HACCP Validation Checklist

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HACCP Plan Validation Checklist
         Initial Validation (within 12 months of implementation)

         Reassessment Validation (due to changes made in production materials or processes)

         Annual validation of the HACCP plan

Date Conducted: _________________________________                                Date Reviewed: _________________________

Conducted By:     _________________________________                              Reviewed By:       _________________________

TOPIC                                       YES      NO       If “YES”                   Food Safety                     Are modifications to the
                                                              Describe                   Implication                     HACCP System
1. Evaluate product and process

Product Description Changed (e.g.
intended use by consumer)
Formula Changed?
Ingredients / Packaging Change?

Any new product consumption or
storage methods?
Any new suppliers?

Process flow change?

Equipment / computer software
Finished product distribution
Production Volume Increased?

Other? Describe:

Please note: this is not a complete checklist, but an example of a possible layout that may be used. This
form can also be used to evaluate product/process history and adequacy of the HACCP plans. If you need
additional room to document your findings please use additional pages.

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