising the talents of leading Scots, and of people with an affinity for Scotland, to establish a
worldwide network of individuals who are outstanding in their field.

If you would like to support Scotland’s growth ambitions please consider the questions below:

  Are you willing to engage and commit time to supporting GlobalScot?
  Are you Scottish or do you have a strong affinity with Scotland? {This can include having
   Scottish ancestry, having previously lived, worked or studied in Scotland, or having sustained
   commercial links with Scotland}
  Do you have extensive experience in an industry that could support Scotland’s growth
  Are you part of extensive professional and social networks that can be leveraged on to
   support the growth of Scottish companies?
  Do you possess a strong desire to promote and enhance the Scottish economy?

If the answer is yes to each of the above please contact angela.collier@ to
discuss joining this world class network without delay